To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 18 – Birthdays, Stalkers and JALAPEÑO!

February 12, 2010

Inverted colors make everything look awesome... well, maybe only in the vintage GameBoy Pokemon games...

I would like to extend my wishes of happy birthday to Kyon from our blogging team! Have a good one today! Ironically, this episode has a birthday theme to it!

So… yeah. This episode is still a filler concerning another side character. Today, we tackle the love life of the Tokiwadai dorm’s supervisor. This time though, the main characters are involved directly with this. Expect this to remind you of watching Kobato. rather than watching Railgun.

Yes, indeed, this is not Kobato.

Expect an orphanage, orphans, volunteers, volunteer guy with glasses, possible relationship between owner and glasses guy… this isn’t Kobato., by the way.

Last episode summary:

Rather pointless episode other than the appearance of a mysterious character. The last episode followed the adventures of Tessou Tsuzuri, the bespectacled member of the Antiskill and her summer days with Yomikawa and Komoe-sensei. She meets with an introvert named Kounoe and plays a game called Gekisho 9 with him. Tsuzuri doesn’t seem to be quite good at her work, but is good at the game. Nothing much happened. By the way, the last episode’s title is a play on words, with Tsuzuri (the name of the focus character) and the title of the episode “Natsuyasumi no tsuzuri” (translated as Spelling Summer Break).

Episode 18:

Well… we start at the dorm Misaka and Kuroko go home to… with Kuroko being nailed by the supervisor…

Let the bodies hit the floor...! Let the bodies hit the...

After dragging her defeated prey all the way to the door, she tosses Kuroko’s seemingly lifeless body outside.


She reminds them that the usage of their esper powers inside the dorm was strictly prohibited…

Opening song: LEVEL 5 -judgelight- by fripSide

The next day, at Joseph’s. Kuroko complains about the supervisor not even holding back and only talks about nothing but rules. Kuroko even links the supervisor being single to her un-lady-like nature.

Suddenly, the dorm supervisor passes by the glass window. Kuroko and Misaka suddenly duck to avoid being spotted.

This is a force that even a Level 5, Tokiwadai's Ace, cannot even bear not to hide in fear...

They find it strange that she leaves frequently nowadays dressed up during breaks. Kuroko deduces that it is because of a man. She takes off without warning and Misaka is forced to follow.

Main focus of this week's filler episode: the dorm's supervisor!

Kuroko knows that it is a very irresistible chance to learn the supervisor’s secret. It’s definitely a marriage meeting. Kuroko continues spouting all kinds of insults about the supervisor’s age as they follow her.

Stalkers... they're everywhere...

Suddenly… she enters a Pizza Hut.

"Are we still in the right anime...?"

Misaka and Kuroko are bewildered. The supervisor came out with lots of boxes of pizza. I wonder if she’s somehow linked to C.C. but anyway, Kuroko quickly makes a deduction, saying that her partner must be an Italian named Marco.

They follow her to the train, to the 13th district.

Is there an FBI guy there?

As they walk further, Misaka starts to question their purpose of following the supervisor. Kuroko says she can’t turn back until she sees Marco. Suddenly, the supervisor takes a turn… and into an orphanage of all places…

Cypress Park Orphanage... no, this is not where Dobato goes...

A crowd of kids surround the supervisor as they see all the pizza she brought along.

Lolicon 101: Pizza does not only work for C.C., but also for kids!

The supervisor assures them that there will be enough for everyone so they shouldn’t get hasty. Kuroko checks out the data about the orphanage that the supervisor went to. It is called Cypress Park Orphanage. The children who are admitted there are Child Errors (fancy way of saying orphan kids in Academy City. They are kids who were sent there by their parents, but seemingly just abandoned or neglected, tackled with during the backstory of Kiyama Harumi).

At this point of the episode, you might have already guessed… but it seems we’re gonna have to live in Filler Land again.

The one in charge inside the orphanage thanks the supervisor for her continued visits. The kids absolutely love her and keep on asking when she’ll visit again. The kids and the supervisor go inside to eat the pizza. Meanwhile, Kuroko and Misaka are dumbfounded. They have never seen the supervisor like that before…

Kuroko starts to realize that the supervisor had actually a golden heart and she becomes ashamed of herself for calling her names earlier. Then, Misaka notices two familiar girls doing some sweeping in the playground inside the orphanage.

Yep, Ruiko and Uiharu were there as well. Ruiko mentions that they were forced to volunteer in the orphanage due to their bad test scores. Uiharu doesn’t mind as playing with kids is enjoyable. The woman talking to the supervisor earlier and a guy wearing glasses (they’re not Sayaka and Fujimoto, by the way) approach them to introduce themselves.

Daigo-sensei (left), Uiharu and Ruiko's teacher and Shigenomori Kazuko (right), the owner of Cypress Park Orphanage.

The manager is named Shigenomori Kazuko. The guy was their teacher, Daigo-sensei. Kazuko-san thanks them and asks them if the two on the fence waving are their friends. Of course, those are Misaka and Kuroko. The main characters get united.


Inside, Daigo-sensei talks to the supervisor, which makes her blush (ZOMG!). Kuroko is quick to notice that this Daigo-sensei is the love of the supervisor and she promises to help develop this love. Uiharu and Ruiko also offer their services for this job.

Later that day, at the dorm. The dorm supervisor returns to her kingdom: the dorm. Waiting for her return was Kuroko, who was on her knees and with a rolled towel on a silver platter.

"Nyaa~ Please punish Kuroko using this~"

The supervisor gets skeptical and asks Kuroko if this was some sort of joke. Kuroko admits that she wants to support the supervisor. The supervisor doesn’t buy this and tries to leave until Kuroko mentions about seeing her at the orphanage. Kuroko claims she saw through everything and about Daigo-sensei. At that point, the dorm supervisor grabs ahold of Kuroko and tries to set her up for her signature Neckbreaker, Jalapeño!


Kuroko resists and tells her that they want to be her Cupid. At the age of 29, she should be more concerned about being in love. The supervisor seems affected and lets go of Kuroko but then starts to leave, saying she doesn’t need any Cupid.

Kuroko suddenly busts out her last card. She asks whether if the dorm supervisor doesn’t care ending up as an old single lady for the rest of her life. It may be her last chance so she shouldn’t let it go anymore. The supervisor stops and turns around and asks if Kuroko really can help her… It’s a success! Kuroko got through!

Part B:

The following day, Kuroko and Misaka are also volunteering now for the Cypress Park Orphanage like Ruiko and Uiharu.

Brains and brawn... a frightful combination!

Man, I already feel a bit bored at this point. Anyway, the plan starts. Ruiko leads the supervisor to the kitchen. Misaka plays with the kids in the meantime. The next phase of their plan is to have Daigo-sensei go to the kitchen as well.

Daigo-sensei claims he wants to help the supervisor in baking the cake for the kids. Daigo-sensei starts by making the cream. As he works, he tells how much of a dream it is of his to get married… and that he wishes to cook in the kitchen with his wife. The supervisor is flustered by his statements.

"Want a taste of my Jalapeño as well?!"

Outside, Ruiko asks what happens if the plan fails. They hear the supervisor scream from inside the kitchen. Kuroko claims that she has an emergency backup plan for a time like this. They enter the kitchen and sees everything covered by flour.

And then this is the part where Accelerator comes in and says, "You've at least heard of dust explosions, right?"

The supervisor claims it was her fault, she forcefully opened a bag of flour. Daigo-sensei claims it’s okay as they can just redo the cake.

It's amazing how her face is almost filled with flour... yet her glasses aren't affected! Maybe this is a key to her secret power!!

As they develop a bit of relationship, Kuroko cuts in. She claims that there is no more time to make the cake. They have to buy it now. She advises Daigo-sensei to do it, in which he quickly accepts. She then adds that the supervisor is joining his trip as she knows a great cake shop. The supervisor grabs Kuroko and tells her she can’t be alone… but Kuroko says she will be guided by Ruiko and Uiharu.

In the meantime, Misaka continues playing with the Child Errors. As she plays with them, she remembers Kiyama Harumi’s determination to save the kids and never repeat the same mistake before.

"Curse you, KyoAni! Curse yoooou!!"

Later, the cake arrives and the party starts.

Happy birthday, Kyon from our blogging team!

Ruiko and Uiharu report that during their trip, they got lost, chased by a dog and almost walked straight to a river. Kuroko says those are trivial things… the result should be satisfactory.

I bet that dog received a Jalapeño as well... but since it was animal cruelty, they dropped that image!

"Who says Jesus is the only one who can walk on water?"

The supervisor apologizes to Daigo-sensei for not being any help while removing her glasses. Daigo-sensei says it’s okay as everyone is happy in the end. He then remarks on how the supervisor looks good without her glasses. The supervisor blushes and Daigo-sensei tells her that she looks good with her glasses, but without them, her beauty increases. The kids notice this and laugh at them for being lovey-dovey.

Everyone laughs as the kid in the right performs her Konata impression.

Daigo-sensei insists that he may not be the suitable partner for the supervisor. Kuroko then inquires what kind of person will be a suitable partner for him and he responds that it someone that is respected and puts themselves before anyone else.

Without warning, an earthquake happens, just like last episode… this time, it was felt by everyone and took longer. The supervisor quickly orders everyone to stay under the table but a lone kid wanders around in panic. A water jug was about to hit the kid until the supervisor ran over.

The earthquake stops. Uiharu notes how the earthquake has been happening quite recently. Daigo-sensei checks up on the supervisor and the kid, who was protected. The supervisor checks on the kid while scolding him about running. Daigo-sensei admires her act.

Back at the dorm, the supervisor imagines Daigo-sensei asking her hand for marriage right after the incident… and then being married.

GOOD END... just kidding!

A girl apologizes for being too loud and the supervisor gets up… but instead of cracking her neck (Jalapeño!) she just lets it slide. Misaka can’t believe that the supervisor isn’t being strict at all. Kuroko informs her that love makes one grow.

Suddenly, the supervisor gets a call from Daigo-sensei. He wants to talk with her urgently.

Lemme guess... it's a Joseph's affiliate.

Ruiko and Uiharu are now with Misaka and Kuroko at a family restaurant to spy on the supervisor and Daigo-sensei. After discussing their tastes in proposal (with Misaka ending with a rather awkward taste again), the talk starts.

Daigo-sensei asks the supervisor what she thinks if she were to marry a younger guy. The chance is here! The supervisor claims that age doesn’t matter, as long as they respect each other. Daigo-sensei is relieved and knew the answer all along. He apologizes for calling so suddenly. The main characters rejoice in the background.

Please enjoy this representation of her victory in love.

Later. The supervisor returns to the dorm and she is greeted by the main characters. The supervisor asks Kuroko to pinch her as it feels like a dream. Kuroko does so and the supervisor asks them for another request.

Kuroko looks more like she's the one in pain...

The gang helps her pick an outfit and stuff for judgment day. The supervisor visits the orphanage, dressed differently than usual.

And we get treated to another one of Misaka's taste issues.

Been a while since I did this... but yeah!

They then talk at the swing. Daigo-sensei thanks the supervisor.

It's a romantic scene until you realize there are four heads hiding in the bushes...

Thanks to the talk they had, he mustered up the courage he needed and shows an engagement ring.

Of course, let us not forget the sparkle part...

The supervisor gets excited. Daigo-sensei then says that now he is able to propose to the girl she loves. The supervisor wonders and then she notices where Daigo-sensei’s eyes are fixated on…

"You see, kids. This is how you produce an energy ball..."

Well, that sucked. But I kinda expected that a bit… this was kind of a filler after all.

Anyway, the supervisor just wishes him luck and wears her glasses once again. The group gets disappointed. The supervisor goes on to help with the Child Errors again. Kuroko then notes how kind the supervisor truly is.

Closing song: Real Force by ELISA

…and of course, we’re treated to a post-closing song scene, with everything back to normal like nothing ever happened. Kuroko was 1 second late for the curfew and gets nailed by the supervisor’s finishing move (Jalapeño!). Vintage supervisor!

"Open your mouth wide... we're gonna use that rolled towel now."


So… if this isn’t Major… if this isn’t Code Geass… if it isn’t Kobato or Death Note… then what is this?

Wow… when are we actually gonna go to the real thing?

I gotta admit, this was much more better than last episode. It didn’t revolve on such a small and repetitive scene. We actually get to see the main characters this time and were actually involved with this filler. But sadly, a filler is still a filler no matter how you look at it.

The outcome of the episode was kinda predictable in a way. It was decided by the time Daigo-sensei asked the supervisor for her view by using themselves as the actual example. Though I never guessed he was aiming for the owner of the orphanage of all people! I thought it was just some random unknown girl we never see and we’ll never ever see.

In any case, much of my thoughts were poured through the summarization. Just scan through them.

I’d also like to apologize for the confusion I made in the last episode’s article, the next episode part there… I really have a hard time distinguishing characters who have very similar features. I didn’t notice the hair color and assumed it was the evil woman from the OP. I kinda did the same mistake back when blogging Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season (with Kaoru Kyonosuke and Segawa Kotetsu).

I even though the two people who approached Ruiko and Uiharu earlier were both guys who wanted to hit on them!

So yeah…

Next episode:

We are treated to a sort-of festival… and what’s more is that we get to see maids… not only that… Kuroko and Misaka are also maids! Filler? Most probably. Win? Most probably. Appearance of Tsuchimikado’s sister? Maybe… she is a maid from that dorm, if I remember correctly.

This is the Bunny Chief, practicing Jalapeño(!), over and out!



  1. this was NOT Kobato! and NOT Code Geass!
    Yay b-day references :D
    I wonder what I’ll get as present, I hope it’s not a Jalapeño… fañtastic~!
    Wow so many pictures for a filler… now you really made me wonder what happened with the rolled up towel…

  2. this anime is cool

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