Kiss x Sis OVA Episode 3 (Episode 02) – Hot, Steaming Karaoke Action

November 30, 2009

In the spirit of holidays, they're back!

Well… I’ve said it countless times before that Monday is Asura Day but uh… yeah, sorry. I don’t like watching through Crunchy-motherhumping-roll for things other than Naruto: Shippuuden, which I don’t do now lately.

So I’m going to retrace my footsteps and do a little travel back in time where it all started… my first-ever blogged post… Kiss x Sis.

Okay, it may contain some serious inconsistencies because I haven’t really read the manga properly. Read and scanned a few chapters but that was it. I’ll try my best not to do anything stupid unlike my first-ever post.

This episode is the 3rd OVA to be released but is labeled “Episode 02” because the first episode is “Episode 00”. The episode revolves around Ako, Riko and Keita in a karaoke booth… which turns into a very “wet” celebration for Keita.

Expect nothing less from Kiss x Sis’ ecchi scenes…

Last OVA episode summary:

Last time, Keita is supposed to be studying for the entrance exams. After all, he wanted to study alongside his sisters. But everything becomes hell for Keita as he sprains his hand. More hell breaks loose when the sisters make it even more worse. But in the end, everyone is happy… I guess?

Episode 3 (Episode 02):

We start off in a wonderful place.

A karaoke studio!

Inside, Ako and Riko are starting a Christmas party for Keita. Keita seems unimpressed, saying that they dragged him to a place like that just after the graduation party.

Riko tells Keita he should be grateful instead. Ako adds that it was difficult to make reservations on the place and they stayed up overnight just to make those costumes. Keita says it’s not like he requested that and he gets flashed by Riko again, making him embarrassed. Ako says that one of their main objectives today is to cure Keita’s nervousness.

Lively sisters, gloomy brother.

Keita then mentions that his classmates have also told him that he should stop being gloomy because it’s contagious. Ako supports that statement saying that everyone is very cheerful despite being seniors now. Keita feels depressed that he has already lost the Senior Wars. And so… their solution is simple: karaoke!

Ako explains that if gloominess can spread, then they’ll change it to liveliness using karaoke. Ako picks up the mic and asks Keita to pick a song while Riko orders some snacks. That karaoke scene becomes our opening video for this episode.

Sing us a nice song, Azu-nyan!

Opening song: Futari no Hanibooi (ふたりの♥ハニーボーイ) by Taketatsu Ayana (Suminoe Ako) & Tatsumi Yuiko (Suminoe Riko)

After the opening song, they are now sitting on the couch, checking out the snacks. Ako complains that Keita didn’t even sing and he replies that he’s happy just hearing his sisters singing. After all, the opening theme only has Riko and Ako singing and not Keita. But that was missing the point. Riko quickly consumes her drink and Ako starts sipping on hers but stops after a few sips. She starts to point out that their oolong tea tastes quite different than the usual. Suddenly, Riko drops; asleep.

She drank a lot despite the fact that it tastes nothing like oolong tea...

Keita starts feeling hot after drinking and Ako figures out that the waiter must have switched their drinks with an adult’s drink as their bill says they ordered oolong tea. Ako takes this opportunity as Riko is asleep and spends time with Keita. Soon afterwards, they’re both drunk.

Ako suddenly feels the need to use the bathroom but due to dizziness, she couldn’t stand up. Keita offers to help her but she surprisingly declines. She won’t allow it even if she had to crawl all the way there.

And so she did crawl all the way there...

Riko wakes up and she also needs to use the bathroom. Keita tells her to go as Ako already went. Riko feels there’s no need to get up because it’s troublesome. She gets weird ideas such as making Keita drink it. She even says she’s envy that boys have a “hose” for those kinds of things and then she hatches a new idea: using a funnel. It was accompanied by a graphic representation of the idea but for the sake of wordpress.com’s rules, I won’t post it. Watch it yourselves!

Ako starts making her way back to their booth but then she sees Keita carrying Riko like a princess.

"This is my win!"

Ako becomes a bit jealous and imagines Keita helping her use the bathroom (this time, more graphic).

Inside the bathroom, Keita helps Riko sit down. Riko says she’s ready now but Keita tells him she has to remove her underwear first. Riko becomes a bit mad because she does things with a procedure and Keita was wrong to make her sit before removing the underwear. Keita helps Riko up again while apologizing and then she moans. She explains that she released a bit, in her mind, she reveals that it was because Keita hugged her so suddenly.

Riko gets another idea. She wants Keita to remove her underwear. Of course, Keita’s reluctant, which leads to Riko saying that it’s also fine if she wets herself along with Keita so later they could take a bath together.

A different kind of bath scene.

Keita, being drunk and all, goes down to remove Riko’s underwear. After some teaser camera angle views, Riko sits down and is now ready to rumble. She then notes how “big” Keita has gotten and he panics.

It's neither your belt nor your cellphone. Try harder than Ayase Yuuto.

Afterwards, Riko says she’s done, to which Keita responds that he knows, she doesn’t have to tell him every detail. Riko then goes on the offensive, saying that Keita was listening. Keita says he couldn’t help hearing it but then Riko says he could’ve just covered his ears. More importantly, he could have left the bathroom instead of staying inside. As punishment, Riko says Keita should clean her up.

Keita complains that Riko’s “ero-kougeki” this time is harsh. Riko then recounts a story from back when they were still little kids. Keita hasn’t been potty-trained yet and usually goes on the bed. Ako and Riko always had to clean up after him. This time, she wants Keita to “repay” her for what she used to do before.

Kids these days...

Keita is almost at his limit, being invited by his elder sister to clean her up. She tempts him even more and finally… he snaps.

As he slowly makes his way towards the promised land, a voice calls out to them: it was Ako! And now she’s looking for Keita as well! Keita panics more and drops the tissue after a few wipes.

Christmas eyecatch!

New Year's eyecatch!

Part B:

Keita opens the door and finds Ako outside. Ako checks inside and sees Riko sitting. She automatically reads the scene and Keita explains that it was a misunderstanding. It also doesn’t help that…

We all know where that arrow is pointing to.

Ako questions Riko inside the bathroom and Riko admits that it is exactly what’s on her mind.

Timeskip. Back inside their booth, Riko has fallen asleep again, looking so satisfied. Ako complains again and Keita just says it’s not what she thought it was. He continues consuming the alcoholic beverage mistakenly placed in their room and grows more drunk. He starts to say that no matter what he says, it’s always been like that. Ako gets up and hugs her little brother.

Ako's turn!

Ako says she’ll believe what Keita says. No matter what, she’ll forgive him. She adds that if Keita doesn’t have any strength, she’ll gladly lend him hers. And this prompts Keita to ask Ako to transfer it right now… through their lips.

Those shy types... when drunk... can unleash their full potential!

Ako notices that Keita’s completely drunk. He has carried Ako and placed her on top of his lap. Ako decides that it’s time for her to take control of Keita’s pace so she accepts and they start kissing. You know, that’s the title of the show so let’s not forget about it.

Keita is so drunk, he uses a cellphone to talk while sticking his tongue out. Ako starts feeling good and suddenly, Keita pulls down Ako’s blouse, which makes her unable to move her arms now.

*No entry beyond this point*

Keita is surprised that Ako isn’t wearing anything underneath but she explains that Keita pulled it down together with her blouse. He makes suggestive hand movements as he explains that he had always wanted to know how girls would react if he tried playing with their, in the words of the subs I saw, “front”. Indeed, he does start playing with them and is bewildered how hard it’s gotten. Ako tries to counter by massaging Keita Jr. and saying how hard it is as well and Keita explains that he will question a man’s sexuality if they didn’t get hard in that kind of situation.

Keita asks if all sisters permit their brothers to do that kinda thing. Ako thinks a bit and says that she allows Keita because she is currently “Santa Ako-nee”.

Keita is starting to get the hang of it. He’s actually pleasuring Ako with a massage. Soon, Keita doesn’t seem to be content with that and starts going lower, to which Ako becomes a bit fidgety. Before Keita could proceed though, the phone rings. Ako gets off Keita’s lap, now with her blouse arranged, and makes her way to the karaoke booth’s phone. The employee tells Ako that they only have 5 minutes left. Ako, still feeling a bit hot, wants to extend their time but unfortunately, they have so much customers today that they are not offering extensions. Ako submits and tells the employee that they’ll start packing.

As she turns around to check on Keita…

He was drunk, what did you expect?

Ako tries sitting down after knocking on Keita’s head but decides against it since… well… she got pretty excited and she wet herself. Riko wakes up and Ako tells her to wake Keita up because they only have five minutes left. Ako goes off to the bathroom.

Later, they all head home.

Aww, no more Santa...

Keita thanks his sisters for cheering him up, even though he fell asleep and doesn’t remember much. It did work and now he’s feeling much better about the exams. Ako spaces out, thinking whether she should be happy or depressed that Keita doesn’t remember anything. Riko snaps her back to reality. Riko informs Ako that Keita wants to give them presents as a thanks but Ako slips, saying that Keita has done enough for her.

This makes Riko suspicious and asks what happened while she was sleeping. Ako begins to run away, denying that something happened but Riko knows she’s lying. Ako then says that Riko never told her about the bathroom incident so they’re even. Ako adds that it’s dangerous to run in her condition and Riko wonders why. Well, we all know why, don’t we?


Closing song: Hoshizora Monogatari (星空物語) by Takahashi Nana


The saga continues…

Looking at this post and my first one… it makes me feel proud of how I’ve improved… or something… well, the design and format sure is different and I have more “visual aids” but… still. Feels like an eternity since I started blogging.

The typical ecchi we always expect from Kiss x Sis. This episode took it to a rather higher degree than the first ones, mainly due to the characters (along with the usually sane Keita) drunk. Although if you think about it, if the waiter did exchange their drinks by accident, surely, the ones who got the oolong tea would complain and the staff would be prompted to apologize to Keita’s booth, which never happened… and then they had the nerve to kick them out without time extension.

Although Riko in the bathroom scene was a step above the previous episodes (in my opinion), it was easily defeated by Ako’s lap scene with much more… let’s say “revealing” shots. Keita was also aggressive in that part. In fact, the effect on Ako lasted up until the end of the episode (note the final running scene).

Oh yes, the next OVA will be out in June 4, 2010. Quite a long wait, huh? It’s the final one too. It will be bundled with a limited edition of Volume 6 of the manga. Ako and Riko encourage those who want to preorder to do so 2 months earlier.

Not enough? It’s been known recently that feel. is producing an anime series to Kiss x Sis. Since this is feel. we’re talking about, expect some of the same stuff we’ve seen in the OVAs. Why? Look at Kanamemo.

Next OVA episode:

The sisters are worried about Keita, who’s been so stuck in preparing for the exams that he seems to be neglecting his love for them. They can’t just sit around and do nothing! So they’re gonna distract him again from education by seducing the poor guy. So let’s wait for the next episode in about… 6 months.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



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