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Spice and Wolf II 4 : Credit Chronicles

July 31, 2009

Someone finally noticed...

As I said, I’d do my best to catch up on the series I’m blogging and here’s the next one. This episode contains a lot of complex economic reasonings and I’ll try my best to keep it simple and understandable for all of your and my own sake.

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Spice and Wolf II 3 : Contracts and letters

July 30, 2009

If you could read that, then yes.

The episode starts with Lawrence running to the guild. There he finds Amati  holding a contract. Amati demands Horo’s freedom and in return he will pay 1000 silver coins to Lawrence. Read the rest of this entry ?


Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 17 – Mother Matters

July 29, 2009

Marias fear had come true... a lolicon was born...!

Maria's fear had come true... a lolicon was born...!

In Nagi’s desire to get a super sexy body, she teams up with the alien that landed on her room and helps her return to the spaceship. But as she and Hayate get a disagreement, she finds herself trapped in the spaceship on a light speed trip. Isumi regains her power through Hayate’s blood and sends Hayate to the ship to save Nagi before she gets sent light years away from Earth. After the whole space fiasco, Nagi reminisces about her late mother…

Expect some Hinagiku x Ayumu, a bit of Hayate x Kotetsu, Hayate x Nagi and… well, more people in towels.

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Bakemonogatari 3 & 4 : Lost Loli

July 26, 2009
When you read lines like these, you know the loli has arrived

When you read lines like these, you know the loli has arrived

I’m a bit late with everything, but no worries I’ll catch up in no time. That being said, I’ll start with a dubble post on Bakemonogatari. The image and title are obvious were gonna have some loliliciousness.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 68 – A Not-so-Christmas Duel

July 24, 2009
Starring Crow as himself. Watch his misadventures towards Mr. Scrooge’s house (played by Tetsuzo) and how he can change him into a better person… through a children’s card game! Lessons will be learned and a heartwarming revelation that will surely send you to a Christmas-sy feel on a July! “It’s one of the best emotional stories I’ve ever watched!” Says some guy I happened to pass by on the street. Definitely a wonderful holiday story, but not in non-holidays!
Grab this from your nearest YouTube uploader!
Last time, Yusei had to fix Heitmann inside Neo Domino City’s Duel Academia. We also meet a new character named Sly, a classmate of Rua and Ruka who wants Stardust Dragon. He should just purchase The Duelist Genesis booster packs.
Before the start of the episode, the promotional video for the Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th Anniversary gets played again. This time, it’s Yugi again as Judai and Yusei have already been featured last time. The scene’s still the same though, Yugi and his monsters posing. Primarily the Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl.
Yusei, Crow and Jack rides through a highway, which is apparenrly, the old Satellite. It seems the place became so advanced after just 6 months. The surroundings have changed from the slums to a real city. They reach Martha’s place and Crow’s kiddies are there with Saiga and Martha. Seems like after having experiences babysitting Martha’s kiddies and Crow’s kiddies during the second season, he became a full-time babysitter.
The kids greet Crow and he asks if they’ve been causing trouble for Martha. Martha remarks that those kids were much easier to handle than Crow and the others when they were kids. They all went inside after that. Inside, Saiga shows them the crashing site of the meteorite that is supposed to be off-limits through his laptop. Looks like he’s still the jack-of-all-trades.
Saiga heard a rumor that what fell was not a meteorite but a tablet. It also seems that the Security have it in their possession. Yusei remembers that it’s the same day as Ghost appeared. They figured it may be related somehow. He tells them to keep their guard up whatever happens.
After the OP, Jack, Yusei and Crow goes out of the room and enters the dining area, where Martha, the doctor and the children were talking. They overheard that Martha has a problem. The doctor says that there is an old man who lives by himself and they’re worried about him so they want him to live with the children at Martha’s place but he’s a stubborn old man and doesn’t want to leave his home. The kids ask for Crow’s help but suddenly, one of them says that it’s impossible to rely on Crow. Another one agrees and they then they all agreed. Crow gets ticked off as the kids deem him as unreliable and he volunteers to take care of this problem. He got tricked by kids…
Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location… an old man stares at a desk. Suddenly, an image of a boy appears.
The old man tries to reach for the boy but he disappears, calling out to him. Goki is apparently the kid’s name. As the old man reaches for his family photo, an alarm buzzes. keeping him from reaching another thing again. He goes off to check out what’s happening outside. Outside, Crow, Yusei, Jack and Saiga were in front of a junkyard. It seems the old man inside is the one Crow has to persuade in going. The old man suddenly appears from a window, holding a megaphone.
Crow asks him to leave the house and live in Martha’s place as it’s dangerous to live alone. The old man answers, saying that he has no intention of leaving and if they should leave and go home instead. Crow gets impatient and rushes in. The old man pulls on one of the ropes beside him and triggers a trap shaped like the Scrap-Iron Scarecrow card.
Crow gets up and rushes in again. The old man triggers his next trap: a trap door! Crow easily jumps over it though but the old man is smarter than he looks. He activates a second trap door just in front of the first one and Crow doesn’t have much elevation to get past the second one and falls. Jack is impressed that the old man really thought about his traps.
Again, the stupid Crow walks straight in, not minding that the old man had four ropes beside him and that obviously, there’s gonna be a fourth trap that’s in the one way he’s taking. As soon as he steps on an odd platform, the old man activates his fourth trap and the platform rises, springing into the air fast, sending Crow flying off into a pile of junk. Crow looks around and sees a Two-Headed King Rex (Rex Raptor/Dinosaur Ryuuzaki’s card) slowly approaching him but then fades away after some steps. He finds himself on top of a Duel Ring, the same ones from the Duelist Kingdom arc of the first NAS Yu-Gi-Oh! series. Jack wonders why there was a Duel Ring there and Yusei comments that it’s even handmade.
The old man suddenly runs in to tell Crow to get off the Duel Ring. Crow says it wasn’t his fault that the old man’s trap sent him there. The old man tells them to leave and Crow proposes something: They will duel and if the old man wins, Crow and the others will leave and never bother him again. But if Crow wins, the old man has to come with them. Crow says he has always wanted to duel in a Duel Ring before. The old man accepts the challenge and warns Crow that he’s strong.
The Duel starts!
Tetsuzo’s turn: 4000 LP
– Summons Maternal Junk in Defense Position.
– Sets 1 card.
Crow’s turn: 4000 LP
– Summons Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor.
– From his hand, he Special Summons Blackwing – Bora the Spear through its own effect.
– Crow uses Bora the Spear to attack Maternal Junk.
– Tetsuzo responds with a trap: Scrap-Iron Scarecrow. It negates Bora the Spear’s attack and re-sets itself on the field.
Yusei wonders if the old man also uses the same Junk Deck as he does. Crow seems impressed that the old man actually knows how to Duel… and we go to Part B.
As Tetsuzo starts his turn, he sees his son’s image on the duel field. His son was admiring the Duel Ring that he made. Before he could continue his daydream, Crow speaks up and asks if there’s something wrong since he suddenly stopped moving. He tells Crow to shut up and continues his turn:
Tetsuzo’s turn: 4000 LP
– Summons Paternal Junk.
– Paternal Junk gains 500 ATK points if Maternal Junk is present on the field (ATK 2100).
– Activates a Field Spell called Junk Factory. Monsters with Junk in their name gain an additional 500 ATK points. Paternal Junk’s ATK rises up to 2600.
Crow becomes more impressed as he went from 1600 ATK to 2600 ATK in just a turn. Jack comments that the old man only needs one more card and Crow’s done for. Saiga tells them it’s not the time to admire the old man. Yusei assures him that Crow won’t go down easily either.
Continuing Tetsuzo’s turn:
– Paternal Junk attacks Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor. Crow’s LP drop to 2200.
– Junk Factory’s effect activates and Vayu the Emblem of Honor gets shuffled back into the Deck instead of going to the Graveyard as it was destroyed by a “Junk” monster. Therefore, Crow can’t use Vayu’s special tuning capabilities in the Graveyard.
– Sets 3 cards face down.
Jack wonders more. The supposedly key card didn’t appear for the old man.
Crow’s turn: 2200 LP
– Activates Blackwing Shot. He discards a Blackwing monster (Shura the Blue Flame) to destroy a Defense Position monster. Targetting Maternal Junk.
– The old man responds with Scrap-Iron Barricade. It negates the destruction of a targetted monster on his side of the field. What’s more is that like Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, it re-sets itself back on the field.
– Summons Blacwing – Blizzard the Far North and uses its effect to revive a LV 4 or lower Blackwing monster from his Graveyard, more specifically, his discarded Shura the Blue Flame in Defense Position.
– Tetsuzo activates Scrap-Iron Trap Hole. This card negates the Special Summon of an opponent’s monster and returns it back to the owner’s hand. This also re-sets itself back on the field. Shura the Blue Flame returns to Crow’s hand.
Crow is now getting a bit frustrated. He now understands that taking this easy would cost him this Duel. Yusei notices that Crow has turned serious.
Continuing Crow’s turn:
– Activates Black Leaf Treasure. He discards 1 Blackwing monster (Shura the Blue Flame, again) to draw 2 more cards from his Deck.
– Through its own effect, Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind is Special Summoned when there is another Blackwing monster present on the field.
– He activates Gale the Whirlwind’s effect and halves the ATK and DEF of Paternal Junk (ATK 1300).
– Bora the Spear attacks Paternal Junk.
– Tetsuzo uses his Scrap-Iron Scarecrow again.
– Gale the Whirlwind attacks Paternal Junk this time, both of them having 1300 ATK but Crow discards and uses Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow’s effect to raise Gale the Whirlwind’s ATK by 1400 (ATK: 2700) and Tetsuzo loses 1400 LP (2600 LP)
– Tetsuzo activates another trap: Junk Spirits. This card can Special Summon a “Junk” monster that has been destroyed by battle during this turn at the End Phase of the same turn.
– Crow sets 1 card and ends his turn.
– During the End Phase, Paternal Junk returns to the field and gains 1000 ATK again through Junk Factory and Maternal Junk (ATK 2600)
During Crow’s attack, a part of the junk mountain outside slowly fell. Jack notices that the old man is missing his family. Saiga figures out that the Maternal Junk is the mother and the Paternal Junk is the father. Yeah, nice going, Sherlock. Yusei adds that for this family, there is one card missing: Kid’s Junk. That card would have increaed Paternal Junk’s ATK to 3600. Saiga knows that if will be bad if that happens. Jack cuts in and says that through Maternal Junk and Paternal Junk’s effect, he could have added Kid’s Junk from his Deck to his hand.
They don’t know why the old man hasn’t done that. Yusei suddenly leaves and explains that he’s going to look for a “key card” that will end this “Duel”.
Tetsuzo’s turn: 2600 LP
– Equips Paternal Junk with Junk Barrage.
– Paternal Junk destroys Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind. Crow’s LP drops to 900.
– Through the effect of Junk Barrage, Crow takes half of Gale the Whirlwind’s ATK as damage as it was destroyed by a monster equipped with it. Crow’s LP is now down to only 250.
During that attack, another section of the junk mountain collapses. The place is slowly crashing down due to the impact of the Duel that’s taking place. Saiga tells Crow to stop the Duel before the whole place is destroyed. Crow shouts at the old man to stop too. Tetsuzo stubbornly declines the suggestion and says that he won’t leave until the Duel has ended.
Continuing Tetsuzo’s turn:
– Crow activates his Trap: Black Thunder. This card can be activated when a Blackwing monster is destroyed by battle. The opponent takes 400 damage for each card they have on their field. Tetsuzo has 7 cards on his field, therefore, he takes a total of 2800 damage!
– Tetsuzo loses all his remaining LP and Crow takes the victory!
The force of the attacks had made the whole come crashing down, along with the platforms of the Duel Ring. Crow jumps off before his platform gets swallowed by hundreds of metal scrap but the old man didn’t have the ability to do so. Crow jumps in to save the old man being taken by the junk. Jack and Saiga run to their rescue by stepping onto the dueling field. Even Tetsuzo’s house was destroyed. Luckily, Crow used his super hiding skills that he also used during the black fog attack by the Dark Signers and hid inside a small compartment… probably a busted freezer, with the old man.
The old man becomes depressed after seeing the Duel Ring he built for his son Goki was destroyed and runs towards the broken down house but was stopped by Crow. Tetsuzo says that there is something very important to him inside the house and Yusei comes back. It seems he has rescued the family photo that Tetsuzo treasured so much.
Yusei then says that Tetsuzo didn’t have Kid’s Junk in his Deck. Tetsuzo claims that he had given it to his son, Goki. He begins to tell them his story. It seems back when his family were together, he was always busy with work, and that made him very distant to his family. Soon, they left him. He built the Duel Ring, hoping that his son would come back to him if he had it. And so that’s why he couldn’t leave the place. But now, the whole place had been destroyed.
Crow then speaks up, saying that if he’s looking for sons, then they’re already there. Four of them. He, along with Yusei, Jack and Saiga. Crow promises that if he goes to Martha’s place, he’d have a lot of grandchildren too.
Soon after that, we see old man Tetsuzo now with the kids at Martha’s place. He built a Stardust Dragon replica from some junk materials for the kids. Tetsuzo then calls Crow to massage his shoulder. Crow complains why he has to do it and Tetsuzo says that it’s a son’s job to take care of his father when he’s tired.
And so the day ends peacefully as Crow massages his old man and the kids laughing at him.
Quite a nice episode. I don’t like Crow much but this episode was a good one.
It’s also quite nice that in this incarnation of using the Duel Ring, during their Duel, they actually do the re-setting themselves, even shuffling a card back to the Deck and returning cards back to their hand are done manually and we can see it clearly. Like a real life Duel. Unlike in GX where cards magically glow and return to the hand or the Deck.
This Junk Deck seems very interesting. If they get made into real cards, I want to try it.
Well, since Yusei got his Duel Academia filler and Crow got his Duel Ring filler, Jack’s up next! Together with Carly, seems like he’s beating up some crook. Finally, more Jack!
This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!
Crow shows us he can fly even without using Black Bird.

Crow shows us he can fly even without using Black Bird.

Starring Crow as himself. Watch his misadventures towards Mr. Scrooge’s house (played by Tetsuzo) and how he can change him into a better person… through a children’s card game! Lessons will be learned and a heartwarming revelation that will surely send you to a Christmas-sy feel on a July! “It’s one of the best emotional stories I’ve ever watched!” Says some guy I happened to pass by on the street. Definitely a wonderful holiday story, but not in non-holidays!

Grab this from your nearest YouTube uploader!

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Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 16 – Rodent Rival

July 20, 2009

Was the new Transformers movie that bad?!

Was the new Transformers movie that bad?!

As Nagi and Ayumu escape the clutches of the killers, Hayate teams up with an unexpected person to take the killers out. Because she helped Nagi when she was lost, Nagi ordered Hayate to ride the bike with Ayumu to Shimoda Onsen and Hinagiku comes in to scold Hayate, forcing him to come with Ayumu. Upon reaching the onsen, Nagi remembers her mother and Sakuya shows up to bathe with her in the onsen. As the day ends, Nagi looks out to the stars and from out of nowhere, an alien crashes into her window…

Expect a bit of fanservice. Also, some Hayate x Ayumu.

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Spice and Wolf II 2 : Witch tales and wolf tails

July 19, 2009
Thats because there arent any on it

That's because there aren't any on it

Last time, Lawrence and Horo arrived in the city. They met Amati and Mark and discussed how they would travel to the North. In this episode we’ll see Lawrence search for more information about Yoitsu by looking for legends about it.

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