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Hey, it’s that 10 000 hits post

September 30, 2009

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Bakemonogatari 12 : You are my everything

September 29, 2009
Senjougahara WANTS YOU! ... to watch this review

Senjougahara WANTS YOU! ... to watch this review!

This is the last TV-anime episode of Bakemonogatari. Except for the title, Tsubasa has nothing much to do with this episode. We’ll get a long, but joyous ride in Senjougahara’s life and car. Expect nothing too long, but expect it to be entertaining. This being said, I’ll give more of my thoughts about this episode than doing a review. Read the rest of this entry ?


Spice and Wolf II 12 (END) : Violent Profits

September 28, 2009
Time to set sail, Noah~

Time to set sail, Noah~

Well last time we got quite a fun turn around for this series. In this episode we get the conclusion of the second and last arc of this season! Expect some fighting scenes!! moe-moe Horo, a slight rape? scene and kind of a weird, but suiting end to this second season of Spice and Wolf. Read the rest of this entry ?


Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season – Series Review

September 27, 2009

Maaaaaaany things have happened… Many jokes were cracked… many references were made… but like all good things, a season has to end.

But the end of a season never signifies the end of the world.

Welcome to Whatever Animeblog’s Deredere Hina’s Very Short Summary of the Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season anime!

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Episode 13: Gambit

September 26, 2009
Things get a little more complex, more characters are introduced, we see another side of Beatrice and get a nice plot twist. This chapter will follow Rosa’s story about killing the human Beatrice and conclude with the beginning of the first twilight.
Rosa recounts of the story of twenty years ago, when she was still a child. At that day her mother scolded her pretty bad and so she decided to run away from the mansion. Having no way to leave Rokkenjima, she wandered in the woods in search of Beatrice the Golden Witch, as the legend had her, in hope she could grant her a wish.
Getting deeper into the forest she finds an old mansion and decides to enter it. Drinking tea in its garden is no one else than human Beatrice, lacking her light blue eyes and instead having gray ones. Rosa apologises for entering her garden without permission. Beatrice asks her for her name, and she’s overjoyed to learn Rosa is a relative of Kinzo. She invites her to have tea with her. God, what’s with her? Beato is all moe-moe now…
As Rosa describes her, she’s somehow childish and ignorant of the outside world. That’s because she’s been lied that wolves live outside and it’s dangerous to approach them, thus, forcing her to stay disclosed behind the fences of the mansion.
Of course, Beatrice is surprised to be informed by Rosa that wolves don’t exist in this island. Rosa gets into explaining the concept of a zoo to her, which Beatrice finds similar to her position: being rised behind bars, in a cage.
Despite everyone calling her a witch, she rejects that, believing she’s just a simple human. While she questions about her existence, Rosa asks her if she wants to go beyond the fence with her and walk outside. Beatrice immideatly responds to this and since there aren’t any wolves she accepts. As she stands up and asks for Rosa to leave- tic toc, time freezes.
Witch Beatrice and Battler have moved into the old mansion now. The witch explains how this human side of her is nothing but a “cage” created to withstand her powers, made by Kinzo. He, who fell in love with her, bound her with such a strong barrier, so powerful the only way to break it was to discard her body. Battler refuses to believe it however, and she dissolves into butterflies.
Renove (yay), comes to the rescue to enlighten Battler some more. He adds to what Beatrice said that her soul was captured, and so, given a new life as a human again. And now? Renove talks in red, confirming the existence of a hidden mansion called Kuwadorian in the forest of Rokkenjima.
Battler questions the truth of the story about human Beatrice, which Renove decides to confirm in red: In the year 1967, in the hidden mansion, Beatrice existed as a human.
Rosa and human Beato are now staring at the sea from a distance. As they walk down the cliff, Beatrice missteps, resulting in her falling on the ground and more moemoe. Rosa helps her stand up and they continue. Beato looks forward to seeing the sea from close but that was never meant to happen. You see, she was being careless again. Careless to the point of missteping to close to the edge of the cliff and falling doooooown.
Not responding to her name when called out, Rosa rushes to where she fell. There lies her lifless body, covered in blood. As Rosa mourns, witch Beatrice is now free of her eternal boundry. Her soul is released of the body and her memories of being a witch return. However, her blue eyes don’t. What’s with that?
Time freeze again. All three of them (Battler, Beatrice and Ronove) were present to see Beatrice’s rebirth as a witch this time. Beatrice confirms the lifeless body before them is cetrainly dead, and, that there are no more than 18 people on the island of Rokkenjima, much to Battler’s shock. Right now, he either has to suspect one of his own or blame it all to Beatrice’s magic.
Moving forward to our time, Shannon is sitting outside after being proposed by George. Of course, she’s wearing the ring. Kanon and Genji come to pick her up, as Kinzo has called them all to his room. Upon arriving, they meet with Beatrice -who was playing chess with Kinzo- and Renove, who was also there. This isn’t the first time they meet, however. Renove turns out to be an old friend of Genji’s, and has seen Shannon in the past. That leaves us only with Kanon, which I assume joined Kinzo later than the others, since he was the only one not to know him.
Beatrice has brought good and bad news to Kinzo on this day. The good news is that he managed to be reunited with her before the completion of her ceremony. The bad news, though, is that he was chosen to be one of the first six sacrifises of the first twilight. He aknowledges his lost is unavoidable, and as Beatrice check mates him, he burns into flames.
Genji notices the ring on Shannon’s finger and assumes George gave it to her. He questions on whether she has any regrets to it, as they’re gonna get killed by Beatrice sooner or later. We see Shannon confident as usual, satisfied just by the fact she’s been treated as human for once.
Putting that aside for now, Beatrice wants to play a game with Kanon. If he accepts and manages to defeat Beatrice’s furniture, the Seven Stakes of Purgatory, he’ll have the previlage to choose two of the five people who will escape becoming one of the thirteen sacrifices. Shannon attempts to stop him from doing it but she’s turned down by an emotional Kanon. Now he and Lucifer (The first sister of the Seven Stakes of Purgatory which Beato summoned) step forward.
So full of herself, she puts up a fight but not for long; with that attitude of hers she couldn’t just beat Kanon. Beatrice congratulates Kanon on winning but Lucifer wouldn’t let it end like this. She transforms into one of these daggers and attempts to kill Kanon, who sacrifises his hand in order to block her and win once again. He asks Beatrice about his prize, but soon realises he had been mislead by her. The deal was about beating all of the sisters, not just one, as he believed.
The rest of the sisters get summoned and transform into daggers. In an attempt to save her brother, Shannon joins the ‘fight’ and sets a barrier around them to protect them for some longer. Having recieved the ring by George, lived as a woman and protected her brother, she says she can die without any regrets. Of course, Beatrice is pissed off again by her actions, naturally. That girl tends to do that a lot lately…
Jealous of Shannon having lived a fullfilled life, she oaths to crush them alive and torture them untill they finally die. That would never happen though. Genji walks into the barrier and gently takes both of the servants’ lives using his powers after command, so they could at least die peacefuly. He proceeds by asking Renove to do the same to him, ultimately turning himself into the fourth sacrifice.
With four dead people on the ground there are only two sacrifces left. The sisters take off to accompish them. First one to be taken of is Gohda, and second to be attacked is Kumasawa, who seems to possess a big amount of magic power -enough to deflect the sisters’ attacks and ask them to bring Beatrice to her. They get enraged by how casually she adresses her, but nevertheless, Beatrice herself (Who arrived to the scene) doesn’t seem to mind.
She introduces Kumasawa as her ex-teacher, the previous lady to hold the name of Beatrice. Golden butterflies surround Kumasawa as she shines brightly, transforming into her original appearance we’ve seen in the previous episode.
My thoughts:
OK, one, human Beatrice was really moe moe. I was kinda hoping we’d get to see more of her… Meh. Now I wonder what’s with her eyes. As a child, they were blue. When she was reborn as human they turned grey, and following that, after becoming a witch again, they were still grey. How come the Beatrice of now has blue ones? Thinking they might’ve changed back to blue after Shannon broke the magic mirror, I checked episode six only to find the witch having her natural blue eyes…
Not much Battler in this episode either. Meta Battler is kinda cornered again… I dont believe he can prove the murders were taken out without the use of magic. I don’t see any flaws…
Kanon proved to be somewhat stronger than what I had imagined. Shannon was being *cough*useless*cough* again. And Genji’s power seems like quite the killer.
With Kumasawa being the former Lady Beatrice, I’m wondering why has she joined Kinzo’s furniture and how did she die so easily on the first and second chapters… I also sense a 1 on 1 fight between her and the current Beatrice, as seen in the new opening.
That’s pretty much everything for now, I’m off~

Chapter III - II Gambing

Episode III - II Gambit

Things get a little more complex, more characters are introduced, we see another side of Beatrice and get a nice plot twist. This chapter will follow Rosa’s story about killing the human Beatrice and conclude with the beginning of the first twilight.

Rosa recounts the story of twenty years ago, when she was still a child. At that day her mother had scolded her pretty bad and so she decided to run away from the mansion. Having no way to leave Rokkenjima though, she wandered in the woods in search of Beatrice the Golden Witch, as the legend had her, in hope to have her wish granted.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 77 – Mysterious Transfer Student Syndrome

September 25, 2009



This episode is about Luciano, a new transfer student in Rua and Ruka’s class. He takes interest in Ruka and even gives her a Duel Board, which is a skateboard that functions like a D-Wheel, except it’s for kids due to their lack of driver’s license. It later turns out that Luciano is actually a member of Yliaster. Luciano takes on both Rua and Ruka at the same time as a new Machine Emperor appears!

Expect moe-moe and happy-happy Ruka, butlers and obvious villains.

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Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 25 (END) – “Packy” Pleasures

September 24, 2009

Available in every hundred-year-old-phantom-store-only-known-by-a-few-people

Available in every hundred-year-old-phantom-store-only-known-by-a-few-people

This is the last episode of J.C. Staff’s Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season anime. Such a shame it has to end~

This episode is about Hayate’s misadventures to obtain a special snack treat known as “Packy”, which is obviously our favorite snack, the magical Pocky. We also run into several montages of some supporting characters.

Expect a lot of old background characters roaming the streets, Hinagiku in Wonderland and maid Hayate. Also expect new characters in the end.

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