Kobato. 15 : I’m sick of you!

January 28, 2010

oh...okay...sorry... :<

Even though I was a little tired of Kobato last episode, I regained courage in blogging this! Mostly thanks to what happened in this episode. Not that this episode was much more spectacular than the others, but thanks to a fresh load of plot and wow there’s even a surprise entry for today!

Let’s not wait too much longer and get started! Kobato. 15~

We start at night with Kobato cutting up some paper. Ioryogi who’s observing her asks why she’s doing that stuff. Kobato tells him she’s making decorations for the nursery and happily continues until Puppy-san tells her those papers are actually origami papers and need to be folded instead of cut up. Kobato starts panicking and Puppy-san blows some sense back into her.

Yup such a face will cheer them up good.

After the usual opening, we arrive at the nursery. Sayaka is busy moving some boxes when Mr Cool suddenly busts in and takes over the heavy load from Sayaka. He tells her she looks pretty exhausted and worn out. Sayaka however tells him it isn’t polite to say that to a woman, Fujimoto isn’t amused and says he isn’t joking. He tells her he’ll move the boxes instead and then walks off.

Kobato arrives as soon as Fujimoto goes off-screen, she offers her bag with origami paper to Sayaka and apologizes several time saying she messed up a lot of it.  However, Sayaka wasn’t paying attention to that, she was grabbing her clothes in pain and drops unconscious on the floor. Kobato is shocked when she realizes Sayaka collapsed and calls out for Fujimoto panicking.

Yet another origami papercut victim...

Fujimoto quickly runs over once he hears Kobato scream. Meanwhile Sayaka was already getting back up onto her knees. Kobato tells she knows a good doctor to help Sayaka and runs off to get him. She runs through the city without holding back and once she arrives at Kohaku’s house, she starts knocking the door hard and shouts for someone to open. When Kohaku finally opens, Kobato asks her if Shuichiro is there. He appears in the back wondering what the nose is outside.

On other words... it's cancer...

After examinating Sayaka, Shuichiro tells them he’ll write a prescription. Sayaka needs to rest and to eat something light once she wakes up. Kobato is worried and asks if Sayaka will be fine. Suichiro answers she needs to be careful, cause the next time it happens, it’ll be worse than just collapsing. Kobato is even more shocked now. Before leaving, Suichiro tells Mr Cool that Sayaka musn’t write it off as just exhaustion.

Later on while Fujimoto is staring outside, the kids of the nursery arrive and ask how Sayaka is doing. He assures them it’s not to be worried about and even pat a chibi. He tells them so sing a song for Sayaka while he plays the organ. The kids happily sing with him.

While the kids sing, we get a small shot of Puppy-san being left behind in the head office room. Meanwhile, Kobato is watching over Sayaka, who’s sleeping peacefully. Fujimoto suddenly enters and tells Kobato to get to work instead of sitting around doing nothing. Kobato resists but eventually gives in with a sad face…

She's been sleeping for 3 years already?!

While Kobato is still being depressed, the kids are playing with the origami paper. The show Kobato different shapes which can even challenge Aono’s origami shapes! One of them shows Kobato a crane. He tells Kobato that it’s for Sayaka and if you fold a thousand, the person will become healthy again. Kobato is instantly convinced and asks Toshihiko to teach her how to make those cranes. Soon, everyone is busy folding cranes for Sayaka.

Which is the front and which is the back?

Fujimoto watches them from a distance, seemingly relieved and then goes back to work. At the Kohaku residence, Kohaku is worrying about Kobato. Suichiro asks her if she isn’t worrying about the wrong person. She’s surprised and agrees with him, but for some reason she can’t help but feeling worried about Kobato as well.

In the evening, all the kids head home and Fujimoto is about to leave for his part-time job. He tells Kobato to watch over Sayaka when he’s out working and to call him when something happens.

After the break, Fujimoto is seen helping out at the ramen shop. He asks his chief for a more loose schedule. The chief frowns first, but after noticing Fujimoto’s face he gives in. At the nursery, Sayaka wakes up with Kobato at her side. Kobato tells her about what happened and says Sayaka needs to rest more.

Hah... like KobatoxMrCool would ever happen...

Sayaka suddenly mentions that if anything would happen to her, but before she can finish that sentence, Kobato interrupts her saying she mustn’t say that. Once again, Fujimoto was overhearing things and then enters the room. He tells Kobato to go home since she isn’t needed anymore. Kobato pouts and protests but Fujimoto stands his ground and Kobato leaves. Fujimoto then looks at all the origami crane birds that where tied together, he easily finds Kobato’s work. Sayaka says Kobato’s a good girl and Fujimoto noddingly agrees.

At home, Kobato is still distressed about what happened today and Puppy-san wonders if Kobato’s memories are coming back…

Later that evening, Kobato tries to get some advice from the Chii-twins on how to cure Sayaka. However, the two mistake Kobato’s words and think she’s sick, it’s actually a little play with Kobato’s way of speaking. She regularly doesn’t mention the subject of the sentence, which is allowed in Japanese, but it causes misunderstandings if the subject isn’t clear… like in this case.

She does look kinda sick though...

After clearing the misunderstanding, the two girls explain that they always get a rice porridge when they’re sick. Kobato remembers Suichiro’s words and says she wants to make it, but doesn’t know how. The blondes take pen and paper and start drawing how it looks like… duh they’re blondes!

And so later that evening… again. Fujimoto wakes up after snoozing a while. He notices that someone placed his jacket on his shoulders, but when he turns around he sees Sayaka sound asleep. Mr Cool takes a look outside the room and sees light coming from the kitchen. He quickly runs over and notices the brilliant cooking of Kobato…

After asking what happened, he starts making a real rice porridge, he unconsciously mentions that Kobato’s porridge would only make people feel worse. Kobato starts crying and panics about what would happen if Sayaka dies. Fujimoto says people don’t die so easily, but Kobato interrupts and says they do die easily. Fujimoto asks if Kobato went through such a situation before, but she only clings to his arm and continues crying. He pats her head in respond and says Sayaka will be fine.

WHAT?! So there will be KobatoxMr Cool?!?

A bit later, Sayaka happily enjoys her meal. Kobato seems happier now and recovered from her breakdown earlier. Fujimoto even uses his usual cold shoulder attitude on her again… effectively!!

And back at home, Kobato’s bottle did fill up this week (err…episode…). However, Kobato seems happy even though there’s nothing in it. Puppy-san wonders why that is and asks her. Kobato wonders as well but responds that she feels a lot more relieved after letting her feelings out. Puppy-san sarcasticaly comments that Kobato is supposed to heal and not to be healed.

The following day, Sayaka is back in her usual role. All of them greet the arriving children and everything seems back to the same happy old life~ Until… the mysterious entry comes lurking around the corner!! That’s where is also end by the way…


Thoughts :

Well it was a pretty interesting episode this week. Not only did we learn that Sayaka has a weak health, but also that Kobato’s memories are pretty screwed. Also mentionable is Kohaku’s behavior and the small scene with her and Suichiro. She might know more about Kobato than we expect as of yet, but then there’s also the fact that she’s an angel and those somehow understand the emotions of living things better *cough*even trees*cough*

Fujimoto is also showing more and more signs of friendliness, but well it was pretty obvious he wasn’t all bad from scratch. The fact that he’s cutting the hours of his jobs shows that he’s really worried about Sayaka and the nursery.

The mysterious person? Well, it might be that person who called Kobato in the field trip episode, you know with the clovers and stuff. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s him… I think he has something to do with the whole Angel, Demon, Spirit stuff too, but that’s only guessing ofcourse. I bet the people who read the manga know a lot more than me on this matter.

Hopefully the story keeps on moving now! I saw the mystery man in the preview, so I’m pretty hopeful it will.

Kyon, at your service~



  1. thank you to write about kobato episod
    I think the man is ex hasbend of Sayaka and kobato is dead women (she just like spirit) who once live in earth befor daying
    I m wait for next epi can you harry becuse I m dying , please !

  2. Thanks you for the interesting article.

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