Fairy Tail 32 : IT’S DA EMPEROR

June 1, 2010

Leloooouuuuuch~~ I'm hooooooome~~

It’s Fairy Tail time people! Everyone who likes good seiyuu will have a good while watching this episode, cause this week’s surprise entry is none else than … of course a surprise entry…Last week, Loki made a shocking revelation by telling Lucy he killed Karen with his own hands. Also, Natsu and Gray got severely injured by a pillow fight! And Mirajane was sexy as ever! A lot has happened last week… but hold your breath, cause this week is gonna be even more breathtaking!


Opening : Ft. by Funkist

After Loki repeats his statement from last week, we start a long flashback from what happened between Loki and Karen.

It all starts with Karen abusing her Celestial Spirits by using them for her own convenience. She thinks of them as nothing more but tools, she even used Aries as a shield from an attack. The owner of Blue Pegasus soon confronts her with the fact that Spirits are also living beings, making Karen even more pissed at her spirits. The poor spirit, Aries, is punished by the evil mage and has to stay in the human world for 3 days, which is something that will make spirits suffer. Obviously because they’re not from the human world.

Karen showing off her boo-- spirit!


someone's up for surprise buttsecks

waaaaaaw~ moment of the week

the carpet... the furry girl... the stick... the mistress... guess what's gonna happen now?

Aries quickly disappears before Karen gets her way, well… rather than disappearing, Aries was forced back because of Leo (Loki) appearing. He tells Karen she should learn to respect Spirits and blackmails her. He will stay in the human world until Karen gives up on being a Celestial mage. Since Karen can only summon 1 spirit she owns, she cannot go out and accept missions any longer.

Leo waits at an old church until Karen changes her mind. The first week passes and Loki is at his limit already, Karen tells him to return back to her side, but Loki refuses. He’s the strongest of Zodiacal signs and stands his ground. After a month, Karen returns once again. She can’t take any jobs and is getting desperate, but still she doesn’t get what she wants. Leo still demands her to free them and gets beaten by Karen as she loses her patience.

"This is part of the warranty, I want my money back! "

After 3 months, Leo has grown used to the human world and feels refreshed, unfortunately bad news soon arrives. Karen died while trying to call out her second spirit during a mission…

Aries really took her vengeance onto Karen's body huh? ...kinky


That’s the end of the flashback. Loki starts fading while telling Lucy it’s just what he deserves. He tells how he wasn’t able to forget about Karen ever since that day. He thanks Lucy for making him see a truly wonderful Celestial Mage and then…

Lucy gets angry. She doesn’t want to accept the sad fate Loki is facing. He didn’t kill Karen directly, nor did he want it to come that far. She start trying to open the Lion’s door, using all her magical power. Loki tries to stop her, but Lucy persists and states that she even wants to change the law that stops Loki from returning.

"wooow... I think I'm high..."

Fairy Tail, now with unexplainable, irrelevant and overpowered Yu-Gi-Oh! special effects *thumbs up*

say whatever you want, but this line is epic.

Lucy's impression of NAZE DAAAAAAAAAAAA?!

After that statement, time stops and a mysterious giant appears in front of Lucy and Loki. The Spirit King himself has shown up.  The king speaks up and repeats the law. It’s forbidden to kill someone who possesses the key, it is irrelevant whether this was directly or indirectly. Loki wonders if the king showed up because Lucy blurted out she wanted to change the law.

The Emperor Monarch ATK 2400 | DEF 1200 | Effect : Destroy 1 Law on your opponent's side of the field.


Lucy doesn’t back down on her word though. She complains to the mustache man, telling him it was an unfortunate accident. Loki begs Lucy to stop, but that only makes Lucy angrier. She uses all her power to summon her complete spirit assembly. Loki and the Spirit King are impressed by Lucy resolve. He states that if his “old friend” is willing to go that far, the law must be wrong. Loki is pardoned and becomes Lucy’s spirit.

Did you just summon a bunch of monsters in one turn?!

especially Aries... yeah definitely Aries...


Karen approves LucyxLoki

She really got the key to his heart now...rawr~

And so things end at the guild. Loki tells everyone he is actually a spirit. Natsu and Gray are surprised and wow… they really became comic relief only in the last few episodes.

Anyway, things end with Loki handing a ticket to a luxurious hotel. Erza joins them with a smile and Lucy says it’s one of the last moments she saw Erza smile like that…


Taking you home~~

Erza sure is impressive when naked...EVEN ON PICTURES!

Erza's ready to partay

Hey! it's the dun dun dun duuuuuuuunnn shot!

Ending : Gomen Ne Watashi by Shiho Nanba


Waaaw~ That was a fun episode. Lucy really showed off in the last couple of episodes. First against her father… then on stage… now in front of Loki. Way to go girl! The Spirit King was quite fun, something you don’t usually expect of a character voiced by Wakamoto Norio aka Charles Vi Code Geass. Anyway, it was all included in the fun Fairy Tail style as usual.

But eventhough Lucy’s epic moments are probably over for a while, one thing did catch my attention. The Spirit King addressed her as “Old Friend”. Could that imply something? Does he know Lucy from the past? Or something that looks like her? Did I suddenly find a connection between the Spirit King and Lucy Mother? Anyway, I guess the manga readers know a lot more about that. It could just be a complete random guess.

One thing’s for sure now, Loki’s arc is over and we’ll soon move to Erza’s chapter!

Hold on tight until next week!

Comments are appreciated as usual~



  1. nope. lay off the yu gi oh. The “old friend” in question refers to Leo. In the manga this is clearer. Makes sense since they both are celestial spirits and have known each other before the whole Karen huge boobs thing. But nice making an imaginary connection there. I wish it was true, more exiting that way.

    btw your pics are in wrong aspect ratio.

  2. 1, the ygo is fun
    2, I see
    3, I know they are, but then I challenge you to make pictures fit into a blog like this. If you want the in correct ratio, just click them my friend.

  3. Super Saiyan Lucy. Wow.

    Pretty epic episode, if you ask me. I guess the next one is the opening for another serious encounter.

  4. well since I’m to lazy to make a whole post.
    This week (and probably next week as well) there will be no Fairy Tail review due to exam/studying.
    Sorry to these who are desperately waiting for it, but I have my priorities at this moment.

  5. Ahh, this episode was epic! LOL. This made me laugh sooo much and I want to go watch it even though I have a paper due tomorrow. Ha. Great ep summary post without giving away the whole thing. I hope there’s more posts! ^_^

  6. I just rewatched this episode, and I never actually noticed before because it wasn’t especially obvious in the manga, but the ‘old friend’ that the Celestial King is addressing is actually Lucy! I don’t think either Lucy or Loki caught the reference, because Lucy repeated talks as if Loki is the King’s old friend, but near the end the King specifically mentions “Leo who commited a sin to save his comrade Aries, and old friend who is trying to save that Leo… for the sake of that beautiful bond etcetc”
    I don’t think there’s been any further mention about this so far in the story though, and I can’t find any speculation/theorys because everyone seems to think Leo is the old friend… but I’m really really curious now~

  7. Watch Fairy Tail Openings whenever you want. They are some of the best

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