Kobato. 16 : Okiura brings Good Weather

February 11, 2010

Who's that Pokemon? yeah! all of them!

It’s been a while, but just like the chief told you guys yesterday we’re gonna pick up on our own pace. It’s just the 3 of us now and since we have such busy busy lives, we can’t keep up with blogging all the time. That being told, let’s get straight to business. Expect a mysterious dept collector, a teru teru bozu loli and KobatoxFujimoto service.

Leaves are being carried up into the sky. Kobato who’s exiting the nursery sighs and says there will be a lot of cleaning up again tomorrow. Ioryogi tells Kobato that isn’t the only problem they’re dealing with and looks back at the nursery. From the window, Sayaka can be seen. She’s sighing as well, but that’s probably because of the financial trouble.

When arriving home, Kobato meets up with the Chii twins and their mother. She tells Kobato that her daughters had a bazaar today. One of the Chii’s explains the concept, which is the students bringing stuff and then sell that stuff for the sake of the school. Kobato is inspired by it and that’s what the episode is gonna be about!

Kobato storms inside the nursery and tells Sayaka to have a bazaar. Sayaka is kinda surprised, but doesn’t seem all too enthusiast. Then Mr Cool enters and he overheard Kobato’s words, saying that if the loan was that big they would’ve taken care of it a long time ago already. Besides, there’s nothing much a nursery with a few students can do for them. Kobato looks down after being turned down… but suddenly acts all cheered up apologizing for the fuss. She runs outside saying she has a lot of cleaning work to do.

Well, we had to start with an emo Kobato for once right?

When Kobato left, Sayaka tells that it’s just like Kobato to be all into an idea, but it’s also like her to be upset when it doesn’t work out. The fact that Mr Cool turned Kobato down so brusquely makes it look as if he’s bullying. Sayaka gives Fujimoto a genki ni nare shoulder pat and heads out as well. Mr Cool keeps silent but seems to realize he did something wrong.

Kobato who’s busy cleaning talks to Ioryogi about what just happened. She says it was bad of her to get all determined while Sayaka and Fujimoto were pretty shocked about her idea. Ioryogi answers that it isn’t so bad to determined about something. Kobato is touched by Ioryogi’s cheering up…

Kobato, now heading for WrestleMania!

Sayaka then walks over to Kobato and tells her to do the bazaar she wished for.

Back at the nursery, Sayaka and Kobato explains the bazaar idea to the children. Ofcourse, all of the naive chibi are excited by the whole bazaar idea. While Kobato keeps them busy, Sayaka walks over to Mr Cool and mentions that it’s good to see Kobato back in her cheerful mood.

In the evening, Mr Cool notices Kobato being busy with a banner. He asks her what she’s doing and Kobato responds she drawing a dog and cat. Mr Cool asks in a sarcastic way if Kobato doesn’t feel bad for both of them. Kobato is checkmate… and Puppy-san agrees…

One could really have double thoughts when seeing this picture...

Sayaka arrives with tea for the hard workers. She also takes a look at the drawing and says the complete opposite of what Puppy-san and Mr Cool are thinking, leaving both of them shocked this time. Unfortunately, Kobato’s luck doesn’t last all that long…

So that's why she's wearing those giant glasses huh?

Kobato is scarred for life and drops down depressed. Fujimoto grabs his bags and says he’s going out for today to work. Sayaka tells him not to force himself too much, Fujimoto smiles(?!?!) and says the same to Sayaka. Kobato looks up in surprise, she never saw Fujimoto with a smile like that before. While she’s staring at him, he writes a note and then sticks it on Kobato’s drawing.

a Vajra?

He then leaves the room. Sayaka laughs, but Kobato is disturbed by his bullying. Sayaka then says he must’ve taken a liking to Kobato since it’s impossible for him and ‘that other guy’ to be doing things so straight forwardly. Kobato wonders who this other guy is, but Sayaka ignores her question and says they need to prepare for tomorrow.

At night, Kobato wonders if Sayaka was talking about her husband back then. A flashback of the Kobato-goes-maid episode pops up. Ioryogi says it’s a mystery, just as much as Kobato’s drawing. Kobato is hit in her very artist soul again and responds that Puppy-san is being mean.

The following day brings new chances~ Boxes filled with all kinds of stuff are put inside the nursery. Kobato is overjoyed when she sees how many boxes there are. She suddenly notices a box filled with teru teru bozu (those thingies you hang up to wish for good weather). Kobato asks who brought them and a little girl called Naomi puts her hand up saying she made them for the pool trip (there was a pool episode?!) and the field trip.

Sayaka hands out price tags for the goods and when Kobato is about to help, Naomi pulls on her apron. She asks Kobato if the teru teru bozu will help them to save the nursery. She wants the nursery to stay opened because he mother is about to have a baby and wants it to be at the nursery when the chibi gets older. Kobato is touched by Naomi who wants to be a big sis and shouts her usual GANBARIMASU cheer.

oh... she was just drawing Pokemanz

yeah... I just like that maid girl

After hanging up all the posters in town, Kobato closes the nursery gate behind her. Suddenly, a mysterious person calls out to her. He asks her if she’s the girl who answered the phone last time. He then continues saying he’s … the dept collector!


The man asks Kobato if she working overtime. Kobato says she isn’t, she just lost track of time because she was in town hanging up poster. Then she realizes she shouldn’t tell him that because he’s a bad person. He responds that Kobato’s quite an interesting girl and asks if she passed on his message last time. He continues saying that he won’t extend the deadline for the loan and that he’ll destroy the nursery even with the children there if the money doesn’t arrive on time. Kobato is shocked and Ioryogi looks at the man with an annoyed glare. Soon after, the man leaves.

While Kobato heads back to her room, she wonders if the man is serious about destroying the nursery with the children there. Suddenly Fujimoto appears and forcefully makes his way to Kobato!

Fujimoto doing a Sugisaki on Minatsu err...Kobato

Anyway, it’s not really what it looks like… well it is… but it isn’t! He asks Kobato about what happened. Kobato tells him she doesn’t know the name of the man, but he didn’t use any honorifics when talking about Sayaka. Fujimoto mumbles that it must’ve been ‘Okiura’. Kobato asks if he knows the guy, but Fujimoto quickly turns away. He tells Kobato not to say anything to Sayaka about what just happened. Kobato disagrees, but he tells Kobato to stay silent about it once again and then leaves upstairs.

Fujimoto is then shown on the rooftop, probably calling to the man who just appeared in front of Kobato. He says on the phone that ‘he’ should never appear in front of Sayaka again or he won’t be forgiven.

Back at the room, Kobato wonders how the man is related to Sayaka. Ioryogi says that it’s pretty simple since he and Sayaka share the same surname. Kobato then realizes it must be her husband. That doesn’t quite solve the mystery though, but since there’s no more information Ioryogi goes to another topic. He asks what Kobato has been busy with for a while now. Kobato happily shows her mysterious life form which is supposed to be a bunny to Ioryogi.


The following day, the sky is pretty dark and clouded. Ioryogi states that it’ll be a bleak day, but Kobato assures him it’ll clear up. Puppy-san then jumps out of the bag and says he’ll bring something that’ll sell really good and leaves.

At the nursery, the children get worked up about the bazaar. Naomi wonders if it’ll clear up, but Kobato cheers her up saying the teru teru bozu will help them. Then they start putting the boxes outside. The children tell Kobato not to fall, but Fujimoto says she’ll fall for sure. Kobato pouts and says she won’t fall… but as usual she falls, however…

so plain... or maybe it's just me who's used to Kimi ni Todoke sparkles...

Fujimoto tells her not to get too worked up and heads back again. Kobato snaps out of it after a while and states she has to head back to work. Unfortunately…

your weekly portion of slapstick.

But it gets from bad to worse… No customers arrive and even though Sayaka tries to cheer them up, the kids get sad. Then it even starts raining and Naomi says no customers might come at all. Kobato also looks down, because of her idea to have a bazaar the kids are being depressed.

Luckily the first customers arrive soon after that. The Chii twins with Chitose. The kids cheer up and offer them all what they have. Chitose says they were really looking forward for it, but she wondered if the bazaar was cancelled because all the posters disappeared. Fujimoto gets annoyed and thinks Okiura might’ve done it. Kobato immediately runs off to tell the town’s people the bazaar isn’t cancelled, but she gets stopped by Fujimoto. He tells her it won’t matter because the nursery is just too small and people won’t bother. Kobato doesn’t wanna give up though and runs off afterall.

Sayaka and Chitose giggle when they notice Fujimoto is gonna prepare coffee for when Kobato returns, they say that both of them are good kids in their own way.

Suddenly, the sun starts breaking through the clouds and more customers start appearing… well, just put all the characters from all previous episodes on the nursery and you kinda get the picture. Domoto also arrives and heads to Fujimoto’s stand. He tells Fujimoto Kobato came over and told him about the bazaar they were having. Fujimoto’s boss also arrives and tells pretty much the same story.

Fujimoto is surprised by Kobato’s hard work. And while Naomi’s mum arrives, we also see Kobato who’s still doing her best to bring over customers.


Thoughts :

Hooh, for the first time we have a part 2 huh?

There was a lot of KobatoxFujimoto in this episode… Seriously, is that the main couple?!

Then the Okiura guy appearing again was quite amusing, somehow I like that guy. At least he brings in some evil in this way too happy-happy anime. I hope we get to see more of him soon.

Next episode is gonna be with our beloved Ioryogi-san. At least that what I’m expecting since I think he has something to do with the weather changing. If that’s not the case then surely he’ll bring a big piece of baumkuchen!

Kyon, lazier than usual but still at your service~



  1. Kabato is cute

    to me, Okiura looks like a paler version of Fai D. Flourite with black hair…judging by that evil smile.

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