Kimi ni Todoke 6 : Falling Tears make a Rainbow

November 18, 2009

Get your tissues ready people...

Oh my… I’m so happy I can blog again… It’s been a while since I was able to download something due to my lovely internet provider who keeps a limit on the amounts of downloading and uploading.

Anyway let’s get to business since we’re at it. Kimi ni Todoke 6, one word : epic. Please read on to what might’ve been the best drama episode of the year. Ofcourse, one episode doesn’t make a whole series. So to get what happened, you might wanna read the previous posts here.

The episode starts with a long, long ago flashback to elementary school. Sawako narrates that none really hated her during that time.

eeeh... zutto...

The children invite her to play and Sawako happily accepted. One day, one of her classmates accidentally called her Sadako and so the nickname was created.  In Middle School, the nickname and Sawako’s appearance created the now famously ghost related rumors. And one rumor led to another, eventually in high school Sawako became the curse spreading monster girl.

Back in the present, we get a small re-airing of what happened last time. The girl pushes Sawako against the wall and threatens her.

Kazehaya arrives at school at the same time and walks upstairs when he suddenly notices a crowd in front of the girl’s restroom. The people mummer about Sawako being in a fight with Class-A girls.  Some girls tells Kazehaya that Sawako even started the fight. One of the Kazehaya fanboys wonders why there’s a fight, another answers that it must be because of the rumors. Kazehaya clenches his fists and shouts that Sawako would never do such a thing.

Chizuru and Ayane arrive at the scene and when they hear what’s going on, they push themselves through the crowd. Ryu, who was standing beside Kazehaya the whole time, asks Kazehaya if he’s holding something back. Kazehaya replies that he is, but he isn’t the one who should be settling this.

Meanwhile, Sawako tells the bitch she’s wrong about the rumors, but she laughs with Sawako’s reply. When Sawako continues saying that she hurts the two girls’ feeling, the bitch loses her temper and throws Sawako down.

Sawako, the fallen one

The bitch confronts Sawako with the fact that Sawako is the one who’s been spreading the rumors about Ayane and Chizuru. Sawako goes into question mark mode, the bitch repeats her statement and finally Sawako is shocked.

Yes, YOU are Kira!

Meanwhile again, Ayane and Chizuru enter the restroom. Sawako continues that she would never say something bad about them. The two appear behind the group of bitchy girls, but for now they don’t realize a thing. The bitch pushes Sawako against the wall with her foot saying Sawako only used the two to get closer to Kazehaya. She goes on saying Sawako’s an eyesore and that she should just stay away from everyone.

But then, Sawako’s resolve shows up. Sawako shouts the girl is wrong and should take back what she just said. She tells about her feelings for the Ayane and Chizuru, how they were there for her when everyone else ignored her. A flashback backs Sawako’s feelings even more clear… The moment were Chizuru asked Sawako if she liked them, this time it continues with the answer.

Now this is why romance beats action anime ;o;

After that, the two makes their appearance and push the bitch away. Chizuru tells the bitch to bugger off. The bitch complains at first saying Chizuru has nothing to do with it, but when Chizuru shows her golden duo…

Really...what's the extra doing in the background?!

The bitch decides to take her leave. Sawako however, wants her to state it clear first. The bitch is annoyed but takes her words back from earlier. (Sawako 1 – Bitch 0)

Sawako is relieved and happily tells the two that the others finally understand it were lies. The two feel guilty and say they didn’t really care about the rumors. Ofcourse, Sawako’s feelings were a lot more important to them. Sawako looks at the two and starts crying while thanking them.

Once again… in the meantime, Kazehaya is still outside the restroom (duh it’s girl’s only). The fanboys ask him if they said something wrong to make him mad. Kazehaya angrily shouts he’s not angry and then notices the bitches walking out the restroom. When pass by him, he says…

just imagine the arrows hitting the bitches now 8D

The bitch stops and Kazehaya indirectly says to them that they should’ve known the rumors fake to start with. The fanboys, who think the words were addressed to them, admit they were wrong. Soon after, the whole crowd starts admitting it and say positive stuff about Sawako. Kazehaya finally smiles and thanks them for believing in Sawako.

In the restroom, Sawako tells about how she wanted to get along with everyone, but after messing up so many times, a part of her heart had already given up. However, that didn’t work for Ayane and Chizuru. She kept on thinking about them and how she couldn’t give up on them. She admits she doesn’t know how the cheer them up when they feel bad, but she wants to be with them.

In herself, Sawako says she’s being really selfish now, but despite that, the two of them are listening to her without looking away. Finally, Sawako says what she should’ve said a lot earlier…

That must've been harder for her than a love confession...

Ayane speaks up after that. She asks Sawako if she was gonna end up hurting them when she got involved with them too much. But even though that, she still wanted to be with Ayane and Chizuru. Ayane walks over to Sawako and hugs her saying she’s an idiot. Chizuru starts sobbing and says she’s ashamed for doubting Sawako and then says what really was the problem here…

Yeah...that explains a lot now

Sawako finally realizes and Chizuru goes into her emotional outburst mode.

Now let's spread some yuri rumors! yeah!

The people outside overhear it and finally Kazehaya also receives the happy message.

Then, it’s time for some comedy! Pin appears on screen thinking the fight’s still going on. He squeezes through the crowd and heads inside the girl’s room (perv.) He’s disappointed to find a yuri scene instead of a fighting scene.

why isn't he happy with the yuri?! I bet he has a thing for Ryu.

Pin leaves as fast as he arrived. Eventually, everyone leaves the scene and heads back to their classes. The trio also leaves, but Sawako stops when she sees Kazehaya. He’s standing at distance, but his smile is clearly visible. Sawako tells in herself that he’s words of encouragement kept on echoing in her mind when she stood her ground against the class A girls. Sawako smiles brightly and Kazehaya blushes upon seeing her face.

Some days later… the exams ended and the results are up. Sawako scored worse than usual but is still placed 30th on the board. However, thanks to her notes, the class result was a lot better than usual. As a result, she’s praised as a Zashiki Warashi.

Obey Sawako!

Well, it’s still a term related to a ghost, but Sawako feels happy. People started watching her in a different light.

The two girls invite Sawako over for ramen and Kazehaya now realizes that he’ll have less time with Sawako due to that. But upon leaving the classroom, Sawako turns around and smiles brightly once again. Kazehaya goes into emo mode and sulks about it.

Outside, Sawako’s elementary school friend notices that she made up with the two and wishes them the best. The two starts teasing Sawako about, making her say she likes them over again. The two laughs and address her with Sawako… instead of Sadako.

In school again, the bitchy girls are still talking about how Kazehaya said he hates girls who spread dirty rumors. One of them says that bitch (who’s apparently named Yuka, for those who care) was in love with him. Yuka was overhearing them and runs away crying.

The beautiful girl from a few episodes ago was also eavesdropping and says to herself that it’s logical Kazehaya would hate girls who cause such commotion. We get a free flower shot with that.

Dun dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnn~


Thoughts :

No overreacting. This episode was top notch in so many ways. I haven’t been this moved by an episode since… Clannad I think. Then again, I’m quite easily moved so it might be wrong. Anyway this episode was great, I loved how Sawako finally stood up for herself and showed some spine. We all kinda knew it was gonna turn out this way somehow, but the music and artwork really gave a boost to Sawako’s feelings.

Now the beautiful stranger appeared again. It has been a while, she didn’t appear during the whole rumor arc, but I think she still is the biggest suspect of spreading them. I wonder what her next move will be~

Keep on track for this, the next episode’ll follow soon.

Kyon, at your service again


One comment

  1. Lolz Aya Hirano. Pin is amazing as always.

    I know who is spreading those rumors! It’s Lilicia!

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