Spice and Wolf II 3 : Contracts and letters

July 30, 2009

If you could read that, then yes.

The episode starts with Lawrence running to the guild. There he finds Amati  holding a contract. Amati demands Horo’s freedom and in return he will pay 1000 silver coins to Lawrence. When he does so Amati will confess his love to Horo and ask her to marry him. Lawrence tells Amati that even if he wins the bet, Horo won’t marry him since she is a nun, but Amati interupts Lawrence by saying that Horo is only a nun for her own convenience, since she’s travelling. Lawrence eventually excepts the contract. If Amati collects 1000 silver coins by the next day, Lawrence will have to leave Horo.


Instead of making a contract, just use the knife.

Back outside, Lawrence meets Guy again. He tells Lawrence that he needs to be careful since Amati found a way to get money quickly.

In the hotel Lawrence explains the whole thing to Horo. Horo teases Lawrence by wondering if she should go with Amati if he wins the bet, but Lawrence doesn’t panic and tells that he trusts her. Then wonders why Lawrence took the bet in the first place, she sums up some possible things Lawrence could have done instead of simply taking  the bet. After fooling Lawrence with a usual Horo act, she asks him to take her to the festival.

w-w-what? I-I wasn't thinking anything...

On the market place, Horo puts up another act for Mark and Lawrence, making Mark feel sorry for Lawrence travelling around with her. In his shop they talk about how Amati is gathering money. Horo calls over the boy and makes him show her the stuff in the shop. Mark explains why Amati probably likes women like Horo. Amati was born in a rich family, yet he travelled around and made money on his own. He despises merchants like Mark and Lawrence since they depend on connections, yet he made it so far on his own. That is why he likes travelling women, since they aren’t bound to a town and don’t have many connections.


another victim to the Sanzenin estate...

While walking around the city, Lawrence wonders about what Guy said. But while explaining that to Horo, a horn blows and people start walking towards the sound. Lawrence tells Horo the festival started. Because Horo is too small she can’t see that far through the crowd, so Lawrence takes her hand and runs back to their hotel room. From there they have a good view on the festivities. A parade passes their room and people start dancing around in the streets. Horo and Lawrence join them and enjoy the festival.


Who's that Pok*mon?


The Steves giving a concert.


Would they even bother if someone told them it was blood?

At night, Lawrence carries Horo back to the hotel room. After putting Horo in bed, the bartender brings in a letter from Mark. Horo, who was pretending to sleep, asks Lawrence about the female-scented letter. Lawrence fidgets and then explains the whole story of him visiting and meeting Deanna. He tells her about the legend and the hints of Yoitsu’s location. Lawrence finishes explaining and goes to visit Mark again, but Horo convinces him to hand over the letter to her while he’s away.


Don't leave a girl when she's looking at you like that!

At Mark’s place, Mark tells Lawrence that he made some money thanks to the pyrite Lawrence told him about. The woman who selled the stones left the city since the inquisition got suspicious, but the pyrite she left behind is now worth a lot of money. That’s because all the townspeople are talking about the so-called gold and now every woman wants to have some, making its value rise up to high peaks, although it is actually worth a lot less. Amati is using this to make easy money in no time and that while Lawrence was doing nothing at the festival. Lawrence is depressed about how he failed as a merchant, but Mark tells him there’s still hope. He gives Lawrence the pyrite that he earned today and teases Lawrence by saying that if he fails, he can always use that money to buy a new princess.


A new Pegasus?

Back at the hotel, Lawrence finds Horo stands in front of the window with tears filling her eyes. He notices that she’s holding the letter, which was opened. Horo read in the letter that her howetown was destroyed. Lawrence tries to comfort her by saying it’s an old tale and those aren’t accurate. But Horo mentions that even if that’s the case, why didn’t he then just tell her about it. She assumes that Lawrence was just using her from the start and goes on making false assumptions. Lawrence stops her by grabbing her wrists and telling her to calm down.


come to my home

Horo says that she’s all alone now. Lawrence tries to comfort her again by telling that he’s there for her, but Horo asks what she is to him. She pushes herself away from Lawrence and asks him if they can mate, when they would she’d have a child and no longer be alone. But then Lawrence tells her to stop talking like that. A painful silence follows and then Horo starts insulting Lawrence by saying he’s the kind of man that would do things like this. In the end, she mentions that there is someone that really loves her… She wants Lawrence to say something, but when Lawrence tries to reach out for her, she walks away…


Then again...what isn't cute about you?

Lawrence screwed up good and leaves the room, clutching his head outside…


Giant : Can I glomp you?


Thoughts :

Well Lawrence screwed up good in this episode, first of all accepting the contract, then being ignorant and too confident about the contract and last getting tricked by Horo’s reading ability. About that last one… I shouldn’t be all that harsh on Lawrence, I made it the front image in the previous post so I’ll forgive him for that.

The Amati being a noble knight type theory annoys me, but mostly since I can’t stand Amati in the first place.

The whole victim of everything seems to be our spicy wolf girl here, she found out about Lawrence’s secret and wasn’t all too happy with it. Though one has to wonder, if she wanted to know about it, she should’ve just asked Lawrence more about the details of his visit to Deanna.

The next episode has been released already and I’ll be working on that as soon as possible.

This was Kyon, back to the studio.


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