Higashi no Eden Episode 11 (END) – King…

July 18, 2009
A good way to end a series with a Bang! Lots of them.

A good way to end a series with a "Bang!"

The last episode of Higashi no Eden (finally had time to watch it). This brings a conclusion to the mystery behind Takizawa Akira’s past, his actions, his memories and reasons. He uses Juiz and the power of 20,000 NEETs to stop the terrifying 60-missile attack on Japan. In a place where no Kings exist… a Prince was born.

Last time, Akira was invited by Number I, Mononobe Daiju. He was told of the game’s secrets, the Selecao who fired the missiles on Careless Monday, the identity of Mr. Outside and Juiz, and why he wiped his memories. In the meantime, the 20,000 NEETs that were sent to Dubai return for their revenge on Takizawa Akira… and they arrive at the shopping mall, where Hirasawa and the others are.

20,000 angry and naked men, one hated enemy. Who will win? The reality game show called Selecao Surprise!

20,000 angry and naked men, one hated enemy. Who will win? The reality game show called "Selecao Surprise"!

The episode starts off with Hirasawa, Ohsugi, O-nee and Kasuga running away from the legion of the undead unemployed. Hirasawa was on the phone, talking to Micchon, who was with Saki at the time, heading to Toyosu. Micchon had given Hirasawa the lowdown on what she heard together with Saki.

Hirasawa directs his gang to a Staff Only room. It seems he read about that location through the real estate. There’ll be no outcome in reasoning with angry naked guys so they have to hide for a while. They observe the NEETs actions from inside the room through a security camera. The NEETs weren’t all that bad, they were just seeking refuge from the snowy cold weather outside. They pick up their cellphones from a huge pile. It seems their top priority is retrieving their phones.

Does this thing also have a Discovery Channel?

Does this thing also have a Discovery Channel?

Hirasawa receives a call from Micchon and she wants to go there, it’ll be quicker to sort the data sent by Itazu if they work together. Hirasawa asks if there will really be a 60-missile attack. If so, what can they do to stop it? They don’t have a magical phone like the Selecao. Saki takes over and says that Akira did not save the people just because he has a magic phone, but because it is the right thing to do. Hirasawa brings up the topic of why Akira wiped his own memories and why the NEETs are angry with him. Ohsugi butts in like the annoying creature he is. Saki then begins to tell them the whole story… Akira pretended to be the bad guy for the NEETs in order to keep everyone safe.

Akira spread info about the missile attacks after receiving his Noblesse Phone. Those who saw the info on the net volunteered and helped him evacuate all the citizens specified in the attacks. But after they successfully evacuated everyone, the citizens voiced out their complaints. How do they know where the missiles would hit? Do they have other objectives too? No one knew at that time if there was really going to be a missile attack. Looting occured in the ghost towns. Spectators trolled the evacuees on the net. This is mostly why Careless Monday was such a mysterious incident.

After the missile attack, Akira used several fake names and gathered up the 20,000 NEETs who also volunteered during the attack. He claimed that he was the organizer of Careless Monday and had them all shipped to Dubai for 3 months in order to hide them from the public. This is why he had a lot of fake names and was hated by the NEETs. After that, it was up to the rumors to cause the public to believe in whatever they want. Akira was betrayed by the people whom he protected and those who helped him to protect them. He saw no other option but to erase his own memories after falling into despair.

Ohsugi, like the dick he is, starts blabbing about why is it their problem now? Akira was an idiot to mess up even though he has a magical phone. Saki ignores the wuss and tells Hirasawa that they have to post Itazu’s findings on the net. Surely, they’d get some reaction. They will do the same thing Akira did for Careless Monday. Though, Hirasawa says there is a problem: the laptop has fallen in the hands of the zombies!

Through the security cameras, they spot who has the laptop. It’s now a matter of how to retrieve it. Kasuga suggests a good plan. He tells them that in order to go out unnoticed, they have to blend in with the surroundings, in short, take off all their clothes and meet the person with the laptop. Saki and Micchon arrives at Toyosu via taxi. At the same time, Hirasawa, Ohsugi and Kasuga blend in. The NEETs around were using extensions and plugs for charging their cellphones. Saki and Micchon share a bit of HIrasawa and the gang’s shame by running through a crowd of naked NEETs in order to meet up with the others.

Running through a crowd of naked men... theyve been mentally-scarred for life.

Running through a crowd of naked men... they've been mentally-scarred for life.

The NEETs were more than happy to see two cute girls running through their crowd. It was probably hard to live naked with other men for 3 months with no technology. Hirasawa talks to the guy holding his laptop. The guy says that it needs a password and Hirasawa asks if he can take a look at it. One of the guys speak up, noting that Hirasawa and the others have long hair… and that they were white, meaning they weren’t one of the original people who were sent away to Dubai. Hirasawa snatches the laptop away and runs for their life. At the other side, the NEETs were cautiously and excitedly following Saki and Micchon. Micchon assures Saki of a well-known fact: They’re all probably interested in 2D women instead.

Hirasawa and the others were being chased by the angry mob. Kasuga trips and before they can get to Hirasawa, he tosses the laptop to Ohsugi. Ohsugi runs off and meets up with Saki and Micchon. Micchon snatches the laptop away from the naked Ohsugi. As the NEETs approach, O-nee suddenly appears from a door and calls out to them. Ohsugi locks the door and wears a jacket. Micchon quickly opens the laptop and decodes the password-protected file of Itazu. O-nee says it’s the one with red text. Micchon gets shocked to see that one of the areas targetted by the missiles is Toyosu, the place where they are now!

The lights suddenly shut off, all cellphones around the area ring. It was Akira, and everyone can see him through their phones. He declares that he is back to kill everyone in the mall. He’s going to send 60 missiles this time. He claims that if they want to survive, they have to head to the roof.

In the meantime, Mononobe gets on his chopper and leaves Yuuki. Yuuki says it’s not good to just stop because Juiz slipped from their hands. Mononobe says from there on, it’s every man for himself. He’ll contact them again if he manages to find Mr. Outside. As Mononobe leaves, Tsuji tells Yuuki that he stuck out his neck too far. What if Mononobe was the Supporter? He wanted all NEETs who witnessed Careless Monday become wiped out. Tsuji goes off, saying that Number IX is probably going to do something interesting as he leaves.

As the NEETs make their way to the rooftop, Saki, O-nee, Micchon and Ohsugi find a different way to get up as the stairways are flooded with naked men, along with Kasuga and Hirasawa. They spot a working elevator and get inside it, but as the elevator door opens, the bell sound rings and the NEETs notice them. They quickly head inside but some of the NEETs try to get in too. Ohsugi tries to stop them but it seems impossible. Suddenly, a hooded person opens the elevator door from the back. The hooded man pulls Ohsugi back and shoves the NEETs away. As the doors close, he hits the lock button and removes his hood. It was Akira.

In more ways than one!

HE DOES?!??!

After helping Ohsugi up, he leaves through the back again. Before the doors close, Saki stops Akira. She knows that Akira’s back to save everyone by becoming the bad guy again. Akira asks if she listened to everything he talked with Mononobe but Saki says that her phone’s battery died near the end. Akira takes Saki with him and runs off as the elevator door closes for Micchon, O-nee and Ohsugi.

I think this one the guy who recognized Akira back in Japan after he wiped his memory.

I think this one the guy who recognized Akira back in Japan after he wiped his memory (the one who's fully clothed).

At the rooftop, Akira tells the NEETs that the missiles are about to be deployed. This time, he wants them all to post the best way to shoot down missiles in the Eden site. The NEETs does so. After a while, Akira calls Juiz and she informs him that she has selected the best way to avoid the missile strikes from all the posts in the Eden site. At that time, all the missiles were deployed…

Never trust the Navy.

Never trust the Navy.

The Air Force prepares too.

The Air Force prepares too.

Dont forget the Army on land.

Don't forget the Army on land.

As the missile approaches, Akira points in the air. Suddenly, missiles were intercepted in the air by other missiles! By that time, the other Selecao witness Akira’s final stand against the missiles along with living, breathing Itazu.

Pantsu lives on! His Society Computer is mistaken!

Pantsu lives on! His Society Computer lies!

Number XI - Shiratori Kuroha

Number XI - Shiratori Kuroha

Number I - Mononobe Daiju

Number I - Mononobe Daiju

Number II - Tsuji Jintarou

Number II - Tsuji Jintarou

Number X - Yuuki Ryou

Number X - Yuuki Ryou

A last missile was fired, heading straight to the mall but before it can reach Akira, he points at it and goes “Bang!” At the same time, a new missile pops out and intercepts the last missile but this causes some shrapnels to head their direction. Akira almost gets hit and some of it hits the mall, but no one got seriously injured.

Like a real action star.

Like a real action star.

Akira gets up and sees Saki down too. He runs over and picks her up. Akira calls Juiz. He tells her that just acting as a terrorist won’t suffice this time. He wants to use all of his remaining balance to become the King of the country. He believes that there are lots of smart people in Japan, but no one is willing to take the role of the King. He would like to avoid it as well if he could, but because even with just one kid who believes, he’ll do it.

He walks towards the broken down merry-go-round with Saki. She wakes up and Akira gently places her back on her feet. He notices that the merry-go-round doesn’t have a golden ring. As he places his Nobless Phone back near his ear, Juiz wasn’t on the line anymore and he places it inside Saki’s pocket, and he approaches the merry-go-round…

Last shot

Last shot

“…and just like that, he became a prince… in a country where Kings don’t exist.”

As Eden comes into a close, everyone is dissatisfied, right? What about the other Selecao? What happened to Akira after spending all his money and the fruitition of his King’s order to Juiz?

This will be perhaps answered in the announcement in the end of the episode. November 28, the opening of The King of Eden movie on theaters in Japan!

A second film was also announced entitled Paradise Lost, probably for January 2010.

Eden had such an amazing run. The Selecao, having different motives and from different aspects of life. They each have their own goals and virtues. But only one may win the game and lead the country to a new era. A particular concern for that is the NEETs or the homeless and lazy people, either by choice or coincidence. Their involvement was mentioned several times throughout the course of the series, as either hindrances to Japan’s growth or as ways of development.

Another good puzzle was why Akira wiped his memories. On top of that, how he ended up naked in front of the White House, holding a Noblesse Phone and a handgun. Mr. Outside’s identity. The game that the Selecao are playing. The Supporter’s identity. Juiz’s real persona. And the story behind the 20,000 NEETs who disappeared.

This episode is amazing. It left me just amazed as the missiles were intercepted by another set of missiles. The music that accompanied it couldn’t get any better either. The last part was just too short that you will be left craving for more.

Too bad though, Ohsugi is still alive. But at least Itazu also lived.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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