Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 112 – Return of the Immortals

June 5, 2010

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have an arc to star on."

Well, I take back what I said about this arc being a filler arc. It seems this arc is going somewhere after all.

With Jack looking around for power, he encounters the Crimson Devil’s servant, who leads him to an underground ritual for his step to power. The ritual? Surprise, surprise! It’s a card game. But now we learn of the Crimson Devil’s true identity.

Read on for more hilarity.

Last time on 5D’s…

Bommer sees a dream where Jack gets eaten up by his own power. Fearing for Jack’s well-being, he calls Yusei and Jack over to tell them about Jack’s new playing style. Jack sees this as irrelevant, and Bommer wants to test him in a Riding Duel.

Jack’s opponent is none other than Bommer’s younger brother, Max. Things become weird when Max’s eyes start taking on a flame-like glow. Max’s Deck also turns different, and almost wipes out Jack, if he hadn’t crashed off the course. Jack becomes stubborn and leaves them to find some answers on his own.

Episode Details
Episode No.: 112
Episode Title: The Crimson Devil (紅蓮の悪魔)
Opening Song: BELIEVE IN NEXUS – Endou Masaki
Ending Song: Close to you – ALvino
Featured Duel: Jack vs Familiar/Crimson Devil’s servant (Part 1)
Key Card: Yomi Ghoul

And so…

A quick recap of what happened in the last scenes of the last episode with Jack going off-course after taking a hit from his own monster, then leaving Yusei and Bommer behind.

Jack contemplates on what transpired last episode, and came to the conclusion that he was afraid of his power demolishing himself. In order to defeat something like that, he needs more power.

Soon, he reaches a small village, where an old man sitting by a fire mumbles about everything being the work of the Crimson Devil.

"A man standing in front of a bonfire in the middle of the day in this hot place. That doesn't seem very suspicious."

"I've been sitting in front of this bonfire all week and my nose hasn't shrunk even a bit..."

Before Jack could go deeper into the situation he’s in, a voice calls out to him.

During the taping of episode 112 of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, the camera caught a glimpse of what appears to be a shadow figure at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Jack follows the strange shadow creature around, only to return to the place he was before, in front of the old man by the bonfire. It seems the old man was the shadow figure. As Jack approaches him, the bonfire turns intense and becomes darker. The flames turn into the shape of what looks like a dragon.

The Crimson Devil's form.

Jack recognizes it as the Crimson Devil. The old man with a creepy voice and giggle acts as a translator for the flame, asking what Jack desires the most. Jack wants overwhelming power and the Crimson Devil promises to give him just that, but only if he goes to the shrine that Bommer made.

Back at the shrine’s area, Bommer and Yusei discuss what happened last night. Bommer reveals that Max’s Deck had changed in the Duel, something he did not anticipate. Max also has no memory of what happened during the Duel.

Yusei asks Bommer why Max was picked as Jack’s opponent. Bommer doesn’t even know the answer to that. Not even the purpose of the dream. Bommer starts acting weird and Yusei snaps him back to reality. Bommer suddenly realizes something… he was being used!

"It's not like a complete replica... right?"

Jack arrives at the shrine, where Max was sitting. Max tries apologizing to Jack, but he seems to be in a complete trance.

"Sorry? What if YOU crashed, huh? Doesn't feel good, does it?"

Jack heads up to the top of the shrine and demands power. The sky turns dark and he gets struck by lightning afterwards… and disappears.

Only Jack Atlas knows how to electrify the dance floor on his own!

Max is shocked. Bommer, Annie and Yusei head to the shrine and Max tells them what he saw. They all head up to the shrine’s top and sees an underground passage.

Bommer: "That's odd. I don't remember ever making a hole in the shrine structure."

"Daddy, is this a plot device?"

Bommer could not believe it. The shrine only has one level. He never made an underground passageway.

In the secret passage, Jack ventures into a large open room with a giant statue.

"I must be in Tomb Raider... but where is Lara Croft?"


The true form of the Crimson Devil’s servant appears in front of Jack.

"I grew arms and legs just so I can play a card game!"

The servant tells him that in order to meet the Crimson Devil, they must perform a contract ritual. The ritual is none other than a card game.

From the other side, Bommer, Yusei and Max head inside as well. At the same time, Jack agrees to the Duel. He wants power, and only if he beats the servant will he be able to meet the Crimson Devil and be awarded with power like none other.

As the Duel starts, Yusei calls out to Jack. Jack snaps out of another trance but it was too late, he was separated from the others.

Jack: "I told you guys, this is MY arc. MINE. Go away."

The Crimson Devil’s servant then blocks out the exit with an energy beam, which also hits Yusei afterwards.

"Take this beam that destroys walls but doesn't kill humans!"


Familiar: "Oh, don't be such a drama queen!"

Bommer: "Yusei, since you're dead, can I be the new mai--oh, false alarm."

Bommer tells Jack that he and Max were used to call Jack to the place where the Earthbound Immortals rest. It was the Crimson Devil’s power. The servant admits it. Bommer and Max were used to get Jack to the Nazca lines. If Jack loses the Duel, he will become the container for the Crimson Devil after its 10,000 years of slumber. Jack wanted power no matter what it took, and the Crimson Devil wanted that kind of person, which is why he was picked as its container. Yusei and the others will be the sacrifices.

Jack won’t allow anyone to take his body. He accepts the challenge and promises to take out the Familiar.

Featured Duel of the Week!

This is way cooler than having the non-human creature develop a Duel Disk-like object on their arm.

Turn 1 - Familiar: 4000 LP
- Main Phase 1: Summons Yomi Ghoul in Defense Position.
- Sets a card.

Featured Card of the Week. Yomi Ghoul: LV 1, 0 ATK / 0 DEF.

Turn 2 - Jack: 4000 LP
- Main Phase 1: Normal Summons Big Piece Golem with no tribute because the opponent has a monster and he doesn't.
- Battle Phase: Big Piece Golem attacks and destroys Yomi Ghoul.
- Yomi Ghoul's effect activates. When it is sent to the Graveyard, 800 damage is dealt to the opposing player (Jack: 3200 LP).
- Sets a card.

Jack notices the same pattern as before. The Familiar is not attacking, but instead deals damage even through defense, just like the Duel with Max. He now deducts that it is the power that was controlling Max yesterday.

Turn 3 - Familiar: 4000 LP
- Main Phase 1: Summons Yomi Boat Watchman.
- Yomi Ghoul's second effect activates. While in the Graveyard, all monsters the Familiar controls are destroyed.
- Yomi Boat Watchman is destroyed and its effect activates. Jack takes 800 damage (Jack: 2400 LP)
- Activates a Continuous Spell Card called Spirit Wave Shield. A monster that initiates a direct attack will be negated and is destroyed. Spirit Wave Shield is destroyed at the end of his 3rd turn.

Yomi Boat Watchman: LV 1, 0 ATK / 0 DEF.

Jack feels a bit threatened that the Deck in front of him was designed to counter his power Deck. Even though the field is completely open, the Continuous Spell Card blocks any attack.

It doesn’t matter anymore. Jack has already decided. He will battle through sheer power and nothing else.

Turn 4 - Jack: 2400 LP
- Main Phase 1: Summons Power Breaker.
- Battle Phase: Power Break attacks directly.
- Spirit Wave Shield activates and negates the battle, then destroys Power Breaker.
- Power Breaker's effect activates. When destroyed, it destroys an opponent's face-up Spell or Trap Card. Spirit Wave Shield is destroyed.
- The Familiar springs up a Trap Card, Yomi's Guidance. When there are two monsters on his Graveyard with "Yomi" on their name, he can Special Summon a "Yomi" monster from his Deck.
- Yomi Frontier Guard is Special Summoned to the Familiar's side of the field.
- Yomi Ghoul's effect activates again. Yomi Frontier Guard is destroyed.
- Yomi Frontier Guard's effect activates. When destroyed, it inflicts 800 damage to the opponent and ends the Battle Phase (Jack: 1600 LP).

Power Breaker: LV 4, 1900 ATK.

Yomi Frontier Guard: LV 1, 0 ATK / 0 DEF.

Yusei and Bommer fear of Jack’s state as the Duel continues. He is on the losing end, very uncharacteristic of Jack.

Turn 5 - Familiar: 4000 LP
- End Phase.

A huge snake-like flame can be seen from the empty space where Jack stands on. Bommer suddenly remembers an important thing… the Crimson Devil is an Earthbound Immortal, Scar-Red Nova!

"Woah! Even the King doesn't have something as big as that!"

It seems Scar-Red Nova was different from the other Earthbound Immortals. It fought the Crimson Dragon alone, and even to exhaustion, but in the end, Scar-Red Nova was defeated and sealed 5,000 years before the other Earthbound Immortals. The Familiar explains that not even the Dark Signers could control its mighty power.

It doesn't even look remotely similar to the other Earthbound Immortals.

Scar-Red Nova’s revival is drawing near, thanks to Jack losing his Life Points at a rapid rate. Suddenly, the ground trembles as a familiar sight can be seen from above-ground. The purple flames that once ravaged Satellite and the City has appeared again in the Nazca lines… the Dark Signer’s mark!

Snake geoglyph?

Episode comments

Since Scar-Red Nova Dragon appears in the new OP, I guess this isn’t much of a filler episode after all.

This is a pretty eerie episode. The thing with the old man, and the creepy voice that the Familiar has. Very uncharacteristic of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s to give me a slight shiver. It might just be me though.

The Dark Signer/Earthbound Immortal plot seems to be expanded with this. Though it’s a relief they haven’t forgotten about the Crimson Dragon yet.

Not much to say about this episode. The next one seems to be predictably interesting.

Well, see you next week, card game fans!

Next episode preview

Scar-Red Nova appears… and it seems to take a liking to Jack. The Duel continues, and it seems Jack may be able to obtain his new card, Scar-Red Nova Dragon. The how and why will be revealed next episode, so I guess we’ll just have to tune in and see for ourselves.

Stay tuned, card game fans! Hideyoshi signing out!



  1. There really is a Snake among the Nazca lines; but the being described here looks more like Diabound from Millennium World. Wall 5 Project got bored I guess.

    Certainly unique for this little bit of terror. I liked it.

    • Yeah, I was thinking about Diabound as well, just forgot what it was called, lol.

  2. ah… weakest episode…ever… I facepalmed more in this episode than Kyon during Endless Eight…

  3. well since I’m to lazy to make a whole post.
    This week (and probably next week as well) there will be no Fairy Tail review due to exam/studying.
    Sorry to these who are desperately waiting for it, but I have my priorities at this moment.

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