YVD SET & Image Files – Complete TSHD Cards

May 8, 2010

Black-Winged Dragon, The Shining Darkness' cover card.

Yup, it’s back as well.

This is the latest installment to the Yu-Gi-Oh Virtual Dueling SET and Images files provided here in our blog before.

This set contains complete The Shining Darkness cards and also including the new Shounen Jump Promo Cards, as well as Duelist Pack: Kaiba alternate artwork cards.

There’s also the Duelist Revolution‘s cover card (Surging Dragon Knight Dragoequites) and the Duelist Toolbox‘s cover card (Junk Destroyer), as well as the cover card from Hidden Arsenal 2 (Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier).

Click more to get it~

SET File + Images (19.9 MB) (Mediafire)

As usual, the FAQs can be found in this post. Have fun, card game fans.

This is Hideyoshi, signing out!


One comment

  1. Thanks u so much 4 doing this ^^

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