Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 110 – Since I’m In A Good Mood, I’ll Tell You My Evil Plans

May 24, 2010

We all know what this means... Villain X getting his ass kicked.

This was kinda late. This was conflicting with another personal thing that needed some time for inspiration to build up. Then there were times when I became pretty lazy.

The final episode of Yusei vs Placido. With Yusei finally performing an Accel Synchro Summon, the tides have completely turned in Yusei’s favor. Jose and Lucciano also reveal themselves to our heroes and tell them about their plans.

Read on to see more!

Last time on 5D’s…

Yusei is in a great pinch once again. Placido uses various tricks and destroys almost the entirety of the city. Yusei plays defensively and awaits the perfect moment to retrieve Stardust Dragon.

In the meantime, Aki was letting go of her accursed power and used her own natural strength to save Haruka from grave danger.

Afterwards, Yusei was able to return Stardust Dragon… and was finally able to perform an Accel Synchro Summon to let out a new power called Shooting Star Dragon!

Episode Details
Episode No.: 110
Episode Title: The Three Emperors of Yliaster (イリアステルの三皇帝)
Opening Song: BELIEVE IN NEXUS – Endou Masaki
Ending Song: Close to you – ALvino
Featured Duel: Yusei vs Placido (Part 3 – Final)
Key Card: Shooting Star Dragon

And so…

Everyone gets their hopes rekindled with the bright light. Placido doesn’t seem bothered at all and continues his turn.

Duel status:
Yusei: 300 LP, 3 SPC
Placido: 1800 LP, 12 SPC (Max)

Continuing Placido's turn (Turn 10):
- Main Phase 1: Removes 10 Speed Counters (Placido: 2 SPC) in order to destroy Shooting Star Dragon.
- Yusei activates Shooting Star Dragon's effect and removes it from play until the End Phase and blocks an opponent's monster from attacking.
- End Phase: Shooting Star Dragon returns to Yusei's field.

Meanwhile, Lucciano exclaims that the Circuit is becoming more and more complete just because of Yusei and Placido’s Duel, but Jose says that they would need all of the Signers’ powers if they want to complete it.

Turn 11 - Yusei: 300 LP, 4 SPC
- Main Phase 1: Activates Shooting Star Dragon's effect. Yusei will check the top 5 cards of his Deck and for every Tuner Monster included determines the number of times Shooting Star Dragon can attack this turn.
- Yusei's top 5 cards in his Deck are: Junk Synchro (+1 attack), Nitro Synchron (+1 attack), Debris Dragon (+1 attack), Effect Veiler (+1 attack) and Hyper Synchron (+1 attack) for an overall of 5 attacks.
- Battle Phase: Shooting Star Dragon attacks Machine Emperor Wisel (1st attack).
- Placido activates Skiel Carrier 5's effect. Once per turn, a battle will be negated.
- Shooting Star Dragon attacks again (2nd attack).
- Placido activates Wisel Guard 3's effect. Once per turn, it is not destroyed by battle.
- Shooting Star Dragon attacks Wisel Guard 3 and destroys it (3rd attack).
- Shooting Star Dragon attacks Wisel Attack 3 and destroys it (4th attack) and 1700 damage is dealt (Placido: 100 LP).
- Shooting Star Dragon attacks Skiel Carrier 5 and destroys it (5th attack) and Placido loses all of his remaining Life Points (Placido: 0 LP).
- Yusei defeats the Machine Emperor and Robo-Placido!

Shooting Star Dragon: Available in five different colors.

Yusei hax'd.

Placido crashes and gets torn in half. Before Yusei could provide any sympathy for his fallen opponent, Placido is salvaged by Lucciano and Jose, claiming that helping Placido would only hurt his pride.

Placido doing his Lelouch impression.

The boke and tsukkomi pair have arrived.

Now he's doing his Yami Marik impression.

Yusei recognizes Lucciano as the one who Dueled Ruka and Rua. Lucciano takes Placido’s Deck after the latter stole his cards. Jack and Crow arrive as well and sees Lucciano and Jose.

Jose reveals their identities as the The Three Emperors of Yliaster. He also goes out of his way to tell them about Yliaster’s motive. Apparently, Yliaster is a group that has existed ever since ancient times, and have been controlling every major event in human history in order to lead the world to its destined future.

Sherry suddenly speaks up, asking them if her parents’ murder were done to guide history to its rightful path. She then appears and tries to squash Jose under her D-Wheel, which fails miserably as Jose seems to be made from the same robotic unit that Placido was. He grabs the D-Wheel with just one hand and flings it away.

Sherry Fail #1

Mizoguchi follows suit and gets his D-Wheel destroyed by a single punch from Jose. Lucciano uses Placido’s sword and engages in a swordfight with Mizoguchi.

"Screw the card games, we have swords!"

Jose continues storytelling. He claims that whenever humans follow a foolish path, Yliaster will come and set things right in order to change history back to the way it should be. The main reason for their appearance in this era was the discovery of Momentum, which greatly altered the future. They used Rudger Godwin in order to destroy Momentum, but even with the Zero Reverse incident, Momentum was not completely removed. Their plan B is now to wipe out the whole city.

Sherry comes rushing in again. But she gets completely swatted away by a single blow from Jose, which knocks her helmet away. In the process, she locks Jose’s arm in a modified armbar. The crazy woman claims to be contented even with just dismembering Jose’s arm… but his arm is robotic, so it didn’t work at all. She gets thrown away like a frisbee.

Sherry Fail #2

Sherry Fail #3... nice try with the armbar though.

Mizoguchi sees this and comes to the aid of his master using a parachute.

It's not only a Duel Disk, not only a sword... but also a parachute!

Yusei asks what they mean by wiping out the whole city. Jose tells him to come back to the WRGP. Every question will be answered there. As a bonus, Yliaster will also be joining in.

Soon afterwards, a meteor comes crashing down the earth again. Yusei and the others run away, but Jose stops the meteor with his bare android hand.

"You shall not pass!"

Jose collects the power from the meteor and it becomes a normal-sized children’s trading cards. He then shows off his ace monster: Machine Emperor Grannel.

Machine Emperor Grannel, the third Machine Emperor monster.

Lucciano uses Placido’s sword to cut the dimension and they enter inside and escapes.

At the same time, the power all around the city returns.

Everyone hates powercuts.

A loli a day is good for your health.

Bruno takes his leave, still not recognized by Yusei and the others. Yusei asks him why he got his Accel Synchro card the same way that Yliaster obtained their Machine Emperor cards. Bruno claims he doesn’t know, but he says the entity inside the strange space may be the god of destiny that will let them see an alternate possibility for the future. Yusei must continue using his new power.

"Due to the massive destruction that the city underwent, we will be having filler episodes in the next few episodes."

Later, after everything was starting to be rebuilt, Team 5D’s along with Sherry and Mizoguchi group up but it seems every information about Yliaster vanished. Even all the Ghosts’ memory chips were missing. Even though it may be a trap, Yusei decides that entering the WRGP will be their only option in order to obtain answers.

Placido: "I'm still alive~"

Episode comments:

Well, I kept this review as short as I can. Yet another bizarre concept here. Yliaster has come from another era? At least, that’s what I understand from all that long talk. I couldn’t follow their conversation that much. But it seems they’re going to use the Circuit to ‘wipe the city’ from existence. I’m guessing this isn’t just a literal destruction of the city (since they could have easily done that), but probably its whole existence. So the Circuit is some kind of weapon of mass destruction that needs energy. Ironically, it seems to be powered by Duels, which are in turn powered by Momentum, which is what they want to erase.

Anyway, half of the episode was easy to predict. Placido losing to Yusei was already a given. But I guess we’ll see him back again when Yliaster enters the WRGP themselves, unlike what I thought.

Also, with the city being rebuilt and all highways are damaged… and with the WRGP temporarily cancelled… yep, filler time again.

That’s all for this episode then!

Next episode preview:

We see Bommer again, back in the Inca tribe he lives with. It seems Jack will learn a new strategy other than busting a huge beatstick and maul everything to bits. It could also signal the coming of Jack’s Accel Synchro Monster, as Starstrike Blast seems to have a card called “Scar-Red Nova Dragon” or “Scarlet Nova Dragon” or whatever.

But I guess it’ll take more time before Jack gets his, like Yusei. I guess most of the coming episodes will be fillers.

Stay tuned, card games fans! Hideyoshi signing out!



  1. Your last caption should have been:

    Placido: “I still function…”

    Messed-up episode, anti-climactic ending to a duel… typical 5D’s.

    • Lol, indeed.

  2. the high quality of the pictures has left me in despair!! Nice review as always… I’m really getting out of inspiration for a funny comment… Mizoguchi is inspector Gadget btw

    • Haha. Oh right, Inspector Gadget.

  3. Shooting Star Dragon assorted colors each sold seperatelty

    • Batteries not included? :P

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