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Umineko no Naku Koro ni – episode 20: zugzwang

November 14, 2009

episode IV-II: zugzwang

Hmmm… This episode was pretty much a flashback of Maria’s and Ange’s lives. Nothing much this week other than Lambdadelta trying to close a deal with Ange to keep Battler from winning for all eternity. Uhuh, yup, that’s right, -nods-.
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Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Episode 19: end game

November 8, 2009

episode IV-I: end game

For the beginning of this new chapter, we have Battler being given a new power; the Blue Truth. It’s a technique he can use to have Beatrice respond to his explanations, but only if their content is about denying the existence of magic. He also has Ange-Beatrice by his side to assist him in this game. The episode revolved around Ange’s story, Maria’s magic, and the Ushiromiyas coming up with a theory concerning their father’s life.
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Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Bernkastel and Lambdadelta: Who are they anyway?

November 4, 2009

Aww... Aren't they adorable?

We’ve all noticed how our beloved witches, Frederica Bernkastel and Lambdadelta resemble a lot to characters from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: namely Furude Rika and Takano Miyo. So, who are they? How did they come to be? Well, in this -relatively small- post I’ll try to make things a little more clear… I guess.
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Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Episode 18: swindles

October 31, 2009
episode III-VII swindles

episode III-VII swindles

After all, moe Beato isn’t as moe as we thought. Umineko brought us another plot twist this week… Moe-Beato is revealed to have been acting to be good all along, according to the plan Virgilia (who was also acting) made, to have Battler sign his own defeat. Read the rest of this entry ?


Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Episode 17: promotion

October 24, 2009
In this episode, Battler decides to aknowledge Beatrice as his opponent again only after she proves she’s a “real witch”, who actually uses her magic to help people, as magic was supposed to exist for. So, this time we see a totally different moe-Beatrice, who keeps on changing. She revives Shannon with the help of George and in the very end of the episode, she wishes to do the same with Kanon, even if that costs her her life. After all, she wants to keep playing with Battler no matter what…
The episode picks up from where the last one left off, with Eva and company discovering the corpses. Eva cries over her dead husband’s corpse as Battler tries to realize what’s happened. George tells him to hang in there, and for that he’s scolded, having already lost a lover and a parent and still worrying about others.
Game room: Battler monologues about the worth of life with Virgilia, Ronove and MoeBeato as his crowd. Since humans only live for a limited time, they live their lives with everything they’ve got. For Beatrice to toy with them and stepping on their worth, Battler can’t forgive her. Beato tries to stop him and explain herself but she’s soon put well off her place by Virgilia, who tells her to keep quiet and listen to what Battler has to say. Battler keeps on telling her he kinda understands her situation though, having to continue the murders in order for her ressurection. However, any unnecessary actions of cruelty are nothing more than her bloodlust going wild. Controlling over people’s lives has made her forget how to respect life itself. Battler refuses to aknowledge that as his opponent. Virgilia makes a comment on how Endless Witches play with life and death like if it were a game. She is then asked by Battler the reason Endless Magic exists. Her answer is simple enough for Battler to pronnounce Beato as a failure of a witch and definitely not worth being his opponent; it exists to bring happiness to the human world. Beato stands up and asks him when will he finally accept her again, and what does she have to do for it, were it to happen. Battler just tells her to think about it herself, or ask Ronove or Virgilia if she feels confused. As she puts on a crying face, Battler promises not to let go of her game –wait for her untill she finally becomes a ‘real witch’. She oaths she’ll make sure to have this happen and thanks him.
Back to the mansion, the Ushiromiyas were now locking up so to stay safe. Of course, little obstacles such as locked windows and doors wouldn’t be a problem for the Golden Witch, Beatrice, but that they don’t know… yet. Krauss announces to the rest they were unable to find the guns and key of Kyrie and Rudolf. The kids move into their room, silence overrules the whole place. Battler wonders why do people have to die since that brings so much sadness to the world. Jessica joins him and brings up the example of their Grandfather, who was so obsessed over reviving Beatrice. Not being able to stand up another minute like this, George leaves the room to get coffee, refusing the idea of the others tagging along.
Halfway through his way, Beato calls out his name and appears before him, asking him if he wants to see Shannon again. George, although starled, states he’ll give her anything she wants in exchange for that wish of his. Beato however felt like granting it for free, trying to become a witch who is able of helping people. She tells him that now she’s abandoned the title of an Endless Witch, her magical power is insufficient, and so she asks for George to help her with it. He agrees gladly, and they both teleport to someplace else. Their actions have been well aware off though. Eva-Beatrice, who was outside with Ronove, the Siestas and a Sister noticed something strange from the guesthouse. The Siestas apologise for not noticing as well, and so does Ronove and Lucifer -although the last two seem to be faking it.
Eva was now sleeping in a room with Krauss and Natsuhi, the rest of the adults minus Dr. Nanjo. While taking that rest of hers, she talks about things with Eva-Beatrice through her mind. She says that she was wrong by thinking that by attaining the Ushiromiya family headship she would be satisfied. At the time she saw that huge pile of gold, she started lusting for it, wanting it all for herself. At that time Eva-Beatrice was born. All because she couldn’t overcome that temptation. Eva-Beatrice isn’t just her heart from her days as a girl, she’s also the evil part of her heart. In that case though, Eva would be held responsible for the deaths of Rosa, Maria, Rudolf, Kyrie and even Hideyoshi himself. Upon hearing her husband’s name she loses it, crying out to learn the reason Eva-Beatrice killed him. Eva-Beatrice tells her that he was being noisy and obnoxius, and also blames her for choosing a husband like that. Eva finally breaks down to tears and tells her that a kid like her would never understand anything about how good Hideyoshi was. Kinda irritated by her, Eva-Beatrice reminds her she made all her dreams come true. After all, she had found the gold and obtained the headship. All the other dreams Eva made during her adulthood matter not for the witch, who now takes an aggresive stance over her. Eva makes clear they’re not the same person anymore and orders her to get lost. She does so, pissed off, leaving Eva behind her wondering if she really killed Hideyoshi.
Krauss lights up a smoke and Eva starts acting up to it, coughing. He immidiately apologizes and asks Natsuhi to bring her some water. Eva tells them she’s just fine and leaves the room to get some fresh air, telling them she’ll make coffee once she comes back. Natsuhi realizes that her husband actually cares about his brothers and sisters, who he’s been bullying so arrogantly all this time, after all. Someplace outside, Eva-Beatrice orders the Siestas to take both of their lives, which they do moments later using those cool arrows of them.
We now move to see Beato again, who had teleported with George to where Shannon’s dead body was lying. Having to use both her and George’s powers to give life back to Shannon, she asks him to try and remember Shannon’s form from when she were still alive. While the spell is being casted, she tries to realise the worth of a human life, seeing how hard George was trying for his lover’s sake. For her, death meant nothing more than just the front or back of a coin, which she could flip anytime. She comes to the conclusion that Endless Witches like her are somewhat inferior to humans, who live for a limited amount of time. At that time, the spell is cast and Shannon’s lifeless corpse is brought back to life. While they finally embrace again and exchange lovetalk, Eva-Beatrice orders the Siestas to shoot their new targets, who are no one other than our lovebirds. Another bolt of light strikes them in the form of an arrow and takes their lives away forevermore. Surprised and annoyed, Beato abandons the room, leaving their bodies behind. The Siestas ask Eva-Beatrice if it were a good move not to attack Beatrice herself at that time, where they had the upper hand. Eva-Beatrice assures them that Beato won’t be taken down so easily, and that they should wait before they make their move.
Meanwhile, Eva regroups with Nanjo and the rest of the teens, who are in search of George and Jessica’s parents. They start by searching at the rose gardens, where they come across two corpses. Natsuhi’s and Krauss’. Jessica goes mad, and so does Eva, who’s now more worried for her son’s life than ever. They both dash off to different directions, with Battler following Eva who searches for George, and Nanjo going after Jessica who’s crying over her dead parents’ bodies.
The scene moves on with Eva and Battler. They’re now inside the mansion searching for Eva’s (dead) son. Outside one of the mansion’s doors their’s another bloody symbol, this time having numbers drawn on top of it. The numbers read ‘07151129’ and coincidentally, Battler’s birthday is on the 15th of July. Eva writes them down before she unlocks the door to the room her dead son was at. George was lying next to Shannon, at the exact same spot they died at; nobody had moved them. Battler worries that he’s up next, ready to die and leave his little sister Ange behind, all alone. Jessica dashes into the room angrilly, Dr. Nanjo trying to calm her down. She blames Eva for the murders, since she was the only one who was with Krauss and Natsuhi. Eva pleads innocent and asks her why is George dead too, then. Jessica gets pissed off and attacks Eva, who shoots at bullet at her by accident, luckilly not hurting her more seriously than just a discharge injury at her eyes due to the fire. Eva flees the scene and Battler follows her, while Dr. Nanjo takes Jessica in for treatment.
Jessica’s injury was a minor one, only taking away her visibility for a small amount of time. All the time she was treated she babbled about how Eva is the real culprit, the one behind the murders. Dr. Nanjo however wasn’t as convinced as her and tried to calm her down before leaving the room to find Battler. That would never happen though, he was the next one. Eva-Beatrice herself appears before him to carry out the ninth twilight, which will let her free. He pleads for his life and tells her he has a sick grandchild to take care off. That wouldn’t stop her, of course, from killing him. Moving on, her next toy would be Jessica, who had zero anti-magic power and resistance, due having lost her sense of sight. Jessica cries out for Kanon to save her one last time.
For the episode’s grand finale, we have Beatrice deciding to bring Kanon back to life, so he can save her. Ronove warns her that there is a huge risk in this that she may lose her life. Still, she’s decided she’ll do it to prove Battler her worth. She orders Ronove to hide himself while bidding her farwell…
My thoughts:
Not much this week either, it was an OK episode I guess. Beatrice sure did it this time though, she hated Shannon so much for living her love and now there she is, giving back life not only to her, but risking her life to do the same for Kanon. Of course, we all know how’s Kanon gonna end up again, in case he’s brought back to life…
Beato dying right now is out of the question too… Right?

episode III-VI promotion

In this episode, Battler decides to aknowledge Beatrice as his opponent again only after she proves she’s a “real witch”, who actually uses her magic to help people, as magic was supposed to exist for. So, this time we see a totally different moe-Beatrice, who keeps on changing. She revives Shannon with the help of George and in the very end of the episode, she wishes to do the same with Kanon, even if that costs her her life. After all, she wants to keep playing with Battler no matter what…

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Episode 16: queening square

October 18, 2009
Eva-Beatrice is still in the spotlight. In this episode, she ditches the Seven Sisters of Purgatory after two of them fail to serve her rightly, and finds new ones. Yeah, they’re bunny girls… Oh right, Battler is still angry at Moe Beatrice, who is now more upset than ever. So, expect more Eva, more deaths, bunny girls and moe Beatrice~
The Ushiromiyas are gathered behind a door, worried about Rosa and Maria who went to find the rose but never came back. Since they’re not coming back, Rudolf decides to go alone outside and check things out. Hideyoshi returns to his room, where Eva was resting. She asks Hideyoshi what’s going on, and gets really upset when she learns they went out to search for the rose, telling him there’s a witch waiting for them at the gardens. Hideyoshi, however, doesn’t give much attention to what she’s saying, believing she just had a nightmare.
Meanwhile, in the gardens, Rudolf had discovered the corpses of Maria and Rosa. We’re immideatly sent to the game room, where Battler was sitting in again. Last time we saw him he leave it, after giving Beatrice what he though she deserved. Virgilia gives us a little information on how the victims died, much like to an autopsy. Battler still believes Beatrice is actually in control of Eva-Beatrice, and for that he says he’ll never forgive her. Poor Beato tries to explain the situation to him, but noooooo, he’s not willing to listen to a word. Instead he plays his move and blames the murders on Rosa, who accidentally killed Maria while trying to stop her from crying. Rosa herself died of bad luck, as she slipped and fell on the fence, still being upset with what she’s done. Beato tries to disprove him but she’s soon told to shut it and leave. Battler is just too angry to play games with her; a cruel witch who had -since the very beginning- enjoyed torturing people. Beatrice do as she’s asked, leaving Ronove behind her as her representative for the time being. Battler wants to resume the game now. By supposing that Rosa is the culprit and died in an accident, he denies witches. Renove disproves that possibility, as he states in red that both of them were killed by other people.
Rudolf has now regrouped with the Ushiromiyas and brought back Rosa’s shotgun. After examining it, they find out it still have all five of its bullets, leading them to the assumption the one who killed her must’ve been someone who she would let her guard down to. Natsuhi asks them to stop suspecting each other, and instead try to stay as safe as they can. Eva is struct by a headache again and as she sits down, time freezes and Eva-Beatrice appear, informing her she was the one who killed Rosa and Maria, and that she will continue following the ceremony, so her powers as a witch will be complete. Eva cries that she never wanted any of this, just the gold and the headship were enough, and so she begs her to stop. Tough luck. Eva-Beatrice tells her she’s not willing to stop, since she’s not the same as her anymore. Time unfreezes after she claims she’ll avoid killing Eva’s family to complete the epitaph. Hideyoshi, worried by her headache, leads her to their room once more, while Kyrie watches them in suspicion.
In the next scene, Kyrie tells Rudolf she wants to go outside to the mansion, get some canned food. Since it’s brightest outside now, the wisest choice would be to do it now. The lucky people who’re going are none other than Rudolf, Kyrie and Hideyoshi, who will be carrying the cardboard boxes with the food. Leaving with two men with shotguns and Kyrie’s intelligence, their survival chances are pretty much higher than Rosa’s; or so they believe…
They get into the mansion, and after Hideyoshi tries to play commander, they dash into the kitchen. Have I mentioned before I love this guy? Anyway, Eva-Beatrice decides to make this event fun and so she starts locking doors while unnoticable. Right after locking the whole mansion, she summons two of the Seven Sisters of Purgatory: Leviathan of Envy and Belphegor of Sloth. Eva-Beatrice orders them to kill as brutally as they can Rudolf and Kyrie, but leave Hideyoshi alone. But to that, they’re afraid they can’t do, since Beato has asked them to refrain from unnecessary cruetly.
In the kitchen, Hideyoshi finishes packing up food in a cardboard box and suggest it’s time they left. Kyrie feels a chill, as though they’re gonna get ambushed really soon, and agrees with him. Having everything they needed, they don’t waste time and Rudolf tries to unlock the back door of the kitchen. Too bad for him it’s locked. With no other choice, they leave from the front door, only to meet with the sisters a few moments later. The sisters are actually surprised mere humans like them predicted their ambush, but, well, it’s Kyrie we’re talking about here. Quickly, Rudolf and Kyrie (who were now holding the guns) shoot them but they’re faster to teleport and appear onto the air. The group of humans decides to retreat for now, splitting into three directions.
Now someplace else, Belphegor catches up with Rudolf and tells him she’ll kill him gently and fast. Rudolf howerver, smiles calmly and compliments her; much to her surprise. Soon enough they start fighting, and their powers are seemingly balanced. In the meantime, Leviathan had caught up with Kyrie and introduced herself offically this time. Kyrie laughs her title off, after all, she’s the only one who knows what true envy is; the same feeling she felt when Rudolf was tricked by Asumu, the mother of Battler, into marrying her. She shoots her right after. Returning to Rudolf, Eva-Beatrice makes her appearance in the scene and surprises Rudolf, who believes it’s her sister. He also shoots her, but she’s saved by Belphegor, who uses her body as a shield to take his bullet. Kyrie also catches up with Rudofl, and it’s now the two of them versus Eva-Beatrice. Or not…?
Eva-Beatrice had been pissed off at the Seven Sisters of Purgatory since their first meeting and so she decides to seek new furniture. She uses her powers to summon even stronger furniture to serve her. Out of nowhere, two bunny girls, Siesta 410 and Siesta 45 of the Dragon King appear to the scene. Rudolf and Kyrie now outnumbered decide to run for it. Resistance is futile however, as they’re soon shot by the Siestas, who are nothing else than a living sniper. Eva-Beatrice appears to be is quite satisfied by her new furniture. She decides to make the corpses sacrifises for the next twilights, but for now she’ll just play with them. It’s then Hideyoshi comes to the rescue to scold her! (That guy never lacks to surprise me).
Hideyoshi slaps and shakes her while trying to beat some sense into her. He tells her to stop acting cruel when she’s really a coward who actually understands how important and fragile a life is and calls her continuesly an idiot. Then, something unexpected happened. Eva-Beatrice got so pissed at him she shot him with one of the shotguns lying on the floor. So much for letting him live… Hideyoshi is now the sacrifise for the sixth twilight.
Eva-Beatrice is once more interested in playing with the dead -soon to be alive- corpses. She is halted, however, from Beato, who rushes into the scene to ask her why she disobeyed her. Eva-Beatrice asks her if she’s doing this to please her opponent and convince him he’s a witch, something she learned from Ronove (Who I think talks a little too much~). Eva-Beatrice explains that unlike Beato, she can be a witch without anyone aknowleding her, but nevertheless she’ll respect her out of her own free will. To set an end to this scene, she summons the Siestas to see Beato off, who leaves while saying she’ll enjoy seeing what Eva-Beatrice will get herself into.
Game room. Virgilia continues the reteling of the story from where we left it. Battler, Eva, George and Nanjo found the corpses lying in the mansion hall. They had stakes in the forhead, chest and stomach -same as ever. Battler asks Ronove to confirm the death of the corpses in red. He refuses to do so unless Battler accepts Beato as his opponent again. With a little further pushing from Virgilia, he agrees to. The servants then set off the room.
While the time was being frozen, Beato was sitting at the exact same spot Battler met Virgilia at a few episodes ago. Virgilia approaches her and tells her there’s a large difference between her and the current Beatrice. While Eva-Beatrice is satisfied with being a witch in this world, Beato wanted to be aknowledged as a witch even outside the game board and challenged Battler as her opponent to do so. She thought that if she showed him proof she’s a witch and made him surrender he’d aknowledge that. Virgilia explains that it’s the exact opposite, as Battler didn’t become her opponent to aknowledge her, but because he refused to aknowledge the existence of a brutal witch like her. In the end, she tries to make her understand that in order to make Battler accept witches, she has to act a little more sincere.
My thoughts:
None… I guess I would’ve appreaciated a little more Bern but… meh….
episode III-IV: isoalted pawn

episode III-V: queening square

Eva-Beatrice is still under the spotlight of Umineko. In this episode, she ditches the Seven Sisters of Purgatory after two of them fail to do justice to her orders, and finds new servants. Yeah, they’re bunny girls…

Oh right, Battler is still angry at Moe Beatrice, who is now more upset than ever. So, expect more Eva, deaths, bunny girls and moe Beatrice~

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Episode 15: isolated pawn

October 11, 2009
Beatrice makes Eva-Beatrice (The younger side of Eva) the new Beatrice, and passes down both the title of the Golden and Immortal Witch to her. We get to see tsundere Beato, even to the point of stealing repeating “Urusai” three times, and Battler using magic to teleport out of the room, annoyed. But the best thing about the episode is that we finally get to see some more Lamdadelta and Bernkastel. Yays for Umineko becoming more awesome week by week.
Eva was now in the room where the gold was stored. Without noticing, Rosa also enters and congratulates her for being faster to solve the epitaph’s riddle. Had she been five minutes faster, it would be her to be awarded the Ushiromiya head title. They both know they can decide the winner by shooting each other, but that’s out of the question since it’s too risky of the police finding out. They now move out where it’s raining, and instead, Rosa asks Eva to share only a bit of the gold with her, namely 150 million yen, by March. To that, Eva replies that she also have something to ask from her. She wants Rosa to wait a little before announcing they found the gold, as she wants to think of a fitting way to dethrown Krauss and Rudolf of their Ushiromiya head titles.
Back to the room, the other side of Eva (Future Eva-Beatrice) is complaining about how she should be the one to recieve the gold, and not them. Beatrice, who aknowledges that, appears before her and tells her she’ll be giving the gold, along with her title of the Golden/Endless witch to her, leaving her surprised. Beato congratules her on solving the riddle by giving her the Ushiromiya head ring and transports them to another room, where Ronove, the Sisters of Purgatory, Lamdadelta and Bernkastel are waiting to celebrate. Following, Eva kneels before Beatrice as she passes her titles and powers to her. The portrait of Beatrice in the background changes, and the new Eva-Beatrice appears into it as Eva accepts and takes the magical stuff from Beatrice’s hands.
Ronove, the Sisters, The Witches and the Goat Headed servant, all of them clap to congratulate her. The first to talk is Ronove, who introduces himself as her new personal assistant. Lamdadelta, reintroduced as the Witch of Certainty, furiously gets close to her and tells her to thank her for reccomending her to become the new Beatrice. Beato explains how Lamdadelta reccomended Eva to become the current Beatrice and how she became her guardian. Eva-Beatrice thanks her, kinda scared, something that displeases Lamdadelta who wants to take her reccomendation back. Bernkastel joins the conversation and tells Lamdadelta to take responsibility for what she’s done. She also says that from her point of view, Eva’s succession is more of a coincidence than a miracle, and thus, not worthy of her recommendation. Well, since she’s not too talkative, Beatrice makes the introductions instead. She says that Bern is very hard to please, and that Eva is lucky just to have her joining the celebration party. Bernkastel clears things by saying she only came because this is a rare event which only happens once in a thousand years. The Sisters of Purgatory have now the chance to introduce themselves too, to the new Beatrice. The kneel down and ask her to order them however she wants.
Time freeeeeze~ Back to the game room, Battler is confused once more. After all, his Aunt has just became the new Beatrice. Beato tells him she was also surprised by this; she never thought anyone would solve the epitaph. Battler asks for Virgillia to clear things up for him. She asks him to calm down, for starters, and then explains that this is just the way of passing down the title of the Golden Witch to Eva, and that everything the say up untill now is nothing more than a performance which shows how that title was passed on in a way that fits with her interpretation. A phony ceremony, as Battler calls it. It’s true that Eva solved the epitaph’s riddle and achieved becoming the Ushiromiya family headship and so, Beato acted that out as a succession ceremony. Putting that aside, he asks who that person who looks like a younger version of Eva is. Beatrice refuses to tell him, as he doesn’t believe in magic anyway. Ronove and Virgillia suggest that the most approporate way to think of her as of now, is as a representation of a being inside of Eva for now.
Since Beato has passed down her name to Eva, she must think of a new name for herself. For that, she stands up and asks for Battler’s suggestion. Her name has to be refined, elegant and just a little cute, as she says. Battler finds ‘Beato’ just good for her and decides to go by that, much to her displeasance.
Back to the Ushiromiyas now, Rosa and Eva return to the rest of the group, who have all woken up by now. Eva excuses themselves as being late because they were talking outside for a minute. Since she didn’t look really well, Hideyoshi checks for her temprature only to find out she has a fever. The two of them leave the others and head to their room so Eva can rest.
In their room now, Hideyoshi is trying to cool down Eva with his hands. Eva comments on how his hands are so cool, and that have never failed to make her fevers disappear. She wonders if magic exist. Hideyoshi replies that it exists for those who believe into it. Eva never believed in Beatirce. She though that if a witch did, in fact, exist in Rokkenjima, it would be the witch inside her heart. Hideyoshi listens to her explanation confused, as she keeps talking. That witch is nothing more than another part of her, who has always encouraged her. She’s scared because she knows that the witch has been provoked by Beatrice, and is becoming stronger and stronger, changing her to something she really isn’t, ready to swallow her. Screams can be heard from the outside and Hideyoshi leaves to check out what’s going on.
Of course, it was Maria, who was crying over her rose again, and Rosa who was trying pointlessly to make her shut up. Hideyoshi asks them what’s going on. Rosa relpies that Maria is worried about the rose in the garden and won’t listen to her. Hideyoshi leans forward and asks Maria kindly to be quiet, since Eva is trying to rest in the other room. Unwillingly to listen to him, she keeps on crying and Rosa breaks down and decides to do what she wants.
They are now in the gardens and Maria searches for her rose. Ultimately, she finds her. A beautiful flower with a golden tie tied around it. A lightning strikes, and Eva appears out nowhere. She tells Rosa she wants to talk about Kinzo’s gold again. Rosa asks her not to do it in front of her daughter and says she’ll keep her promise, so the only thing Eva has to worry about is giving her the 150 million. Upon hearing that, Eva bursts into laughter and Maria asks her who she is.
Back in Hideyoshi’s room, Eva is screaming in agony and asks him not to let her hand go. She says it feels like she’s been kidnapped by someone who isn’t her.
Returning back to the gardens now, Eva -who’s in two places at the same time, guess who’s the witch- refuses to give Rosa any money. She turns into her witch form and introduces herself as the Golden Witch, Beatrice. She’s no longer the one who was Rosa’s sister, and as a new Beatrice, she plans on making her own resurrection ceremony. For that, she asks Ronove for information about her powers, who tells her she can do whatever she feels like. Firstly, she sends Maria and Rosa into flying, and then crushes them to the ground -killing them. Afterwards, she ressurects them and makes them nearly drown in a sea of jelly before throwing a huge cake over their faces.
In the game room, Beato is enjoying the show put up by Eva to the fullest, something Battler is not. He asks her to make Eva stop but she refuses, saying she reminds her of when she also started using magic, messing around with everything. Desperate, he now turns to Virgilia to save Rosa. She tells him they can’t interfere with the game board, as they only exist outside of it. Beato pushes her luck further and asks them why are they making such a fuss over it, betting they both love this sort of thing which is happening. Battler had enough of her and slaps her, telling her he thought she might’ve been a little fun, but after this, he completely stopped believing it. He tells her never to appear in front of him again as he leaves the room. Beatrice wonders why did that happen. In a kinda childish way, she asks Virgilia’s opinion about it. Her teacher replies she has nothing in particular to say other than she may continue to watch this if she finds it fun. She leaves the room. Beato now asks Ronove who starts laughing. Even as a demon he is, he actually understands Battler’s feelings to a degree. Beato wonders if Battler really hates her that much… Is this the start of a new romance?!  Ronove calls her thick headed for not understanding Battler, and she replies somewhat tsundere-ish, repeating “Urusai” three time. She points at Ronove and dismisses him.
And now, back to the gardens for our finale. Maria is crying while Eva-Beatrice is making fun of them and wonders what they should play next. Beato comes to the rescue and tells her to be a little more elegant about her killings. Eva wonders where did that come from, as she heard from Ronove a while back that Beato’s magic was much more brutal. Beatrice replies that she might’ve overdone it a bit. She tells her to step back and let her handle it for this once. As Beato gets ready to kill them, Rosa begs her to at least spare Maria. Maria cries and asks her what’s gonna happen to their promise about going to the Golden Land together. The witch says she can no longer keep that promise, now that she isn’ Beatrice anymore. The only thing she can do as an apology is take Maria’s life peacefuly, using the same technique Genji used for Shannon and Kanon. For Rosa though, her death is a bit more brutal. Beato lifts her to the skies and drops her to the fence which pierces her.
Eva is disappointed by Beato’s use of magic, which she now calls elegantly. Nevertheless, Beatrice decides to take leadership for now and show her how things are done. Followingly, she summons Ronove and the Sisters of Purgatory to announce them her decision about how killings will now be taken out -less flashy, that is. With that, she dismisses everyone and asks for Eva to be a litte more reasonal before leaving the area.
My thoughts:
First of all and most important: I was really looking forward for more witches, or rather, more Bernkastel. Seems like my prayers were finally answered. Those few minutes she got on screen were perfect for my eyes.
Moving onto the new Beatrice, this is something Beato didn’t plan. I wonder what is she gonna do now and perhaps, if she’ll fight against Beato at a certain point.
And talking about Beatrice, she seemed a little childish in this episode and less serious, as we’ve seen in the past. Is she undergoing some character change or something? Oh well, again, nothing new about her eyes this week either.
Generally, this was a really nice episode. We got to see more witches than ever, more Lamdadelta, Battler getting pissed of at Beatrice, Eva torturing Rosa and Maria (Why do these two always have to die like this?) and of course, Frederica Bernkastel!
Oh well, that’s all for now. Perhaps I’ll be blogging the rest of Higurashi before next Saturday but meh… See ya~

episode III-IV: isoalted pawn

Beatrice makes the other Eva (The younger side of Eva) the new Beatrice, and passes down both the title of the Golden and Immortal Witch to her. We get to see tsundere Beato, even to the point of repeating “Urusai” three times, and Battler using magic to teleport out of the room, annoyed. But the best thing about the episode is that we finally get to see some more Lamdadelta and Bernkastel. Yays for Umineko becoming more awesome week by week.

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