A new beginning?

April 27, 2010

A sky filled with new hopes.

Well, seems like I won’t have to hide it anymore. We’re back in business.

Maybe it’s because of the taste of the fresh spring air, or maybe it’s because I miss blogging so much… Either way, I decided to start up the blog once again. I discussed it a bit with my co-blogmates at #Gamekings (purplesurge, feel free to join there once btw) and we all agreed to give this blog a new chance. Don’t expect us to fill up a huge calender yet, since ofcourse this is just the beginning.

Anyway I hope we can be at your service again. The banner is updated and the bloggers are preparing. You’ll hear from us again soon. Until then, stay tuned!

Kyon (and the Whatever Animeblog Staff)



  1. \o/
    I’m so happy because you’re back!!!
    Maybe you may write about Durarara!! This is amazing anime, I’m pretty sure that you’re gonna love it!
    I’ve already read your First Impressions about DRR and it seems you liked the first episode, is that right?

    Welcome back!

  2. I am thinking about that :p
    now I wonder if you people prefer long posts with lots of text and summary.
    Or rather posts with lots of pictures and a short summary with longer thoughts about the episode.

  3. I like both! I mean, whatever way is perfect!

    One thing that I like more in blog is the high quality of pictures. It’s fantastic!

    About your question, I prefer the second way… “rather posts with lots of pictures and a short summary with longer thoughts about the episode.”


  4. thanks for your comment again :)
    I think I’ll go for that 2nd option ;)

  5. hmmm that kinda looks like alice?


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