Fairy Tail 31 : I got three words for ya baby

May 26, 2010

Mr. Anderson... surprised to see me?

Another week has passed and so another Fairy Tail episode has been aired. This week we’re finally getting into business again, though ofcourse with Fairy Tail it’s not all that serious. Last time on Fairy Tail :

Nothing much happened last week, at least when we look at it the plot way. The only notable thing was a certain person brought up in the discussion between Gramps and Yaji. That person being Rob.

Other than that it was an episode filled with comic relief and we all had a good laugh didn’t we?


Opening : Ft. by Funkist

The episode starts with Team Lucy beating up some tugs, as expected weaklings are no match for Fairy Tail. After finishing the clean up and picking up the loots, Happy notices Loki. He tells the group he’s on a mission in the neighborhood. When Lucy wants to thank him for finding her keys, he immediately backs away. A tad bit later, Loki sighs while leaning against a tree. He picks up a flower, which starts withering as he stares at it.

This week's waaaaw moment starts right away!

She'll slash you into steak...

They're talking to Loki... but who cares for that when Juvia's there?

So he's the cause of the Global Warming as well...?

Lucy proposes to go to a spa since their job has finished early. Erza agrees, much to the relief of all the others. At the spa we learn a few things. Spa water is blood colored and Erza likes to bath while still wearing her armor. When Lucy points out that it must feel unconfortable Erza decides to take it off. Yeah.. fanservice… but hey, at least the boys aren’t peeking on them, so much for being stereotypical.

From that day onwards... Lucy never showed any interest in men again...

I just <3 the blanket

Pillow fight + (Lucy x Team Erza)² - Happy / Rice paper door =

Ultimate destruction...

Later on, the group has a comic relief pillow fight in which Lucy gets beat up and half of the hotel gets ruined. Because of that, Lucy decides to take a stroll around the area. Happy fools around with Lucy trying to imitate Plue’s voice tricking her into believing he can really talk. Lucy eventually finds out though…

Why is it wearing the same yukata as Lucy...

Not much later, two stereotype flirt guys show up and try to take Lucy away. Eventually Loki appears and beats them up. He explains to Lucy that capturing those criminal mages was part of his mission. Lucy asks him to have a drink together to talk a bit. And so, they go some restaurant place with an owner whose forehead is big enough to compete with the Eiffel tower. Lucy asks him why he’s so upset with Celestial mages, but Loki doesn’t answer. When Lucy is about to leave because the chat isn’t going fluently, Loki suddenly hugs her saying he doesn’t have long to live anymore.

Durarara characters making a cameo, yo yo yo HEY man!


Monumental... that's the word for it

Now get started on the fanart people!

Lucy starts laughing after a while saying he uses that line that line to pick up girls. Lucy is heartbroken (or something along those lines) and slaps Loki for saying such a thing.  Lucy leaves immediately after that. Then Loki’s true motive comes up…

If this was a dating sim it'd be a Bad End now

Luckily it isn't a dating sim...

Back at the Fairy Tail HQ, Gray and Natsu continue arguing about the pillow fight from last night, which got them severely injured… When they ask Lucy who won the fight, she answers with an Erza-style glare. And yes, it has the same effect, which also surprises Mira and Elfman.

Burning with passion

Criminal Lucy

Criminal Lucy > Burning Passion

Happy notes that Lucy’s in a bad mood. At a short distance, Loki is also watching. Suddenly he feels strange and his hand fades away for a second.

Suddenly, some girls from town show up at the counter and ask Mira about Loki’s whereabouts. Mira moves the question to Lucy to get rid of them, but Lucy isn’t quite happy with the sudden attention and runs off.

"Cool... soon I'll be able to pass through walls!"

That's the fate of all extras dear...

I just loved her expression in this one...

Jealousy... a reason why you should fear women...

Lucy understood that...

Later that day, in the evening to be precise. Lucy shows up after taking a bath in a public bathing place. Loki who’s also present walks over and offers Lucy a flavored milk drink. They gaze at the starfilled sky and when Lucy sees a shooting star she wonders what happens to the star after it fell. Loki suddenly asks her if she can understand the sorrow of a star that can’t return to the heavens. Lucy thinks of it as another pickup line and Loki eventually proves her right… so it seems.

what's milk about that?

someone didn't finish school here...

it's the cool guy look

oh just go with the flow already!

Back at Lucy’s place, she summons a new Celestial spirit called Crumudgeon, Crux for the friends. She asks him to look up something about the Celestial Wizard being together with Loki in the past. A bit later, Crux tells Lucy about a mage called Karen Lilica. She seems to be a famous Celestial Wizard who used to be a model, but suddenly died on one of her jobs as a member of the Blue Pegasus guild.

Crumudgeon : Atk 0 | Def 2000

Karen Lilica, why do all the cuties die so young...

Lucy suddenly starts thinking about Loki’s phrases he proclaimed to be pickup lines. She starts wondering if they were real and finally realizes something. But then the door gets smashed open by Gray…

Now I do wonder how they noticed that...

They immediately start looking everywhere, but only Lucy seems to know where Loki really headed to. Lucy tells Loki what she realized just now. Karen was Loki’s owner and Loki’s real name is Leo, the Lion. One of the Zodiac spirits. She also explains that a spirit should normally return to the spirit world after its owner died. If it’s not able to return, the spirit will eventually die.


Why do the Japanese always place graves on the weirdest places?

"you actually like boys...don't you?"

The eyes of a sinner...

It’s been three years since Loki’s owner died, yet he’s still in the human world, but now his time has come. Lucy wants to help him out to find a way back to the spirit world, but Loki declines the offer. The reason why he can’t return is because he broke a fundamental rule between owner and spirit and now he’s been banished from the spirit world forever.

those are the 3 words from the title :)

That crime being…

Ending : Gomen Ne Watashi by Shiho Nanba


Thoughts :

Nice cliffhanger for a nice episode. I have to admit that I was tricked too the first time at least. The second pickup line was too obvious though. Still it was a surprise that Loki is actually a spirit, and quite a strong one too. Now I’m having this unstoppable feeling that he’ll soon be part of Lucy’s toy collection. I liked Crux btw, he was quite funny together with Happy.

About that Karen person, she is the one that showed up behind Loki in episode 29. I do wonder what has happened between the two of them, but that question will probably be answered next week.

That’s all I have to say for now. Have something interesting to add? Or wanna comment on the review? Feel free to write something down here as usual!

See you next week!



  1. I don’t know what’s more interesting, the episode itself or those funny comments that accompanied the pictures.

    Anyway, this was definitely one of the parts I was looking forward to see animated, as prior to finding out the truth about Loki and his “fear” for celestial mages I really thought it was a simple case of him getting beaten up by one. Hope the next episode looks as good as I hope it will.

  2. Juvia needs to get out of the background and into the spotlight. Also, Loki’s such a babyface. Never would have guessed that’s the truth behind his CelestialMagiophobia.

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