Dance in the Vampire Bund 04 – Interview with a Vampire

February 3, 2010


Again. If you haven’t started watching this, watch it now. Who knows, you might like it.

This episode continuous Mina Tepes’ creation for the world to accept vampires. She called for a press conference to tell her brilliant plans around the world. However, like always, something will always smells fishy and it’s up for the werewolf to take care of it.

PS. The maids aren’t there today


Guess what she's talking about

The episode started with Akira looking for Mina who made an escape in her mansion. He found her playing with jumping ropes together with a bunch of kids. Akira stood and watched as Mina plays happily with the kids.

Akira: You have to be careful. Lolis are hot topic nowadays you know

And then, back to business.

The media was too absorbed by the announcement of the self-proclaimed Vampire, Mina Tepes, of a press conference being held at ground zero. Mina relaxed in the bathtub watching the news. She asked Vera about what happened to Shinonome Nanami. She replied that she blocked any means of connection from Nanami and Akira and marked her as an absentee. Akira entered the room afterward.

Akira brought Mina a towel and saw the news. He asked Mina if she’s going to be okay. Vera replied that they made extreme precaution on the people (human and non-human alike) whose going to be inside their territory for the conference.


He's just angry he just got shut out of his master room.

Later, A man named Juneau appeared to the grand hall. He had quite a temper against those he called ‘dogs’. Due to that Akira, Wolf and Vera got sent away from the room.

Wolf explained that Marquis Jeneau Dermailles is the top family who had served the Tepes for generation. He thinks that the reason Jeneau is here is because he wants a place in the bund, which means everything is according to plans.

Vera and Akira left. During their conversation, it is revealed that Wolf is Akira’s dad (Even though he couldn’t feel his fatherly powers yet), about the dispute of power between the vampires, and the reason why they are devoted to Mina.

While they are talking, the helicopters under the authority of Jeneau landed on the island.

And at the same time, the glasses woman reporter got bitten by the vampire in her room.


See! She must be a relative of Lelouch!

The press conference started, with them knowing that there is a bomb inside the vicinity. Akira and Vera started looking around for it.

While looking and discussing a few things with Vera, Akira noticed something…

She's here!!

Featuring the monster of the week

The questioning started. Mina pushed the discussion to them being a vampire and how the economy of Japan got bend according to their will.

Akira called Jeneau and told him what he saw. It was later solidified by Wolf afterward. Their target is Nicole Edelman, the woman who got bitten by the runaway vampire.


We all know blue flames don't burn. They just suffocate

Mina successfully turned the topic to them being a real vampire. Nicole started her move but Akira found her first and pins her to the ground. Vera then, impales Nicole with a stake. Nicole burns into blue flames and the bomb from her body appeared.

Vera told Akira to diffuse the bomb as those of his tribe learns how to do it. Unfortunately, Akira forgot all of them (so much for wasted education). Everyone started to panic but Mina told them to calm down. She called Wolf and told him to use ‘it’.

Wolf instructed Akira to throw the bomb to the elevator. Akira did so. The bomb explodes. Everybody is safe. Yay.


Not so scary when a cute girl tells that eh?

So. Mina ended the conference with a speech that leave everyone in the entire world know that vampires are indeed real. She assured everyone that they won’t be a threat if everyone remains the way it is.


Akira: What watch? that *bleep* one or the other one?

Around that night, Akira and Mina returned to the park. The children Mina played with earlier were still there. Mina explained that the kids were called fangless, the ones who refuses to drink blood.



Not bad for an episode. Well, there are still a lot of mysteries they haven’t revealed yet (as expected with a guy with amnesia and a mysterious girl who can do almost anything she wants).

Those people at their school haven’t got their appearance in this episode as well (well… short). I gotta wonder what will happen to Nanami and that girl which I think is a chinese vampire?

Another thing to get wondering is, who is the main antagonist of the series? It’s the fourth episode (Third if you didn’t like the first one) and all we have is some monster of the week. Let’s just hope they reveal it soon or else I will have some doubt that Mina is the last boss

Anyway, I guess that’s all for today. This is thelazyprince saying, toodles~

Next episode:


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  1. interesting episode waiting for next one

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