Seitokai no Ichizon 8 : Lolis like Aluminiu-mu

November 28, 2009

so yeah... it's THAT kind of episode

It’s been eight episodes and believe it or not, but we’re actually gonna see another character getting introduced! Well, the picture should already explain a lot too. Anyway, let’s get started shall we?

One a lonely X night in Y month of year Z, Lilicia is working on yet another scandal post of the student council. Suddenly, a little girl walks in.

Ladies and gentleman... It's Loli time!

Elise, the girl’s name obviously, asks her sister (yeah who hadn’t figured that out?) if she likes the person on the monitor. She points at Sugisaki’s sleeping face on a picture. Lilicia drops off her chair from surprise and denies her little sister’s statements saying she just writes about them because they’re a worthless bunch of losers.

Well since we’re talking about them, let’s move on to them. At the Student Council, Kurimu looks at an aquarium with small fish inside them. She notices the fish are small, yes, even smaller than her. Minatsu suggests they buy a catfish to bring in some spectacle, but Kurimu doesn’t follow the idea. Then Sugisaki slides the door open, Chizuru mentions it’s rare for him to be late, but the reason why is just beside him.


Don't call Ooishi though

Sugisaki complains they should listen to him first. Then it’s time for the quote of the week, Elise claps after Kurimu presents it. The loli tells Sugisaki Kurimu is really bossy for being such a small person. Kurimu vein pops and starts complaining on how children aren’t allowed on club meetings, only to get countered by Lolicia who says the pres is a child herself. Sugisaki tells her to be quiet again, the girl obeys to his will only making Kurimu even more annoyed. Mafuyu asks him why Lilicia’s sister is with him. He explains that Lilicia’s busy doing interviews around school and asked him to take care of her. The loli hugs him saying she likes him…

Cause it just had to be said once

They're just admiring the room with their eyes closed, see?

All the council girls deny that they’re even a little bit jealous. But when Lolicia asks him if he likes her and he tries to sound nice saying more or less yes, he gets some evil arrows of sarcasm aimed at him from the girls. Minatsu practices her swing, Chizuru readies her whip, Aka-chan eats chips and Mafuyu computes.

A bit later, Elise asks Sugisaki to play doctor with her (yes… I KNOW!). He agrees on playing and says he’ll be the patient, but Lolicia tells him to play a slightly different role.

Is this girl even more dangerous than Chizuru?

give her lots of love!

Sugisaki tells her to stop and play a more realistic doctor, but when they play it for real and she says he has cancer, they head the same way again.

Since that didn’t work out, she proposes playing hide-and-seek of the heart or tag at night. Both get a “dame~” from Sugisaki though. Lolicia thinks for a while and then suddenly gets two figurines out of her pocket.

Both ran away from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

It’s not really hard to imagine what the two figurines imply right? Well Sugisaki thinks the same, even more when Elise sets up a scene with the guy trying to seduce the girl. For that reason…

Thank you Diego!! Thank you!!

Lilicia says if she can’t do it, Sugisaki should play the guy doll. He sets the exact same scene making Chizuru lecture him on how he shouldn’t make his inner self speak through a doll.

implied violence.

Sugisaki gives up and says they should stop playing with the dolls. Lolicia is disappointed as she was planning to make the guy enter the girl’s house. Sugisaki answers that he gets the feeling Elise shouldn’t continue living at Lilicia’s place. The loli takes that as a proposal and is even prepared to move out as his adopted child, again both go “Dame~”

Next up is shiritori, the game in which you start a word with the last letter of the previous word (or syllable in Japanese). Sugisaki agrees, but soon regrets it as Lolicia only uses words that end on aluminium. He complains that a game with only aluminium is too hard, she answers that she usually plays that with her sister. He suggests they start over again without using aluminium as a word now. Again it ends with Sugisaki despairing over Lolicia’s lack of common sense.

Lolicia suggests they play “house” next, but Sugisaki doesn’t agree from scratch this time since he already knows it’ll have a weird setting. The loli isn’t discouraged yet and suggest cat’s cradle (or whatever that is) and she shows off her amazing cat’s cradle skills.

Kemeko couldn't shine brighter than this

Next up is a staring contest and that turns into a loli moe images festival, sorry I’m only showing one, but this scene is just lolilicious^10.

look I'm pouting! *3*

Both start bushing after looking at each other for a while. Kurimu calls the police once again, but Sugisaki stops her just in time. Kurimu wants the start the meeting and that implies that loli-chan has to leave. Sugisaki tries to cheer her up saying he’ll bring her snacks, but the girl isn’t pleased with that and says Kurimu doesn’t do any real meeting and is just a flatchested bossy chick. Kurimu goes into overdrive and tells the loli she’ll prove her to be more than what Lilicia told about her.

Kurimu starts naming her real talent “spots”. Her eyesight, hearing, tasting, feeling and whatsoever more… but in the end, all of them are just pretty average. How surprising it sounds (or not), Lolicia is amazed by Kurimu’s skills and assumes that Kurimu must be good at studying as well then. That of course is a different issue, but since Kurimu needs to convince the girl, she lies and follows the line saying she’s great at it.

First test up is a Japanese Literature test, since it’s too troublesome to explain history here I’ll let the pictures speak.

mind the reactions

Personally, I can’t blame her, I keep failing at Japanese history too… Anyway, next up is kanji. Once again she messes up, once again I can empathize with her. Minatsu has to prove Kurimu’s skill in math. She starts asking a question about some Takeshi going to a shop trying to buy stuff. Kurimu keeps interrupting Minatsu by asking questions on how Takeshi got there and stuff like that. The surprising part is that Minatsu is naive enough to follow Kurimu’s thinking for a certain amount of time. Eventually, it’s Chibi Lilicia who comes with the correct answer.

Codename Hayate

For those who didn't nosebleed by now

Sugisaki praises her for her effort and she runs over to hug him. She tells him she wants to marry him when she gets older. He starts fidgeting and Minatsu says she’s disappointed in him because he turned into the indecisive type he never wanted to be. Sugisaki counters saying he’s talking at a child right now. Lolicia asks him again, Sugisaki tries to get trough by agreeing when she’s older. Elise continues asking if he’d even take her whether she’s fat or ugly. He comforts her saying he doesn’t hate people for things like that.

That’s when poor Kurimu snaps. She says Sugisaki told her he’d leave her if she’d get fat. She throws a tissue box in his face when he tries to solve it with a joke. Chizuru tells Sugisaki that the pres understands that he’s just talking to a kid, but she still gets annoyed by his words. Sugisaki suddenly remembers a flashback with him and Kurimu walking on a road with blooming Sakura trees. After that, he realizes something and walks up to her. He pats her head and repeats his words from the first day they met. Kurimu is satisfied… but the three other girls now have their complaints. It all ends with an old-fashioned implied violence scene, but admit it, those are the best, aren’t they?

A scene later, we’re at Lilicia’s place again. Lilicia plays a tape with a scene from earlier on. It seems that Lolicia was just a chibi spy with a recorder in her pocket. Lilicia is all excited about it and starts fantasizing about a lolicon/jealous harem article. When Elise enters, Lilicia praises her and says it must’ve been hard to work with Sugisaki. But, the girl says it wasn’t and that she likes him. He knew that she went there on purpose, but he still played with her. She even teases Lilicia saying she must’ve love him too, making the tsundere in Lilicia pop up at the highest degree.

Some Lilicia service for the fans!


Thoughts :

I guess I don’t have to tell you how cute Lolicia is. For those who don’t agree… well, try watching the episode again? I don’t have much to say this time… I think most of my thoughts are included in the review this time. Maybe leave some more comments than usual? please?

Kyon, at your service~



  1. Hey, I made that Lolicia™ remark 8D

    Anyway, really fun episode. Even if they don’t say it, they all look real jealous. Especially Cream-kaichou since her spot as the loli of the series is in very serious jeopardy.

    More Lilicia and Elise please.

  2. that doesn’t give you a reason to copyright it! or trademark… or whatever! xD
    But indeed more of them would be good xD

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