Spice and Wolf II 1 : Nails…and stuff

July 11, 2009
yes! shes back!

yes! she's back! with beer!

Spice and Wolf is up for a second season, the first episode of this season picks up where the OVA finished. The same tranquil pace as in season 1, which made this show really fun to watch for me. The opening revealed a lot of new characters and I’m looking forward to meet them. In this episode one of them got introduced, curious? read on…Let’s start with the opening

the song : Mitsu no Yoake ( Honey Dawn) by Akino Arai

I’m not an expert with rating music, it’s a bit too dependable on personal taste so I’ll just give my own thoughts about it. The song fits the series, it’s slow pace really fits the atmosphere and the animation couldn’t be better. Though that being said, I still prefer the opening song from the first season. As for the sound in the episodes, they are still using the same soundtrack as in the first season. Since I still like that one, you won’t hear me complain about it.

The episode itself starts with Horo having the same dream as in the OVA , she wakes up in a snowy landscape and stands in between some wolves and Lawrence. She runs over to Lawrence only to find his remains when she arrives. When she wakes up for real she finds herself resting on Lawrence’s shoulder while they are travelling trough a fall season landscape. Nothing much happens as they reach a new town, Kumerson, on their journey to the north. Horo is hungry and Lawrence wants Horo to keep her tail on his lap since it is too cold without it, he gives her some feathers in return which make Horo pout since she expected more from him. Lawrence tells Horo that in the town religious symbols are forbidden and that they should be careful in there.


The good old days~

Once they arrive close to the city, Horo gets excited. She finally wants to eat a decent meal since she’s fed up with eating old stuff they brought along with them. Lawrence tells her that there’ll be enough to eat since there’s a festival going on soon. Then Horo suddenly asks if there’s enough money, she doesn’t want Lawrence to use it as an excuse for them to sleep in one bed. Lawrence is completly suprised by the remark and even stops the wagon because of it. Lawrence tells Horo that she isn’t his type, which Horo replies by acting dramatic saying that men only love weak women so that they can act like a brave knight. Horo then refers to a moment where she was protected by Lawrence back in season 1 and tells him she doesn’t mind to sleep in 1 bed together, but then there have to be 2 meals on the table.

They arrive at the road which leads straight to the city gates. Since there are a lot of people going there, they have to line up and wait. Horo tells Lawrence that she can smell some delicious fish from a wagon up ahead so Lawrence decides to check it. A boy shows up but he tells them that the fish is already bought by someone. Lawrence tells the boy he just needs some fish for dinner, not for trade. The boy asks them if they are going to stay at the city, Lawrence says yes and asks if there is a problem with that. The boy says that due to the festival the inns are fully booked, which seems to be a lie as Horo moves her ears up and down. Eventually the boy and Lawrence seem to be from the same guild and introduce themselves. The boy, Amati also gets introduced to Horo.

God really likes tempting people...

God really likes tempting people...

The boy is amazed by Horo’s appearance (can’t blame him) he tells them that since they’re from the same guild, he might be able to arrange a room for them.

Amati, the shouta boy for this season?

Amati, the shouta boy for this season?

Once arrived in the city, they check their rooms and once again Horo deceives Amati by acting like a gentle nun. At dinner Horo and Lawrence discuss their trading goods, Lawrence has nails with them. Horo tells him to get more intresting good the next time. As for the rest of the dinner, Horo as usual gets drunk by drinking too much, this time they drank burning wine which has a nostaligic taste according to Horo. Lawrence gets a bit depressed after hearing Horo talk about her hometown.

I missed her drunk face

I missed her drunk face

Later, back at the inn, Horo gets tucked in by Lawrance. Suddenly there’s a flashback with a child and woman, the kid asks her what happend with the “Yoitsu” village.

is that a chibi Lawrence?

is that a chibi Lawrence?

The next day, Horo is… well…

err...well...Im not sure if I can say the same about this one

err...well...I'm not sure if I can say the same about this one

So Lawrence leaves on his own for a business meeting. He meets an old friend at a market and manages to trade his nails. Though Lawrence had to do some effort using his well-known trading skills once again. Lawrence gets invited over for a drink, Lawrence was daydreaming at first. When the store owner asks him if he’s taken in by the beaty of the store, Lawrence can’t help but agreeing with him.

severe thinking pose...

severe thinking pose...

Gotten rid of the nails! they were a pain in a butt anyway

Gotten rid of the nails! they were a pain in a butt anyway

Back at the inn Horo is back to her usual self and …they drink again. Horo talks about the days when they started travelling and how Lawrence would get embarrassed by her teasing temptations. Lawrence then asks Horo about the exact location of Yoitsu since they don’t have any maps of it and if there are any neighbouring towns. Horo thinks deeply and then tells him about a town which she remembers from long ago. Niohira is the name of the town, it is famous for its hot springs (promising good stuff) and the royals visiting it. It would take Horo 2 days in wolf form to get from Niohira to Yoitsu, which means they would probably need more than a month with the wagon. Lawrence even thinks it might take a year or two if it goes really bad. He asks Horo if she would be able to go on her own back to Yoitsu, that causes a silent moment between them. Horo eventually agrees and says that she’s gonna be fine, Lawrence wants to convince her that he still wants to travel more with her but Horo replies by saying that she doesn’t want to be pampered too much. After that Horo gets in bed and sleeps leaving Lawrence to stare into nothingness.

Better keep an eye on her while you still can~

Better keep an eye on her while you still can~

That’s all for the episode, only one more thing left to discuss which is the ending.

Perfect World by ROCKY CHACK

They choose the same artist to preform the ed as in the last season. The song wasn’t that special, but I was suprised by the cute animation they used for this ending. Some pictures to prove my point…

the meeting~


the wedding~

the wedding night~


the divorce~


the making up~


te..what's the proposal doing at the end?


Thoughts :

We picked up the same pace as in season 1, a lot of dialogue and a some flashbacks. I didn’t really think this episode was special, but the character development was clearly shown in this one. I was amused by seeing how Lawrence got used to Horo’s tempting pranks and even counters them now. Next episode showed a mysterious woman but nothing more, we’ll have to wait to see what awaits us there.

Kyon on duty~


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