Spice and Wolf II 2 : Witch tales and wolf tails

July 19, 2009
Thats because there arent any on it

That's because there aren't any on it

Last time, Lawrence and Horo arrived in the city. They met Amati and Mark and discussed how they would travel to the North. In this episode we’ll see Lawrence search for more information about Yoitsu by looking for legends about it.

The episode starts with Lawrence having a dream about what happened back in the past. Horo in her wolf form walking away from him, leaving him behind alone. When he wakes up he notices that she’s still with him, sleeping on the bed beside him. He leaves the room and heads to the morning market, there he meets Mark again. He asks Mark if he knows any chroniclers in the city. Lawrence explains that he wants to know more about the route to the North. When Mark asks why, Lawrence replies by saying he does it out of pure interest. Mark thinks for a second, but since Lawrence is one of his friends he tells him about a man that might be able to help him. He also warns Lawrence about the man, since he’s involved with…


Kadokawa Inc.?

Back at the hotel room, Horo murders a piece of bread and Lawrence reads through some letters. When Horo asks him what’s in them, Lawrence hands them over. Horo looks at them but quickly returns them back saying she can’t read words. Lawrence seems suprised and Horo explains that she tried but gave up since it’s too complex and she doesn’t have to be able to read in order to catch a prey. Lawrence eventually reads the letter for her…

Youd start a war for that on your own...

You'd start a war for that on your own...

So that basically means that if they received the letter earlier (back in season 1), they wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble back then.

Horo then asks Lawrence about the festival, but Lawrence is planning to meet the man Mark told him about. Horo seems disappointed, but Lawrence sees right through her and tells her she needs to stop making that face. She reasons that he’s probably used to her teasing all the time and gets back to her usual self. Lawrence hands her a silver coin which she can use to buy stuff at the festival, she rejoices at first but eventually decides that going on her own would be boring afterall. She asks what Lawrence needs to do and if she can come with him. Unfortunately for her, Lawrence explains that she might have to wait all day outside while he’s talking with people at the guild.

It would work on me...

It would work on me...

Horo gives up on the idea and tells him she might go alone there after all. Lawrence pats her and assures her that he’ll go with her the day after for sure. Horo then teases him by telling …


Or buy the DVD version

At the guild, Lawrence asks for the guy, but seems like he didn’t arrive yet. On that moment, Amati enters the guild and they have a drink together. Lawrence thanks Amati for giving them the room at the hotel. Amati says it wasn’t a big deal and then asks about Horo. Lawrence explains the situation to Amati and Amati immediately asks Lawrence if it’s okay for him to show her around the town. Lawrence agrees but tells him that Horo might have left already. And yes we do see an empty bed while Lawrence is explaining that, but in the next sequence we see Horo sitting at the window staring outside.

Amati quickly runs off after finishing his drink. While he runs outside, another man walks in. The man recognizes Lawrence and greets him. Just like the bartender said when Lawrence entered the guild, the man has the same height as an upright coffin…

Itll be a challenge to make a fitting coffin for him...

It'll be a challenge to make a fitting coffin for him...

The have a drink first, but then leave the guild and walk to a deserted place in the city. The man, Guy (French pronounciation used), tells him that the place they are about to visit is a hiding place for people chased by the church and the townspeople don’t think high of them. When they pass through the giant wall blocking their way, they arrive in a dark alley with a terrible stench…

The Chinese shouldve taken an example from this one

The Chinese should've taken an example from this one

Guy tells Lawrence that the wall is more a way to keep the stench away from the city instead of keeping the alchemists away. When Lawrence asks how many alchemists live here, he tells Lawrence that due to many accidents happening here he can never tell how many for sure.

The arrive at a cracky, old house and knock on the door. A beautiful lady with long black hair opens the door and welcomes them.

Gendou after his sex change?

Gendou after his sex change?

When she notices Lawrence she thinks that he’s thinking of her as a witch. Guy plays along by asking if he should introduce her as one to Lawrence then.

saa... ask C.C.

Ask C.C.

Lawrence eventually introduces himself and asks for Dean Rubens, the person that knows a lot of chronicles and legends. The woman tells him she is called Dean and understands Lawrence’s confusion since it’s a manly name afterall, so she tells him to call her Deanna.

Inside the house, they finally get to business. Deanna who’s sitting in front of them asks Lawrence what he wants to know. Lawrence tells “the witch” that he wants to know more about a town called Yoitsu. On that moment we get to see some flashes again about a little child sitting on a woman’s lap. Deanna gets up and searches through some books while saying “the town that got destroyed by the moon hunting bear?”. She scans through a book and flips it on a page about the legend of the bear.

Challenge : try to say this 10 times repeatedly

Challenge : try to say this 10 times repeatedly

She asks if Lawrence wants to know something in perticular about Yoitsu. Lawrence replies by saying he wants to know more about its location. After some thinking she tells him that she remembers a village like that and some legends from the village. A legend about a giant wolf calling herself  Horou of Yoitsu, with the ability to take a human form and then dance with the girls in the town during the festivals. The only thing that remained was a wolf’s tail, but thanks to her the town had a hundred years of abundant harvests and that’s why they called her …

At least its better than Horou with the Drunken face

At least it's better than Horou with the Drunken face

She asks Lawrence if the information was helpful, he gives an agreeing nod and tells her he’ll pay for the information later for sure. Deanna however isn’t intrested in money, but wants to hear some legends instead and since Lawrence is a traveling merchant, she is certain he knows some tales untouched by the church’s influence. She takes out a can of wine and eventually Lawrence gets up and tells them about a legend about a wolf in small village in the south…

Later that evening Lawrence returned back at the market, he meets Mark again and they talk about their day. Mark tells Lawrence that he saw Horo walking around with a young boy and wonders if Lawrence is jealous. Lawrence tries to talk his way out of it by explaining it to Mark, though it is obvious that he starts worrying about it himself now. So after that he immediately hurries back to the hotel room, only to find it empty.

He rests on the bed and while later Horo stumbles inside with a drunk face as usual. Lawrence asks where Amati is and she answers by saying that they must’ve parted somewhere downstairs. Lawrence notices a fur scarf around her neck and assumes Amati bought it for her. Horo doesn’t reply as she is too sleepy.

Dont try anything funny thar~

This image is too much for any words...

On the floor, Lawrence finds a gold-looking cube which fell from Horo’s clothing. He checks it but then goes to sleep himself. The following day Horo tells him about the scarf she received and the piece of gold. She tells him it’s probably worth a lot since it’s been so nicely-crafted, but Lawrence then explains her that it isn’t worth much at all. They got scammed, the piece of stone is just a piece of pyrite. He assumes that there probably weren’t a lot of people interested, but then Horo comments that there were a lot of people interested and the the woman selling them used them for fortune telling. Lawrence is surprised and thinks that the festival mood must have gotten to the crowd making it easy for the woman to sell them. Horo then mentions that Amati won it in an auction, Lawrence is even more stunned when he hears about that. Horo pushes him back telling it was actually quite scary.

Never let her go to Wall Street then

Never let her go to Wall Street then

Suddenly, someone knocks on the door, Lawrence opens and the boy who works for Mark appears in the doorway. Horo teases them by covering herself with the blanket, assuming that she isn’t wearing any cloths. Both the kid and Lawrence start blushing until Lawrence asks what’s going on. The kid explains, but we don’t get to hear what… the last thing we see is Lawrence running off…

For more, stay tuning until next week


Thoughts :

Since I watched the first season in one go, I never really noticed how they stop episodes at crucial parts. It’s kinda annoying yet it keeps you thinking about it, which is of course, the purpose of the whole thing.

Deanna and Guy are new characters this time, also John’s wife got introduced but didn’t really leave an impression on me.

As for the main story, the flashbacks of the kid and woman are probably gonna follow us until the end of the season. But still nothing much has happened so far, slow-paced anime is joy for the blogger~

Kyon on duty~


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