Bakemonogatari 3 & 4 : Lost Loli

July 26, 2009
When you read lines like these, you know the loli has arrived

When you read lines like these, you know the loli has arrived

I’m a bit late with everything, but no worries I’ll catch up in no time. That being said, I’ll start with a dubble post on Bakemonogatari. The image and title are obvious were gonna have some loliliciousness.

The episode starts with Araragi sitting at the park all alone on Mother’s day. As the walks around complaining to himself how lonely he feels, he notices a girl looking at the town map. She quickly runs off a second later and Araragi goes back into his selfpiting. Out of the blue Senjougahara appears on the scene and greets Araragi in her usual teasing manner. Although Araragi is annoyed by her teasing again, he’s stunned by her amazing new outfit and ofcourse Senjougahara makes another pun out of that…


You could see them from the moon

Araragi asks why Senjougahara is here, she tells him that she used to live in the neighbourhood. When she goes to sit next to him, she starts playing around with his feelings, telling him the stuff what someone would say when he’s about to confess and once again…he gets fooled in the end.

Bad End #1

Bad End #1

She tells him she want to thank him for helping her and anything would do…. Anything… Since it’s Senjougahara, she doesn’t hold back and names some of the most common fantasies men have. Should I name some?  Ending every sentence with ‘nyu’ at the end, not wearing any underwear for 1 whole week, waking him up every morning with only wearing an apron… Araragi, like every normal person would do, refuses the offers. Senjougahara assumed that he would refuse since he’s a virgin afterall (no, I don’t see the point in that reasoning either) Araragi assumes that she hasn’t done it much either, Senjougahara lies and tells she does it all the time. Her lie gets discovered by Araragi since she wouldn’t gain anything by it by telling him about it. She gives in and tells him that the only type of girls that talk to him are late- bloomer crazy virgins like her.

After a while Senjougahara asks if Araragi wants to talk about something. He tells her that he’s in a fight with his sister, the oldest one of the two sisters he has. The problem is actually with both girls, no matter when, where or what they are doing , they always ask  the 5Ws and 1H questions. Since they are pretty attached to their mother and is the slacking son, he felt like his house wasn’t his home on Mother’s day. When he tried to sneak out, but got caught by his sister. It resulted in an arguement and in the end he ended up at the park.

Araragi starts complaining about his smallness as a human and calls it being dull. Senjougahara tells him that his dullness is actually something great, she compares it to pulling a “great luck” tag at omikuji (tradion on New Year in Japan, people go to the shrine and get a tag which tells them their fortune) but when you read the content of the tag, it’s actually not ‘that’ great luck. She also tell him that should treasure them, but then assumes that he might show his love in reverse and might actually be a siscon (into incest). The conversation reaches even higher levels of awkwardness when Senjougahara wonders if he’s a soro (abbrevation of sororate marriage). It’s when someone’s wife dies, that someone would marry his wife’s sister next.

Your kind of mild jokes could get a person in prison.

Your kind of mild jokes could get a person in prison.

Senjougahara goes on with fooling Araragi by telling she only tested him and that she won’t desert him with his so called smallness as a human. She asks him if there really isn’t a thing he wants. She even drives it this far…

Sorry, hes only intrested in 2D girls... oh wait bad pun.

Sorry, he's only intrested in 2D girls... oh wait bad pun.

Araragi asks what she would do it if he wanted one, she only replies by saying can that he can have one. Araragi eventually refuses the offer and asks her to buy him a drink if she wants to thank him. Senjougahara mumbles that he’s too tolerant.

Araragi notices the girl from before again, his eyes turn read when he tries to read the characters on her bag at a great distance. Senjougahara can’t read the characters from such a distance, which makes Araragi a bit suprised. He tells her the pronounciation of the characters seperatly and Senjougahara tells him the real pronounciation of the characters as a name. He notices that Senjougahara is rather annoyed by just looking at the kid and decides to go alone. Senjougahara warns him that he’ll get turned down anyway.

never doubt Senjougaharas words *cough*

never doubt Senjougahara's words *cough*

Araragi indeed gets shot down by the girl and returns, but he doesn’t give up after a signle try. He walks back to the girl and tries to talk with the girl…only to get ignored by the loli this time. The third try seems to work out better…

violence always works.

violence always works.

Araragi slaps the girl on the head from behind and she hits the wall. The girl, ofcourse, is furious and starts bugging Araragi and wants him to bugger off. Araragi doesn’t give up and asks her name.

Fanged loli detected!

Fanged loli detected!

Hachikuji and Aragi start arguing about how she called him man-beast and eventually she kicks Araragi in the stomach. Araragi however takes the blow, grabs onto her leg and swings her around. Mayoi is able to get lose by pulling on the antenna on Araragi’s head and gives him a nice elbow smash on the head. The fight continues and Araragi manages to beat the loli.

Reward for the winner~

Reward for the winner~

Araragi’s selfpity reaches an even higher level when he laughs and feels pround after barely beating a  grade-school girl in a fight.

The next moment, Senjougahara is standing beside him, watching him and the KO’d loli. Araragi takes the note that Hachikuji was holding (with an adress on) and hands it to Senjougahara. She doesn’t take it though…

He eventually reads the adress to her, she knows the place and reluctantly starts walking away to guide them. Araragi tells Hachikuji that they’ll find the adress now. The girl is suprised by his words, Araragi notices and asks if she isn’t lost afterall. She replies that she is lost and calls herself a ‘lost snail’…

That’s where episode 3 ends…

The episode starts with Araragi calling Oshino, he tells Araragi that the girl is a lost cow. Since the kanji for snail is written by using the kanji for cow.

After the mahou shoujo-ish opening, we see the trio walking around in the city. Senjougahara suddenly stops in the middle of the street telling that her house used to be on that place. But thanks to urban renewal the whole place got torn down and replaced by a street. At the meantime Hachikuji hides away from Senjougahara by clinging onto Araragi’s leg.

Araragi tries to get more information out of Hachikuji about the adress she’s carrying with her. She refuses to tell him more, but when Araragi waves some money around she immediatly changes her attitude. She is looking for a relative called Tsunade.

After some time Senjougahara asks Araragi to show her the adress once more. When she finishes reading it once more, she tells him that they went a little too far. As they continue to walk back Araragi asks Hachikuji why she’s so afraid of Senjougahara. The girl answers that she thinks Senjougahara hates her and wants her to dissapear.

Araragi wants to check if that’s really the case and asks Senjougahara if she hates kids. Hachikuji couldn’t be more right, as Senjougahara tells him that she hates kids and wishes for them all to die at once. She once met a kid at the local mall and wanted to help it, but she couldn’t find a way to talk with the child and that left her with a shock afterwards. She then mentions that they went too far again and when she tries to connect her cellphone to the GPS, she notices that something is wrong.


You got scammed

Hachikuji tells them that it is impossible for her to get back to her mother…

thats because your house is on your back...

your house is on your back...

They couldn’t find the place and returned to the park. We see Senjougahara leaving on Araragi’s bike to Oshino’s place in order to get more information. The two others stay at the park and Araragi mentions that before Hachikuji told him she was looking for someone called Tsunade and not her mother. Hachikuji doesn’t reply at first, but once again Araragi manages to get her talking, this time by offering her some ice cream. She simply answers his question…

loli pout~

with your reasoning, even the dog could be one

She goes on with saying that her mother isn’t her mother anymore, since her father took her away after third grade. She was called Tsunade until then, but then her named got changed to Hachikuji. She is still allowed to visit her mother, but she never made it to her place. Araragi wonders if she met the snail at that time, but the girl doesn’t know if they met or not. Araragi wants to comfort the girl a bit, but she suddenly bites his hand really hard.

Bite me~

Bite me~

When his fingers start bleeding and the pain becomes unbarable Araragi’s eyes turn red and he punches the girl in the stomach, she faints and falls onto the ground. This time he doesn’t laugh but still feels the same way as when he knocked her out the first time.


He's evil. He killed a loli. It was cute.

The wounds on his fingers heal quickly and once they are completly healed Tsubasa appears. Hachikuji wakes up and notices her, Tsubasa introduces herself but the loli turns tsundere and tell her to go away. Tsubasa doesn’t back off and pats Hachikuji turning her from a tiger into a kitty, she also knocks on her head because she wants Hichikuji to apologise for biting Araragi’s hand.


sorry ;o;

Tsubasa also lectures Araragi that he shouldn’t spank children without giving them the reason why they are getting punished. After talking about the situation and mentioning Senjougahara, Tsubasa seems to get the point and leaves them. Before she leave Araragi asks if she knows someone called Tsunade in the neighbourhoud. After some thinking time she gives a negative reply.

Some time later Oshino calls Araragi by using Senjougahara’s phone. Araragi explains the whole plot from this and the previous episodes. Because Oshino started talking about the relationship between Araragi, Tsubasa and Senjougahara too much, the line gets disturbed for some time by Senjougahara attacking Oshino. Oshino eventually gets back to the point, but since he hates talking over the phone, he’ll tell Senjougahara how to handle the snail problem. Araragi asks if there isn’t a ritual necessary like the crab from Senjougahara. Oshino answers that the snail isn’t a god like the crab was, but more like a spirit. Oshino ends the conversation be saying he’ll tell the details to Senjougahara, but he isn’t sure if she’ll tell him everything exactly like he told her…

The last part… Araragi sits down beside Hachikuji again and she tells him…

Eat me~

Haven't you had enough fingers for todays?


Thoughts :

I’m happy to see Senjougahara back in her old evil being, but seems like the weight crab’s effect on Araragi has already worked out fine. In any case it wasn’t mentioned in these two episodes so I guess it’s back to normal again.

Araragi’s vampire skills are shown again as well, this time we even got to see his ability to see from a great distance and also his recovery skills were necessary too.

Tsubasa finally gets some screen time again, I don’t perticulary like nor hate her. As long as she doesn’t go emo over Araragi I’m on good terms with her.

As for the loli, she’s cute… and scary. We haven’t seen the last bit of her yet.

Next week part 3 of the snail chapter~

Kyon on duty~


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