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Whatever Anime Blog started on the 2nd of june 2009.  Founded by some lazy, bored anime fans with nothing better to do.

Yet we’ll be trying to entertain you with our insights on current series, manga and even on some music stuff.

We shouldn’t waste too much time on discussing why we’ve choosen our blogsite name… as you can see, one of us just had this great idea of calling it like that and so it came into existing.

Anything more I should add? Oh yes…maybe this, have fun viewing our site and hopefully we’ll see you back in the future, most preferable every day ;)

Our highly specialized team exists out of 6 members :

The Obedient Fool : Bakayarodesuyo, short : Kyon


I’ve been watching anime since 2006 and I have always been cursing the belgian internetproviders for putting a restriction on my downloadcapacity. Luckily this hasn’t stopped me from watching a lot of series and I still wanna see more. My favorite characters are either genki girls and well… all long haired girls. My genre is kinda wide-ranged though I prefer romance and comedy most, in favorites series that would be ‘ef – a tale of melodies’ and ‘Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu’. Lately ‘Hayate no Gotoku!’ has entered my favorites list, since the second Haruhi disappointed my greatly (and I don’t think just me). I have a small collection of figurines, which I’m still building up, now if only my room was a little more spacious…


The Bunny Chief : Deredere Hina, short : Hina

Copy of moe 54278 sampleSo where do I start… I’m not good at introductions or stuff like that but I’ll try. I started watching anime seriously just a year ago but I’ve been watching anime on TV way back before that (though always dubbed). The first subbed anime I’ve ever watched was ‘Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu’ back in 2007. I’ve never really liked reading blogs nor ever thought about writing one before but since I was inspired randomly on a day when I had nothing to do, I thought: “Why not?”. My favorite anime (and manga) is Hayate no Gotoku! My goal in life is to have a goal in life.


The Lazy Prince: Lelouch

If Hina and Kyon are the head of the family, I might say I’m the son of  the family. Like Haruhi, I started watching anime as a child but I didn’t  put much attention to it. The first anime I’ve watched as a dedicated  anime watcher is ‘Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu’ during my summer break  at 2007. On that day onwards, my anime interest grew bigger and my list  started blooming like a sakura tree. I joined this blog because of a good  friend and I know that everyone here has the ability to make this site  become something useful for everyone. I like twin-tails, blonde or pink hair and silent moe~


The Hidden Character : J, short : JJJJJJJ

The Emperor: Raidablaike,short:Lelouch


So, about me. I pretty much grew up watching old-school anime series such as “Doraemon” and “Chibi Maruko-chan“.  But it was more of a means of killing time than an actual hobby back then. I only started “seriously” watching anime around fall of ‘06, starting with “Eureka seveN“, followed shortly by “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu“, both of which I enjoyed a lot. The years passed, and I evolved into a full-fledged otaku. My fields of expertise spans across anime, manga, visual novels (only a few), j-music, and light novels. Nowadays, I enjoy wasting what is supposed to be my food money on various figurines, artbooks, and manga tankobon. It is my greatest desire to one day obtain reality warping powers and conquer the Universe. (or maybe to meet Nagato Yuki in person.)


The Silent Wind: Ryu Yuki, short : Ryu

I’m not really good with introductions, but I’ll try to do so anyway. I’ve watched anime since I started remembering, although I only got into manga quite recently. Favourite manga would probably be Tsubasa: Reservoir Chornicles. As for anime, it’s harder to decide,  probably The Law of Ueki, although there are 3 or 4 others which could easily be in the spot. I don’t really play Visual Novels or read Light Novels, although I am interested in the Fate/Stay Night universe. Favourite character would be “Syaoran” of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, although I do have others such as Kyosuke Kiryu of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, Archer of Fate/Stay Night or Ueki of The Law of Ueki.

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