Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 109 – Not Everything That Glitters is Gold

May 16, 2010

And this is just one example.

The beach was awesome. Summer is fun and all, but yesterday was the first time I actually went out to go swimming in years (there were 2 separate occasions where planned resort visits were cancelled), and my first time at the beach. Anyway, as for the episode…

As expected, this episode revolves around Yusei thinking what went wrong during his previous Accel Synchro attempt. Placido and Yusei continue their Duel, with Placido under a great advantage. From the looks of it, this is the second-to-last episode in their Duel.

Read on for more!

Last time on 5D’s…

With Yusei seemingly composed and confident even with Machine Emperor Wisel is on the field thanks to the fact that he received a shiny new card, everything seemed to go smoothly for our heroes… until Placido started destroying stuff around the city.

Many structures were devastated by a thunderstorm and Yusei is reminded of the Zero Reverse incident. Due to this mess, Yusei’s requirement for Clear Mind is lost and he was unable to perform an Accel Synchro Summoning. Worse thing is, Machine Emperor Wisel has taken control of Stardust Dragon in this moment of confusion.

Now Yusei’s in a tight pinch again.

Episode Details
Episode No.: 109
Episode Title: Accel Synchro! Be Born! Shooting Star Dragon! (アクセル・シンクロ! 生来せよ! シューティング・スター・ドラゴン!)
Opening Song: BELIEVE IN NEXUS – Endou Masaki
Ending Song: Close to you – ALvino
Insert Song: Clear Mind – Endou Masaki
Featured Duel: Yusei vs Placido (Part 2)
Key Card: Formula Synchron

And so…

Yusei failed to perform an Accel Synchro. He feels frustrated as Placido gloats about obtaining Stardust Dragon’s ATK power. Meanwhile, Bruno explains that Yusei lost his Clear Mind, which is why the Accel Synchro failed.

Suddenly, Machine Emperor Wisel gives off a bright purple light. This light could be seen by everyone in the city, particularly those who have taken action against the sudden phenomena (or just important enough to be shown). Bruno gets sent off by a force… hopefully, he doesn’t lose his memories again due to this.

As the light continues to shine, the other Signers suddenly feel pain from their Dragon marks. They know Yusei’s fighting and is at the losing end of the struggle.

The Duel then continues.

Duel status:
Yusei: 3300 LP, 5 SPC
Placido: 1800 LP, 10 SPC

Continuing Placido's turn (Turn 6):
- Main Phase 1: Activates a Trap Card called Wise A3, which sends his Wisel Attack to the Graveyard and allows him to Special Summon a Wisel Attack 3 from his hand.
- Wisel Attack 3 resonates with the other Machine Emperor cards. Machine Emperor Wisel's ATK is now 5400.
- Battle Phase: Machine Emperor Wisel attacks Formula Synchron.
- Yusei activates a Trap Card, D2 Shield. It doubles a Defense Position monster's DEF. Formula Synchron's DEF is now 3000.
- Wisel destroys Formula Synchron, and due to Wisel Attack 3's effect, piercing damage is dealt (Yusei: 900 LP).
- Skiel Carrier 5's effect activates. Yusei receives 300 damage after a monster has been destroyed by battle (Yusei: 600 LP).
- D2 Shield's second effect activates. When the affected monster is destroyed, he draws 1 card.

As the turn continues, Placido mocks Yusei’s futile efforts against their power. He compares humans to bees. Bees dance in order to let their comrades know of the honey’s location. But it is not by choice that bees do it, but rather it is natural. Placido’s standard of comparison is due to humans being unable to break the cycle of fate, like bees who cannot stop dancing.

Turn 7 - Yusei: 600 LP, 7 SPC
- Main Phase 1: Removes 7 Speed Counters and draws an additional card.
- Summons Necro Linker in Defense Position.
- Sets 1 card.

Necro Linker: LV 2, 0 DEF.

Yusei has no choice but to play defensive until he finds a chance to bring back his Stardust Dragon.

Turn 8 - Placido: 1800 LP, 12 SPC (Max)
- Main Phase 1: Activates a Trap Card called Wise T3 and sends Wisel Top on his side of the field to the Graveyard and Special Summon a Wisel Top 3 from his hand.
- Wisel Top 3 resonates with the other Machine Emperor cards. Wisel's ATK is now 5500.
- Battle Phase: Wisel attacks Necro Linker.
- Yusei activates Scrap-Iron Scarecrow.
- Wisel Top 3's effect activates. Once per turn, a Trap or Spell card activation is negated and destroyed. Scrap-Iron Scarecrow is destroyed.
- Yusei activates a card effect from his hand. He sends Arbitrator of Mediation to the Graveyard in order to end the Battle Phase.

Wisel Top 3: LV 3, 600 ATK / 0 DEF.

Machine Emperor Wisel fitted with Wisel Top 3 (equipped with Stardust Dragon).

Turn 9 - Yusei: 600 LP, 2 SPC
- Main Phase 1: Summons Rescue Warrior.
- Battle Phase: Rescue Warrior attacks Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity.
- Rescue Warrior is destroyed, but no battle damage is dealt as part of its effect.
- Skiel Carrier 5's effect activates and Yusei takes 300 damage for the destroyed monster (Yusei: 300 LP).
- Rescue Warrior's second effect activates. When it is destroyed by battle, he regains control of a card he owns that is currently controlled by the opponent.
- Stardust Dragon returns to Yusei's field.
- Because of this, Machine Emperor Wisel's ATK drops to only 3000.
- Main Phase 2: Tributes Necro Linker and Special Summons a Tuner Monster from his Graveyard, Formula Synchron. However, a Synchro Summoning using the summoned monster cannot be conducted on the turn this effect is activated.
- Uses Formula Synchron's effect and draws a card.

Rescue Warrior: LV 4, 1600 ATK / 1700 DEF.

Yusei feels doubt even after he regained Formula Synchron and Stardust Dragon. He feels as if he will be unable to perform an Accel Synchro again, but he has no other choice. At the same time, Wisel glows and a tornado is formed.

Yet another natural disaster.

The tornado’s force could be felt by the other characters.

This comic relief scene is brought to you by Carly Nagisa.

The hospital isn’t the safest place there as well. The windows get shattered and suddenly, Haruka’s cards fly off with the wind. As she tries to reach out for them, her tiny loli body gets caught up with the wind’s force and she gets blown away outside.


...and effect.

Aki has no choice but to go and save the girl as the spineless men look on from the doorway. The wind blows again and Haruka gets blown away again. This time, Aki catches her hand, as she believes that relying on her cursed Psychic powers shouldn’t be her motivation, but the fact that Yusei is fighting somewhere around the city with all his might.

Luckily, this is Yu-Gi-Oh!, where little girls are safe from any harm.

It's mostly because 'tentacles + little girls = bad -Yu-Gi-Oh!'. So Aki is forced to do it on her own.

Aki manages to save the kid from sure demise and the guys inside commend her bravery. Good going, you guys.

Oh yes, and Bruno’s alive again.

Placido continues his speech about fate and how humans foolishly wanting power only brought about destruction upon themselves, as displayed by the Zero Reverse incident.

Turn 10 - Placido: 1800 LP, 12 SPC (Max)
- Main Phase 1: Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity's effect activates and starts to absorb Yusei's Stardust Dragon.

Yusei vows he will never let Stardust be taken away again. His Dragon mark reacts with his other friends, and they cheer on him. Yusei begins to accelerate with great speed and he enters a strange state again: the world of speed. He is then finally able to see the thing that only appears in the midst of speed. His tablet card.

You can also see this card when you're high, not just in the world of speed.

Continuing Placido's turn:
- Main Phase 1: Yusei achieves Clear Mind's requirement. He performs an Accel Synchro during his opponent's turn.
- Yusei tunes his LV 2 Synchro Tuner Monster, Formula Synchron with his Stardust Dragon to Accel Synchro Summon his newest card, Shooting Star Dragon!

Shooting Star Dragon: LV 10 Synchro, 3300 ATK / 2500 DEF.

Placido is shocked. Shooting Star Dragon breaks through the tornado and envelops the sky with a great light, repelling the darkness. Everyone feels this light, a gentle and kind light.

This thing makes Savior Star look like a prophet in comparison.

Jose is now interested about Yusei’s card.

And the traditional epic still shot.

Episode comments:

During the first moments of the episode, where this bright, purple light envelops Placido and Wisel… looked kinda pointless to me. Nothing much happened, and he didn’t do anything with it. Just some minor characters looking on. But I guess this was to distinguish the light emanating from Shooting Star Dragon at the end of the episode.

Well, I guess pretty much everything came out as many would have predicted.

I hope we also learn more about the Accel Synchro Monsters. As I remember back in episode 74, Bruno took the hit that was for his Accel Synchro Monster (if he didn’t, the Duel could have went on further) and said something weird. But now I wonder about Shooting Star Dragon’s real card summoning requirements. I’m sure it’ll be a regular Synchro Monster. Perhaps maybe the same as Majestic Star Dragon‘s (though, not using Majestic Dragon).

In any case, I liked those neat effects that Wisel keeps showing off and those trippy light shows. Pretty cool.

That’s all for this week, I guess!

Next episode preview:

It seems it’ll be the end of Yusei vs Placido. It’s most likely the end for Wisel and Placido as Wisel was shown being continuously destroyed in the preview.

The second part of the preview is rather interesting as well. Sherry and Mizoguchi somehow tracked down Lucciano and Jose and will probably face each other in a Tag Duel. Since the setting is a bright area, I’m assuming next episode is when Jose’s tablet pops out and Lucciano and him go off to check, but Sherry and Mizoguchi will be on their tail.

Stay tuned, card game fans. Hideyoshi signing out!



  1. thanks x

  2. Looks kinda like Jose punches out a car or D-Wheel and Lucciano has a sword-fight in the preview…

    or maybe I just way overdosed on caffine.

  3. From the preview…. Yugioh 5D’s will be battle genre!!!!

    • Reminds me of that wrestling match between Amon Garam and Professor Cobra in GX Season 3.

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