Asura Cryin’ 2 Episode 7 (EX020) – Traitors and Casualties

November 17, 2009


After getting into trouble thanks to Torishima Hiwako and Picasso Kamen, the Science Club is confronted by the Kantou Student Council. Of course, that doesn’t stop the duo from targetting them. The duo takes some hostages in the form of Ania and Tokiya-buchou in exchange for Tomoharu… but which one?

Expect lots of action, plot twists, more revelations and backstabbing everywhere! Also, lots of casualties! Named characters going around getting severely injured.

Last episode summary:

After discovering Natsume Naotaka’s grave, weird things start happening. Tomoharu is chased by a masked person, who is acquainted with the ice phoenix woman, named Torishima Hiwako. Meioutei, Tomoharu’s home, is blown to smithereens in the process. Having nowhere to go, he seeks refuge in Shuri’s home. Shuri acquired the services of the Second Student Council to protect Ania and Tokiya. While resting inside the chapel, Tomoharu is confronted by a man who claims to be Natsume Naotaka, who is actually Natsume Tomoharu from the First Stage World. NaoTomo reveals the incidents that led to Misao being turned into a Burial Doll. Soon after disappearing, the Kantou Student Council arrive to arrest the Science Club.

Episode 7 (EX020):

Starting off with the last scene, with Kanade calming down and then fainting, Haruna and some guards barge inside the chapel to arrest the Rakurowa Science Club for using their powers to outside the city and reckless use of a Daughter.

Opening song: Alternative (オルタナティブ) by angela

Inside different jail cells, the Science Club are held. Ania in one, Misao and Tomoharu in another, and Kanade and Shuri in another one.

Ania complains about being detained but Tomoharu tells her to direct her complaints to the GD and not to him. Shuri tells Kanade to not do anything reckless because it’s the only way to stop her Hizaika.

Meanwhile, Rikka and Mahiwa are being questioned inside Haruna’s office. Mahiwa explains that it was Picasso Kamen who attacked them and Rikka adds that she only arrived to help. However, because of their unreliable history, Haruna chooses not to believe them. She calls in the next complainant, which is Ania.

Ania proceeds inside and Haruna asks her what happened. Ania tells her that she is way over her head this time. It is a very serious matter and she knows that Picasso Kamen will definitely come after them. The odds of that happening without even using probability manipulation is… 100%.

"Must... break... window..."

Rikka, Mahiwa and Ania exclaim that Picasso Kamen is behind Haruna. Haruna looks behind her but sees nothing and shrugs it off as a mere trick, but then Picasso Kamen breaks in through the window again, no motorcycle this time though. Picasso Kamen goes straight for Ania and holds a knife in front of her throat. Haruna quickly acts and summons Aenka, her Asura Machina.

Chiyohara Haruna and her Asura Machina, Aenka.

Aenka wraps Ania and Picasso Kamen with explosive threads. Haruna warns Picasso Kamen that if she tries to cut it loose, they’ll all explode. Much to everyone’s surprise, Picasso Kamen does cut it and they all explode.

This allowed the rest of the Science Club to escape their cells and check on what happened. They discovered that the office was now in ruins. Mahiwa, Rikka and Haruna were all knocked down. Shuri supports Rikka up a bit and asks her what happened. Rikka explained to them that Picasso Kamen got Ania.

Just show her some cash and she'll revive.

The Science Club (minus ToKoala and Ania) make their way outside. Tomoharu asks Shuri where they are going to and she explains that an Asura Machina’s power is useless against Picasso Kamen, as she suspects it is an Ex-Handler. To combat an Ex-Handler, they need the assistance of another Ex-Handler… Tooru-kaichou!

They reached the school and Shuri says that Tooru is normally in her office at that time. They spot Tooru walking down the stairs.

Tomoharu immediately runs over to the building to call out for Tooru but…

Picasso Kamen does not only like busting through windows, she also likes blowing stuff up. Hiwako and Picasso Kamen are always a step ahead Tomoharu and company, it seems. They somehow knew they would go to Tooru for help, so they blew her up. Luckily, Tooru doesn’t seem to be dead yet but she was transported to the nearest hospital.

The group (now only consisting of Kanade, Shuri, Tomoharu and Misao) think about the situation inside the Science Club room. Shuri finds it strange because if Hiwako and Picasso Kamen were really aiming to kill them, they would have done so easily now. There must be a catch somewhere. For now, they should wait for the duo to contact them instead. Soon after that, they received a mail through Ania’s laptop.

Hiwako and Picasso Kamen wants Tomoharu in exchange for their two hostages, which are Ania and surprisingly, Tokiya. The meeting place is Meioutei’s ground zero at midnight. To their surprise, Yoh was also there inside the room now.

"Don't fight~ Everyone can be in my harem~!!"

Yoh offers her help with the case. The Kantou Student Council was issued a command on eliminating Torishima Hiwako, so she can gladly help them, but she wants to be the one who will kill Hiwako. Shuri doesn’t like it a bit and then Tomoharu stands up, saying that they should all go together.

Kanade also wants to go but Shuri tells her to stay. At midnight, Misao, Tomoharu and Shuri arrive at the site of the Meioutei. Yoh hides behind some debris in the meantime.

So that's how Yoh appeared out of nowhere earlier...

Shortly afterwards, Hiwako’s group arrives, riding the ice phoenix.

"THIS is how you make an entrance."

Hiwako proposes a simple deal. Tomoharu will walk towards them. Halfway across, they will release Ania and when Tomoharu reaches them, they will release Tokiya. Misao asks Hiwako what they intend to do with Tomoharu but Hiwako tells her that she wouldn’t understand even if she told her. Tomoharu starts walking to the hostages.

At the halfway point, they untie Ania and allows her to go to Tomoharu. But as Ania was secured, Yoh comes out of hiding and tells them that there will be no deal. She summons Shirogane and attacks!


Hiwako couldn’t react quickly but her ice phoenix Daughter takes the hit with its wing but the song pierces through. Picasso Kamen jumps into action but is blocked by Shuri’s missiles. Chaos quickly spreads. Tomoharu takes Ania to safety and then summons Kurogane to attack the ice phoenix. Hiwako also joins in the action with her ice sword and attacks Tomoharu. But he was saved by Takatsuki’s flame sword.

Because elemental swords are cool.

Kanade promises Tomoharu that she will protect him until the end. Hiwako notes that in Kanade’s condition, she won’t be able to defeat a Torishima. Nonetheless, they start fighting with their elemental swords (Hyou-ou for Hiwako and Engetsu for Kanade). Tomoharu can see signs of the Hizaika around Kanade and tries to stop the fight but the ice phoenix gets in the way. Kurogane smashes the phoenix but it simply regenerates its lost part.

In the meantime, Shuri and Picasso Kamen fight. As Picasso Kamen is placed in a distance afar Shuri, Yoh summons Shirogane from a dimensional rift and slashes Picasso Kamen. Picasso Kamen was able to block the sword with her dagger but is overpowered by the large force. Her dagger was destroyed and her mask was cut… revealing her to be…

Dun dun... duuuuuun!

Plot twist! Everyone thought Tooru was in the hospital. But she was actually Picasso Kamen. Yoh was most shocked and Tooru uses that opportunity to stab Shirogane’s core. Shirogane loses its Burial Doll and Yoh faints, calling Yukari’s name (or what she believes is Yukari) while Shuri calls out to… well… Shuri-neesan (there was an episode in season one which revolved around Shuri being actually Yukari, her twin sister. Yoh mistook the real Shuri for Yukari… and so Yukari lived as Shuri).

Shuri collapses in disbelief and Ania comforts her. Yoh was knocked out. Tokiya just sits there, shocked. Kurogane’s dark energy ball thing was simply defeated by Tooru’s sword. Kanade falls down on her knees, on the verge of disappearing. Tomoharu doesn’t know what to do anymore. He tells Hiwako that he’ll do anything he wants, just stop this slaughter. Hiwako tells him that he’s already doing what they want, being cornered and despairing.

The last resort...

Another energy ball hits the ice phoenix, knocking it down. This time, it was from Hagane… and NaoTomo. NaoTomo speaks up and mentions that the reason why history is being messed up is because of… Kitsutaka Tooru.

Part B:

Tooru says something about NaoTomo’s plan to destroy the Central Vortex, assuming from their conversation, it is something that allows travel between worlds. NaoTomo doesn’t seem all that concerned and says that even Tooru cannot stop his Hagane. Hagane uses a giant dark ball to attack the ice phoenix. Hiwako explains that Hagane is using the combined powers of Kurogane and Shirogane’s space powers, which now allows complete control over space.

NaoTomo claims that Hagane is the complete form of both Shirogane and Kurogane. It is impossible to defeat. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard by everyone. It’s time for a game of “Who Got Shot?” We were given 10 seconds to find out who got shot… and apparently, it was loudmouth NaoTomo.

That's just what you get for talking too much...

He drops down and Hagane starts to deactivate. And then we see who shot NaoTomo.

Direct attack!

Hagane’s core opens, and they all see a person who looks exactly like Kanade inside! Surely enough, it IS First Stage World’s Takatsuki Kanade!

First Stage World's Takatsuki Kanade, Hagane's Burial Doll.

Hiwako quickly sends an icicle to break open Hagane’s core and the Shaieitai Kanade disappears. After that, NaoTomo also disappears in front of Tomoharu. He doesn’t get what’s happening and then Hiwako starts attacking Kanade and Tomoharu, calling them spares. Shuri blocks, saying that Tomoharu should escape with Kanade and Ania but she gets stabbed after her missiles ran out. She was then finished off by the ice phoenix.

Inverted colors for your protection!

As Hiwako attempts to kill Tomoharu, Tokiya stops her, saying that it’s enough. They already have what they want and Hiwako calls him aruji or “master”. Tokiya starts explaining the situation. He cornered Tomoharu to lure out NaoTomo and he successfully killed him, also taking Hagane’s altar/suitcase.

Tokiya further explains the relationship of Handlers and the Asura Machina. Whenever a Handler becomes one, they are injected with nanomachines. When the Burial Doll that powers an Asura Machina is removed, the nanomachines become a magic-repellant. Thus, Ex-Handlers may also be a good candidate for Burial Dolls. Tokiya adds that Kagakagiri had wished to have a special item and use it without even knowing what it is, which he revealed to be Natsume Naotaka’s Asura Machina’s suitcase (the one Hiwako stole in episode 4).

What? You don't have to be naked when being offered, right?

Tooru starts to sacrifice herself to Hagane’s altar and Kurogane tries to stop her, but the ice phoenix (named Charlize) stops it. Now it is confirmed that Hiwako is Tokiya’s Contracted Demon and Charlize is his Daughter. Tokiya again starts explaining stuff, saying that the power of the Daughter and Hagane will allow him to become an unstoppable Asura Cryin’. He also has in his possession the Igniter that the GD thought had been lost and Ania was researching.

Tokiya and the Igniter.

Tokiya now reveals his motives: He plans to go to the past and create a Third Stage World, a world with Aki. This explains why Tooru had gone along with Tokiya’s plan. But because Tomoharu did help him with the plan, he invites Tomoharu over to join him in the new world.

Tokiya used Madman Smirk!

Before Tomoharu could respond, Kanade holds his hand. Tomoharu looks at her for a second and then faces Tokiya… declining his offer. Tomoharu swears that he will do everything to stop Tokiya’s lunacy. He orders Kurogane to attack while Tokiya summons Hagane.

It was a quick and hardly a battle. Hagane’s power was as Tokiya and NaoTomo said; overwhelming Kurogane completely. But as Hagane uses too much power, the space around it starts to become warped. Hiwako and Tokiya start to get eaten up by the space. Ania quickly acts and bites Tokiya’s hand, taking the Igniter away from him. But the force of gravity is too powerful that it also starts to suck her up. Tomoharu and Kanade come to the rescue and grabs onto Ania’s hand. They all get sucked up ultimately.

They were then seen inside a rift in space…

I wonder if that's where Rex and Rudger are...

Tomoharu hears Misao’s voice, saying that she is with Tomoharu always. As he opens his eyes, all three of them are enveloped by a bright light… and the episode ends there.

Closing song: Kanata no delight (彼方のdelight) by angela


Engetsu – Kanade’s sword made of flames using her supernatural Demon abilities. It means “Flaming Moon”.

Hyou-ou – An ice naginata that Hiwako uses. It could mean “Ice King”.


My head is still spinning… what just happened here? Geez, Picasso Kamen not only likes breaking through windows, she also loves blowing stuff up.

It almost made me feel like I’m rewatching Code Geass R2… lots of plot twists in just a single episode. Everything just came out of nowhere, you don’t know who’s in whose side anymore. I almost failed to keep up with the battle scenes because there are too many things happening. But I have to admit, this is the best episode I’ve seen of season two so far. Action-packed excitement and even lots of characters taking huge damage.

Casualties include Rikka-kaichou, Mahiwa, GD’s Chiyohara Haruna, Yoh, Shuri, Tooru who became Hagane’s new Burial Doll, First Stage World’s Tomoharu and Kanade. It’s a killing spree! Season two is really above season one in terms of action.

In any case, the first time I saw the OP, I had thought it was Tooru underneath the Picasso Kamen but because of episode 2, I removed it from my mind that she could be it, even after it was hinted that Picasso Kamen was an Ex-Handler. So I have to admit, I was a bit shocked. We also now know what is up with the OP. I had a feeling that was Tokiya with the multiple Asura Machina but I didn’t know he’d be a villain.

We also now know the reason why Kurogane and Shirogane are in the OP back-to-back, and it seems the third Asura Machina is Hagane.

I have every reason to say that this is such a good episode that my head hurts from all the action and backstabbing going around. It’s also funny that Ania still calls Tokiya “koala”.

Next episode:

Completely different from the previous one. It seems all Christmas-sy. But we get to see new characters. The one from the OP and then… the one who looks like Ania from the First Stage World. Actually, it may be the First Stage World. They were sucked up by that huge space after all.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



  1. holy *bleep* on a *bleep*
    what an episode… it’s not like rewatching R2… IT IS R2 in 1 episode!!
    but still, I liked it… lots of drama and plottwists. Really funny… when they reveal there’s an option for a second world, they go ahead and kill the whole world1 cast like they’re extras.
    I didn’t expect Koala to be the main villain so yeah… that caught me off-guard, same with Tooru being Picasso Kamen.
    But she provided fanservice, so I’ll forgive her for that. :3

    Rating for the episode : 10 for shocks!
    Good job chief *pats* it must’ve been hell to write this… @.@

  2. To me, it’s look like Modern Warfare 2 IN ANIME! It’s Asura Modern Cryin’ Warfare 2!!!

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