supercell 2nd single: Sayonara MEMORIES (さよならメモリーズ)

January 9, 2010

illus. by redjuice.

So there’s a new supercell single coming out, and naturally I’ll be fanboying over it for the next few months.

So about the lyrics – ryo seems to be writing a set of season-themed songs, with hajimete no koi ga owaru toki representing winter, and kimi no shiranai monogatari alluding summer. And sayonara memories here captures the image of spring quite well. All with a single recurring theme: unrequited love.

But enough of my speculation; let’s get to the lyrics already. (You can listen to the song at this link. (Or the niconico video link with the full song!)

さよならメモリーズ (Sayonara MEMORIES)

lyrics: ryo vocals: nagi

桜が咲くよ sakura ga saku yo
The cherry blossoms are blooming,
見慣れたいつもの坂道に minareta itsumo no sakamichi ni
on the familiar hill road I know so well.
ああ、別れを aa, wakare wo
Ah, memories of farewell.

泣いて笑ったあの日々 naite waratta ano hibi
It seems like they were only yesterday,
なんだか昨日のことのよう nandaka kinou no koto you
those days when we laughed and cried together.
この道はそう kono michi wa sou
This road
未来へ続く道 mirai e tsuduku michi
is a path leading towards the future —
そんな気がしたの sonna kigashita no
or at least it feels like such.

例年より早い開花予想を reinen yori hayai kaika yousou wo
The flowers this year blossomed sooner than they usually would;
君は嬉しがってた kimi wa ureshigatteta
you were overjoyed,

私は笑った watashi wa waratta
and I smiled.
「そうだね」って言った “sou da ne” tte itta
“That’s right,” I said.

あと少ししたらもうここには戻れないのに ato sukoshi shitara mou koko ni wa modorenai no ni
“Just a bit more, and I won’t be able to come here any longer.

言葉じゃ上手く言えないもの kotoba ja umaku ienai mono
I wanted to confess,
君に打ち明けるとしたらなんて kimi ni uchi akeru to shitara nante
these emotions, that cannot be expressed with words —
伝えよう tsutae you
to you,
最初で最後 saisho de saigo
from the beginning to the end”
いつか一緒に帰った道は itsuka issho ni kaetta michi wa
One day, these memories of us walking home together on this road
私にとって特別な思い出 watashi ni totte tokubetsu na omoide
will become special, treasured memories of mine.
忘れないよ wasurenai yo
I won’t forget them,
さよならメモリーズ sayonara MEMORIIZU
these memories of farewell.

春が来たら haru ga kitara
When spring comes,
それぞれの道を sorezore no michi wo
it’ll be time for us to walk our own separate paths
また会える日を願って mata aeru hi wo negatte
Hoping we’d meet again one day,
「さよなら」小さく呟いた “sayonara” chiisaku tsubuyaite
I whispered softly, “Goodbye”.

空はあの日と変わらず青くて sora wa ano hi to kawarazu aokute
The skies are as blue as they were that day,
だからちょっと泣けた dakara chotto naketa
reminded of it, my eyes swell with tears.

わざと遠回りしたの wazato toomawari
I purposely took a detour from my usual path
少しでも長く 君の隣に居たくて sukoshi demo nagaku kimi no tonari ni itakute
just to be by your side, even if it’s only a moment longer.

私はおどけて watashi wa odokete
I played dumb, claiming that it had no special meaning.
「間違えた」って言った “machigaeta” tte itta
“You’re mistaken,” I denied.
君が笑う その顔が眩しくて目を逸らした kimi ga warau sono kao ga mabushikute me wo sorashita
You smiled a smile too dazzling, and so I averted my eyes from it.
言葉じゃうまく言えない想いを kotoba ja umaku ienai omoi wo
Walking down the road,
胸に抱いてこの道を歩いた mune ni daite kono michi wo aruita
my heart was full of feelings that could not be conveyed through words.

覚えてる oboeteru
I remember,
あの時 君は ano toki kimi wa
at that moment,
私の名前を呼んでくれた watashi no namae wo yonde kureta
you called out my name.
二人 夕暮れの帰る道で futari yuugure no kaeru michi de
The two of us; together in the sunset, on the way home
忘れないよ wasurenai yo
I won’t forget them,
さよならメモリーズ sayonara MEMORIIZU
these memories of farewell.

出会えたこと deaeta koto
I am thankful
感謝してる kanshashiteru
for the fact that we’d met.

初めて見た hajimete mita
It was the first time I’d seen
満開の桜 mankai no sakura
cherry blossoms in full bloom.
あれからどれくらい are kara dorekurai
Just how much did I change change,
変われたんだろう? kawaretandarou?
after witnessing that sight?

一目見たときに思ったんだ hitome mita tokini omottanda
Whenever I catch a glimpse of you, I occasionally wonder:
この人のこと好きになりそうって kono hito no koto suki ni narisoutte
“I wonder
なんでかな nande kana
why have I come to fall in love with such a person.
わかんないよ wakannai yo
I just don’t understand.”

それからの毎日はとても sore kara no mainichi wa totemo
Ever since then,

楽しくってだけど同じくらいに tanoshikutte dakedo onaji kurai ni
everyday was joyful, yet uniform and unchanging
辛かったんだ tsurakattanda
it was painful to bear.

ごめんね なんか上手く言えないよ gomen ne nanka umaku ienai yo
“I’m sorry; I’m just not good at expressing myself.
だから私君となんて言うか dakara watashi kimi to nante iu ka
But, what do you see me as?
今のまま ima no mama
I don’t want to say goodbye,
さよならしたくないの sayonara shitakunaino
not like this.

友達のままじゃもういやなの tomodachi no mama ja mou iya nano
I don’t want to be “just a friend” anymore,”
言おうと思ってた iou to omotteta
…was what I wanted to say.

私、君の watashi, kimi no
“I, —

君のこと ずっと kimi no koto zutto
I have,
ずっと 前から… zutto maekara
since a long time ago,
好きでした suki deshita
always loved you.”

ああ やっと 言えた aa yatto ieta
…And so, I finally said it.

Clearly, the heroine in this song was a tsundere. Clearly.

It would seem that the heroine in kimi no shiranai monogatari was a genki girl, and hajimete no koi ga owaru toki‘s a mojimoji-type girl (slight symptoms of androphobia).

So uh, translated, romanji-ified and lyrics typed by J, who would care less if people decided to steal it.

The single comes out on February 10th, by the way, be sure to buy it and point out all the silly errors I made!



  1. Yet another great song from Supercell! XD

    One thing though, u should consider darkening the romanji, to allow people to read it easily. The greyness + a white background hurts the eyes. But good job on the transliteration + translation works!

  2. Entre nous en parlant, je demanderais de l’aide chez les utilisateurs de ce forum.

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