Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 249

November 18, 2009

Hayate has to make a very important decision this chapter.

Last time, after Isumi’s ‘Seven Divine Generations’ technique was defeated by Machina, she had no choice but to retreat, and teleported everyone away using her Secret Technique. The group ended up somewhere in the ocean, and after getting out, Isumi explained that the Honored Spirit and Athena were merging, and the only way to seperate them and save Athena was to either give the King’s Jewel to them or destroy it. Sakuya suggested giving the King’s Jewel and then taking it back, but Isumi said that it would be far too great a risk, as the world could be destroyed, and then proceeds to get ready to destroy the King’s Jewel instead.

On another note, next week’s chapter would mark 5 years of serialization, and the cover and several pages would be done in colour to commemerate the occation.

Isumi is insistent on annihlating the King's Jewel

The chapter starts out where the last one left off. Isumi pulled out one of her talismans, requesting permission to destroy the King’s Jewel from Hayate. Hayate immediately rejects the idea, telling her that even if she was the one asking to do it, he couldn’t let her. Isumi pauses for a moment, and despite Hayate’s disapproval, and takes out more talismans and prepares to destroy the stone anyway, telling Hayate that while she doesn’t intend to hurt him, she will destroy the King’s Jewel, by force if necessary. Sakuya pulls Isumi’s Kimono, telling Isumi to wait for a moment. Sakuya asks why Isumi was in a hurry to destroy the jewel, and Sakuya further explains that while it could be a jewel/stone that has the potential to destroy the world, it could also be a precious memento to Hayate. Sakuya tells Isumi that she can’t just destroy the stone, and that Isumi should ask Hayate about the circumstances first. Hayate explains that it wasn’t a memento, but if someone was to obtain the stone or destroy it, Sanzenin Nagi would lose her inheritance. Sakuya and Isumi were completely surprised by this, and Hayate further went on to explain the details. Sakuya asks if it was possible that they could trick Athena by destroying a fake King’s Jewel in front of her, but Isumi says thatit was impossible that Athena could mistake the fake one for the real deal. Sakuya sighs, and takes out her handphone. Hayate asks who Sakuya was calling, and Sakuya replied that she was calling Nagi’s Mikado Sanzenin himself. As Sakuya calls Mikado, she says that she wanted to ask him about the King’s Jewel, and Mikado immediately told Sakuya to hand the phone over to Hayate.

Cleverly disguised attempt to avoid drawing more frames by the author

Sakuya passes the phone to Hayate, who starts talking to Mikado on the other end. Mikado starts by telling Hayate that it seemed like Hayate understood the rules, and Hayate asked what he was talking about. Mikado explains that the whole thing was a test over whether or not Hayate could be a Butler of the Sanzenin Family, and that it was a test to see whether or not Hayate was willing to sacrifice someone to protect his master(that being Nagi). Nagi’s grandfather tells Hayate that there won’t be any changes to the conditions of the deal with the King’s Jewel, and if Hayate were to lose it or get it destroyed, Nagi will instantly lose her inheritance, and along with her right to become Mikado’s successor. Nagi’s grandfather, Mikado, probably in an attempt to make Hayate feel worse, thoroughly describes the process, saying that Nagi would lose her mansion, the trillions of Yen she would be getting, the ability to use the private jet planes or the Sanzenin villas, and finishes it off with the fact that no matter how hard she works, Nagi would never be able to get that kind of fortune again if she loses it all. While it seemed like Nagi would only lose the luxurious life she was having, Mikado reminds Hayate that Nagi has been completely spoiled by money, and that she had been protected by it ever since she was born, and asks whether or not Hayate thinks Nagi could live without money.(The answer is obviously no) Mikado tells Hayate that if Hayate chooses Athena over Nagi, he would be fine with it, but if that happens, Hayate will lose his job and Nagi her inheritance, and adds that Hayate would most likely become Athena’s butler again. Mikado further explains, saying that Hayate’s 150 Million Yen would be transferred onto Athena if that happened. Hayate, after pausing for a moment, asks why Mikado was doing all this. And in one of the freakiest plot twists I have ever came across, it appears that the Santa Clause from Chapter 1 was actually Mikado Sanzenin… seriously, that was really random. Regardless, Mikado tells Hayate that even if he were to become Santa, he wouldn’t give Hayate any presents, which is what the Santa from Chapter 1 told Hayate as well. Mikado finishes off by telling Hayate to choose the conclusion he wants, but tells Hayate to not tell either Nagi or Maria about the situation, and hangs up.

It turns out that the Santa from Chapter 1 in Hayate's dreams were actually Mikado Sanzenin... somehow.

Sakuya comments that Mikado seemed serious, and Hayate told the two about what had happened over the phone. Isumi said that she would investigate the King’s Jewel and Athena, and then turns to Hayate. Isumi asks Hayate to make his decision within a day, and Hayate is confused by what Isumi is talking about. Isumi elaborates that there are 3 choices now. Hayate could first of all destroy the King’s Jewel, which would save Athena but bring misfortune upon Nagi. The Second possibility is that if the King’s Jewel is either taken away or Hayate gives it away, the Honored Spirit would have won and it would be unlikely that Athena can be saved, while Nagi still has her misfortune. Or lastly, Hayate can hold on to the stone. Isumi explains that the merger between the Honored Spirit and Athena was accelerating, and that in a few days, it would have progressed so much that it would be near-impossible to seperate them. Isumi explains that Athena would not die if they merged, nor would she be filled with evil. Isumi says that if the merger ever finishes, she will look into it with help from her family, to see if they can seal off her powers. However, Isumi explains that if the merger is ever complete, even with the sealing off of Athena’s powers, she can never go back to what she was like before the merger. Athena would become a completely different person, to the point no one would recognize her as her old self. Isumi tells Hayate that if he protects the stone, while Athena might be hurt, Nagi would be protected. Isumi then asks Hayate a very important question.

“Who is the most precious person to you?”

Now is the moment of truth... Theoratically next week is, actually.

Interesting chapter, although I do admit I don’t get some things. Firstly, I still think Sakuya’s idea of handing the stone over and then taking it back is plausible, at the very least compared to every other choice. This chapter was more or less focusing on who Hayate cares for more: Nagi or Athena. Admittedly, after all I’ve seen, I think the realistic choice would frankly be Athena. But then again, since Nagi is the main heroine, it makes you doubtful. Though, to be honest, I don’t see what so hard about the choice. It’s essentially Athena’s life vs Nagi’s money. On the more likely scale, Hayate would probably give a very vague response which involves saving both of them to Isumi in the next chapter. Also, whether it was meant as a joke or not, it seems that the Santa Clause from Chapter 1 was actually Nagi’s grandfather, although the Santa only appeared to Hayate in a dream. However, Mikado said the exact same words as him, and we even get a Santa flashback during that moment. If this wasn’t another gag and was meant to be taken seriously, we can probably assume Mikado had manipulated Hayate since the beginning, even before he was hired by Nagi. How Mikado went into Hayate’s dream, I dunno, probably another Secret Technique, but seeing as Hayate had a past relationship with Athena, it wouldn’t be surprising that Mikado, who also knew Athena quite well, would have attempted to manipulate Hayate over to his side after Hayate/Athena event 10 years ago.

Though, on the side of further speculation, although it seems that the King’s Jewel plot had been brought about quite fully, there are still many things which need to be expanded upon. For example, the other King’s Jewels, like the one Wataru has. While Isumi is completely terrified of letting the Honored Spirit get Hayate’s one as it could apparently end the world, I always had the idea all of the King’s Jewels were needed. After all, Mikado had stated on one occasion that he was after the funny power that everyone has been talking about. However, if you only need one King’s Jewel to obtain this power, Mikado would have done so a long time ago, seeing as he was the one who gave Hayate his in the first place. Henceforth, I don’t really see the danger in letting the Honored Spirit get one of them, throttle the brains out of it and save Athena, and then get the King’s Jewel back, as I don’t think one King’s Jewel would be enough for the Honored Spirit to do much. Then again, we’re still in the dark about this, so yeah. On another note, I’m interested in what would happen to Hayate’s brother, whether or not he will get an expanded role, which I feel is extremely likely in the future. So yeah, good chapter.

-Ryu Yuki


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