Chat with us

A fun chat session with Lelouch

Whatever Animeblog has a chatroom! #anime@irc.purplesurge.com

Or to chat with us easier without needing to download or open an IRC client, just click the link below for the Mibbit Chat Link. Have fun chatting with the Whatever Animeblog Team! Remember, leave a comment!

Chat here

Note that a new window will appear.

Please also remember to follow the rules and regulations of the PurpleSurge IRC server, which will be displayed every time you join (via status screen if using mIRC or any other client and above the channel screen if linked via Mibbit).

Easy tips:

To change your nick: You can change it before entering the chatroom. If you’re already in, just type in /nick <nick here>
Example: /nick PieLover

Note: Spaces are not allowed in nicknames.

To join another channel: Just type in /j #<channel name>
Example: /j #GameKings

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