Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 113 – The Soul That Will Pierce Through the Heavens

June 14, 2010

Bad End?

Kind of searched a bit for proper subs of this episode. As Kyon had said in his comments, Fairy Tail will be taking a break while it’s exam period. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s will still be delivered regularly, thanks to finding new subs.

And here it is. The episode that concludes the small Crimson Devil arc. This episode is surprisingly filled with more info about the Crimson Dragon, and will seem to be an important factor in the coming battle against Yliaster in the WRGP.

Of course, this episode contains Jack’s new card, Scar-Red Nova Dragon.

Read on to see HQ pics!

Last time on 5D’s…

Jack ends up in a strange village, where he is invited by the Crimson Devil to its lair, in order to attain a stronger power than he currently possesses. Jack is enticed by the offer and heads to the shrine Bommer and his siblings created, where the Crimson Devil resides. It is revealed that Bommer was controlled by the Crimson Devil to create the shrine that will prepare the ritual for its revival.

Inside, Jack faces off with the Crimson Devil’s familiar. The familiar reveals that if Jack wins, he will obtain a great power, but if he loses, his body will become the container for the Crimson Devil, who is revealed to be to strongest Earthbound Immortal, Scar-Red Nova.

Episode Details
Episode No.: 113
Episode Title: Burning Seething Soul! Scar-Red Nova Dragon (燃え滾る魂!スカーレッド・ノヴァ・ドラゴン)
Opening Song: BELIEVE IN NEXUS – Endou Masaki
Ending Song: Close to you – ALvino
Featured Duel: Jack vs Familiar/Crimson Devil’s servant (Part 2 – Final)
Key Card: Scar-Red Nova Dragon

And so…

A quick recap of the final moments of last episode happens. Then, Jack continues the Duel with his turn.

Duel status:
Jack: 1600 LP
Familiar: 4000 LP

Turn 6 - Jack: 1600 LP
- Main Phase 1: Summons Dark Resonator.
- Tunes his LV 3 Dark Resonator with his LV 5 Big Piece Golem to Synchro Summon his ace monster, Red Dragon Archfiend.
- Battle Phase: Attacks directly with Red Dragon Archfiend.
- Yomi Boat Watchman's effect activates. Whenever an opponent's monster attacks, it Special Summons a "Yomi" monster from the Graveyard.
- Yomi Frontier Guard is Special Summoned to the Familiar's field.
- Yomi Ghoul's effect activates and destroys Yomi Frontier Guard.
- Yomi Frontier Guard's effect activates and deals 800 damage to Jack (Jack: 800 LP) and ends the Battle Phase.
- End Phase.

Turn 7 - Familiar: 4000 LP
- End Phase.

Turn 8 - Jack: 800 LP
- Battle Phase: Attacks directly with Red Dragon Archfiend.
- Yomi Boat Watchman's effect activates again and Special Summons Yomi Frontier Guard from the Graveyard.
- Jack chains his Extra Veiler, which can be Special Summoned when a monster is Special Summoned on his opponent's field.
- Yomi Ghoul's effect activates and destroys Yomi Frontier Guard.
- Yomi Frontier Guard's effect activates and sends 800 points of damage to Jack.
- Extra Veiler's effect activates. Any damage dealt to Jack that turn will be switched back to the opponent instead (Familiar: 3200).
- The Battle Phase ends.
- Main Phase 2: Sets 1 card.
- End Phase: Extra Veiler did not attack and is therefore destroyed by Red Dragon Archfiend's effect.

Extra Veiler: LV 2 Tuner, 600 ATK / 200 DEF.

Even though Jack successfully counterattacked, the Crimson Devil isn’t impressed. Jack must fight back with his life on the line. The Familiar sends out a powerful force that knocks Jack off the large pillar he’s standing on, almost causing him to drop into the seemingly-bottomless pit filled with monster snakes.

"Okay... this is new...!"

Jack manages to get back up the pillar, and seems unfazed. He challenges the Familiar once more.

This makes Bommer remember another important part of the legend. It seems the Crimson Dragon alone did not defeat Scar-Red Nova. It was through the aid of a legendary Signer, who controlled a “Burning Soul” and created a miracle.

The legendary Signer and the Burning Soul.

With Burning Soul and the Crimson Dragon, Scar-Red Nova was defeated and sealed away.

Turn 9 - Familiar: 3200 LP
- Main Phase 1: Sets 1 card.
- End Phase.

Turn 10 - Jack: 800 LP
- Standby Phase: The Familiar activates a Trap Card, Battle Mania.
- Main Phase 1: Summons Synchro Gunner.
- Activates Synchro Gunner's effect. Red Dragon Archfiend is removed from play and 600 points of damage is dealt against the Familiar (Familiar: 2600).
- During the turn that effect was activated, Jack cannot conduct his Battle Phase.
- Activates a Trap Card, Nightmare Archfiends. Tributes Synchro Gunner and Special Summons three Nightmare Archfiend Tokens on the Familiar's side of the field.
- Yomi Ghoul's effect activates and destroys the Nightmare Archfiend Tokens.
- Each Nightmare Archfiend Token deals 800 damage to the Familiar, a total of 2400 damage (Familiar: 200 LP).
- End Phase.

Synchro Gunner: LV 1, 0 ATK / 0 DEF.

With Jack having dealt 3000 damage in one turn without attacking, the Crimson Devil’s Familiar stops fooling around. The Crimson Devil’s power strengthens.

Turn 11 - Familiar: 200 LP
- Main Phase 1: Removes from play his Yomi Ghoul, Yomi Boat Watchman and Yomi Frontier Guard from his Graveyard and Special Summons his Wicked King of Yomi - Mictlan Coatl!
- Battle Phase: Wicked King of Yomi - Mictlan Coatl attacks Jack directly.
- Jack springs up a Continuous Trap Card called Screen of Red. Monsters with 2000 ATK or more cannot attack.
- Main Phase 2: Activates Wicked King of Yomi - Mictlan Coatl's second effect and destroys Screen of Red, and deals 600 damage to Jack (Jack: 200 LP).
- Activates a Continuous Spell Card, Magical Martial Law and discards 3 Bewitched Butterfly cards to the Graveyard. Until his next Standby Phase, Jack cannot activate Spell Cards.
- End Phase.

Wicked King of Yomi - Mictlan Coatl: LV 10, 3800 ATK.

By this time, it was confirmed that the one controlling Max was indeed the Familiar, having seen the Bewitched Butterfly cards on his hand.

Suddenly, a huge force is felt by everyone. It seems Scar-Red Nova has been successfully revived!

"Ohnoes, tentacles!"

The shrine starts collapsing. Yusei, Bommer and Max are still trapped at the staircase. The Familiar seeks to use them as sacrifices for the revival. Jack tells him not to go ahead of himself as the Duel is far from being over. He will do everything in his power to prevent that from happening, through his soul!

"Ack! Fire! Get it off! Get it off!!"

Jack assumes the same pose as the legendary Signer that Bommer described. Jack reveals that Red Dragon Archfiend is the soul burning inside him. Jack draws with his Burning Soul.

Jack's own version of the Destiny Draw.

Before Jack could go on with his turn, the roof of the shrine collapses, almost hitting Jack. Suddenly, the tablet of Quetzalcoatl glows and the Crimson Dragon appears to protect Jack!

Leaving a loli alone outside has never been so dangerous.

Yusei: "Only the head and wings?"

Crimson Dragon: "No, I took the claws and tail offscreen, lol."

Turn 12 - Jack: 200 LP
- Standby Phase: Red Dragon Archfiend returns to the field as part of Synchro Gunner's effect.
- Main Phase 1: Because a Synchro Monster exists in Jack's field, Create Resonator is Special Summoned to his field.
- Summons Attack Gainer.
- Double tunes his LV 3 Tuner Monster Create Resonator with his LV 1 Tuner Monster Attack Gainer with his LV 8 Red Dragon Archfiend to Special Summon his newest and strongest card, the LV 12 Scar-Red Nova Dragon!

Create Resonator: LV 3 Tuner, 800 ATK / 600 DEF.

Attack Gainer: LV 1 Tuner, 0 ATK / 0 DEF.

Scar-Red Nova Dragon: LV 12 Synchro, 3500 ATK / 3000 DEF.

And here's the obligatory closer view.

Burning Soul has allowed Jack to create a miracle and summon a LV 12 Synchro Monster, and seal the Crimson Devil, Scar-Red Nova inside his soul, Red Dragon Archfiend, and combines with it to form Scar-Red Nova Dragon!

Continuing Jack's turn:
- Main Phase 1: Scar-Red Nova Dragon gains 500 ATK for each Tuner Monster in his Graveyard. He has 4, namely: Dark Resonator, Extra Veiler, Create Resonator and Attack Gainer. Scar-Red Nova Dragon's ATK is increased by 2000 (Scar-Red Nova Dragon: 5500 ATK).

Using Scar-Red Nova was indeed the solution to attain more power, and Jack did exactly that. He uses the combined form to wake a new power in him.

Continuing Jack's turn:
- Battle Phase: Scar-Red Nova Dragon attacks and destroys Wicked King of Yomi - Mictlan Coatl (Familiar: 0 LP).
- Jack triumphs over the Familiar and its master!

Wicked King of Yomi-OWNED.

Familiar: "Aaaa--wait a minute. I'm made of fire. I can't die from something like this."

Familiar: "Oh... poopie..."

As soon as the Familiar was defeated, the whole temple collapses. Jack, and everyone else starts to fall… but they were saved by the Crimson Dragon.

After the whole fiasco, Jack and Yusei bid farewell to Bommer and his siblings. Max promises Jack that he will learn to trust his Deck like the way Jack did, and that one day, he will also become a King.

Jack and Yusei go off, back home. Yusei mentions that this time, the Crimson Dragon has appeared to aid Jack in his battle. With their newly-discovered powers… Clear Mind and Burning Soul, they head back to Neo Domino City and deal with Yliaster once and for all…

Jack: "Oh yeah? Let's ask the fans which THEY think is the cooler card!"

Episode comments

Well, it was kind of easy to figure out that Jack would switch to burn.

In any case, it appears that the Crimson Dragon’s identity is that of Quetzalcoatl, discussed in the previous episode.

Again, Yu-Gi-Oh! has treated us to a sort-of history repeating itself with the legendary Signer, Scar-Red Nova and Burning Soul. It is kind of weird that most people who want to change history always end up as the bad guys (Marik, Godwin, and even Yliaster just to name a few).

Here's a graphic representation.

High Priest Atlas?

Burning Soul and Clear Mind. I wonder if only Stardust Dragon and Red Dragon Archfiend will receive this kind of treatment like usual (ala Assault Mode and Majestic forms). Though there is still that dragon that looks like Power Tool Dragon, only minus the tools, in the OP. Though as of now, there has been no role for either Ruka or Rua in the WRGP arc.

Black-Winged Dragon... lolwut?

Speaking of the dragon… in the flashback in Bommer’s tale, now we see Black-Winged Dragon becoming the fifth dragon, with no signs of the one previously seen by Ruka in her vision. It could be plot inconsistency, or that the dragon in Ruka’s vision was lost during or after the fight with the first Earthbound Immortals, and was replaced by Black-Winged Dragon before or during the time of Scar-Red Nova.

With this, I guess we’ll be back to Neo Domino City next episode.

That’s all for this week, card game fans!

Next episode preview

Guess who’s back again? It’s Jaeger… with his family?! Now I’ve seen everything… well, Yusei and company wants to know more about Yliaster. Now it’s time for Operation: Capture Jaeger once again!

Stay tuned, card game fans! Hideyoshi signing out!



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