Kobato. 7 : Sayonara Zetsubou Gakusei

November 29, 2009

Family Picture Time~ Smile everyone~!

I just noticed how much I hate doing introductions on posts. I never know how to start, nor how think of something that gets the attention. I won’t be different in this post, though now you know why the intros of my posts are pretty normal all the time. There, kept you busy for a sentence or two, now let’s get to work. Some new character, a new area unlocked and usual portion of Kobato moe heading your way.

Mr Cool starts today’s episode. He’s busy repairing some broken chairs because the nursery doesn’t have the money to buy new ones. In the background, we can hear Kobato trip over nothing. Mr Cool walks over and hands her a towel, then leaves again.

After the opening, Kobato asks Mr Cool to help out with painting the chairs. He allows her to, but Kobato isn’t the best painter…

Kobato going for a new hair color

Kobato asks him why she can’t talk to Sayaka about the phone call from last episode. Mr Cool gets agitated and tells Kobato to remain silent about it or stop coming over to the nursery. If she tells her about it, it will make things even more difficult for Sayaka. Kobato is depressed by his words and accidentally drips some paint onto her hand making her panic and mess up. Mr Cool takes away her brush and tells her to leave (more or less).

Kobato enters the nursery depressed again. The kids try to cheer her up by saying she should just apologize and things will be fine again. Meanwhile, Mr Cool finished painting and leaves, but he doesn’t notice a report dropping from his bag. When Kobato heads outside to apologize, she notices the papers.

Found today's plot device!

In the main office, Sayaka tells Kobato it must be one of Mr Cool’s reports and asks Kobato to deliver it to him at college. Kobato accepts the mission and heads out. While walking around town, Puppy-san explains what a college is and why you need to go there.

At the college, Kobato gets overwhelmed by the crowd… literally…

Spot Sunohara or Kobato

But after running around aimlessly for a while, Kobato sits down and sighs, saying it’s hard to find someone. Only after getting burnt by Puppy-san, she notices Mr Cool inside a building.

Target located... prepare to exterminate...

Mr Cool and the guy on the right seemed to have a discussion, but Puppy-san tells Kobato to deliver the report instead of spacing out. Kobato snaps out of her one-person staring contest and starts running up the stairs towards the building. She suddenly bumps into the guy from earlier and drops the report and Puppy-san by accident. The guy picks them up for her and asks if she knows Mr Cool. He introduces himself as Takashi Domoto. Kobato suddenly remembers she needs to deliver the report, but Mr Cool had already ran off. Takashi says he probably ran off after he got him angry. He proposes to look for him together.

After the break, Takashi says that Mr Cool is at school the whole day, so they still have time to find him. He also mentions that Mr Cool should cut down on the part-time jobs because the exams are coming near. Out of the blue, some girls run over to Takashi and asked him to help out with a task. He agrees to it without complaining and the girls leave as fast as they appeared.

A bit later, Takashi asked some guys to pass on the message to Mr Cool that they are looking for him. The extras tell Takashi that they won’t since Mr Cool is too cool for them and they’re afraid of him. Kobato looks surprised and asks Takashi why they’re afraid. He explains that Mr Cool always looks angry, but he probably has a reason to be. He isn’t the type that would easily accept advice, even when Takashi himself tried to advice him about his future, he got rejected by Mr Cool.

Meanwhile, at the nursery. Chitose and the Chii-sisters pay a visit to Sayaka. They prepared food for everyone and while the Chii-sisters are having fun with the kids, Chitose and Sayaka talk about Mr Cool and Kobato.

Cause it's been a while since we saw them~

Back at college, Kobato observes Takashi. He’s asking around for Mr Cool, but gets requests of other students instead of an answer. Since Takashi is such a good person, he accepts it and helps out the students. Puppy-san only gives off a jealous glare. Kobato admires Takashi and tells him he’s able to do things to make people happy, at which she fails.

Meanwhile, at the nursery again. Chitose shows a paper to Sayaka saying she found something that might help her out to get a loan. Sayaka doesn’t want to accept her help at first, but then Chitose explains that she’s not helping her out of pity, but because she wants to protect the nursery where she grew up.

Aaaaand at college again. The two finally found Mr Cool. But before they can approach him, they hear two girl complaining to him. He tells them to get lost because he doesn’t wanna help them with their work. According to him, because they skipped last class. The two girl angrily left the classroom after that.  Mr Cool then notices Kobato, but before he can ask her something, she complains on how bad he treated the girls just now. He gives a cold reply again making Kobato angry and eventually she just pushes the paper on him and leaves.

We'll settle this... IN COURT!

Outside, Kobato wonders if she did the right thing. Takashi walks up to her and tells her he’s jealous. He’s jealous of her and Mr Cool, since they can act according to how they feel. Kobato tries to comfort him saying he’s a wonderful person and shouldn’t feel bad about that, but he explains that he’s just bad at refusing. He thinks back of when Mr Cool rejected the girl’s request and then says Mr Cool’s a strong person because he isn’t afraid of being hated.

Then Kobato gets serious and asks Takashi if not wanting to be hated is a bad thing. Or if it’s a bad thing to help people who are troubled. Takashi is surprised by Kobato’s words and thanks her. Kobato starts fidgeting and wonders if she said something bad again. She says she always makes Puppy-san angry because of her lack of common sense. Takashi asks about Puppy-san and Kobato goes into idiot mode revealing the secret about Puppy-san. Luckily, he doesn’t take it serious and then gets called by the two girls from earlier.

At night, Kobato notices something strange inside her bottle…

Alright! 4 more to go! Brace yourselves Elite Four!

Puppy-san tells her it’s because she healed Takashi’s heart by telling him the right thing. Unfortunately for Kobato, her day result isn’t as good. The reason why?

Maria would!

Yes, she only gets a 30, but the following day she gets thanked by Mr Cool for bringing the report. Sayaka ends with saying Mr Cool isn’t a bad person and Kobato says he’s a strange person…


Well this wasn’t a great episode unlike last time, but it was fun to hear Kamiya Hiroshi (Itoshiki – Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Araragi – Bakemonogatari) in this show. It also showed some improvement on Kobato’s and Mr Cool’s relationship. Now I wonder if Chitose’s offer is really going to help and if we’ll see Takashi back for more…

Really much other stuff to add? Nope, but I like the Chii-twins!

Kyon, at your service



  1. How can something that big, thick and important drop out of him and not notice it? Is that his inner Dobato?

  2. I’m imepsserd. You’ve really raised the bar with that.

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