Kimi ni Todoke 17 : About Cake and Exorcisms

February 5, 2010

Kazehaya letting his feminine side speak

It’s been a while, but a trip to somewhere made me non-active and while I actually had to blog yesterday, I felt too tired to. Don’t worry all too much, cause I’m here with the usual Kimi ni Todoke! Sawako starts the episode with a daily routine of feeding the birds and jogging while collecting trash. After that, she showers and eats breakfast. Today is different though, cause today Chizuru and Ayane will visit her house.

When Sawako is preparing a cake, the doorbell rings. Her father opens the door and is shocked to see a delinquent popping up in front of him. Ofcourse, it’s no one less than Chizu.

Over the top anime reaction!

Chizu starts laughing when she notices how much Sawako’s father resembles Sawako. She gets slapped by Ayane who tells her to act more polite and greet him instead of laughing with him. The prejudices don’t stop there though, Sawako’s father thinks Ayane looks a bit more decent, but is shocked when he notices how many piercings she’s wearing.

Ayane then shows them the cake she brought with her. Sawako is shocked and thinks she’s being inconsiderate, Ayane comforts her saying she actually prefers it handmade. Sawako’s mum then joins the scene and welcomes the two girls. After a while, Sawako shows her room to Ayane and Chizuru. Both are kinda surprised by the atmosphere of the room, Sawako explains them she decorated it so that nobody would feel awkward in it.

Then it’s picture time! Sawako shows pictures of the field trip, with herself somewhere in the background with an eerie aura. Ayane and Chizuru are kinda shocked, but then hand her some properly taken pictures.

she's wow'ing about that?!

Sawako is overjoyed already, but Ayane tells her to continue watching. Sawako notices pictures of her together with Kazehaya.

He noticed it pretty late if you ask me...

Sawako thanks them, Ayane says she shouldn’t be so happy with pictures and just go confessing to him. Both Chizu and Sawako turn to stone after hearing Ayane’s statement. Sawako says it’s impossible for her and she’s satisfied with the relationship she has now.

Suddenly Chizuru notices some DVDs on the floor about ghost stuff. Sawako asks them if they wanna watch them together, Ayane is overjoyed but Chizuru is frightened.

Meanwhile a thousand miles away… a miracle of love happens.

Someone reached a happy ending already

Anyway, as you can see, Kazehaya met Ryu while taking a walk with Maru. Ryu adores the dog and even calls him Pedro (well… it does sound like Patrash). Suddenly, Kazehaya receives a call from Pin. When the phone stops ringing, he notices there are 14 other missed calls from him. Ryu says he also received calls, but he didn’t answer them because it seemed like a drag to him. Soon after, Pin calls Kazehaya again. After a rant, he tells Kazehaya to bring over Sawako to his place.

Why? Well, he met Sawako the day before. He was about to rent some pron, when Sawako suddenly popped up. She asked him if he was also renting stuff for research, you remember the ghost videos right? And well, Pin tries to talk his way out but starts sweating because of Sawako’s “glare”. Sawako advices him to wash his hands and rinsing his mouth when he gets back home.

Why do you even ask?

Pin continues to tell Kazehaya that he immediately forgot about Sawako’s advice and now he needs to be purified for real. Kazehaya realizes that Pin just got into trouble for renting adult videos. But since there’s no way out, he decides to help him. Ryu tells Kazehaya that Chizuru is visiting Sawako’s place and Kazehaya wonders if Sawako would wanna see Maru.

Meanwhile at the Sawako residence. Otou-san is getting worried about his daughter. Okaa-san on the other hands is pleased when she notices five pieces of cake. They prepared something for them in the first place. Chizuru arrives downstairs saying she ran away from the scary movies to wash the dishes. The parents are easily convinced by Chizuru charm, but then Chizuru gets a call from Kazehaya and leaves to go back upstairs.

When she arrives upstairs, she hands over the phone to Sawako. Sawako hears Kazehaya talking about Maru. Kazehaya then realizes he’s talking to Sawako and a fuwa-fuwa situation pops up. Eventually he talks about Pin who’s feeling sick and asks her to come over with everyone to check up on him. After putting off the phone, Ryu asks Kazehaya why he didn’t tell Sawako he wants to see her. Kazehaya goes tsundere and complains to Ryu to mind his own business.

When they arrive at Pin’s house, it soon becomes clear why he isn’t feeling that well…

Hikikomori life

While the others are disgusted, Sawako sees it as a mission to get Pin in better shape. She quickly gets out her medicine, but that triggers Kazehaya’s tsundere button again. Instead of Sawako preforming all the medical stuff, Kazehaya does it to prevent Sawako from getting close to Pin. Sawako obviously mistakes it as if Kazehaya is doing it to make Pin feel better.

Kazehaya moe?!

Pin wonders if he’ll ever be alright again, Sawako tells him he’ll make it through and should take a good rest while she cleans up his room. Ofcourse the whole scene is more funny than I can explain because Sawako is talking about cleaning, while Pin is thinking she’s talking about cleansing.

Ayane takes advantage of Pin’s weakness and starts telling him a ghost story which applies especially to his situation, Pin is that shocked from it that he… falls asleep straight after it. While cleaning, Sawako find an old picture of Pin laughing at Kazehaya after losing a match. Kazehaya quickly snatches the picture away saying it’s embarrassing. The situation that follows it is fuwa-fuwa lovey-dovey again, even that much that Chizu and Ayane say the two should just go out with eachother.

Later that evening, Pin wakes up and feels a lot better. Kazehaya notes that the medicine must’ve started working. Pin quickly grabs Sawako’s hands and thanks her, but when he notices Kazehaya and the others, he goes back into Pin mode and tells them to leave. The others are pretty pissed and tell him they’ll never visit again. Sawako tells Pin to take care of himself and Pin says he can tell anything about Ryu and Kazehaya if she’s curious about their past.

Kuronoma Sawako no Himitsu

Pin whispers something in Sawako’s ear and says it’ll make Kazehaya delighted. Sawako is surprised, but then leaves together with the others. Pin closes the door and feels reborn, until someone knocks the door. He opens but… no one’s there… *SHOCK*

A = Date her, B = Push her off the bridge, C = Leave her ... wait why is the Bad End already in option B?!

Chizuru and Ayane tell Kazehaya to join Sawako because it’s dangerous for her to walk home alone in dark. Parting hurts… especially when Ryu and Ped–Pat–Maru have to split up, but Chizuru is forceful and pulls Ryu with them.

Sawako feels like she wants to thank Kazehaya. She suddenly remembers Pin’s words and grabs Kazehaya’s vest. Kazehaya thinks it’s the chance of a lifetime and moves in for the kill!

What?! it's only episode 17?!

And yeah… indeed, it’s only episode 17 and the situation ends like it was a misunderstanding from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. Kazehaya pouts after Sawako explains Pin told her if she ever wants to thank Kazehaya she had to act like she did just now. He tells her she can’t blame him if it happens again and does more than this time. Both continue walking home and Sawako realizes it makes her sad that she’ll have to leave his side soon again…


Thoughts :

Such a funny and cute episode. The couple stuff is really coming closer now and it makes me all excited! I really wonder how it’ll end with yet 7 episodes to come!

The rest of my thoughts is for later when my eyes are able to stay opened…

Kyon, at your servi–zzzz…


One comment

  1. I had a feeling that Sawako was just doing what Pin told him to do so it didn’t surprise me a bit during the last scene.

    Actually, I think I prefer Pin’s hair down rather than up. XD

    Kinda cute episode.

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