Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 94 – Crows Are Vengeful Creatures

January 29, 2010

How the hell did you even get this picture? How the hell were you sure this was used in that Duel?!

Okay… first, this doesn’t seem much a filler. Crow is actually doing something that will gain him Blackfeather Dragon.

This episode is about a Pearson person who had handed Crow his Blackwing Deck and Black Bird D-Wheel. Crow seeks revenge after getting a lead of who may have done him in. In order to get more information, he seeks the help of former friend turned successful D-Wheel maker, Bolger.

Expect 50% more Crow… and Blackwings…

Last episode summary:

Sherry, together with her butler Mizoguchi, infiltrated the Security Management Bureau building in order to use their main computer and scan the card that Yliaster wanted so bad that they killed her parents. By chance, Bruno and Yusei were also there to report their progress about Bruno’s memory to Ushio and Mikage. Yusei and Bruno try to stop Sherry as she had set off a bomb earlier. Mizoguchi stops Yusei and Duels him to stall for time. Bruno stops Sherry but gets kicked around until his unknown powers emerge. After the Duel, Yusei comes to Bruno’s aid and they were sucked up in a strange room after the card was scanned. Inside was a mysterious object that let them out… but its purposes are unknown to everyone…

Key Card of the Week:

White Warrior - Hail the Iron Hammer: LV 4, 1800 ATK / 1600 DEF (Bolger's)

Episode 94:

Crow is visiting a grave, which has the name “Robert Pearson” on it.

He then gets a flashback from 3 years ago. Pearson was trapped under some wood inside a burning building. The how and why Crow discovered that is unknown, but he tries saving Pearson. Pearson tells him it’s not possible anymore and just take care of the kids and his Black Bird. He throws the Duel Disk at Crow and Crow escapes with Black Bird.

Is this also where Kurozuma Wataru "died"?

Robert Pearson, apparently, the real owner of Crow's Blackwing Deck and Black Bird.

Interesting to note that Crow is still donning his Team Satisfaction vest. A person known as Bolger pats Crow’s shoulder.

Some guy named Bolger, Pearson's best friend.

After the flashback, Crow decides to head out. Suddenly, his Black Bird shows a warning on its screen and thinks it must be another one of Professor Bruno’s crazy inventions.

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

Yes, the OP has new movie trailers in it. So check it out by clicking the link above.

We then see Bruno tinkering with Black Bird. Somehow, all functions seem normal, except for a strange circuit that cannot be accessed no matter what he tries. The other nerd in the household, Yusei, arrives and checks on Bruno and helps him. Crow sees them and tells them not to do anything weird with Black Bird because he won’t be able to do his job without it. Bruno and Yusei promise they won’t rape it that much and Crow leaves them be.

Ushio and Mikage suddenly arrive and asks for Crow to come with them from a second. Outside, Ushio asks him about Pearson. Crow wonders how they know about Pearson and Ushio reminds him that he was head security in Satellite before (season 1). It seems Pearson was Dueling someone before his accident and used a card known as “Blood Mephist”. Crow takes a look at the evidence but says he doesn’t recognize it.

Mikage reveals that back then, there were certain special cards that are being researched that does real damage to an opponent. Blood Mephist is among of those cards. So if they find the owner of the card, they may also track down Pearson’s murderer.

Meanwhile, at Jack’s side…

Still enjoying a fancy cup of coffee despite having a new person to finance and Crow skipping jobs...

Suddenly, Crow takes Jack’s Wheel of Fortune and goes off. Jack seems royally pissed and snaps at the fangirl.

Crow... even if you ride Jack's wheels... you can't be as cool as him!

Crow deduces that if he wants some answers, his best bet would be Bolger, Pearson’s best friend. He stops at a huge building and it seems Bolger has become such a success.

Bolger is inside a fancy car, thinking back to a deal he had presumably just earlier. He was offering a Chinese collector with a 1st edition of Witch of the Black Forest. The Chinese collector doesn’t seem interested at all because of the card’s low level. However, he wants something rare like… Blackfeather Dragon.

Apparently, even after becoming a rich millionaire... he still hasn't visited the hairdresser...

Bolger seems upset after hearing about Blackfeather Dragon. It seems he may know something about it. Its silhouette appears in his vision to further justify it.


Bolger arrives back to his building. At the same time, Crow is being thrown out of the building. Bolger comes out and says it’s fine as Crow is one of his close friends.

Inside a private bar, Pearson prepares a drink. Crow looks around and sees a wall filled with memorabilia and pictures of Bolger’s success. It seems Bolger became a world-renowned D-Wheel maker in a short amount of time. His new world-class course was also built.

It’s been three years since that day. Crow finally inquires him about Blood Mephist. Bolger takes a look and seems shocked. Crow asks him if he knows the card but Bolger simply tells him to discontinue his search for the murderer, explaining that Pearson won’t be happy. Crow can’t believe that Bolger is actually discouraging him instead of helping him.

Bolger's harem!

He gets it now. Bolger is now a successful and busy person and doesn’t think of the past anymore. He’s a fool that have asked him for help. As Crow is about to leave, Bolger stops him. If he really wants to know, he must Duel Bolger. However, if Crow loses, he must surrender Blackfeather Dragon to Bolger. Crow doesn’t know where Blackfeather Dragon is… and it’s known that Pearson is the owner of the card, though Bolger insists that it is within Pearson’s Black Bird and Blackwing Deck.

Bolger needs to use Blackfeather Dragon to get an investor for his dying company. He tells Crow that he must not deny that Pearson himself had the same idea before. He challenges Crow to his recently-made special course as their Duel venue.

Part B:

Oddly enough, we revert to the old Yusei + Stardust Dragon eyecatch. I guess that icon was only for one-time only.

Later, Crow prepares for his match at Martha’s place. Yusei and Jack are now with him.

"What are these clingy things?!" "Don't look at them in the eyes."

Crow tells them about Pearson. It was a story from before Kiryu was arrested and Team Satisfaction was still united.

"Hey, brown-haired kid in the left side... maybe you should return Mokuba's shirt and vest to him... he looks like he's gonna pass out in the cold outside..."

Crow was with some kids and suddenly, some thugs appear and threw the kids’ father out of a vehicle. It was something about a job which wasn’t explained in detail.

Crow tries attacking the thugs but gets beaten up.

Gah! Real blood!

Suddenly, Pearson appears in his Black Bird and a Duel happens. Pearson soundly defeats the thugs with his Blackfeather Dragon. He was with Bolger, by the way.

The Dynamic Duo... Pear-man and Bol-bin?

That’s how he met Pearson. It seems Pearson was developing a one-of-a-kind Satellite-only engine that will shock the world and defeat other fancy machines. Crow took part in it and also involved some child labor issues. But soon afterwards, their workplace was burnt down with Pearson trapped inside. The following scene is then what happens during Crow’s flashback earlier in the episode.

He will prove Bolger wrong and by that, he means using Black Bird and the cards Pearson left. He is doubting if he really has carried on Pearson’s will though. Yusei assures him he has by pointing to the kids’ happy faces. He had a hand in giving the kids hope by connecting Satellite to the City.

Later again, Crow and Bruno are busy with Black Bird. Yusei tells Jack that Crow has decided to Duel Bolger (even though he actually doesn’t have Blackfeather Dragon). Jack then gives them a hand afterwards.

The day of the Duel. Crow and Bolger go head-to-head at the race track.

"Humph! I-it's not like I-I wanted to show you my new outfit o-o-or anything like that! Definitely NOT!"

Yusei and Jack are amazed by Bolger’s acceleration speed. Only fitting to a world-class D-Wheel maker.

Hooray for science!

Featured Duel of the Week:

Will Crow learn the truth straight or will Bolger get his hands on Blackfeather Dragon... even though Crow doesn't actually have it... for now.

Speed World 2 is set on.

Turn 1 - Bolger: 4000 LP, 0 SPC
- Summons White Warrior - Fog the Treasured Shield.
- Sets 2 cards.

White Warrior - Fog the Treasured Shield: LV 4, 2000 DEF

Turn 2 - Crow - 4000 LP, 1 SPC
- Normal Summons his Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn.
- Special Summons his Blackwing - Bora the Spear next.
- Activates Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn's effect and gives its ATK to Blackwing - Bora the Spear (3700 ATK).
- Bolger responds with White Out, a Continuous Trap Card. It negates the opponent's monsters' effects. Blackwing - Bora the Spear's attack returns to normal.

Turn 3 - Bolger: 4000 LP, 2 SPC
- Summons White Warrior - Hail the Iron Hammer
- Activates a second Continuous Trap Card, Heaven's Arrow. For every monster destroyed that turn, the controller of those monsters take 400 damage each during their End Phase.
- White Warrior - Hail the Iron Hammer destroys Blackwing - Bora the Spear (Crow: 3900 LP)
- White Warrior - Hail the Iron Hammer's effect activate. When it destroys an opponent's monster by battle, it destroys another monster on the opponent's side of the field. Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn is destroyed.
- End Phase. Crow takes 800 damage thanks to Heaven's Arrow (3100 LP).

It's hammer time! The Key Card of the Week makes its appearance!

Using White Out to sever the bonds of the Blackwings… and then using Heaven’s Arrow to inflict damage after being divided… Yusei figures out that Bolger is heavily armed against Blackwing monsters… an Anti-Blackwing Deck!

ZOMG! How will Crow escape this??!?!?!?!?!?

Closing song: -OZONE- by vistlip

The ED is also fitted with new scenes from the movie!


Nice boat in the first scene.

By the way, thanks to Akio for the idea of that caption with Jack and Yusei playing with the kids.

I stand corrected… we ARE seeing Blackfeather Dragon soon.

And so somehow, this case has been three years old and has only been brought up until now? That’s great procrastination, Mr. Ushio.

The debate is still open whether Blackfeather Dragon is actually our fifth dragon. It is highly unlikely from this point even though we know Crow has become the fifth Signer. The preview did not have any reaction towards the birthmarks when Blackfeather Dragon was summoned.

Also, we all saw what Ruka saw in her vision. The fifth dragon does not look anywhere near Blackfeather Dragon. It looks more like Power Tool Dragon… an organic one. If we think back in the Divine episode where they get kidnapped, Rua’s Power Tool Dragon seemed to have feelings (despite being mechanical). But there is a strong point that… one: Blackfeather Dragon is the Cover Card for a booster pack… The Shining Darkness… it is also of the Dragon type. But then again, so was Power Tool Dragon (Raging Battle) except it’s a Machine (as Ruka kindly pointed out before).

We will see next episode whether it is or it is not the fifth dragon. But I guess they’re aiming to complete the dragon set as the Yliaster case is starting to heat up and probably reach its climax soon. Though the WRGP has not yet even started! It’s been mentioned and being prepared for since episode 65.

In any case, it seems Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2010 – Reverse of Arcadia will be out and on sale in Japan on February 18, 2010. The US version will be out 5 days after it, February 23, 2010. I’ll be posting the updated YVD set tomorrow so watch this blog for the updates tomorrow~

Speaking of Ruka… where the hell is she?! Why haven’t we seen her or Rua or Aki?! Why is it always Yusei, Jack and Crow?! Never heard of eye candy? They have better effect on sales than guys!

Next episode:

The continuation of Crow VS Bolger… oh hey, is that Blood Mephist attacking Crow’s monster? Yep, that’s a dead giveaway! And we also see Blackfeather Dragon! They like giving away such valuable information at the end? Previews should be more intriguing and teases the viewer rather than telling them what happens next week in a summary of 10 seconds.

This is the Bunny Chief, STILL waiting for Ruka to re-appear, over and out!



  1. Fire fire fire! I think it’s pretty obvious that Bolger killed Appleson! well… assuming from the weird reactions… I think the theme is jealousy xD
    Ah… I’m kinda relieved after seeing this episode. No special features for the dragon, I think the road is wide open for a Power Tool 5th dragon :D!
    Go Crow! Continue being normal and side-character!
    Btw, I’m also still waiting for Ruka and Rua to re-appear :<

  2. Jack with the kids will never stop being adorable.
    Anyway, how did Bolger got from Satellite guy to sucessful businessman in such short time? Blah.

    Can’t wait for Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2010, hoping it has a better storyline than WC2009…

  3. I vote that Blackfeather AND Power Tool are signer dragons. We had six Dark Signers (not counting Rex) why not six Dragons?

  4. Crow needs more air time.. He is gorgeous,, tired with all cool character Jack :D

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