Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 96 – Dubya Arr Jee Pii

February 18, 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's presents...

So I really planned on posting this earlier than this… but for some reason my connection wasn’t 100% and so I decided to wait until it’s back to normal.

It’s sort-of back now but anyway, here’s episode 96. It’s time for the WRGP to commence. Team 5D’s are looking forward to a great start with Bruno’s engine and do a practice run. But on the way, they meet their first round opponents and eventually led to a practice Duel.

Expect Rua, Ruka and Aki’s return. Oh, and comic Bruno.

Last episode summary:

Crow finally learns the truth. It was Bolger who murdered Pearson. Bolger holds Blood Mephist and claims that Pearson had been conceited in refusing the money (seriously, why are you conceited for refusing a huge sum of money?). In a desperate situation, Crow’s determination and will allowed him access to a secret part of Black Bird, apparently where Blackfeather Dragon is hidden. He was able to summon it and defeat Bolger. Bolger realizes his mistake and turns himself in. Crow promises Pearson that he will continue to carry his will by making the kids happy.

Key Card of the Week:

Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest: LV 7, 2600 ATK / 1800 DEF (Andore's).

Episode 96:

It seems last episode actually helps the plot. Everyone is now inside Bolger’s D-Wheel company and his workers have developed the D-Wheel engine that Yusei and Bruno have worked on. It seems before being sent to prison, Bolger ordered them to help Crow and his team for the WRGP as his final act as president of the company.

From here, it looks more like an anvil from cartoons.

The guy in charge, who is named Rick, explains that no one hates the president, as they all know that he only did it because of his love for D-Wheel. Yusei thanks Rick as now they are much closer to their dream.

Rick... no, not Astley.

Back at Yusei’s love shack… two entities are approaching…

Entry Number 29!

Ruka and Rua head inside and check on the new D-Wheel. Crow proudly shows them their new Riding Duel outfits as well.

Jack's uniform is almost the same as his old one, only with the logo.

Ruka notices the 5D’s logo on their shirt. Rua asks what it meant. Crow says that it was Jack’s idea and Bruno cuts in. He says that 5D’s mean that there are five D’s: Devil, Destroy, Dead hit, Dark and Daisuki Bruno-chan. He receives a tsukkomi whack from Jack afterwards.

'Drop Bruno-chan' is more like it...

Jack explains that it was because of their birthmarks that they decided to go for 5D’s. Rua says that he doesn’t have a birthmark, but it’s also thanks to Ruka’s birthmark that he met Yusei and the others. Jack says that Ruka and Rua are a 2-in-1 package anyway which makes them shocked.

Professor Yusei explains where bonds come from.

Bruno cuts in again, saying that his name is not included as well. It should be called “Bruno and 5D’s” and again, he receives the tsukkomi whack from Jack.

Aki admires the team’s name. They now declare that from now on, they will be Team 5D’s!

Some people need some pentel pen...

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

The OP again has scenes from the movie.

After the OP, they are now looking at a monitor screen. The style of the WRGP battles are explained, which is pretty much tournament style in which there are blocks… and each block has 4 teams… and an elimination style, yadda yadda yadda… So yeah. It’s like the Fortune Cup all over again.

Rua looks closely at the screen and finds that Team 5D’s first opponent is Team Unicorn from the WRGP opening ceremony episode.

Yusei says that Team Unicorn is rumored to be one of the top candidates for the WRGP. Jack doesn’t care. They’ll just defeat them… yep. He sure knows how this type of series work. Bruno comes in and informs them that their practice run time is now. The kids, Bruno and Aki watch from the stands.

Ruka notices a familiar policeman just in the sidelines and they approached him. Of course, it’s Ushio.

"Don't look at the camera... that's the cool guy pose..."

Rua asks why Ushio is in his old Duel Chaser uniform and Ushio explains that they need improved security due to the WRGP. Duel Lanes are being used and not in Auto-Pilot mode so accidents may occur. He is there on standby just in case anything happens. I bet he didn’t just have enough money for a ticket

Yusei, Jack and Crow go off for their practice runs. Ushio notes how amazing their D-Wheels have improved and wishes that he could fight them again. He’s giving a hint that he may be participating in the WRGP and when asked by Bruno about it, he says it’s a secret. Ushio goes off to patrol a different area.

Later, their practice run ends. Yusei and Jack slow down to stop but Crow says he wants one last run as the next team won’t be out so quickly. But as Crow speeds on, he was badly-mistaken. A member from the next team have entered the course and because Black Bird was modified to get a faster speed, he wasn’t able to stop immediately and hits the D-Wheel, sending both the D-Wheel and its rider bouncing off the course.

CGI man overboard!

The members of their respective teams rush in to provide help. Apparently, the guy who was bumped into was named Breo. The other members are Andore and John.

"No, we can't leave you here, White Ranger!" "Just go and leave me here, Blue Ranger!!"

The John person grabs Crow and accuses him that he did it on purpose. Jack breaks the hold and Yusei comes in to apologize. John says that this is a competition so surely, there’s a higher chance that it was on purpose. He plans to report them to the administration to ban them. Andore stops John as it would be a meaningless victory for them if that happened. Judging from their helmet’s horns and their logo that looks like a horse, they’re Team Unicorn.

"As you can see, even our hair are color-coded."

And yep, they introduce themselves as Team Unicorn. Crow apologizes to Breo personally and Breo doesn’t seem to mind. Crow wants to repay them but John says they don’t look like they have money anyway. Yusei explains that they’ll feel sorry if they just let it slide.

Andore hatches an idea. He wants a Duel. 1-on-1. It’s their practice time anyway. At first, Jack tells Yusei not to accept the challenge as they might develop a strategy against them. But after being taunted by John, Jack gets angry and tells Yusei to accept… which Yusei does so…

Part B:

Yusei and Andore prepares for their Riding Duel. In the background, Breo and John talk about Team 5D’s. Breo says that it would’ve been bad if he was really hurt and reveals that they merely broke their own D-Wheel just so Yusei will accept their challenge. Everything earlier was just an act so they could investigate their opponents. John admits that they are their most powerful rivals in the WRGP.

Way to tell everyone about your evil plan halfway through, genius.

The Riding Duel starts.

Featured Duel of the Week:

Will Yusei restrain himself from showing his strategy or will he be forced to by Andore?

Speed World 2 is set on.

Yusei speeds up and takes the first turn. It is then revealed that John advised Andore to let Yusei have the first turn so they can scout him better.

Turn 1 - Yusei: 4000 LP, 0 SPC
- Summons Max Warrior.

John and Breo are disappointed about Yusei’s start. John explains that Andore is using the ‘fast power’ Deck. Breo comments on how Andore is good at understanding such a complex Deck and John mentions that Andore makes good use of every card that he encounters. The genius style of playing.

As Yusei doesn’t seem to be giving away his plans, Andore thinks he should dive in and force Yusei to.

Turn 2 - Andore - 4000 LP, 1 SPC
- Summons Playing Opossum.
- Activates its effect. When there is a monster with higher ATK on the opponent's side of the field, it can destroy itself.
- Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest's effect activates and summons itself to the field by paying 1000 LP (3000 LP).
- Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest attacks and destroys Max Warrior (Yusei: 3200 LP).
- Sets 2 cards.

Playing Opossum: LV 2, 800 ATK / 600 DEF.

The Key Card of the Week, making its appearance.

Turn 3 - Yusei - 3200 LP, 2 SPC
- Activates Speed Spell - Angel Baton and draws 2 cards while discarding his Quillbolt Hedgehog.
- Activates another Speed Spell - Angel Baton and draws 2 cards while discarding his Speed Warrior.
- Summons Junk Synchron.
- Activates its effect and Special Summons Speed Warrior from his Graveyard.
- Quillbolt Hedgehog Special Summons itself to the field due to its effect.

Breo and John continue watching and compliments Yusei’s usual way of fighting.

Continuing Yusei's turn:
- Tunes his LV 3 Junk Synchron with his LV 2 Speed Warrior and LV 2 Quillbolt Hedgehog.to Synchro Summon Junk Archer.
- Uses Junk Archer's effect and removes Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest from play.
- Junk Archer attacks directly.
- Andore activates his Trap Card, Flight Instinct. When he is about to receive a direct attack, he Special Summons a LV 4 or lower monster from his hand. He Special Summons Nimbe Momonga.
- Nimble Momonga is destroyed by Junk Archer (Andore: 1700 LP).
- Nimble Momonga's effect activate. Andore gains 1000 LP (2700 LP).
- Nimble Momonga's second effect activates. 2 more Nimble Momonga get Special Summoned to the field in Defense Position.
- Sets 1 card.
- End Phase. Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest returns to the field.

Nimble Momonga: LV 2, 1000 ATK / 100 DEF.

Just when the gang thought Yusei was getting the upper hand, by the End Phase, it looks like he’s in a pinch already.

Turn 4 - Andore: 2700 LP, 3 SPC
- Activates Playing Opossum's effect from the Graveyard. It Special Summons itself back to the field during the Standby Phase after it was destroyed by its own effect earlier.
- Tributes Playing Opossum and a Nimble Momonga to Tribute Summon Behemoth the King of All Animals.
- Behemoth the King of All Animals' effect activates. He returns 2 Nimble Momonga from his Graveyard back to his hand.
- Switches the Nimble Momonga on his field to Attack Position.

Behemoth the King of All Animals: LV 7, 2700 ATK / 1500 DEF.

Everyone becomes worried for Yusei’s condition. If he receives all those attacks, he’s done for. Breo notes that if Yusei loses that quickly, they won’t even have any chance to spy on his strategy.


Closing song: -OZONE- by vistlip

The closing song is also fitted with new scenes from the movie.


Bruno is starting to be funny… good or bad?

It’s nice to see Ruka and Rua back. They’re just too cute to be left in the shelf.

But really, Team UNICORN? Come on… just because their leader’s hair looks like a Unicorn doesn’t mean they all have to demean themselves by calling it Team Unicorn… What about Team Drill? If they follow this logic, Yusei’s team should have been called Team Crab instead.

Of course, we also know that Playing Opossum is based on the phrase “playing possum” in which possums are known to play dead or act, and this has been used to refer to other things as well that pretend to be dead or injured.

I don’t have much say about this episode, but it’s kind of refreshing that what happened last episode was actually helpful and connected to this new episode. Bolger was actually a good piece in the WRGP arc for Team 5D’s.

I just can’t help but see Team Unicorn as Doma’s goons from the first Yu-Gi-Oh! by NAS for some reason. Breo should apply as a stuntman instead.

Most of the stuff I noticed were put in the article… so I don’t have much to say anymore. OP change, anyone?

Next episode:

The continuation of Yusei vs Andore’s practice Duel. Yusei seems to be in a tough spot. Will he just lose or defeat this guy? I’d personally say just lose and they won’t get any info from you… but it’s still a mystery what Team Unicorn wants if Team 5D’s loses.

This is the Bunny Chief, being busy, over and out!



  1. whee retro cards :D
    I was finally able to follow that guy’s strategy once. They should do that kind of duel more… seriously.. stop creating useless and annoying new cards Konami!

  2. Yay, Nimble Momanga! I remember that card from playing one of the older Championship games, 2004, I think. It’s so awesome :D

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