Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 67 – Bully of the Week

July 17, 2009

Sort of... a pedophile?

...a pedo?

This episode, as I can see it, is a homage to Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, the series that came before 5D’s. Featuring Neo Domino City’s Duel Academia, some cold jerk, some high-ranking jerk and Ruka in a skirt.

Last time, after defeating Ghost, Yusei found out that Ghost is nothing more but a droid by Security, Riding Roid, and was stolen from their compound. They find a new enemy in the form of an unknown group.

Like the previous episodes, a promotional video for the 10th anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! is included before the main episode starts. This time, it’s Yusei and his monsters, just like last week’s Judai and the week before that with Atem/Yugi.

The episode starts with Rua and Ruka going to school. Not just any school, a DUELING school. Yep, it’s Duel Academia, but not the same as GX’s Duel Academia. This one’s just inside the city. They were greeted by a teacher and soon after that, Aki arrives, cheerful… as… ever…

...I really have to get used to this...

...I really have to get used to this...

The goody-goody teacher.

The goody-goody teacher.

Ruka mentions that Aki’s in the top of her class again. She probably unleashed her fury on them. Poor guys. Rua is very impressed and says that he’ll be at the top of his class too. But in just a matter of seconds, we are shown how bad Rua is, getting defeated by some character we would most likely not see again until 20 episodes, Tenpei.

Tenpei's turn:
- Attacks Rua's Comrade Swordsman of Landstar using Armed Samurai - Ben Kei.
- Rua's LP drops from 800 to 0
- That Guy with the Glasses from Season 1 Who Briefly Appeared in Season 2 wins!

As Tenpei celebrates (which no one really paid any attention to), Rua draws a card to see what could he have drawn next and he drew Marauding Captain. He complains that if he had drawn it sooner, he would have summoned his Power Tool Dragon. Their teacher lectures him again about thinking of summoning his favorite card since this is a Warrior-type lesson. Rua then says that he’ll be stronger if he can just use Machine-type monsters.

After that, Bob and Patty, two other new characters who would probably be also scrapped later on, wants to challenge Rua too. Rua thinks this is because he’s popular but they just actually wanna duel him because they know they’d always win. They all laugh as Jerk of the Week, the Academia’s tradition from GX, spies on them from above.

Just like in GX, we get the Jerk/Bully of the Week.

Just like in GX, we get the Jerk/Bully of the Week.

Machine Emperor Wisel, after its appearance during the Ghost fiasco, revealed in the OP.

Machine Emperor Wisel, after its appearance during the Ghost fiasco, revealed in the OP.

After school, the kids plan to go to Yusei’s loveshack again to play. As they go, Ruka notices Sly leaving. Sly is the cold jerk, who looks like the offspring of anime Jun Manjoume and Divine. She goes on to invite Sly to come with them. Ruka is really a friend to all living things, trying to befriend even the most foul of creatures. Well, he just goes on, shunning Ruka’s invitation. So they just all went ahead, but not before letting Sly hear that they’re going to Yusei’s place.

Sly, the offspring of Jun Manjoume and Divine.

Sly, the offspring of Jun Manjoume and Divine.

At Yusei’s place, they were still working on that D-Wheel. Jack is still their driver. All seems to be going well until Yusei mentions that there is no problem… with the engine that is. Suddenly, right on cue, the auto-shuffler activates and fails, sending all of Yusei’s cards airborne and then it causes an overheat on the D-Wheel. Zora comes barging in again, telling them to shut up and just like last time, she’s biased over Yusei.

After Zora left, the kids come to play again. Rua and Ruka asks what happened and Yusei explains that it was just some sort of explosion, but not that bad.

Jack isn’t really that pleased that kids are running around their place again. He tells them not to touch the D-Wheel. Crow tells the kids that if they help them pick up the cards, he’ll let them play. This adds annoyance to Jack. While they’re busy picking up cards, Sly appears on the doorway. Ruka comes running like she’s just seen Santa an pulls him inside, introducing him to Yusei and company as one of their classmates.

Ruka, thats not a panda...

Ruka, that's not a panda...

Despite his protests, Sly gets taken in and helps in picking up the cards. He takes interest in Yusei’s Stardust Dragon, which had also fallen along with the others but before he can get any funny ideas, Yusei looks for it and he gives it back to him.

Presumably, the following day. A man enters Yusei’s loveshack while he was alone fixing their simulation D-Wheel. The man seeks Yusei for a job that involves “tightening up a loose screw”. Yusei asks what kind of machine he wants to get fixed and the man says it’s called a “Heitmann”.

Man in question, secretly the Principal of Duel Academia but sshh... dont tell anyone!

Man in question, secretly the Principal of Duel Academia but shh... don't tell anyone!

At the Academia, Jerk of the Week called a bunch of students and tells them they’re fired. Well, expelled. Their grades are low and undeserving. Among them, of course, are the gang and surprisingly, even that Sly bastard (no pun intended). The goody goody teacher says that the principal wouldn’t approve of that but the Jerk of the Week, who is the vice principal, said that the principal agreed with him, finally.

Rua and Ruka protests but Jerk of the Week tells them that they are in no position to say that, especially Rua, who’s in the very bottom of their class ranking. Suddenly, Aki appears. Aki tells him to stop being a jerk, but of course, Jerks of the Week do not comply until they are defeated by the main characters. Rua is worried that if Aki becomes angered, it would be bad. After that, a third Signer appears, Yusei. Jerk of the Week recognizes him as the man who won the Fortune Cup, after trillions of years, someone actually mentioned that fact.

Anyway, Jerk asks Yusei what he’s there for and Yusei replies that he was there to fix something. The Jerk then says that there’s nothing to be fixed anymore, as the students in that room are already hopeless. Aki becomes more enraged. Jerk shows them the kids’ Dueling data and stuff and says that such low level monsters are not needed. This triggers a bit of annoyance in Yusei.

Oh hey, they officially recognize Ruka as a correct way to spell her name other than Luca from the Fortune Cup.

Oh hey, they officially recognize "Ruka" as a correct way to spell her name other than "Luca" from the Fortune Cup. Same with Rua / Lua

Yusei begins telling him that there is no such thing as useless in this world. Jerk tells him to buzz off as an outsider doesn’t have any care of what happens inside the Academia. Jerk asks Yusei again what he came there for and Yusei tells him that he’s here to fix a Heitmann. The Jerk becomes flabbergasted and tells Yusei that Heitmann is his name. Rudolph Heitmann, Jerk of the Week. The kids plea for Yusei’s help and he fulfills their wish. He will duel Heitmann.

Yusei, trying to be funny, thinking the classroom is actually a courtroom!

Yusei, trying to be funny, thinking the classroom is actually a courtroom!

The teacher is worried about Yusei since the vice principal has a very high-leveled Deck. Aki assures her that Yusei can defeat that Heitmann fellow. Before the Duel starts, Yusei asks the kids a favor…

The Duel starts!

Place your bets! Of course, we already know whos going to win anyway!

Place your bets! Of course, we already know who's going to win anyway!

Yusei's turn: 4000 LP
- Summons Guard of Flamvell in Defense Position.
- Sets 2 cards.

Heitmann draws and now he has all the cards he needs on his first turn. Did this guy even shuffle his Deck?! He tells the kids that a special lesson will begin, that low level monsters merely exist to be released for high level monsters.

Heitmann's turn: 4000 LP
- Summons Ancient Gear Statue.
- Activates Machine Duplication and Special Summons two more Ancient Gear Statue.
- He activates the effects of all Ancient Gear Statue. It can Special Summon an Ancient Gear Golem from his hand and ignoring its summoning conditions. He Special Summons three Ancient Gear Golems.

Ancient Gear Statue

Ancient Gear Statue

They were all surprised to see Ancient Gear Golem. It was a super duper ultimate rare card. A 1-out-of-100,000 chance of obtaining the card, says Tenpei. Heitmann reveals that those cards are exclusive to high-ranking elite professors of Duel Academia, reference to Cronos de Medici from GX who uses the same Deck.

Still Heitmann's turn:
- Before the Battle Phase, Yusei activates a Trap: Tuner's Barrier. This prevents a Tuner monster from being destroyed by battle this turn.
- Heitmann doesn't care, Ancient Gear Golem does piercing damage anyway. Attacks Guard of Flamvell using his first Ancient Gear Golem. (Yusei: 3000 LP)
- Then, with the second one. (Yusei: 2000 LP)
- And finally, the last one. (Yusei: 1000 LP)
- He then activates a spell card, Level Thunder. It deals damage to the opponent equal to the total level of all monsters on his field x 100.
- Yusei is about to take 2400 damage but it is nullified by an effect monster from his hand, Hanewata.

Heitmann doesn’t seem impressed. Yusei is on the verge of losing. He has 3 Ancient Gear Golems yet Yusei only has a single monster, Guard of Flamvell. Yusei turns back to the kids and then tells them that the real special lesson is going to begin.

Yusei's turn: 1000 LP
- Activates a spell, Exchange Treasure. He discards a tuner monster, Debris Dragon, in order to draw 2 more cards.
- Summons Eccentric Boy and activates its effect: It can use a Synchro Material monster on your hand in order to perform a Synchro Summon!
- Tunes LV 3 Eccentric Boy with LV 5 Turret Warrior to Synchro Summon LV 8 Stardust Dragon
- Activates a spell, Variety Alto. This returns Stardust Dragon to the Extra Deck and Special Summons Tuner monsters from his Graveyard equal to the level of the returned Synchro Monster. He Special Summons Hanewata, Eccentric Boy and Debris Dragon.
- Activates a trap: Tuner Bomb. He can destroy a number of Tuner monsters on his side of the field to destroy a number of opponent's monsters equal to the number of destroyed Tuners. He releases Hanewata, Eccentric Boy and Guard of Flamvell and takes out all Ancient Gear Golems. In addition, for every destroyed monster, Heitmann takes 1000 damage! (Heitmann: 1000 LP)
- Yusei attacks Heitmann directly using Debris Dragon (Heitmann: 0 LP)
- Yusei wins.

Tuner Power! Debris Dragon (left), Hanewata (center) and Eccentric Boy (right).

Tuner Power! Debris Dragon (left), Hanewata (center) and Eccentric Boy (right).

Another one in Yuseis raped list.

Another one in Yusei's raped list.

Yusei won using the kiddies’ cards. Heitmann was dumbfounded after losing all his LP in a single turn, in which he had the monster advantage. The man from earlier appears and congratulates Yusei on fixing the problem he had. It seems the man was the principal of Duel Academia and it was Zora who recommended Yusei for the job. Well, upon being asked what he learned, Heitmann admits his wrong and the students won’t be expelled anymore. Yusei returns his borrowed cards and walks off with the kids… and it seems like Sly has taken an obsession for Yusei’s Stardust Dragon…

Hey kids... wanna see a REAL dragon...? Come with me then...

"Hey kids... wanna see a REAL dragon...? Come with me then..."

What a nice episode. A break from all the seriously evil things. Of course, I’m looking forward to that Eccentric Boy card. Seems like a hax card.

In any case, what the hell is Sly anyway? All I thought before was he was just some filler character to eliminate the “twincest” formula between Rua and Ruka by having Ruka develop a sudden, inexplicable affection for another male character who is around her age that isn’t related to her. He seems like the kind of kid you would rather leave in an orphanage and never be adopted.

Also, I had a feeling from last week that it won’t be Cronos de Medici we’ll be seeing. Another thing, since they still remember Yusei Fudo winning the Fortune Cup… do they still remember that Aki is the BLACK ROSE WITCH?

Anyway, next time seems to be a slight reference to the first series of Yu-Gi-Oh! by NAS as it features the Duel Stadium or Arena thingy in Duelist Kingdom, before Seto Kaiba introduced the Duel Disk system. Crow’s up to battle… a Scrap-Iron family Deck?

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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