Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 111 – Playstyles 101

May 30, 2010

Jack has three arms?!

It appears we really have landed in filler land, only this time, it stars Jack Atlas and his path to find a new power.

A returning character, Bommer, believes that Jack will destroy himself with his own power. How? He is unsure, but the main solution to this problem is to help Jack find a new playing style.

This episode could hint us to Red Dragon Archfiend’s new form, Scar-Red Nova Dragon… or a completely different filler arc (yes, arc, not episode). Also, we see the Nazca lines once again… remnants of the past Dark Signer battle.

Read on for more!

Last time on 5D’s…

Yusei was able to defeat Placido and his Machine Emperor Wisel and put him out of commission… for a while, that is. Jose and Lucciano reveal themselves as Yliaster soon afterwards. Jose and Lucciano demonstrate their power by quickly foiling Sherry and Mizoguchi’s attempts of revenge.

Jose then tells Yusei to continue playing in the WRGP if they want answers, as Yliaster will also be officially joining. As a bonus, he lets them all witness his Machine Emperor Grannel’s appearance.

Episode Details
Episode No.: 111
Episode Title: The Ancient Land – To Nazca! (古の地 ナスカヘ)
Opening Song: BELIEVE IN NEXUS – Endou Masaki
Ending Song: Close to you – ALvino
Featured Duel: Jack vs Max
Key Card: Ancestor Bird

And so…

We start in a dream sequence where Jack, riding his Wheel of Fortune is being chased by splitting earth… and then his own dragon covered in flames.

All that hot-bloodedness finally got on your dragon too, huh?

Soon, the flames also engulf Jack himself.

The dream sequence ends. Normally, this is the scene where Jack gets up from his bed, sweating… but…

Sleeping half-naked with your young boy and girl siblings? Just another day for Bommer.

It was Bommer who had the dream. Fearing that something bad is going to happen, he sends Yusei a message via e-mail.

During times of prophetic dreams, the ancient Inca would rely on the Internet for their cryptic messages. It is a mystery how they recharge their mystical laptops.

Then, we see Yusei and Jack riding through a barren wasteland… and it was no ordinary wasteland, but the site of the Nazca lines, where the Earthbound Immortals sleep.

Welcome back to Season 1, 2nd Half?

A flashback from 3 days ago. Jack is at Cafe La Geen as usual, drinking his favorite Blue-Eyes Mountain coffee. He reminisces their first WRGP battle with Team Unicorn, where his own strength was used against him by Andore. Then, what transpired last episode, where Yliaster revealed themselves, and finally, Yusei’s new power. He thinks he cannot win in his current condition.

If you think you've seen them before, you are absolutely right.

They're the couple that took the picture proving an imposter Jack Atlas was on the loose back in episode 84.

Crow suddenly comes in and breaks his solitude, also spilling his coffee. Crow complains that Jack’s debt in the cafe has now amounted to 36,000 just from drinking Blue-Eyes Mountain. Jack claims that he is drinking while thinking of a new strategy. Regarding a new way of battling, Yusei speaks up and says he received news about it.

Arguing about whose earrings look better?

The scene returns to the present, with Yusei and Jack reaching Bommer’s place. A shrine was placed there in order to pacify the Earthbound Immortals’ spirits.

It may not be as tall as the one from Godwin's mansion, but Bommer believes someday he'll be able to make it grow as big as that.

Bommer’s siblings come over to greet the visitors and were overjoyed to see the King, Jack Atlas. Jack says he’s not the King anymore and Bommer explains that his siblings have no memories of what happened during the time they were taken in by the Earthbound Immortals. Jack quickly takes back what he said and proudly presents himself as the King.

Max and Annie, Bommer's siblings. Wow! They don't have a name as stupid as his!


Bommer then explains what happened to him after the whole Earthbound Immortal fiasco. He traveled with his siblings to start a new life with them. But all he was doing was running away from his crimes. He made a mistake and he couldn’t forgive himself. He chose to go with the flow, instead of running away.

He went to Nazca and built a temple in order to seal the Earthbound Immortals completely, in case some new evil force tries to resurrect them.

Oh, the things people do when they're in a barren wasteland and they're bored out of their skulls.

But lately, there were strange occurences in the nearby village. Animals would die for no reason. It is rumored that something called a “Crimson Devil” (Guren no akuma).

Groups of the Crimson Devil attacking a herd of animals.

A Fire-type Gastly? Actually, I used to scribble something exactly like this during high school on notebooks.

Bommer continues explaining that the Crimson Devil are spirits of people who have not yet left the realm of the living. They seem to be trying to resurrect something… the Earthbound Immortals! It was then only a few days afterwards that he saw Jack in his dreams, being engulfed in his own soul’s flames.

He is completely convinced that Jack will destroy himself with his own power. He backs up his statements by stating that his mind was once ruled by the darkness. Jack tells him that he has no other way of fighting than by raw force. Bommer then offers him a Riding Duel, to show him that he has nothing to be afraid of.

Later that day, Jack sits under the shrine, waiting for the preparations for his Duel to be set. Max approaches him and asks him if he could take a look at his Deck for advice.

"Oh, look. A replica of my Deck. How original."

Max had an almost exact replica of Jack’s Deck, a power Deck. He says that he was inspired by the King. Although he doesn’t win as much as Jack does. Jack returns Max’s cards and tells him that his Deck is fine the way it is. Max must believe in the path that he took.

The boy says that the King inspires him, and whenever he looks at the statue of Quetzalcoatl, he remembers Jack.

"So you're telling me I look like this?"

Then, Jack sees Bommer lighting up their Duel lane for their Riding Duel. The Duel lane gets lighted up completely soon afterwards, in the image of the whale’s geoglyph, like when Bommer became a Dark Signer and fought Crow.

Bommer: "What? It's cool."

Bommer then makes a startling revelation… that Max will be Jack’s opponent instead of him.

Beware the nice ones.

"Holy halibut, Batman!"

Their Duel starts.

The featured Duel of the week.

Turn 1 - Max: 4000 LP, 0 SPC
- Main Phase 1: Summons Free Bird in Defense Position.
- Sets a card.

Free Bird: LV 1, 0 ATK / 0 DEF.

Jack wonders about Max’s monster. It wasn’t in the Deck that was shown to him just a few minutes ago.

Turn 2 - Jack: 4000 LP, 1 SPC
- Main Phase 1: Special Summons Vice Dragon.
- Max activates Free Bird's effect. Whenever a monster is Normal Summoned or Special Summoned to the opponent's side of the field, he Special Summon a Free Bird in Defense Position from his Deck.
- Max Special Summons another Free Bird.
- Summons Dark Resonator.
- Max Special Summons yet another Free Bird.
- Jack tunes his LV 3 Dark Resonator with his LV 5 Vice Dragon and Synchro Summons his ace monster, Red Dragon Archfiend.
- Battle Phase: Red Dragon Archfiend attacks Free Bird, and with Red Dragon Archfiend's effect, all Free Birds are destroyed.

Turn 3 - Max: 4000 LP, 2 SPC
- Main Phase 1: Special Summons Bewitched Butterfly in Attack Position through its own effect that summons itself when only his opponent controls a monster.
- Bewitched Butterfly is destroyed by its own effect when the opponent's monster has higher ATK.
- Special Summons another Bewitched Butterfly.
- Bewitched Butterfly is destroyed again.
- Special Summons one more Bewitched Butterfly.
- Bewitched Butterfly is destroyed once again.
- Summons Ancestor Bird in Defense Position.
- Sets one card.

Bewitched Butterfly: LV 2, 800 ATK / 1800 DEF.

Key Card of the Week. Ancestor Bird: LV 1, 0 ATK / 0 DEF.

Turn 4 - Jack: 4000 LP, 3 SPC
- Main Phase 1: Summons Lancer Archfiend.
- Battle Phase: Red Dragon Archfiend attacks Ancestor Bird.
- Ancestor Bird's effect prevents it from being destroyed when there are 3 cards of the same name in Max's Graveyard.
- Lancer Archfiend's effect activates. When Jack's monsters battle, piercing damage is dealt to the opponent.
- Max springs up two traps of the same name, Smoke Mirror. When there are 3 cards of the same name in his Graveyard, a monster of his gains DEF equal to one of the opponent's monsters.
- Ancestor Bird gains 6000 DEF due to both Smoke Mirror's activating.

Lancer Archfiend: LV 4, 1600 ATK / 1400 DEF.

As Red Dragon Archfiend faces the Smoke Mirror, it gets engulfed in flames, exactly like how Bommer dreamt it would appear.

Yu-Gi-Oh! presents a special rendition of Endless Eight... with card games!

Continuing Jack's turn:
- Battle Phase: Due to the double Smoke Mirrors, Jack receives 3000 damage (1000 LP).

As Jack is engulfed in flames, he gets sent off the Duel lanes and crashes outside the course.

Jack probably needs a seatbelt by now? How many times has he done this?

The Duel is called off. Everyone rushes to Jack’s aid. Jack gets on his Wheel of Fortune again and rides away, in search of new power.

Episode comments

A pretty weird episode. Although the King of the Underworld was defeated, it seems the Earthbound Immortals are still alive.

Bommer dreaming of someone being chased by a slow dragon… does this sound familiar?

Yusei’s purpose is probably to serve as Jack’s missing ‘people skills’. I can’t really see him by himself, venturing far into unknown regions without someone to control his hotblooded-ness.

I just really wonder how this connects to Yliaster and Neo Domino City, as before Yusei can go back to the main plot (he’s probably already bored halfway through the episode), he was stopped by Bommer and continues on with his prophetic nightmare.

Why did they even have to use the whale’s geoglyph as their Duel lane? I guess it’s because it’s cool? Why Max? Probably because he’s special… in what way? Who knows…

But what does this even concern someone who was influenced by the darkness before? If it did happen, it would have benefitted the evil spirits instead. Then again, I wouldn’t wanna see Jack sidelined yet again. Really, he does that pretty often.

Anyway, I had a lot to talk about while writing this, but when I took a break before I wrote the comments part, I completely forgot about all of them. This’ll be a lesson for me in the future.

That’s all for this week, card game fans!

Next episode preview

In search of new power, Jack encounters the Crimson Devil’s minion… a fire spirit shaped like a humanoid. And he Duels it, as the Crimson Devil’s minion talks about showing him a new kind of power, and its master wants to meet Jack Atlas.

I don’t get it much, but I guess it’s vintage Yu-Gi-Oh!

Stay tuned, card game fans! Hideyoshi signing out!



  1. I wonder how Jack and Yusei got to South America that fast… AND on motorbikes… maybe Neo Domino City is in Brasil? It would explain the weird haircuts. (http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff116/Yukishiro-senpai/YGO/05CoupleAfro.jpg)
    Funny caps this week btw

    • Thanks, lol.

  2. where do you watch your 5D episode? these pictures are in HD o___O im pretty sure the animators are getting lazy >___> jack’s 3 arms….

    • I download subbed episodes from YouTube through a YouTube Downloader program, so I can watch it whenever I want. The pics are from a raw I usually download when an episode comes out, before the subbed ones by MrPrisman come out.

  3. Great stuff! I can’t wait for your next article :)

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