Fairy Tail 29 : Princess is Me

May 13, 2010

Symbolism... there's a lot of it in this episode...

A bit later than it should be due to laziness of the writer, but now it’s up afterall! Fairy Tail 29!

First of all, I should learn to stop assuming an arc is over when the fighting is done!

Second of all is a small review of what happened last time.

Fairy Tail beat up Phantom.

There, that’s done. Now let’s get to work on this week’s episode.


Opening : Ft. by Funkist

The fighting ended and we get a view on top of the Phantom Gundam. Natsu asks Gajeel out about his dragon and how he was taught Dragon Slayer Magic. Gajeel is annoyed by Natsu, but tells him about his dragon called “Metalicana” and how it disappeared. Surprisingly or not, Natsu’s dragon, Igneel, disappeared on the exact same day as Gajeel’s dragon did. For those who wonder the exact date was  july 7th of the year 777 and yes that is a lot of sevens. To add some more symbolism, the dragons seem to have disappeared 7 years ago.

His ears are puffed with iron afterall

Iron heads ...

Who wouldn't disappear with such a name?


Meanwhile at the guild, the crowd has gathered around Lucy and Gramps. Not much later,  Levy and her team also meet up and have a nice word for Lucy, who’s touched by everyone’s feelings for her. Gramps tells her that’s because she’s part of the Fairy Tail family. Lucy bursts into tears and cries out her worries. Once again not much later, Gramps also starts crying rivers when he realizes the upper court might imprison him.

Levy-chan's comeback <3

"It will not go unnoticed!"

"nooooo! my days as main character are over now that my arc is finished!"

oh... this final zoom out...

what should comment?! Gramps' face or Erza's face?!

A timeskip follows. A week after the past events, everyone is busy rebuilding the guild and not much before that, the Rune Knights came over to interrogate them about the Guild war. Lucy summarizes all the events in a letter addressed to her mother and wonders if her father will use their fortune again to get her back. While Lucy makes up her resolve, we get a few comic relief scenes with Natsu, Gray, Erza and surprisingly… or not Juvia.


is this... a rabu reta?!

Lucy looks cuter every episode

same can be said about Juvia!

Mira! Don't cry! You're still on the fav list too!

but we do have a winner...!

Eventually Loki shows up and hands over Lucy’s keys to team Erza. They try to convince Loki to hand over the keys himself, but he’s bad with Celestial mages and turns down the offer. When he walks away he gets an eerie feeling.

I got the key to your heart~


Some time later, Natsu, Gray and Erza visit Lucy’s place, much to their surprise, they can’t find Lucy anywhere (they do find a strange kind of underwear though). Suddenly Happy hits a box and a bunch of letters drops out of it. It seems that those are all the letters Lucy wrote to her mother, but they were never sent. Erza had discovered a note in the meantime saying “I will go home”, leaving them all jawdropping…

Project Lucy Lost

Hey... this one's addressed to Gramps...

Try to decipher this


While Lucy is heading back to her homelands, we see a flashback from her past. She made an onigiri especially for her dad, but instead of enjoying the fact that his daughter thought about him, he prefers throwing it was and shouts at  chibi Lucy to leave him alone. Oh right, it was also her birthday… symbolism…

Look Daddy! It looks as misarable as you!

Back to the present. Lucy arrives and gets greeted wholeheartedly by her family’s staff. One of the maids then tells Lucy she’s called by her father. However Lucy dresses up first, a lady must sparkle in order to shine afterall.

That staff surely fits Lucy's family


A tad bit later Lucy enters her father’s study room. She appologizes for running away and regrets that. Her father then starts a rant about how she did well in returning and how he has planned everything out for her. A marriage was settled to assure the fortune of the family and Lucy has to give birth to a boy that will then inherit the fortune. But obviously, that is not why Lucy returned home for.

Especially in cup size...

Yes... definitely in cup size...

She tells her father to back off from Fairy Tail and let her go her own way. To symbolize her resolve even more, Lucy rips apart the dress she used to wear as heir to the Heartfilia estate. She considers Fairy Tail as her family now and if he ever tries to assault them again, she’ll consider him as an enemy.

you say it girl!

waaaaaaw~ moment of the week.

The most epic moment of the episode soon follows when Lucy confronts her father with the fact that her mother would’ve said to “Do what you want to do”… if she still was alive.

oh... so that explains the cup size...

I just had to add this epic still shot

The episode ends with Lucy visiting her mother’s grave and Natsu-tachi arriving. As they leave, we get one last shot of her father seemingly touched by Lucy’s resemblance to her mother.

Layla Heartfilia's grave.

get ready for a group hug!

someone got enlightened

Yet another epic still shot... how many were there anyway in this episode?

Oh yeah… and in the end Natsu, Gray and Erza get overloaded when they hear Lucy’s estate is as big as the Sanzenin estate.

Yup... definitely Sanzenin sized.

Ending : Gomen Ne Watashi by Shiho Nanba


Thoughts :

Hehe… okay I hope I can now safely assume the arc is over. Especially after reading the next episode’s title. Anyway this was a great episode to end this chapter with. I loved how they made yet another awesome combination of epicness, comedy and drama. I didn’t expect Lucy’s mother to be passed away already, though that feeling got bigger after I saw Happy discovering the letter box.

Lucy’s resolve was shown as epic is it could I think. It reminded me of an old Naruto episode (don’t ask me which) where Sakura cut off her long hair to show her own resolve. But whether it is hair or a dress, the epic level doesn’t drop for me.

The next episode title promises good stuff. “Next Generation” and I’m assuming Juvia will soon join the main party now. I can’t get enough of her anyway so I’m cheering for it. I think we’ll tackle Erza’s past now, but whether that’ll be for next episode remains unknown for now.

Sorry for being late! I’ll try to be faster next time! And as usual, feel free to leave a comment on the review or the episode!

PS : I hate picture resizing…



  1. Hey, nice blog. Good job and Fairy Tail. Now then a little comment. Have you noticed the date on Layla’s grave? The date she died? That’s right, it’s… x777. DOOM DOOM DOOM! But yeah I don’t got a clue about that either.

  2. lol indeed, I didn’t give any thought to that. Nice job in pointing that out and thanks for the comment :)

  3. Even Erza was no match for Lucy’s fortune…

    T’was a cool episode. Halfway, you’d think this is gonna be one of those arcs where the other team members go out to enlighten the character who went home, but Lucy made her own epic scene.

    Random Juvia moments are awesome. Good to see Levy back as well.

    PS: Erza in the ED reminds me of Kaiser Ryo from GX. Especially during the time where she grows up from one point to another, like when Kaiser “died” in season 3.

  4. You watch too much ygo… :p

  5. oh, are we back in business?

    well, here’s j reporting for duty !
    when i can be bothered anyways

  6. Hey did u notice on her mom grave the numbers are 777 the same time the dragons left think about it

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