Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 16 – Rodent Rival

July 20, 2009

Was the new Transformers movie that bad?!

Was the new Transformers movie that bad?!

As Nagi and Ayumu escape the clutches of the killers, Hayate teams up with an unexpected person to take the killers out. Because she helped Nagi when she was lost, Nagi ordered Hayate to ride the bike with Ayumu to Shimoda Onsen and Hinagiku comes in to scold Hayate, forcing him to come with Ayumu. Upon reaching the onsen, Nagi remembers her mother and Sakuya shows up to bathe with her in the onsen. As the day ends, Nagi looks out to the stars and from out of nowhere, an alien crashes into her window…

Expect a bit of fanservice. Also, some Hayate x Ayumu.

Ten no Koe starts the episode with a recap of what happened last time: Due to rumors of an onsen in the Izu peninsula, specifically, the Shimoda Onsen, that has an unbelievable potency, Nagi took Maria and Hayate to a trip. Along the way, she gets lost and bumps into Ayumu. Hayate goes off to find her and leaves Maria’s care in Hinagiku’s hands. As Nagi and Ayumu make their way to Atami, they get stalked by a bunch of men who wants Nagi dead.

At the onsen, Isumi and her mother were enjoying a bath. Hatsuho wonders if Nagi’s also at Shimoda Onsen while Isumi wonders if she can retain her powers by just bathing in the onsen. Hatsuho assures her that it will work and then mentions that the new Sanzenin butler, Hayate, resembled a certain someone. She believes this is the reason why such an untrusting person like Nagi immediately trusted Hayate. As Isumi asks who Hayate resembled, Hatsuho reveals it to be Yukariko, who is hinted to be Nagi’s mother.

Mother and daughter, sharing a fanservice scene.

Mother and daughter, sharing a fanservice scene.

Back at the Sanzenin Private Driveway, Ayumu and Nagi seems to have lost the guys in a car while only riding a bicycle. Ayumu pants like a dog and Nagi seems to be worried about her cycling all the way to Shimoda. She tells Ayumu to just forget about the bike and ride a train but Ayumu doesn’t want to. Ayumu tells her that this particular bike is a gift from her mother for her successful high school entrance. As Ayumu asks her about her mother, she jumps off the bike. She says that if she stays with Ayumu, the bike has a good chance of being destroyed. Hayate would come any moment now anyway, she adds. And Ayumu does leave her…

At the train, Hinagiku asks Maria about Nagi. Maria says that she did get a hold of Hayate but Nagi was cut off in the middle of their conversation. Maria then continues another cut off conversation, this time, with Hina. Hina starts to tell the story… about her “friend”…

At the same time, Hayate was running through the Sanzenin Private Driveway and finds Ayumu’s cellphone on the ground. Before he could make any more assumptions, two large posts hit the ground, almost hitting him as he rolls away. It was Ginka again, Isumi’s great grandmother. Hayate says he has no time to battle with Ginka as Ayumu and Nagi may be in trouble. Ginka says she doesn’t care, she’ll take Hayate’s blood for Isumi, who is in Shimoda. Hayate cuts in, saying he, too, is on his way there and Ginka stops…

A different kind of trap...

A different kind of trap...

As Nagi sits alone on the edge of the driveway, a cold can suddenly touches her cheeks. She quickly reacts to it and backs away and finds out that it was Ayumu, offering her a can of drinks.

Imitating Hinagiku and Hayate, are we?

Imitating Hinagiku and Hayate, are we?

Ayumu tells her that after they drink, they’re gonna go to Atami. She becomes confused as to why Ayumu came back for her and Ayumu tells her that she has a hard time in hearing people or giving up.

She says it clearly!

She says it clearly!

As they get along and prepare to leave, the can Ayumu was holding was suddenly shot by a gun. The killers have finally caught up!

Hayate no Gotoku promotes the use of bottles instead of cans.

Hayate no Gotoku promotes the use of bottles instead of cans.

At the train again, Maria seems to have taken in what Hina has told her. In simple terms, her “friend” promised to support the girl but ended up falling for the guy the girl was after. So simply put, her “friend” betrayed the girl, according to Maria. Of course, Hina reacts to this, as this “friend” is none other than herself, the girl being Ayumu and the guy being Hayate. Maria says that it is indeed a hard situation but she thinks that as long as the “friend” does what they think is right, the correct answer will arrive.

Ayumu pedals faster and faster. She’s already reaching her limit. Nagi tells Ayumu to just drop her but she insists on not giving up. As the gunner aims for them, two stoplight posts drop from the ground in front of the car, causing it to crash and tumble. Hayate and Ginka step on each post.

Former enemies. Now allies.

Former enemies. Now allies.

It seems Hayate promised Ginka that he will offer his blood to Isumi if she helps him get rid of Nagi’s attackers. Ginka jumps onto the car’s front and tells them to go on ahead, she’ll take care of the assailants.

Hayate, Nagi and Ayumu take it nice and slow now that their attacker has been taken care of. Hayate feels relieved that both of them were safe and Nagi says it was all thanks to Ayumu, whom she only referred to as “this person”. Ayumu then tells Nagi her full name and so does Nagi. Nagi just wants her to be addressed by her first name, implying that they are now close friends… except she still calls Ayumu a “hamster”.

Part B, at the Atami Station, Hayate and Nagi meet up with Maria. Hayate returns the cellphone to Ayumu and tells her that he didn’t know whose it was so he took a look inside. Ayumu realizes that Hayate saw their photo sticker inside her cellphone and blushes.

Next time, stick it to something like a notebook instead...

Next time, stick it to something like a notebook instead...

Nagi asks Ayumu again if she can make it to Shimoda by just bike. She says she already got that far anyway. They bicker again. Nagi insists it’s impossible, therefore, she orders Hayate to pedal the bike while Ayumu stands on the back. But then Hayate asks what will happen to Nagi and Maria, they’d probably get lost. And again, the same volunteer arrives to help them sort this problem.

The kaichou is always ready to take in people who lack common sense about the commoners world.

The kaichou is always ready to take in people who lack common sense about the commoner's world.

Hina tells Hayate to go with Ayumu and before Hayate could say any more, she steps on his foot. She also reminds him that he accepted Ayumu’s chocolates back in Valentine’s Day, so he should return the favor as White Day is coming up. And so it’s decided. Hina along with Maria and Nagi take the train. As the train moves, Maria and Nagi fall asleep as Hina contemplates on which “path” is what she thinks is right…

Again, back at the private driveway, Hayate pedals as Ayumu feels like heaven. A romantic view of the ocean, the person she adores on a bike… a bike… Yes… a bike! She suddenly remembers that when Hayate rides a bike, it usually is faster than any car and Hayate speeds up. Ayumu tells him that he’s going a bit fast and Hayate slows it down. Suddenly, two stereotypical foreigners in a sports car were beside them.

Stereotypical Foreigner Male Version

Stereotypical Western Foreigner Male Version

Stereotypical Foreigner Female Version

Stereotypical Western Foreigner Female Version

The girl insults them by saying that they smell penniless. The guy suddenly floors it and makes Hayate and Ayumu eat their dust. Ayumu now agrees with Hayate and speeds up, easily passing the sports car and leaving the foreigners dumbfounded.

Hayate on a bike  You

Makes you wonder how Sonia actually arrived faster than Hayate on a bike during one episode.

After that, they enjoy their victory well ahead and laugh together. Ayumu feels very nice to laugh with Hayate. Hayate then brings up the topic of what Ayumu wants for White Day, as Hina scolded him about it earlier. Ayumu thinks of what does she want… she remembers the time in season one where she confessed to Hayate… and got immediately dumped by Hayate, saying that he is only interested in 2D girls…

Yes, this was a screenshot from the first season.

Yes, this was a screenshot from the first season.

Hayate asks her again… and Ayumu says that she doesn’t need anything anymore. She already got what she wanted.

Shes the Queen of the (Animal) World~!

She's the Queen of the (Animal) World~!

As all parties arrived in Shimoda, they all went to rest. Nagi felt tired and quickly continued her sleep on her room in their, probably, rest house in Izu. She dreams of gazing at the night sky with her mother. Her mother tells her that the bright star in the sky is her, and just like that star, she can always find her mother watching over her in any night sky. But then Nagi points out that her mother was pointing to Sirius of the Canis Major, but last time when she told the same story, she was pointing at a different star. Her mother quickly changes herself from a star to the whole sky, saying that she holds all the stars, watching over Nagi.

Nagis mother, Sanzenin Yukariko.

Nagi's mother, Sanzenin Yukariko.

Nagi wakes up from her dream and narrates that it’s been eight years since her mother passed away. Now she’s thirteen years old (By the way, Hayate is implied to be sixteen at this point). She wonders if her mother is still watching over her as a star or the sky. Nagi then realizes she smells a bit sweaty after sleeping with her travelling clothes on. She plans to take a bath but Maria had gone off to onsen so she decides to just wait for Maria to return.

From out of nowhere, Sakuya speaks up and teases Nagi, not being able to get in the bath alone. That’s just vintage Sakuya: surprise entries. Nagi says that it’s not because she can’t, just that she wants to save it for the onsen. Sakuya asks Nagi if the main reason why she wants to go to an onsen is because of the special potency and Nagi happily replies positively.

Outside, Sakuya and Nagi make their way towards the secret onsen place. Nagi wonders why it’s still called secret despite the amount of people who have gathered around the area. Sakuya explains this is due to all the advertisements on TV. Nagi then says that she won’t be going in if there are a lot of other people. Sakuya says Nagi doesn’t understand the fun in onsen. Since every place would probably be packed, Sakuya finds a more secretive location.

Great way to hide a secret onsen.

Great way to advertise a secret onsen.

An old lady suddenly stops them in a creepy way.

Oh my god, an old lady!

Oh my god, an old lady!

She tells Sakuya and Nagi that before they proceed, they have to know that something inhuman exists inside the secret onsen. Sakuya thinks it may be an alien. The old lady continues and tells them that if they still wish to go on… they have to pay 4,000 yen per person.

Inside the onsen, Sakuya enjoys the feeling of being in the hot water. As she asks Nagi about the onsen’s potency, Nagi seems to be in a drunk state.

When steams dont work, use the water splash censor maneuver!

When steam doesn't work, use the water splash censor maneuver!

Sakuya wonders why she isn’t affected by the drunken potency of the onsen and Nagi replies that maybe it’s because she’s from Osaka and goes on to remark about other stereotypical Kansai things. As Sakuya goes off to find help, she sees Hayate was already inside, though wearing his butler uniform. Sakuya panics and Hayate says it’s fine as it’s a mixed bath and he heard Nagi’s scream.

Before Nagi could sink, Hayate picks her up. As Nagi opens her eyes, a bit mesmerized now, she sees Hayate as her mother. Hayate then goes on to remind Nagi that he’s Hayate. Nagi slowly becomes sober and screams after realizing Hayate was the one carrying her… and she’s naked!

He never learns his lesson...

What would you do in this situation?

This guy doesnt learn...

This guy never learns...

At the rest house, Nagi shuts herself in and claims that she doesn’t need dinner. Nagi angrily thinks inside her room about Hayate. She complains why Hayate didn’t even blush a bit after seeing her naked and embarrassed. Maybe because he doesn’t see you as a woman? Ten no Koe cuts in. Nagi gets up and poses at the full-body mirror. Nagi observes no difference and blames the TV for false advertising.

Heres your Nagi service!

Here's your Nagi service!

Dont be shy! Have another one!

Don't be shy! Have another one!

She opens her door and calls out to Hayate. She asks him if he felt something different after soaking in the onsen but Hayate says that he doesn’t. Nagi then thinks that the onsen they went to wasn’t the one the meteorite crashed into. Maria joins in the conversation and says that there may be no meteorite that crashed at all. She was watching the news and it said there were signs of the crash but no remnant can be found. Nagi then concludes they made a big mistake! It’s actually aliens who have come to strike Earth!

Nagi says she wants to meet the alien and Hayate asks there would be no point. She hits Hayate in the gut with her elbow and storms back into her room, saying Hayate can never get inside her room. She goes to the terrace and prays for her mother to let her meet the alien in Shimoda and give her a super sexy body using alien technology. A spiraling object then slams into the window of her room from the sky.

Like I said, be careful what you wish for...

Like I said, be careful what you wish for...

Nagi decides to check it out and…

Oh, its just Disneylands mascot...

Oh, it's just Disneyland's mascot...

Woooah~ Ayumu x Hayate service. I can’t believe I actually liked that scene despite not caring for Ayumu.

By the way… since when did Ayumu get so… developed? I don’t recall her ever having those things! What a frightful child, unpredictable. She must have been working out offscreen…

Nice Nagi service too. At least Hayate’s feminimity is a bit relevant to the plot at hand.

I wonder. It’s been written in ANN about a new OP and ED for Hayate but so far it hasn’t been added. They’d probably add it after the Shimoda Onsen arc. I wonder if there’s any chance that J.C. Staff would add 26 more episodes in order to make it like the first season’s 52-episode one. Oh well, highly doubtful as everything is now focused on character developments and background stories.

Next time, The conclusion of the Shimoda Onsen arc! Isumi regains her powers through Hayate’s blood and Nagi meets the alien! “Sakura no Shitate”!

This is the Bunny Chief, enjoying the amazing series, over and out!



  1. hooh…you point out intresting things, honostly I didn’t notice Ayumu’s…changes.

    Anyway the can joke left me in despair for quite some time.
    What’s with the distance between Nagi’s place and the onsen anyway?
    It took then one episode to reach it, yet Nagi and Saku get there in one flash XD
    Were those two foreigners maybe…Barbie and Ken?

    Nice job chief :D

  2. I think, i’m understand why Hayate don’t see Nagi a woman. But, Hayate must realize lest Nagi is woman not boy.I’m so feel confused about that story. That’s why i’m confused. An another comment again, i guess you must use Indonesian language. You can use dictionary.

  3. Ah I love Hayate No Gotoku it’s a nice photo i love it biiiiii thank you ^_^

  4. I love it love it love it nice photo,thank you ^__^

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    impressed! Extremely useful information specially the last
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