Fairy Tail 28 : Grandpa hax

May 4, 2010

Grandpa's back and this time... he's serious.

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Well we’re back on track now. Not too many posts per week yet, but who knows what will happen in the future? After giving much thought on what to blog, I decided to go with a series I’ve loved from the start. Since I marathoned most of them yesterday, I’m pretty much hyped about it. So yes, from now on Whatever Animeblog is the home of Fairy Tail!

Since the people who’ll be reading this are pretty much following the series, I won’t give much of a review on the past episodes. But ofcourse, what happened in this arc so far will be summarized.

Everything started after the so-called strongest team of the Fairy Tail guild returned back from a quest. Natsu and co. find their guild in ruins after a sneak attack of the Phantom Guild. Things soon go from bad to worse when Team Shadow Gear gets beaten up and humiliated and the Fairy Tail mages head to the Phantom Guild to seek revenge. Unfortunately, this all was planned by Jose and so the brave mages get tricked. The Element 4, a gang of strong mages all representing an element appear on stage and Aria, the wind mage, drains Gramps magic power. Without their leader, Elza decides they should retreat.

A fast forward now.

While Gramps left ‘the hospital’ in the last episode, Natsu received a good beating from the Iron/Metal Dragon Slayer, Gajeel. The other Fairy Tail mages are trying to protect their guild, but when a Magic Giant (created by Jose’s Shades) attacks, the Guild is soon reduced to nothing more than debris. How will the Fairy Tail mages get out of this dirty pinch?

The Guild now known as Debris

And some incoming Shades to rise the pressure


Opening theme : Ft. by Funkist

The clash of the second opening continues, but will reach a conclusion soon! Natsu who received a free dinner from Lucy’s new spirit, Sagittarius, starts to overpower Gajeel. Gajeel who thought he was the strongest mage around drops backwards and eventually gets thrown out the Gundam Guild.

Somebody's all revved up again

So where are the "Chidori!!" and "Ransengan!!" shouts?!

Steel will never beat Fire, every P*kemon trainer knows that! *nodnod*

Meanwhile, Jose is having fun annoying Elza with the usual shounen psychological warfare. He states that his guild was always the most powerful, but Fairy Tail started getting in his way and he can’t live with that.  Eventually Jose traps Elza and continues his rant about Fairy Tail saying they wanna use the Heartfilia fortune to get even more powerful. Elza is furious and tells him that Lucy ran away from home and was never able to use the money. But that doesn’t matter to Jose anyway, he just wants to use Lucy as a blackmail to gain the fortune.

Psychological Warfare~

waaaaaaaaaaw~ moment of the week

it finally came to this... tentacles...

loli Lucy for the fans

A powerless and cocky blonde girl with lots of money... that concept sounds familiar

When Elza is about to give up, a bright light suddenly illuminates the room and chases off the shadows cast by Jose. A small person appears on the stage… yup Jii-chan made a comeback and he’s willing to settle the score between him and Jose.

It's Heihachi Mishima! well... chibi form...


And... a dark Signer?

Place your bets!

Meanwhile in a forest far far away, Porlyusica is getting upset about human behaviorism again. Suddenly she notices Mystogan near her, she figures that it was him who healed Gramps completely and wonders why he isn’t fighting with them. A bunch of Phantom flags then waves through the forest, Mystogan had gone around collecting Gramps’ magic and defeated the other Phantom branches while being at it. 

Mystogan is a good nurse too it seems

Mystogan seems to have a flag fetish as well

and he's pretty into it

Back at the Gundam Guild, Gramps tells Elza to leave together with the others and let him handle things. Soon the two powers collide and huge shockwaves go through the area. Everyone is confused about what’s going on. Natsu realizes that Gramps is back and cheers up completely. Gramps praises Jose for his strength and tells him that he could’ve been a rolemodel for the younger generation. A countdown starts, like the Fairy Tail tradition wants it. After the count of 3, Gramps’ ‘Ultima’ Fairy Law brings judgment upon Jose. The End.

you've gone blind now!

hax are never shown in direct angle

find the 7 differences with this one...

...and this one

Oh right! Aria, the Wind mage tried to redo his sneak attack from last time on Gramps, but got whacked to his end.



Ending : Gomen Ne Watashi by Shiho Nanba


Thoughts :

The fight between Natsu and Gajeel was already settled last time, only the finishing touch had to be delivered. I did enjoy seeing his face beaten up though. We all hate cocky villains don’t we? That also counts for Jose, but it was a pity we didn’t see his face being beaten up. Oh well, he got owned in the end so who cares?

This was kind of an expected outcome after what happened last episode. I didn’t expect it to end in this episode though, but I’m glad it didn’t last too long. This was one of the best arcs in shounen anime again, mostly because I could completely empathize with the Fairy Tail members and that’s obviously the goal of the writer.

Unfortunately I also see this going the TTGL way with always stronger and stronger enemies ahead making it too overpowered. Since I haven’t read the manga (I never read much manga anyway) I don’t have a clue what’s going on right now, but I do hope it doesn’t go that way. What I do know is that the next villain is waiting at Era. Mister Gerard ‘Seigrain’ Fernandes, to be more accurate.

Well with this arc behind us, I can start keeping you up to date with the newest Fairy Tail episodes. Hopefully you liked this first review, feel free to leave a comment behind.



  1. I like the way this review was written, and hope to see more Fairy Tail episode reviews:)

  2. Thanks for your feedback :)
    I’ll try to be at your service next week too ;)

  3. Absolutely loved the episode. The whole fight between Jose and Makarov was over-the-top. In the end, Fairy Tail was victorious, as expected.

    Damn though, I really have to complain about the eyecatch in the middle of the episode, it sometimes ruins the serious theme. XD

  4. where are the other post of fairy tail

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