To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 17 – A Nameless Nun Appears!

February 2, 2010

"Ohnoes!" "Take that! Smelly Armpit Attack!!"

This (filler) episode is about Tessou Tsuzuri, the glasses clumsy girl part of Antiskill. It’s about her daily life not only as a teacher but also her work with the Antiskill. Good for a bit of chuckle but not heavy on the entertainment department. Some characters from the original series also appear such as that weird nun whose name I cannot remember anymore and that uninteresting vampire or something Himegami Aisa.

Though there’s a slight hint of new major character first appearing here.

Expect a kind-of dull filler episode, only salvaged by a nun’s short appearance…

Last episode summary:

Konori’s past is revealed. It seems she was also a part of Big Spider before, but only back when they weren’t out of control. She has feelings for Kurozuma and joined, even though she was a Level 2 esper. But one time, Hebitani was abducted by a rival gang, Kurozuma went on alone and never came back, even though Hebitani was saved, the place where the fight happened was completely destroyed. They assumed he was dead and Hebitani took full control of Big Spider, posing as the real Kurozuma Wataru. Konori left Big Spider and became a part of Judgment. Kurozuma wanted to destroy Big Spider after 2 years… and now, with the help of Kuroko, Misaka and Konori, he succeeded. Of course, as Konori is part of Judgment, she arrests Kurozuma as well.

Episode 17:

At a school, Tessou Tsuzuri (the glasses girl who is part of Antiskill, mostly seen with Yomikawa Aiho) was doing some… school stuff. She was greeted by another fellow teacher and she responds, but then realizes she is late for her other work, presumably Antiskill. She hurries off outside and spots the train arriving at the station.

Desperate, she jumps towards the opened train doors to make it inside…

She was actually Michael Jordan's student double from Space Jam.

But the doors closed and she falls on the floor. The train leaves and now she’s really late for work…

Gangraped by papers...

Opening song: LEVEL 5 -judgelight- by fripSide

Well, it seems it is Antiskill work. Yomikawa was waiting for Tsuzuri to arrive and was displeased for her arriving late. During summer break, some students get restless so they’re helping out Judgment in keeping the peace. Tsuzuri apologizes and suddenly, Yomikawa receives a call. A robbery is taking place. Yomikawa tells Tsuzuri to make up for her tardiness through work.

The now-hostage taker is threatening Antiskill. Yomikawa borrows a shield from another Antiskill member and tosses it at the hostage-taker at full speed.

"Don't move a muscle or I'll tickle her ear to DEATH!"

Meanwhile, Misaka and the rest of that gang are…

Busy saving the world from low scores!

Misaka gets a high score of 85 points. Kuroko isn’t actually impressed due to the boxing game’s barbaric nature but Uiharu finds it amazing to get a high score. Ruiko steps up and comments on how Misaka didn’t get high enough and tries it herself…

At the same time, Yomikawa and Tsuzuri are walking near the arcade. Yomikawa scolds her about being held hostage right after the other hostages have been secured.

Ruiko scores a 90, defeating Misaka’s high score. Outside, Yomikawa notices that it’s almost time for the curfew. She tells Tsuzuri to get to work.

Misaka prepares to punch again, but Tsuzuri calls out to them, informing the group about the curfew and telling them to go home. Tsuzuri then realizes that she met Misaka and Uiharu (during the battle with Kiyama Harumi) before.

They also remember her. They note how much worn out she looks. Antiskill must be very hard work. Ruiko offers the boxing glove to ease Tsuzuri’s stress. At first, Tsuzuri declines because she’s still on duty, but Ruiko tells her it might even help her. She finally accepts the offer but gets whacked from behind by Yomikawa. Ruiko recognizes her as the teacher from episode 14.

Yomikawa tells her not to get caught up in the kids’ pace. She tells the group to go home and then approaches a lone kid deeper inside the arcade and also tells him to go home.

Kounoe, our one-shot character of the week.

Ruiko identifies him as Kounoe, a classmate. But they’re not that acquainted much as Kounoe seems to be a loner.

Later that day, Yomikawa and Tsuzuri are taking a bath in the public bath. Yomikawa asks Tsuzuri what’s wrong with her. Lately, she’s been quite out of it and just earlier, she was late, got taken as a hostage and then got talked by students into playing a game. Tsuzuri just apologizes.

But as they take a bath, all the troubles seem to go away and they become refreshed. It also seems Komoe was there.

Baths are always associated with Komoe-sensei!

And then they do something pulled out of the main series, just replace the nameless nun and the vampire miko whatever…

Musashino Milk is the best. Tested and proven by Konori, Yomikawa and Tsuzuri!

After that, they eat dinner at a small stand. Komoe eats some meat while Yomikawa drinks.

Ichiraku... Bar?

Yomikawa and Komoe tell Tsuzuri to make an impact while filling Tsuzuri’s cup with alcohol. At the same time, they keep themselves intoxicated.

At Tsuzuri’s home, she drinks an energy drink and thinks about making an impact…

The next day, Tsuzuri’s clumsiness… and work continue!

Another case where the map actually leads you astray...

So even the loli route was a failure...

This is probably the path Lelouch from our blog team takes everyday home.

Tired from work, she makes her way back and passes the same arcade again. She notices Kounoe heading inside.

Inside, she tells him to go home as the curfew is almost implemented. She suddenly notices the game Kounoe is playing. It appears to be an old game called Gekisho 9 that she never became good at. She realized that she’s getting sidetracked again and tells Kounoe to go home. This time, Kounoe gets up and leaves the arcade, again without saying a word.

They repeat the same process again later that night, only this time, Tsuzuri doesn’t seem to be in the mood to participate in doing a cat smile, drinking milk in one go and ordering a lot.

At the same food stand, Yomikawa notices how Tsuzuri’s been unenergetic and asks her what’s wrong. Komoe suggests she go find a boyfriend and Yomikawa asks her about her hobbies. Yomikawa adds that she should do something that she likes and go for it.

Tsuzuri gets the confidence and says she will do it.

Maybe this was also where Kuro and Keita met...

Part B:

The following day, Yomikawa receives a call from Tsuzuri. It seems she’ll be late again as she has to finish making the grades for the first year students. Yomikawa tells Tsuzuri not to come over anymore, but she has to finish making the grades (which were supposed to be done just before summer break) and the next time they drink, Tsuzuri has to pay.

Later, it was already sunset. Tsuzuri has already finished making the grades and goes home. She passes by the arcade again and then thinks back to the talk they had yesterday night about doing something she likes.

Inside, Kounoe is busy playing Gekisho 9 again. He loses and then suddenly, Tsuzuri comes in and notes his mistakes. Kounoe wonders and Tsuzuri tells him she’s been hooked on that game before.

She tries the game and shows Kounoe how to unlock a secret character. Although it’s a hidden character, Tsuzuri explains he’s pretty much a useless character. Kounoe asks her why she even discovered that code and Tsuzuri tells him that it feels great to get to know the secrets of the game they like. Plus, she finds the character (named Jamie Whitman) to be cute.

More like Alex Louis Armstrong...

Kounoe asks her why she isn’t doing Antiskill work and she explains that she has a day-off. As she prepares to play, she receives a call from Komoe, informing her that Yomikawa has issued a state of emergency. She has to hurry and leaves the game with Kounoe, apologizing. She tells him to finish the Jamie route as it has a spectacular ending.

At the food stand where they usually eat, Yomikawa seems to be completely drunk and lying on the bench. So this is what ‘state of emergency’ meant.

I guess a State of the Union Address by Yomikawa is a phone call.

As Tsuzuri carries Yomikawa on her back, Komoe asks her if today was fun. Tsuzuri says it’s nothing out of the ordinary as work is very busy. Komoe says that everyday is fun for her. She gets to meet different kinds of interesting students. Even though some are troublemakers who blow her house’s roof off (obvious reference to Index, during the time Touma negated the safety program inside Index and destroying the roof, as well as Touma losing his memories), she still loves them. She asks if Tsuzuri also loves her students.

The following day, Tsuzuri seems to be on time and Yomikawa gives her a short briefing for their mission today. Tsuzuri also seems to be quite energetic and starts her patrol.

During one of her patrols…

Wild Nameless Cute Nun appeared!

Tsuzuri runs up to the sister, whom we will address as generic extra sister. The super unnamed sister complains that the cleaning robot took the donuts she dropped.

As the robot starts to move again, the unknown nameless sister whom suddenly appeared chases it again. Tsuzuri chooses not to get involved further with the sister of unknown origins.

At a MacRonall’s…

Yep... it can't get any more obvious than that...

Another suspicious character was causing some trouble.

Princess God version 2 has appeared!

Himegami Aisa, the vampire or whatever she’s supposed to be, seems to be ordering ALL of the hamburgers they have in stock. Tsuzuri comes to confront Aisa and asks her why she wants all of the hamburgers in stock and Aisa replies that the taste is unforgettable, therefore she wants all of them.

Later, Tsuzuri is starting to lose heart. But then she regains her confidence and resumes her patrol. She approaches a girl who looks troubled.

"Sorry... I'm not supposed to talk to strangers... especially those with authority..."

Tsuzuri asks the girl what’s wrong and it is true that she is troubled. She lost an important pendant. It has a photo inside. Tsuzuri tries looking for the locket (what it’s exactly called, a pendant with a photo inside). Suddenly, she notices a group of cans shaking and believes it was an earthquake. She hides under a bench for safety.

"Tch... some bitch already got under the bench before us... where else can we make out?"

The shaking stops and some people noticed the shaking but weren’t so sure as it was only mild. For some reason, the troubled girl found her locket and shows it to Tsuzuri.

Dun dun duuuuunnnn!

Before she could ask the girl any further details, the girl leaves without saying a word.

Later again, Tsuzuri walks home, disappointed that she wasn’t even able to help today at all. She passes by the arcade again and plays some Gekisho 9.

She uses her favorite Jamie. In the middle of a battle, a new challenger arrives (in the form of a player 2 behind the first machine). She was surprised that the player 2 is using Jamie as well. At this point, we can figure out who player 2 is. Now it’s Jamie vs Jamie.

Round 1. Tsuzuri loses and she is quite impressed that there is someone playing as Jamie other than her and is quite good at it.

Round 2. Tsuzuri steps up her game and claims that she was called “Empress Jamie” before. She takes home round 2.

Now they are even. Tsuzuri celebrates.

Final Round. Time to get serious. Tsuzuri is determined to win and they are both at even health. Tsuzuri tries using a finishing move to top it off but player 2 was aware of Jamie’s finishing move. Player 2 quickly dodges and does a finishing move of his own, catching Tsuzuri’s player off-guard and defeating it. Tsuzuri loses.

The Game... she just lost it...

Tsuzuri sighs but she is happy. It’s been a long while since she became fired up and determined like that. It was then revealed that Kounoe was the one behind player 2.

Kounoe and Tsuzuri walk home. Tsuzuri wonders if there’s gonna be a Gekisho 10. Kounoe doubts that as 9 was already ages old. But if it ever did come out, Tsuzuri claims that she’ll definitely beat Kounoe.

Adultery? Maybe...

Night falls upon the city and Kounoe reaches his home. He thanks Tsuzuri and runs off. Suddenly, Tsuzuri receives a call from Yomikawa, asking her where she was. After all, Tsuzuri promised she would treat them at the food stand. Tsuzuri hurries there.

The next day, at the arcade again. Misaka and friends are hanging out and Yomikawa with Tsuzuri seem to be there as well. They inform Tsuzuri that Kounoe transferred schools so suddenly. It seems Kounoe transferred to a school called Zassou. Uiharu explains that Zassou means ‘weed’. Weed is a game company-turned into a training school that develops young people into game creators. Weed is also the same gaming company that created Gekisho 9.

"We appeared this episode only one time, not counting this one."

Tsuzuri giggles after hearing about it. She gets all fired up again and they leave the arcade, advising Misaka’s group to go home before the curfew time.

Closing song: Real Force by ELISA

Tsuzuri is now more driven to do more work.


Weed is such a misleading name…

Well, this time, it’s centered towards Tessou Tsuzuri. I don’t know. She’s not exactly the type of notable character in my opinion. She hasn’t made quite an impact, which was also stated by Komoe and Yomikawa, both of which appeared in an earlier episode as semi-important characters.

Other than her being a megane dojikko character, her type wasn’t quite that interesting. The whole episode merely revolved around her days of Antiskill work (kinda repetitive) and well… spending her time with filler character of the week, Kounoe. It does give us an idea how Antiskill works though… but much of that involves Judgment’s jurisdiction.

Though we should note the small unexplained ‘earthquake’ that happened and the girl with the locket. Also, the picture inside the locket. It will probably be explained in the future who exactly that was.

Seeing Index and Aisa weren’t much interesting as well. Sure, we’ve already seen Touma a couple of times before. Though their appearances are kinda important to let us know when this takes place in the Index timeline. I’ve been reading the Railgun manga recently and I enjoyed it. There are very huge references to the main series and the events that link them together are very present.

But really… Aisa seems very uninteresting, even in the main series. The only thing I remember from her arc was Stiyl being skinned and Touma losing his arm.

If we’re going to do fillers, at least do them with interesting characters…

Next episode:

Seems like next episode is about the sharp glasses woman. I cannot stress the word glasses enough for this anime. In any case, it may provide us background information about the mysterious woman who appears in the new OP.

This is the Bunny Chief, ready to read more of Railgun’s manga, over and out!



  1. would you happen to know the voice actor for kounoe?

    • Sadly, I’m as clueless as you are. I never really paid any attention to his voice and he didn’t talk that much.

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