Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 66 – Terminator: The Yusei Fudo Chronicles

July 10, 2009

Stardust fanservice again since Aki vs Yusei II~

Stardust fanservice again since Aki vs Yusei II~

Aaaaand Ghost vs Yusei comes to a close. We learn of Ghost’s true identity and… well… more card games, I guess.

Last time, in an attempt to prove himself as a worthy officer protecting the city, Ushio sets off to hunt down Ghost, but is soundly defeated and injured in the process even after summoning his strongest monster, Goyo Guardian. Yusei, Jack and Crow learn of his accident and they set out to seek revenge. And so Yusei does run into Ghost and they start a Riding Duel.

I can already hear, Did you just summon a bunch of monsters in one turn?

I can already hear, "Did you just summon a bunch of monsters in one turn?"

Before the episode starts, a 15-second promo video featuring Yuki Judai (season 4 version, the “matured” one) and his monsters are shown for the 10th anniversary promo of Yu-Gi-Oh! An anime short has been announced for the 10th anniversary which will be featured on the Jump Super Anime Tour event. Last week, it was Yugi (the Atem/Yami version). In last year’s event, the featured Yu-Gi-Oh! special was the “Evolving Duel! Stardust vs Red Demon’s!” OVA which showcased the /Assault Mode monsters. (source: ANN)

Okay, so episode starts with C.C.’s offsprings running towards Yusei’s den. No, I’m just kidding, it’s just Ruka and Rua. Of course, Yusei wasn’t there, but someone else was: Kallen Aki. It seems their birthmarks still have the power to warn each other of danger and stuff. In the meantime, Jack and Crow watch as Yusei battles with Ghost and his White Ranger mecha. Neither of them know what kind of monster that is.

Last time's status:
Yusei: 4000 LP, SPC 1
Ghost: 4000 LP, SPC 1

Still Yusei's turn:
- Sets 2 cards.

Ghost's turn: (Both: SPC 2)
- Attacks Yusei's Max Warrior with Machine Emperor Wisel. Because of Kline's Labyrinth last turn, Max Warrior's ATK and DEF have been switched (ATK 800).
- Yusei activates the Trap Card Shock Reborn. It halves the Battle Damage that Yusei would take. (Yusei: LP 3150)
- Shock Reborn's second effect activates. Yusei can Special Summon a monster whose ATK is lower than the damage he took. He Special Summons Turbo Booster back into the field.
- Sets 1 card.

Yusei realizes that Machine Emperor Wisel’s ATK points are higher than any of his monsters in his Deck. He has to Synchro Summon. We get to see that funky combo chain sequence in his mind which we haven’t seen since the end of the Fortune Cup.

Yusei's turn: (Both: SPC 3)
- Activates Speed Spell - Angel Baton. When he has 2 or more Speed Counters, he can draw 2 cards and discard 1 from his hand. He discards Gauntlet Warrior.
- Summons Debris Dragon and through its effect, he Special Summons a monster with an ATK that is 500 or lower. He Special Summons the discarded Gauntlet Warrior.
- Tunes LV 4 Debris Dragon with LV 3 Gauntlet Warrior and LV 1 Turbo Booster. Synchro Summons Stardust Dragon.
- Activates a trap, Meteor Wave. It gives a Synchro Monster a 300 ATK boost. Stardust Dragon's ATK becomes 2800, greater than Machine Emperor Wisel's.
- Attacks but Ghost activates Wisel Guard's effect, switching it as the attack target instead.
- Stardust Dragon destroys Wisel Guard and through Meteor Wave's effect, it deals piercing damage. Ghost's LP drops to 2400.
- Sets 1 card.

Gauntlet Warrior

Gauntlet Warrior

Yusei seems to have observed that even though the monsters were joined together, it doesn’t seem to be one card as Wisel Guard’s individual effect saved it from being destroyed too soon.

Ghost's turn: (Both: SPC 4)
- Summons Wisel Guard 3 in Defense Position.

Wisel Guard 3

Wisel Guard 3

The newly-summoned Guard suddenly becomes a replacement part for the destroyed one. Jack and Crow were surprised. Yusei questions Ghost why he’s after D-Wheelers if he’s such a powerful Duelist. Ghost explains that he is not just after D-Wheelers, he is after all those who possess Synchro Monsters, which he believes is something that is not needed. It seems like Ghost is the embodiment of those fans who hate the new Synchro Summoning system of the game! He thinks that Synchro Monsters are part of human evolution as is therefore, not needed. Yeah, I know. I don’t get it either.

Still Ghost's turn:
- Activates Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity's effect. It can absorb an opponent's Synchro Monster once per turn. It takes Stardust Dragon and gains its ATK power, making its own ATK become 5000.
- Attacks Yusei directly using Machine Emperor Wisel.
- Yusei activates Scrap-Iron Scarecrow to cancel the Direct Attack and it re-sets itself on the field.
- Sets 2 cards.

Yusei's turn: (Both: SPC 5)
- Summons Vehicler in Defense Position.
- Sets 1 card.



Ghost's turn: (Both: SPC 6)
- Activates a trap, Wise A3. It sends a Wisel Attack from the field to the Graveyard and Special Summons a Wisel Attack 3 from his hand.
- Wisel Attack 3 combines with the other parts and its effect heightens Machine Emperor Wisel's ATK to 5400.
- Attacks Yusei's Vehicler with Machine Emperor Wisel.
- Yusei responds with Scrap-Iron Scarecrow again and negates the attack once again. It re-sets itself on the field.
- Activates a trap of his own, Battle Return. It allows a monster that had its attack negated this turn to attack once more but with halved ATK points. Machine Emperor Wisel's ATK drops to 2700.
- Machine Emperor Wisel destroys Yusei's Vehicler.
- Wisel Attack 3's effect activates, it does piercing damage to Yusei. Yusei's LP drops to 650.
- Yusei's Vehicler's effect activates, when destroyed by battle, it can Special Summon an Uncycler from his Deck or hand and he does.
- He uses another trap, Trap Recycle. By discarding 1 card from his hand, he can take 1 Trap Card that has been activated and sent to the Graveyard this turn and add it to his hand but he is not allowed to set it this turn. He chooses Battle Return.

Wisel Attack 3

Wisel Attack 3

Jack seems frustrated that Yusei is now on the losing end. Once Ghost sets that Battle Return again, Yusei will lose the Duel when he activates it.

Yusei's turn: (Both: SPC 7)
- Yusei draws Sonic Chick.
- He then uses Speed World 2's effect: By using 7 Speed Counters, he can draw an additional card.

As Yusei lets his fate rest on his next draw, the Dragon Head birthmark reacts. Soon after that, all the other Dragon birthmarks respond. They all transfer to Yusei’s back again. It seems the Crimson Dragon is letting Yusei use its power again to get out of the pinch. Yusei tells Ghost that their evolution won’t stop and he will defeat him.

Power of Friendship Abuse, go!

Power of Friendship Abuse, go!

Still Yusei's turn:
- Draws the glowing Salvation Dragon - Savior Dragon.
- Summons it to the field.
- Activates a trap called Synchro Material. It allows him to use Synchro Material Monsters on the opponent's side of the field.
- Tunes LV 1 Salvation Dragon - Savior Dragon with LV 8 Stardust Dragon and LV 1 Uncycler to Synchro Summon Savior Star Dragon.
- Because Stardust Dragon has been taken away, Machine Emperor Wisel's ATK is brought down to 2900.

Savior Star Dragon, youre so early appearing in this season~

Savior Star Dragon, you're so early appearing in this season~

Ghost tells Yusei that Wisel Guard 3 will just redirect the attack towards itself so there will be no point. Yusei tells him that Savior Star Dragon can negate a monster’s effect. Ghost says it’s futile as he cannot win by attacking Machine Emperor Wisel but Yusei now understands that after negating Wisel Guard 3’s effect, he can now attack any of Wisel’s parts! Yusei targets Wisel Top.

Still Yusei's turn:
- Savior Star Dragon attacks and destroys Wisel Top.
- Ghost loses all his LP and Yusei wins.

As the attack connects. Ghost loses control of his D-Wheel and falls out of the dueling highway and into the forest below. An explosion happens and Jack tells them they should hurry and see what happened to Ghost. Before they arrive, one of the Yliaster bosses approaches the wreckage and takes the sort of Duel Disk that was attached to Ghost’s D-Wheel and leaves.

I mistook this person for a girl in the OP video when I first saw it a week ago.

I mistook this person for a girl in the OP video when I first saw it a week ago.

Yusei, Jack and Crow come to help Ghost and tells him that they will take him to the hospital but when Yusei tries to touch Ghost, Ghost’s arm comes falling off, causing some electricity charges. It seems Ghost is a robot!

Next thing you know, theyd be dueling Vending Machines...

Next thing you know, they'd be dueling Vending Machines...

Presumably, after days of tedious operation and recovery, Ushio is browsing through the pictures of the destroyed Ghost in Yusei’s warehouse. He explains that Ghost is the missing Riding Roid that Security is now using to test D-Wheels.

Ushios back, good as new! Bandages really heal everything.

Ushio's back, good as new! Bandages really heal everything.

Ushio doesn’t understand how the damages become real like with the Dark Signers and how the Riding Roid was stolen in Security. Yusei tampered with the data on the Riding Duel chip. It seems the data has been deleted after Ghost lost and was programmed that way. Now it’s pretty clear that a new enemy has arrived to cause trouble in the City and they’ll be forced to fight this person again.

Not much happened in this episode, just Ghost vs Yusei.

It seems the main power of this villain is an anti-Synchro deck. If this comes out on the TCG, it may be worth playing, considering many people have also taken a liking to Synchro Monsters, especially staples like Goyo Guardian, Black Rose Dragon, Stardust Dragon and Dark Strike Fighter.

At least we learn that the Signers are still wide awake and their powers remain active. By the way, they still haven’t gotten rid of the 1+1+1+1+1 = 5 thing.

Anyway, the next episode seems to be revolving around Duel Academia. We see Ruka is now also out of her hikkikomori lifestyle and is now also going to school. Apparently, after saving the world, she got better or something. The preview seems to have included Ancient Gear Golem battling Yusei. The Duelist wasn’t shown. Considering the episode is about Duel Academia, many believe it may be Chronos de Medici from GX, as we know he dueled Judai Yuki using his Ancient Gear Golem as the entrance exam. Though I believe it may be just some other person, just giving a nod to the series that came before it. The Academia doesn’t seem to be the old one either.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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