Kimi ni Todoke 16 : Hit the Rewind Button

January 30, 2010

Yeah, that's what I'd like to know as well...

I don’t have much to tell about Kimi ni Todoke this week. So I definitely won’t spoil it all in the intro!

Anyway, like the title kinda implies, we going on a recap tour today. So yeah, I’m not gonna double post everything I posted so far. That’s why I’m just giving my thoughts about the episode and series instead of doing a whole recap.

The episode review is simple : the tiny drunk men Pin has been seeing are having a meeting and talk about the events that took place in the past episodes…

Anyway, here’s a small review.

It was fun to see Sawako how she was back in the beginning of the series. Her attitude and mostly the evolution of her behavior through the series so far. She went through a lot afterall, she started with less than nothing and then went through a rollercoaster of events that made her meet more people than she probably had ever done before. The most benefiting factor or rather trigger of these events was Kazehaya, the bishounen god of the series.

The destined meeting~

Kazehaya is that damn popular that magnets are jealous of him. He just has to smile and the temperatures would start rising above a level that makes Al Gore go crazy. Not to mention that even guys are amazed by him, the only person who’s probably immune to Kazehaya hax is another hax person called Pin.

This the only new Pin footage this episode! Better enjoy it!

Pin? Yeah, he’s that annoying teacher, he appeared at the end of this episode drinking the last bit of sake in the cup. Yup, he’s awesome in a way, but I really hate him for making Chizuru and Ayane misunderstand Sawako. He really ruined it there by pulling the two to his office.

The happy days before the rumors~

Luckily, Chizuru and Ayane’s feelings for Sawako were that strong that they kept on looking for the truth behind the rumors. The rumors that started spreading right after Sawako and Kazehaya were getting more and more familiar with eachother. Chizuru and Ayane stood up for Sawako and sent the Class A girls flying. Funny thing was that Kazehaya finished them by saying he hates girls like that.  Well, that also concluded the whole rumor arc, the only question remaining back there was “Who spread the rumors?!?”

The answer was only shown recently though. Kurumi (Kurumin for her friends, like me), the viper has been plotting from the shadows, just like how she’s been watching Kazehaya too. Unfortunately for her, Sawako started getting in the way. Since Sawako isn’t just a normal girl like you usually see, she had to put up a different approach than usual. Kurumin started talking with Sawako on regular basis and eventually “faked” being friends with her.

Kurumin's Petal Dance~

That all ended however when Ayane found out that Kurumin was the real rumor spreader. At the sports festival, when Kurumin’s final plan failed, Ayane (whom already assumed something) became sure that Kurumin was the real evil boss. When Sawako heard this, she couldn’t believe it, but Kurumin admitted it all. Sawako couldn’t live with it and talked with Kurumin again, she finally told Kurumin what she wanted to tell earlier.

Eventually, Kurumin stated her feelings to Kazehaya. She was turned down, but at least she was comforted by the thought Kazehaya was happy with her confession. Miss Viper went through an extreme makeover after that event and started acting like a real snobbish lady. From that point onwards, Sawako and Kurumin became rivals.

See you at the end of Victory Road!

Heeey, that’s pretty much what happened in this episode. I hate recaps no matter what series, but since I like Kimi ni Todoke I went through the trouble of writing all this! Well… it isn’t much, but I’ll make up for that next week. The preview didn’t reveal much shocked stuff, but it’s probably the start of the final (?) arc with some comical stuff and maybe new characters?

Kyon, at your service (damn… I wrote this in less than 20 minutes)


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  1. I think I almost slept halfway through this episode. Good thing I didn’t stop and there was Pin in the end. :D

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