Winter 2010

Whatever Animeblog’s line-up for Winter 2010! A bit simplified than last season (some of them haven’t even been completed! Some of them are still continuing).

Deredere Hina:

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Episodes 79-90 links here

Episode 91: Tag Duel: Kiryu & Yusei VS Lotten (Taggu dueru: Kiryu & Yusei VS Lotten)

Episode 92: Satisfaction (Satisufakushon)

Episode 93: Tremble in Fear! The Resolve of the Master and Servant (Senritsu! Shujuu no kakugo!!)

Episode 94: Recollections: Entrusted With a Friend’s Dying Wish (Tsuioku houyuu ga takushita ishi)

Episode 95: Soar! Blackfeather Dragon!! (Maiagare! Burakkufezaa Doragon!!)

Episode 96: Rally Forth! Team 5D’s (Kessei! Chiimu faibudiizu)

Others: YVD new SET file and Images folder

Others: YVD Complete ABPF Cards

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

Episodes 1-5 by J links here

Episode 14: Special Lesson (Tokubetsu koushuu)

Episode 15: Skillout (Sukiruautto)

Episode 16: Academy City (Gakuen toshi)

Episode 17: How to Spell Summer Vacation (Natsuyasumi no tsuzuri)

Episode 18: Cypress Park (Asunaro-en)

Episode 19: Midsummer Festival (Seikasai)



Episodes 1-11 links here

Episode 12: …Silver Eyes. (…Gin no hitomi.)

Episode 13: …The Angel and the Protected Person. (…Tenshi to mamori nin.)

Episode 14: …What Twilight is Looking For. (…Tasogare no sagashimono.)

Episode 15: …Secret Prayer. (…Himetaru inori.)

Episode 16: …Mysterious Lifeform. (…Nazo no seimeitai.)

Kimi ni Todoke

Episodes 4-12 links here

Episode 13: Love (Koi)

Episode 14: Kurumi

Episode 15: Rival (Raibaru)

Episode 16: Night Story (Yoru hanashi)

Episode 17: Holiday (Kyuujitsu)


Dance in the Vampire Bund

Episode 1: Prom Night (Puromu naito)

Episode 2: Howling (Hauringu)

Episode 3: Teen Wolf (Tiin urufu)

Episode 4: Interview with Vampire (Intaabiyuu wizu vanpaiaa)

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