Fairy Tail 30 : Real Men only Die on Stage

May 19, 2010

Or they run...

Comic relief after lots and lots of action, it just had to happen one of these episodes right? Well, sit back and relax cause this week’s Fairy Tail was epic… in terms of comedy and slapstick.

Last time in Fairy Tail :

Lucy met her father and confronted him with her new resolve. We also found out that Lucy’s mum has passed away at a mysterious date. Equally mysterious was the disappearing of both Natsu’s and Gajeel’s dragons.

As for this week’s episode… nothing of the stuff you read there is important.


Opening : Ft. by Funkist

We start the episode at the National Council where Gramps is being interrogated by the members of the Council. However, he sleeps through most of the meeting much to the annoyance/amusement of some members.  The outcome of the meeting is quite surprising though (at least of Gramps that is), Fairy Tail was judged completely innocent and all the blame was put on Phantom.

Respect the elders... let them sleep

+999 dead puppies

After the meeting, Gramps talks with one of the Council members, Yaji. The guy argued with the Council for the sake of Fairy Tail and wants Fairy Ramen with 12 slices of meat in return. Then they start reminiscing about the past. Gramps, Yaji, the angry pink nurse from a few episodes ago and some guy named Rob formed a team back then.

Weirdly enough, in the picture we see 5 people, personally, I don’t know who’s the Rob which they’re talking about so feel free to enlighten me in the comment page.

Yaji warns Gramps that Fairy Tail has been overdoing things for a long time now and that they face enormous punishment if they keep on going. He tells Gramps it’s better to retire and rest.

Someone's jealous of Fairy Tail...

Is that...Sebastian?

Meanwhile at the Fairy Tail guild Mira announces that everyone can take jobs again at a temporarily message board. Lucy asks Mira if she has seen Loki around, making Mira assume that Lucy has fallen for him… Which isn’t the case, Lucy just wants to thank him for finding back her keys. She received divine punishment for dropping them afterall.

My Zodiac Sign is awesome... WHIP ME AS WELL!!

After Gray and Natsu make some comebacks at Lucy, Erza and Laxus are quarreling over the inheritage of the guild. As Laxus states he doesn’t want any weaklings in the guild once he inherits it, Natsu busts in. Laxus explains the dragon boy that once he’ll get the ownership of Fairy Tail he will make it the Ultimate Guild. Once Laxus disappears, Lucy asks Mira what the nonsense was about. Mira explains to her that Laxus is the grandchild of Master Gramps.

He's a furry...

The hair has left me in DESPAIR!!

Leaving things as they are, Erza proposes them to go on a quest together. The strongest team of Fairy Tail is finally official, though Lucy still doubted a bit at first, the others quickly cheered her up and convinced her.

At night Gramps who already has returned at the guild, is relaxing while drinking a beer. He wonders if the new building also means a new leader, but doubts about whom should be his successor. When Mira arrives telling him how team Erza destroyed half of the city in their quest, he quickly changes his mind and decides to stay as a leader.

Alzheimer... it strikes when you least expect it...

Tax increases... it strikes when you least expect it...

Blindness... it str-- ah well you get it by now.

The following day Lucy complains to Mira about her team messing up all the time. Mira tells Lucy that she might know a job where she doesn’t have to worry about destroying anything.

And so… the gang arrives in Omnibus city, the place where the Lullaby accident took place. Their new mission is to… perform! When they arrive at the place, a man appears informing them about the state of the theater. It seems that the actors have all left and that the theater is running out of money. And so their mission changing from performing into acting! And Erza is completely into it…

Mira's awesome wink! Getto daze!

The stage!

Flowers are coming out of her!

They all start practicing for the big play and Happy goes out to spread flyers and promote.

Not much later, the first fans arrive. Some oldies have come back for comic relief! And yes… a lot of comic punchlines follow and I’m not really gonna line them up because there’s too many…


Yes! they aren't dead yet! yet!!

Okay, okay... only this one... because I like tsundere

All that’s left now is to preform a good play. Obviously… since it’s Fairy Tail, that’s where things go wrong…

It takes a good start with Lyra singing cutely, but when Erza enters the stage she freezes up completely. She skips her text and her nervous breakdown is complete when she summons her swords and sends them into the crowd. The plot gets scrambled up when Lucy appears tied up in ropes and it gets even worse when Gray appears out of the blue as well.

It’s hard to summarize all the weird events taking place, but due to a lot of circumstances, the stage gets busted up and destroyed… as usual.

A shaking performance!

Who called the plumber?

Shooting Star Dragon making a cameo

Waaaaaw~ moment of the week

though this one could've been the waaaaaw~ moment as well...

But in the end… they all loved it… somehow…

This proves that mankind is lost...

Oh yeah… they kept on doing the performances for all eternity because of their success… much to the distress of Gray, Natsu and Lucy.

Ending : Gomen Ne Watashi by Shiho Nanba


Thoughts :

Well, only the first part of the episode contained some plot, so I’ll focus on that for this episode. The Council is obviously being manipulated my the cool guy Fernandes and his personal maid. Now about the Laxus being Gramps’ grandson, I wasn’t surprised much. I already suspected it from the episode where pink nurse had a flashback with Gramps having blonde hair. Now about the Rob guy, I have no idea which of the two guys in the picture is him. But since Gramps brought up Erza while mentioning him, it might have something to do with her.

So far for my theory of Juvia joining the main party in this episode. The title really had me there. But I had a good laugh with this one so I can forgive them this time. Next episode focuses on Loki and Lucy, I guess we’ll stick with them for a while. I am interested in Loki’s past afterall so you won’t hear me complain.

That’s all for this week!

Feel free to leave a comment, it’s highly appreciated as always!



  1. Well, if you really want to know a bit about who Rob is, decode the message below (hint: think backwards), otherwise you’ll find out in the upcoming ark (and yes, he is connected to Ezra). Other than that, isn’t that Bora guy (the fake Salamander) suppose to be in jail now? Oh, and yay to Lucy losing her clothes this week.

    liat yriaf denioj ehs erofeb cigam arze thguat ohw egam eht saw bor

  2. Nice encryption you used there sir. Point is, the anime is doing some more expanding on the manga plot in some tiny regards. This whole Rob, young Maka, Poly, Yagy, and the other two guildmasters from Blue Pegasus and the guy who wears a spiked collar thing wasn’t really in the manga. But I think it’s somewhat welcome, as it gives more depth. Oh the dark haired guy was supposed to be Bob, the gay guildmaster.

  3. oh! right… that guildmaster! That explains a lot. Thanks for commenting :)

  4. Stripped Lucy… that just probably completed the episode.

    Magic is awesome, you can break down a stage as much as you want and end up performing three more times.

    And hell, Laxus really reminds me of Count Elec (from Rockman.EXE) with that get-up.

    I don’t delve much in the plot in Fairy Tail. For some reason, I just can’t get into it (or take its plot seriously, it’s hard for me). So… yeah, I usually don’t have any say about the plot, lol.

  5. And why does that whip Aquarius is holding looks like it’s going to leave more than a mark? Poor Lucy…

  6. great job for all these summaries ;)

  7. thanks for reading them ;)

  8. rob is the white haired man who is with gramps

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