Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 95 – Black Feathers or White Feathers? Which is it?!

February 10, 2010

Nani!? Divine is Pearson?!

Okay, so I was lazy. But I’m not the only one! Most of us are! And we’re actually thinking of taking a break from blogging… but my pride won’t allow me to skip just one episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s and Railgun (which has been into hiatus before, I wouldn’t want a repeat of that) so expect me only to blog when I feel like it… like today, for example!

Anyway, this episode is the continuation of Crow vs Bolger Duel. Crow learns the truth… and summons Pearson’s strongest monster! Yep, you guessed it! Blackfeather Dragon appears in this episode! Will Bolger realize a mistake he did? Will Crow be able to defeat the person who murdered Pearson? What is Blackfeather Dragon… is it really the fifth Signer dragon?

Expect the appearance of Blackfeather Dragon in CG.

Last episode summary:

Pearson, Crow’s old friend who gave him Black Bird and his Blackwing Deck and was killed in an accident, was proven to be killed by someone. Crow seeks revenge on the person who killed Pearson, with the only lead being the Blood Mephist card that was used to murder Pearson. Crow asks Bolger for help, an old friend and closest buddy of Pearson. Bolger seems to want Crow’s Blackfeather Dragon due to his company slowly going bankrupt. He then challenges Crow to a Duel: if Bolger wins, he takes Crow’s Blackfeather Dragon, which Crow doesn’t know where it could be. If Crow wins, Bolger will tell him about Blood Mephist. Can Crow win under such conditions that Bolger’s Deck is an Anti-Blackwing strategy one?

Key Card of the Week:

Blackfeather Dragon: LV 8 Synchro, 2800 ATK / 1600 DEF.

Episode 95:

We start with short flashbacks of the last episode. Crow asking for Bolger’s help about Blood Mephist, then Bolger challenging him to a Duel and finally, the Duel itself and where we left off last time.

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

And again, the OP has new movie stuff inside.

The Duel continues…

Duel status from last time:
Bolger: 4000 LP, 2 SPC
Crow: 3100 LP, 2 SPC

Crow is having a hard time with his monsters unable to help each other out. First, he has to dispose of Bolger’s White Out, a Continuous Trap Card. He thinks Trap Stun will be able to do it.

Turn 4 - Crow: 3100 LP, 3 SPC
- Sets a card (Trap Stun).
- Summons Blackwing - Mistral the Silver Shield in Defense Position.

Turn 5 - Bolger: 4000 LP, 4 SPC
- Summons White Warrior - Snow the Rope Dart.
- White Warrior - Snow the Rope Dart gains 100 ATK for each card on the field. Currently, there are 7 cards. White Warrior - Snow the Rope Dart gains 700 ATK.
- White Warrior - Snow the Rope Dart's second effect allows it to attack directly and attacks Crow (2400 LP).
- Because there was a successful direct attack, White Warrior - Fog the Treasured Shield's effect activates and destroys Crow's Trap Stun.

White Warrior - Snow the Rope Dart: Level 4 Tuner, 0 ATK.

It seems Bolger has read Crow perfectly. They’ve been Dueling for a long time in the past after all.

Turn 6 - Crow: 2400 LP, 5 SPC
- Summons Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame.
- Tunes LV 2 Blackwing - Mistral the Silver Shield with LV 4 Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame to Synchro Summon his Blackwing Armed Wing.
- Blackwing Armed Wing attacks White Warrior - Snow the Rope Dart.
- White Warrior - Snow the Rope Dart returns to Bolger's hand as part of its effect when chosen as an attack target.
- Crow changes the target of attack to White Warrior - Fog the Treasured Shield.
- Because Blackwing Armed Wing is attacking a Defense Position monster, its ATK rises by 500 (2800 ATK).
- Blackwing Armed Wing destroys White Warrior - Fog the Treasured Shield and deals piercing damage to Bolger (3200 LP).
- Sets a card.
- End Phase. Because a monster was destroyed, Heaven's Arrow deals 400 damage to Bolger (2800 LP).

Blackwing Armed Wing: LV 6 Synchro, 2300 ATK / 1000 DEF.

Is this Evangelion?!

Crow promises that he can’t lose this Duel, for Pearson’s sake. Bolger notices his determination. He then says he’s going to show Crow something.

Turn 7 - Bolger: 2800 LP, 6 SPC
- He summons White Warrior - Snow the Rope Dart again.
- Tunes LV 4 White Warrior - Snow the Rope Dart with LV 4 White Warrior - Hail the Iron Hammer in order to Synchro Summon his... Blood Mephist?!

Blood Mephist: LV 8 Synchro, 2800 ATK / 1300 DEF.

Everyone is shocked to see Blood Mephist being used by Bolger. Crow figures it out immediately… Bolger killed Pearson!

Crow questions Bolger’s motive, being one of Pearson’s closest friends. Bolger reveals that it was because of the D-Wheel.

Flashback time. It was their dream to create a D-Wheel. But due to the lack of funds, their research is slowed down significantly, living in Satellite and all. One day, some researches offered them a huge amount of money to support their research…

Bolger and Pearson starring in "Deal or No Deal".

But Pearson declined the offer. Bolger says that it is because Pearson doesn’t care about the D-Wheel anymore, but only his name of becoming a world-renowned D-Wheel researcher. He claims it was so that Pearson gets accepted in the City.

One day, he took Pearson’s research. Eventually, it led to a Duel.

See?! He's Divine! He's Dueling using his mind and not with a Duel Disk!

Bolger claims that he didn’t regret what he did… and thus he completed the research. Now even people from Satellite can enjoy riding D-Wheels. If Crow understands now, he insists that Crow hand over Blackfeather Dragon.

Crow denies everything Bolger said. Pearson is not the type of person who would think of that. Bolger turns his attention back to the Duel as he could not convince Crow. He says he’ll just have to defeat Crow in a Duel and he doesn’t care if Crow ends up like Pearson.

Continuing Bolger's turn:
- Activates Blood Mephist's effect that deals damage to the opponent 300 x the number of cards in their field. Crow takes 600 damage as a result (1800 LP).
- Blood Mephist attacks and destroys Blackwing Armed Wing (Crow: 1300 LP).

Crow screams as Blackwing Armed Wing is destroyed. Yusei and Jack notice this and it seems Blood Mephist really can cause real damage to the opponent!

Continuing Bolger's turn:
- End Phase. Heaven's Arrow deals 400 damage to Crow (900 LP).

Bolger tells Crow to surrender while it’s still early. He tells Crow that Pearson isn’t a guy worth risking his life for. Crow stubbornly rejects the thought of surrendering. He strongly believes in Pearson!

Crow is hearing voices in his head constantly.

Part B:

Turn 8 - Crow: 900 LP, 7 SPC
- Uses Speed World 2's effect and uses up all 7 of his Speed Counters to Draw an extra card.
- Summons Blackwing - Kochi the Daybreak in Defense Position.
- Sets 1 card.
- Blood Mephist's effect activates: whenever a Spell or Trap Card is set by the opponent, 300 points of damage will be dealt to them (Crow: 600 LP).

Blackwing - Kochi the Daybreak: LV 4 Tuner, 700 ATK / 1500 DEF.

Due to the damage, Crow’s Black Bird loses one of its back wings. Yusei and Jack express their concern over their friend. Bolger advises Crow to stop, as any further will be dangerous. Crow taunts him to continue.

Turn 9 - Bolger: 2800 LP, 8 SPC
- Uses Blood Mephist's effect to deal 300 damage for every card Crow has.
- Crow chains his facedown Trap Card, Down Burst. All opponent's Spell and Trap Cards go facedown. Heaven's Arrow and White Out turn facedown.
- Crow chains another facedown Trap Card, Delta Crow - Anti Reverse, which destroys all of his opponent's set Spell and Trap Cards. Heaven's Arrow and White Out are both destroyed.
- Now there's only 1 card left in Crow's field and he only takes 300 damage upon the resolution of Blood Mephist's effect (Crow: 300 LP).

Another part of Black Bird gets busted. But at least now, the bond of the Blackwing monsters have been recovered with White Out out of the way. Bolger doesn’t mind. Crow’s LP are like the a candle that is about to be put out by the wind.

Continuing Bolger's turn:
- Summons White Warrior - Sleet the Morning Star.
- Tributes it for its effect that when a monster of his destroys an opponent's monster, half of Blood Mephist's ATK will be dealt as damage to the opponent.

White Warrior - Sleet the Morning Star: LV 1, 0 ATK.

Yusei gets worried. If an attack connects, Crow will take 1400 damage and lose.

Continuing Bolger's turn:
- Blood Mephist attacks Crow's Blackwing - Kochi the Daybreak.
- Crow discards his Blackwing - Jet the Blue Sky to negate the destruction of a Blackwing monster.
- Sets a card.

Blackwing - Jet the Blue Sky: LV 1, 800 DEF.

Even if Crow stopped the attack, it’ll be over for him next turn.

Crow thinks about his next move. He can’t set a card or else Blood Mephist’s effect will finish him off. As he starts to lose hope, he hears some small voices calling out to him. He looks back at the observatory and finds Bruno with the loli-shota club, not including Ruka or Rua however. They cheer him on.

All they need now are green glow sticks...

Crow remembers what Yusei told him last episode. He’s been carrying Pearson’s will the whole time, bringing happy faces to the orphans. For their sake, he will not lose! Suddenly, his birthmark reacts!

Gasp! Could it be...?

A part of the Black Bird reacts as well. Apparently, the one that Bruno could not analyze before. Blackfeather Dragon’s card appears from it. Crow gets determined to fight again and continues the Duel.

Turn 10 - Crow: 300 LP, 2 SPC
- Summons Blackwing - Bora the Spear.
- Tunes LV 4 Blackwing - Kochi the Daybreak with LV 4 Blackwing - Bora the Spear to Synchro Summon his new Synchro Monster, Blackfeather Dragon!

The Key Card of the Week, making its appearance!

Suddenly, Jack and Yusei’s birthmarks also react! Jack thinks it may be the fifth Signer dragon.

Partial confirmation?

Bolger is happy that Blackfeather Dragon finally made its appearance, but it’s already too late. He’s already victorious.

Continuing Crow's turn:
- Bolger activates his facedown Trap Card, Synchro Rivalry. When a Synchro Monster is Synchro Summoned, all of his monsters cannot be destroyed by battle during that turn.
- Activates Speed Spell - Angel Baton. He draws 2 cards and discards 1. He discards Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite.
- Sets a card.
- Bolger activates Blood Mephist's effect to deal 300 damage to Crow.
- The effect is negated by Blackfeather Dragon's effect, by lessening its ATK by the same amount (2500 ATK).
- Crow summons his Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite from his Graveyard by returning a card from his field to his hand and taking 400 damage. Crow returns his set card.
- Blackfeather Dragon negates Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite's damage effect by lessening its ATK by the same amount again (2100 ATK).

Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite: LV 4, 1600 ATK / 1000 DEF.

The kids get worried. Blackfeather Dragon may have been summoned, but its losing ATK quickly. Bolger starts wondering what Crow is up to. Slowly, Blackfeather Dragon’s feathers turn dark.

Continuing Crow's turn:
- By setting a card, Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite is destroyed.
- Blood Mephist's effect activates again.
- Blackfeather Dragon negates the damage again (1800 ATK).
- Returns his set card for Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite to revive.
- Blackfeather Dragon negates the damage again (1400 ATK).

Jack notices the change in Blackfeather Dragon’s appearance. Yusei notes that by using its body as a shield, it can tackle any hardships in life, as deduced by Bolger. Crow explains that Bolger did not understand. Pearson only refused the money because he wanted to show the kids and everyone that they don’t need the City for anything.

Blackfeather Dragon continues to lose ATK. Crow adds that Pearson admitted that he understood the kids’ feelings so well that it hurts. By encompassing pain, he was able to bridge Satellite and City by using the D-Wheel he created. Bolger starts to realize his mistake.

Blackfeather Dragon loses all of its ATK. It changes into a deep black color.

Blackfeather Dragon always rides with Pearson. The reason its black is because of the pain it had to endure after Bolger murdered Pearson. Bolger also feels the pain now.

Continuing Crow's turn:
- Activates Blackfeather Dragon's second effect. By restoring Blackfeather Dragon's ATK to original, an opponent's monster loses ATK to an equal amount of how much was restored. Because Blackfeather Dragon restored 2800 ATK, Blood Mephist loses 2800 ATK (0 ATK).
- Blackfeather Dragon attacks Blood Mephist (Bolger: 0 LP).
- Crow takes the win by exploiting a loop!

Ohnoes! Rockman/MegaMan lost!

The kids rejoice. Bolger goes to a stop and so does Crow. Bolger looks up at Blackfeather Dragon and claims that Pearson loved the kids so much, and understands his course of action now. He apologizes… he was the one who was blinded by money.

The following day, Crow does another grave visit, this time with Yusei and Jack. Crow tells Pearson’s grave that Bolger turned himself in after realizing his mistake. Crow claims that he will carry on Pearson’s will through Blackfeather Dragon…

Closing song: -OZONE- by vistlip

The ED also has new scenes from the movie again.


Crow’s very first CG monster appears!

Okay, so we did see birthmark reactions from Blackfeather Dragon. That still doesn’t explain what Ruka saw in her vision. We still don’t know much about Power Tool Dragon. We only saw reactions from Jack’s and Yusei’s birthmarks. It can be still debate-able.

I don’t know what Bolger was smoking when he thought Pearson was being a jackass about the money. Sure, he was stupid not to accept the money, but to deduce something like that? No wonder his hair is ridiculous since his way of thinking follows the same exact pattern!

Good job in running your friend out of business, Crow.

And yes, Blackfeather Dragon is coming to the OCG on February 20, 2010 in a Booster Pack called “The Shining Darkness” which includes further support for Blackwing monsters… like hell we need more.

Don’t forget WC2010 that is coming out in February 18 (Japan) and February 23 (US).

Next episode:

The formation of a new team… Team 5D’s! The Crimson Birthmarks… the ones who hold them banding up together, but is this about the WRGP? It could be… or it could be just about Yliaster… or maybe the WRGP allows kids in skateboards to compete with motorcycles? Who knows… but one thing’s for sure…


– This is the Bunny Chief, now glad to see Ruka in the preview, over and out!


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