To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 19 – Biribiri wa Maid-sama

February 20, 2010

You're not the only one bored by all these fillers, Biribiri...

Tokiwadai Middle School Girl’s Dormitory opens its doors to everyone with an invitation. What could be inside? None other than maids and maids and more maids! Anything else? Maids doing stitching, painting, flower arranging, calligraphy, tea ceremony, cooking–you name it! Just add the word MAID in front! But don’t go anywhere yet! Misaka Mikoto is about to show everyone a dazzling performance… what kind? Watch and see!

Expect every secondary character introduced to appear, minus Kiyama Harumi.

Last episode summary:

We follow the love life of the local Tokiwadai dorm mistress who does not seem to have a proper name. Kuroko has devoted herself to helping the supervisor gain Daigo-sensei’s affections, who is Ruiko and Uiharu’s teacher. Kuroko creates a master plan that will enable both people to become closer to each other. But just as things seem to be working out pretty well, in the end, Daigo-sensei seems to be in love with the Cypress Park Orphanage owner and the supervisor goes back to her usual ways of torturing the dorm inmates residents.

Episode 19:

We start off in the dorm, the time is morning. Misaka is wrapped by her blanket and seems to be very hesitant about something. On the other hand, Kuroko is quite excited about today. She adds that she’s been waiting for this moment for a long time. Misaka talks about a certain thing that has been decided…

"You look like a perfect nun, oneesama! Let us invade the other show!"

Opening song: LEVEL 5 -judgelight- by fripSide

The dorm supervisor has gathered maids in order to announce that the Tokiwadai Middle School Girl’s Dormitory will be open to the public for the Midsummer Festival. Everyone is expected to behave appropriately to keep the wonderful image that Tokiwadai has. Antiskill can also be seen guarding the premises and maids have been handing out pamphlets… One of them is none other than our main heroine… Misaka Mikoto.

Maid Misaka Mikoto!

Some guys approach her after she offered some pamphlet. They ask if they can take a picture of her but suddenly, a flash starts. Misaka tries repeating herself and several flashes happen. It appears that the guys are innocent… and the real culprit is none other than…


Kuroko explains that she is a recordkeeper for today’s event, sporting a flashy new black armband. She is to take pictures of today’s event in order to use it as a reference for next year. Misaka gets annoyed and asks how her pictures can be used as reference.

Ruiko and Uiharu arrive next. They were invited there by Kuroko. Uiharu seems very excited about being able to visit such a prestigious dorm.

And suddenly, Uiharu got even cuter...

As Kuroko offers to give them a tour, a maid wearing a differently-colored uniform asks Kuroko about helping out in the kitchen.

Tsuchimikado Maika, Miki maid version?

Yep, it’s Tsuchimikado Maika, Motoharu’s sister, who is Touma’s buddy. Misaka introduces her to the other two as a student from Ryouran Kaseijo, a school that trains skilled maids. They’re helping in the food preparation.

Maika starts dragging Kuroko away and Misaka offers to give Ruiko and Uiharu a tour in Kuroko’s place.

Uiharu then goes to point everything in the pamphlet, declaring that she is in Limits-Off mode. Also known as Fangirl Overdrive.

Now we see a glimpse of Uiharu's esper power!

They go around the different places. First was a display of food. One of the displays boast flowery ornaments made out of sugar. As a skeptic, Ruiko tries out and eats one of the petals and declares that it is made out of sugar! Uiharu panics as Ruiko isn’t supposed to taste anything in the display. At the same time, other fangirls flock around Misaka to offer her their sweets.

"Where's the new episode? Where's the new episode? Where's the new episode?"

They then pass a stitching class, which is open to the public. The three of them enter the class, with Uiharu leading, very excited. Inside, Uiharu seems pretty confident over her masterpiece. She checks on Ruiko and Misaka’s works, only to be left speechless, literally.



And of course, obviously Misaka's...

Next stop was a flower-arranging area. Ruiko notes that this kind of thing really gives off a very high class aura. Misaka adds that it’s emulating what people tend to think like in dramas on TV. Uiharu goes around and asks if the maids did the arranging by themselves, very impressed about their handiwork. The maids are grateful of her comment but they note that UIharu’s flower hairband seems more lively than their flowers. For some reason, she is oblivious to the fact that she is wearing one herself…

Montages of their next stops. Painting displays, calligraphy, tea ceremonies and the library. Uiharu tries acting like a real ojousama by the window and narrates the wondrous event and the things she saw inside the Tokiwadai dorm using an ojousama’s speech pattern. As she turns around to ask what Ruiko thinks…

Best. Comeback. EVER.

Uiharu fidgets again and Ruiko greets her back, saying she seemed to be drifting away somewhere and the real Uiharu is disappearing. They then see Misaka helping out other girls and the girls looking really happy to be helped by her. Misaka turns back to her friends and asks them if they’re hungry.

Part B:

Uiharu, still in Limits-Off mode, comments that she doesn’t want to go home anymore as she picks food from the buffet table. Misaka informs them that she’ll go on ahead. In the meantime, Ruiko is staring at a cake. Uiharu approaches her and slices the cake, taking pieces with her, which makes Ruiko shocked, asking how she could do such a thing on such a cute cake. Uiharu just informs her that cakes are meant to be eaten and not to be stared at.

Ruiko notices that Uiharu is taking a lot. Uiharu’s Limits-Off ~Sweet Tooth ver.~ seems to be in effect this time. Uiharu mentions that people have a separate stomach for sweet things. They hear a groan from one of the tables and sees Tessou Tsuzuri, in pain.

All kinds of authority are corrupt, even in Academy City...

Yomikawa tells her not to look so wasted in front of the students and Tessou responds, saying that it was because it’s a buffet. Yomikawa just drags her away and Uiharu returns the cake she just took.

A small girl suddenly approaches Misaka. It was a girl from Cypress Park Orphanage just last episode. The dorm supervisor says that she invited the kids over. The girl says that they are all looking forward to Misaka’s ‘performance’. Misaka starts sweating. This seems like an interesting performance. The supervisor threatens Misaka to perform her best for the kids or else…

"Hi... my name... is Jalapeño!"

In any case, Misaka is a bit annoyed about being threatened as that would only put pressure on her. The supervisor has difficulty in keeping her personality between the Tokiwadai dorm and Cypress Park conflicting.

Uiharu and Ruiko ask Misaka what performance on stage was the supervisor talking about. Ruiko suddenly thinks she gets it! It was a surprise. As Misaka tries to explain it, Ruiko says she doesn’t have to say anymore. Now they’re both amped up to seeing Misaka perform on stage.

Maika then appears and asks Misaka if she has seen Kuroko. It seems Kuroko disappeared without a trace suddenly. She adds that she’s gonna look forward to seeing Misaka’s performance as well while noting that some glutton has been feeding on their stocks, which has become troublesome.

After eating, the trio goes on the move again. Misaka decides to break up from the group and says that she’ll go to the bathroom first, so they can go ahead. Ruiko notices Misaka’s been acting weird. Suddenly, they notice an auction happening. It was for a wallet that is a rare brand item, according to a magazine Uiharu read. They were surprised to see who won the auction: Konori-senpai.

Like I said before... any kind of authority is corrupt!

They approach her to congratulate her on her shopping spree. Konori-senpai just passes it off as her duty as a member of Judgment, saying that the money the auction gets are given to Child Errors as charity. A stationary set is being auctioned next and suddenly, Kuroko bids 10,000 yen for it. When asked why, it was because those were donated by Misaka herself, so it was formerly owned by Misaka.

That bear looks like the one Misaka owns in the manga... the one where she hides the Sisters stuff.

Kongo Mitsuko appears with her swimming club henchwomen, wearing something that barely resembles a maid…

Well... whatever it is, it's nice.

She and Kuroko engage in a heated argument again, as rivals. Though Mitsuko loses and was manipulated by Kuroko into buying everyone drinks. The swimming club girls explain that Mitsuko isn’t that bad of a person at all, inviting them into the festival. They explain that there are two Tokiwadai dorms for girls, one is at the Gardens of Education. Uiharu knows that place as a paradise for ojousama.

Suddenly, they all remember Misaka’s performance, and everyone gets excited, especially Kuroko. Misaka hides back to her room and wishes people shouldn’t be expecting so much from her. She’s definitely nervous.

"Misaka Mikoto's Super LOL Show For Aizawa Sakuya's Birthday"

Now it’s time for the main event! Misaka leaves her room in a very unusual outfit for her to wear.

Misaka Mikoto as The Girl From The Illusionary World.

She heads to the stage, nervous. As she tries to get it together, a surprise entry catches her off-guard.

"Excuse me, am I in the right anime?"

Touma asks her if she saw a nun around, which he has brought over after getting an invitation card. Misaka snaps and asks him if he came over to make fun of her. As Touma tries to explain himself, Misaka grabs ahold of a folding steel chair and raises it up, causing him to run away.


After that encounter, she doesn’t seem to be nervous anymore, and smiles.

Property of Kuze Shuichi...

It seems that she is performing a violin solo. She is a bit thankful that her nervousness was removed as she performs.

Watch Misaka perform Real Force with a violin!

And there's your glutton suspect, Maika...

Closing song: Real Force by ELISA


Bye-bye fillers?

With everyone featured here in this episode, it must mean the next one will surely be of great importance to the magical scientific plot.

Well that was kind of a cute episode. Misaka’s violin solo was nice, Uiharu’s expressions in this episode are priceless. Mitsuko’s outfit sure hits the spot and Touma’s appearance helps.

Speaking of Touma, since he’s being all polite and doesn’t seem to recognize Misaka, they must be at the part where he lost his memories.

Next episode:

A real summer festival, I guess. With stories about ghosts… the title being poltergeist. Though the preview statements do contain things involving the recent earthquakes, so it may mean we’re gonna go to action soon. We also see the mysterious locket girl again.

This is the Bunny Chief, sighing over the lack of ITEM, over and out!



  1. I want Frenda :<
    Anyway, it wasn't such a bad episode… is what I would say if the previous episode weren't fillers as well. Seriously this is getting annoying! If you get 24 episodes to broadcast a series, please don't stuff it with stupid fillers! Especially when the manga is quite nice. I hope the next episode won't be like this either… though I have a bad feeling about it…

  2. This is a Filler episode but of violin song is cool

  3. The filler episodes were meh. The only ones i liked were this one and the two about Konori. Mainly cuz she has huge knockers. I’d kill to see’em.

    But from here we’ll be back on track with the main story.

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