Bakemonogatari 2 : Heavy Feelings

July 14, 2009
Well, you dont hear me complain about it

Well, you don't hear me complain about it

Last episode Senjougahara and Araragi went to see Oshino to ask her for a way to cure Senjougahara from her weight problem. Oshino told her that a weight crab/god (Kani/Kami) is the cause of her problem and he’s willing to help her. As for today’s episode, brace yourself for some heavy service and story telling.

Araragi and Senjougahara are at Senjougahara’s place now, she is taking a shower while he is waiting and drinking tea. He is suprised that she lives in a normal place although he was told that she lived in a mansion. She tells him that their family collected a large dept because her mother was deceived by an occult cult.

This usually promises good fortune...

This usually promises good fortune...

Oh look, there it is~

Oh look, there it is~

After the brand new opening (not the same one as the first episode) we get to see a flashback where Oshino tells them that they will meet again at midnight after she took a cold shower. Also Senjougahara asks Oshino what she needs to pay for the treatment. Oshino didn’t really have a payment in mind, but eventually tells her that if she really wants to pay, she should bring 100,000 yen. Araragi is suprissed since he needed to pay a lot more for his treatment, Oshino waves the complaint away by telling that curing a vampire is something completly different from curing a god.

Back at Senjougahara’s room, she finished showering and walks out of the bathroom naked. Araragi is completly embarrassed by that and complains she needs to put on clothes, Senjougahara snaps back by telling she’s going to get her clothes now.

Keep that face on and itll be your last time too.

Keep that face on and it'll be your last time too.

Senjougahara goes on with teasing Araragi about seeing her naked. Araragi is too much of a pure pure boy and doesn’t dare to watch only worsening his situation for him. It even goes that far that she makes him confess he’s a virgin. While Senjougahara is dressing up and keeps switching clothes they talk about Araragi’s relationship with Tsubasa and Oshino. Araragi eventually asks why she keeps on switching clothes, she replies by saying that she isn’t good at wearing clothes since they are heavy for her. As for the rest of the discussion, Senjougahara keeps on teasing Araragi by telling he’s dumb and doesn’t realise it yet. It becomes clearly visable when they compare their respective school results…

oh poor thing...

Maybe you should "teach" him how to use it~

your what? banana?

what is? your banana?

theres a crab inside of her, get the pun?

there's a crab inside of her, get the pun?

When they go back at midnight, the meet Oshino again. He is dressed in a Shinto priest outfit and leads them back to his room which is now filled with all kinds of Shinto relics. He tells them that she has to relax and answer all his questions in order to get the crab out of her.

Use this as an excuse the next time you get drunk

Use this as an excuse the next time you get drunk

Oshino starts asking questions once Senjougahara drank a bit of sake. Senjougahara smoothly answers all questions, but when Oshino asks her about the most painful memory in her life, Senjougahara hesitates. Oshino asks her again, Senjouhara eventually replies. Her mother being deceived by an occult organization. Oshino asks if that is all, she continues by saying that one day her mother brought a man with her from the sect. He came on to her, it was part of some kind of ritual but all he wanted to do was…

Probably sc***tology

Probably sc***tology

Luckily she was able to stop the attempt by…

yes...those are always around when you need them

yes...those are always around when you need them

But since she wounded a higher up from the organization, her mother was punished. Senjougahara then tells that if she didn’t resist, her family wouldn’t have been broken up. Oshino then explains that those are her feelings and no matter how heavy they are, you need to shoulder them. There is a pun in that : “feelings” and “weight” are both pronounced as “omoi” in Japanese. He tells her to open her eyes, once she does, she sees the weight crab in front of her.

K*abby I choose you!

K*abby I choose you!

Senjougahara clearly sees the crab, both Oshino and Araragi can’t. The crab attacks Senjougahara as she doesn’t tell her feeling to “it”, Oshino isn’t amused by that and throws the crab away. Although he can’t see it, he succeeds in doing so. When he prepares to crush the crab, Senjougahara stops him. She bows down, apologizes and asks her weight back.

After that we get in another flashback, Senjougahara’s mother joined the sect because Senjougahara had a serious illness and needed something the give her support. After Senjougahara’s operation she only got dragged further in the cult. They stopped talking with eachother for a long time, until they came on which the man tried to rape Senjougahara. The result of that all was…

where's my blue bird~

And after that, Senjougahara met the crab and lost her weight, she cut the ties with her mum and erased the worries about her from her memory . She willingly tricked herself. Although she knew that it would never be the same again, she wanted it back. But in the end she didn’t lose everything, she even made a friend after all the events.  And guess who it is…

Yes indeed, her personality suddenly changed from being a bitch to an innocent girl...

Well, aren't you happy now?

Since she got her weight back, she turned from a bitch into an innocent girl type… but I can easily imagen your reaction to that.

Am I right or am I right?

Am I right or am I right?

The next morning, Araragi wakes up…or rather gets shaked up by two girls.

Two new characters~ Promises more good stuff~

Two new characters~ Promises more good stuff~

He walks to the bathroom feeling rather heavy, he mentions that he normally weighs about 55 kg, but when he checks the scales…




Thoughts :

This is was a shocking episode, I didn’t expect it to be like this after the whole fanservice thing. Shaft really made topstyle animation for the sad past of Senjougahara. The cult stories are quite intresting and I think there’s more of them coming up.

There was also the sudden switch in Senjougahara’s personality in the end, I just hope she still keeps that teasing aspect since that really made her a fun character for me.

That’s it for the second episode…we’re going out with some relax-o-vision~







...... *fainted*

She talking about her banana :3

She talking about her banana :3

Kyon on duty~


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