Yu-Gi-Oh! Virtual Desktop – Yet More Images and Updated SET File

February 1, 2010

So, hey! A YVD post!

Sorry about what I said last Friday that I’d be posting this the day after that. Well, I intended to post this yesterday but Mediafire was being a bitch (as seen in the pic above). Anyway, now it’s here!

Improved image quality for most ABPF cards. I have also added the DPYG cards (yes, the alternate card images for Dark Magician Girl, Buster Blader, Polymerization, Dark Paladin, etc.). I also completed the SOVR and DP09 cards now.

I also fixed the uh… well, errors with the “Winged-Beast”, changed them to “Winged Beast”. I now have included the YVD SET file and images files together in one zip pack.

YVD SET file + Images folder (18.7MB)

And yes, you can still find the FAQs from this months-old post.

Yeah, I was kinda lazy today so this’ll do! I think I’ll post Railgun tomorrow or something.

This is the Bunny Chief, still updating YVD and waiting for WC2010, over and out!


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