Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 108 – Someone Probably Needs a Manual For This

May 7, 2010

In this episode of 5D's, Yusei battles a Centaur.

And so we move on to the next episode, where Yusei and Placido meet in a 1v1 Duel. Yusei had to face a terrible nightmare in the form of Machine Emperor Wisel and it has been on his mind since episode 66. Now he has to face that monster again, and its true owner.

The focus of this week’s episode is the Infinity monsters’ ability to combine with other Infinity monster parts. There’s also the weird catastrophic scenes where lightning hits glass and electronic stuff. The city is in a panic once again.

Read on and see what’s next.

Last time on 5D’s…

With Yusei cornered by the Diablo, Bruno awakens his true form: Dark Glass. It seems he lost his memories after avoiding a stray cat on a highway in the middle of a very important Duel that could have changed the fate of humanity.

In the meantime, Yusei obtains a special card from a huge monolith, surprising the Yliaster members. When Jose instructed Placido to retreat, Placido simply ignores the order and goes on to Duel Yusei.

Episode Details
Episode No.: 108
Episode Title: The Revived Terror – Machine Emperor Wisel (蘇る恐怖 機皇帝ワイゼル)
Opening Song: BELIEVE IN NEXUS – Endou Masaki
Ending Song: Close to you – ALvino
Featured Duel: Yusei vs Placido
Key Card: Skiel Carrier 5

And so…

Placido’s freaky form starts to cause chaos around him, smashing any glass surface nearby. Yusei is somehow reminded of Zero Reverse and bumps Placido, making him stop the chaos. Yusei asks their motive and Placido reveals that he is part of Yliaster, the group who threw Godwin and the Dark Signers into a twisted fate. Yusei has had enough quickly of Placido’s talk about God, being the chosen one and the tablet so he challenges him to a Duel.

Yusei is pretty confident that he can beat Placido using the new card he obtained in the strange dimension. Bruno tells Yusei that he’ll handle the Ghosts, to prevent them from interfering in the match.

Featured Duel of the Week

Due to Battle Royal Mode being still on, Placido keeps Machine Emperor Wisel on his field and retains his 4 Speed Counters.

Turn 1 - Yusei: 4000 LP, 1 SPC
- Main Phase 1: Discards Quillbolt Hedgehog to Special Summon his Quickdraw Synchron.
- Uses Quillbolt Hedgehog's effect to revive itself from the Graveyard.
- Normal Summons his Needle Gunner.
- Tunes LV 5 Quickdraw Synchron with LV 1 Needle Gunner and LV 2 Quillbolt Hedgehog to Synchro Summon his Junk Destroyer.
- Uses Junk Destroyer's effect to destroy Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity and Placido's facedown card.
- Placido chains his facedown card, a Continuous Trap Card, Fork - Divergence. When a Machine-type monster is selected as the target of an attack or a card effect, he can choose a different Machine-type monster as the target instead. He chooses Wisel Carrier.
- Wisel Carrier's effect activates. It cannot be destroyed by card effects. Wisel Carrier is not destroyed.
- Fork - Divergence is destroyed.
- Battle Phase: Junk Destroyer attacks Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity.
- Wisel Guard's effect activates. It is attacked instead and destroyed.
- Needle Gunner's effect activates. When the Synchro Monster that used it as a Synchro Material Monster battles, it deals piercing damage to the opponent (Placido: 2600).
- Main Phase 2: Sets 2 cards.

Needle Gunner: LV 1, 100 ATK / 100 DEF.

Meanwhile, Lucciano and Jose watch the Duel from their seats. Lucciano is still confused and upset about Yusei receiving a card that holds the same power as them. Jose tells him to shut up, sit down and know his role… err, well, something close to it. But anyway, Jose tells him it is their god’s will.

Placido is also upset, seeing Yusei become a chosen one when he is in fact, just a foolish pawn. This anger seems to fuel a storm, very similar to the one that happened in episode 93. It hits a lot of objects in the city, such as roads and buildings.

Oooh, sparkly.

At the same time, Jack and Kazama stop Dueling and observes their surroundings, also confused about what was happening around them. Surprisingly, even Bruno is unaware of the situation. Power outages happen throughout the city, even at the WRGP site, where Crow, Ruka and Rua are left.

At another part of the city, Sherry and Mizoguchi recover from their earlier crash. Ushio is worried about the city’s state and Mikage tries contacting the headquarters but…

So this is why they wear helmets even on cars...

Even Carly isn’t safe anymore as a side character.

I loved her shriek in that scene...

At the hospital, Aki wakes up, probably due to the airconditioner dying while she’s wearing something that a patient shouldn’t be wearing.

Cosplaying as Ruka? That must have been one wild party last night, eh Aki.

Back at the Duel…

Turn 2 - Placido: 2600 LP, 6 SPC
- Main Phase 1: Summons Wisel Guard 3 in Defense Position.
- Uses Wisel Infinity's ability to absorb Junk Destroyer.
- Yusei chains his Trap Card, Star Shift. He returns a Synchro Monster on his field to Special Summon a Synchro Monster from his Extra Deck that has the same level. He returns Junk Destroyer and Special Summons his Stardust Dragon.
- Sets one card.

Yusei avoided the effect this time, but Placido tells him that the same trick won’t save him again.

Back at the hospital, Aki tries consoling a loli little girl named Haruka and promises a Duel with her sometime.

Yu-Gi-Oh! has this unstoppable urge to introduce a character of the week no matter what the circumstances are?

Turn 3 - Yusei: 4000 LP, 3 SPC
- Main Phase 1: Summons Bicular in Defense Position.
- Activates a Trap Card, A Leap to Awakening, which activates when a monster is summoned, he removes another monster from his field and the opponent takes damage equal to that monster's level x 100. Stardust Dragon is removed from his field and Placido takes 800 damage (Placido: 1800 LP).
- Sets 1 card.

Yusei believes he has the conditions for Accel Synchro on the next turn.

Turn 4 - Placido: 1800 LP, 8 SPC
- Main Phase 1: Activates a Trap Card, Bomb Blast. He destroys a Machine-type monster that didn't battle this turn and inflict its Level x 400 to the opponent as damage. He chooses to destroy Wisel Carrier. Yusei receives 400 damage (Yusei: 3600 LP).
- Summons Skiel Carrier 3.

Machine Emperor Wisel with Skiel Carrier 3.

In an unprecedented move, Placido uses a card from Lucciano’s Machine Emperor Skiel series. Yusei is astonished, as this was the card from the Duel that Rua and Ruka took part in before. Lucciano is just as surprised as Yusei, meaning Placido actually stole it from him.

Continuing Placido's turn:
- Main Phase 1: Tributes Skiel Carrier 3 to Special Summon the Skiel Carrier 5 from his hand.

The Key Card of the Week, Skiel Carrier 5: LV 5, 800 ATK / 400 DEF.

Machine Emperor Wisel with Skiel Carrier 5.

Yusei can’t believe that two Machine Emperors can combine their parts as a part of their own.

Meanwhile… Bruno has taken care of all of the remaining Diablo roids. Then, he senses a shock that almost drives him off the road again. This time, he blames it on the earth itself.

Continuing Placido's turn:
- Battle Phase: Wisel attacks Bicular and destroys it.
- Skiel Carrier 5's effect activates. When it destroys a monster by battle, 300 points of damage is dealt to the opponent (Yusei: 3300 LP).
- Bicular's effect activates. Yusei Special Summons a Unicycular from his Deck.
- Main Phase 2: Sets one card.

Turn 5 - Yusei: 3300 LP, 5 SPC
- Standby Phase: Due to A Leap to Awakening, Stardust Dragon returns to the field and gains ATK points equal to its Level x 100 (Stardust Dragon: 3300 ATK).

Bruno finally catches up with the two. Yusei claims that he will perform an Accel Synchro. However, Placido keeps his mind busy by telling him that he has surpassed nothing and is just creating a foolish history.

Continuing Yusei's turn:
- Main Phase 1: Tunes LV 1 Turbo Synchron with LV 1 Unicycular to Synchro Summon a Synchro Tuner, Formula Synchron.
- Formula Synchron's effect activates. He is able to draw a card once per turn. He draws a card.

Formula Synchron: LV 2 Synchro Tuner, 200 ATK / 1500 DEF.

Yusei accelerates and prepares to do an Accel Synchro. Placido charges his engine and follows Yusei’s speed. The lightning storm intensifies and now the WRGP dome’s glass roof collapses. Crow takes Ruka and Rua to safety. Aki hugs Haruka in the hospital and assures her that her friends are doing the best they can to fight off the enemies.

Placido talks to Yusei as they accelerate. He tells Yusei that Accel Synchro is a foolish act towards evolution. He reminds him of the aftereffects of the Zero Reverse incident. Yusei hesitates, but then goes on. Yusei begins the summoning chant for his new monster and speeds off. Placido plants another seed of worriness inside Yusei by saying that he is doing nothing but follow his father’s footsteps. Yusei hesitates on more time… and his Accel Synchro fails!

Yusei and Bruno are stunned–the Accel Synchro failed! Placido laughs as their final hope was crushed. It appears Yusei doesn’t really have the power to control the power of their god’s will. The storm hits more buildings. Yusei snaps and battles.

Continuing Yusei's turn:
- Battle Phase: Stardust Dragon attacks Wisel Infinity.
- Skiel Carrier 5's effect activates. Once per turn, an opponent's monster's attack is negated.

Yusei ends his turn with disappointment.

Turn 6 - Placido: 1800 LP, 10 SPC
- Main Phase 1: Wisel Infinity's effect activates and absorbs Yusei's Stardust Dragon.
- Wisel Infinity gains Stardust Dragon's original ATK.

Machine Emperor Wisel after gaining Stardust Dragon's ATK.

Placido tells Yusei that defeating a Machine Emperor is impossible. He will taste the true power of a real chosen one!


Episode comments

Well, as expected, this episode was primarily about displaying the Machine Emperor’s ability, rather than Yusei’s new card. But I didn’t really expect that Placido would steal Lucciano’s cards. I thought it would be the other way around. I also didn’t expect the Accel Synchro to fail, especially since the summoning chant and the cool, trippy effects were already done.

I’m also quite confused about the whole lightning thing. Why is it there and where does it come from?

But I am quite impressed that the whole WRGP arc isn’t going to be some boring old Tournament-style arc where there are countless new characters every episode and their Duels would last a long while. At least this one was completely different from what I was expecting from Yu-Gi-Oh!.

So now it’s confusing whether this “god” Yliaster is talking about is the “Zone” guy inside the weird dimension. They believe that “god” is on their side, but Yusei has also received this “will of god”. Their Circuit and true motives are unclear, but they do want to obtain Sherry’s Zone card.

I also wonder about this Haruka character in the hospital, if she’s going to be of some importance in the future.

In any case, pretty good episode. Too much chaos going around though.

That’s all for this week, see you again next week!

Next episode preview

Stardust Dragon has been captured, Yusei’s Accel Synchro failed… Is this the end of 5D’s? No. Mainly because the title emphasizes that next week is the appearance of Shooting Star Dragon! It’s a matter of retrieving Stardust Dragon from Machine Emperor Wisel and keeping Formula Synchron on the field now. I can see quite short turns and focusing on what went wrong during Yusei’s Accel Synchro Summoning attempt, and overcoming whatever that factor was.

Stay tuned, card game fans. Hideyoshi signing out!



  1. I’m also quite confused about the whole lightning thing. Why is it there and where does it come from?
    -> just adding flashy effects for no reason :D Anyway he was talking about that tower thing being destroyed… maybe it has something to do with that.

    Also, way to go to spoil what’s going to happen in the next episode by only revealing the title. Ah well… it’s ygo… what did you expect.

    Nice work.

  2. I think it was primarily because of the Game of Darkness that Placido had started; we’ve seen duels where area effect destruction happens because of Games of Darkness.

    As well, it could be because they’ve already established a link between ‘duel energy,’ to use a GX term, and Momentum and the Zero Reverse incident. Might be just to show that the Yliaster Tenors can cause Zero Reverse-like effects with their duel energy, being cyborgs/androids/robots/whatever.

  3. Hmm… you two make a very valid point. Haha.

  4. Fail Italian Pizza Boy seemed pretty pissed off.

    We know that Placido has power over machines, and that everything in NDC has some electronic aspects. He might just be using that. Also, lightning is made of electricity. So, yeah.

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