To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 16 – Green Armbands Are So Freaking COOL!!

January 27, 2010

From now on, they will replace Uiharu and Ruiko from the main cast!

The second and last part of the mini Konori arc. Kurozuma is determined to end the Big Spider that he also created. Hebitani tries shaking him off and it seems he has a mysterious contact who awarded him with the Capacity Down. Konori starts an emo spree. Don’t worry though, it’s just for one episode but still slightly annoying.

…oh and… the main characters are involved, somewhat… maybe… okay, a bit.

Expect more Konori, gray-scale flashbacks and multiple ownage system.

Last episode summary:

So last time, Konori reacted! No, not entirely. But anyway, seems like Skillout is having some kinda esper-hunting spree until some unknown guy with a spider tattoo appeared and beat them up. Judgment were tasked to deal with this as usual. With Konori acting all weird, Misaka goes in as a substitute and joins Kuroko in their hunt for the Strange, the Skillout/Big Spider territory and meet with Kurozuma Wataru, the man who is behind Big Spider. As the machine called Capacity Down was interfering with Misaka and Kuroko’s esper powers, the real Kurozuma Wataru appears and defeats the imposter… and Konori suddenly appears, and the two seem to know each other well…

Episode 16:

We start from where we left off last episode. Konori suddenly calls Kurozuma… “senpai”. She was shocked to see that he’s still alive and then asks him why he never contacted her. She fully believed that he died. She then suddenly notices that she was wearing her Judgment armband and tries to hide it, but Kurozuma walks past her, telling her that he’ll disappear soon again anyway.

Of course, Misaka and Kuroko are both bewildered by this turn of events.

Opening song: LEVEL 5 -judgelight- by fripSide

And so, at Joseph’s… the mecca of all young girls with supernatural powers who likes cake and coffee. The group gathers once again. Uiharu and Ruiko are shocked that Konori and Kurozuma are acquintances. They begin asking for more details but Misaka is unable to correctly lead the discussion. She asks Kuroko for help, but Kuroko chooses to stay quiet, only saying that love moves in mysterious ways… just like a song.

Ruiko gets frustrated that the biggest scoop she had gotten seems to land in a dead-end. She quickly deduces that she has to ask Konori-senpai personally. Uiharu crushes that idea by revealing that Konori hasn’t shown up in the office in a few days and her cellphone seems to be off. They’re in the middle of an esper-hunting case and she suddenly disappeared. Kuroko says that it’s their main problem right now. They have no choice but to directly go to source of the problem.

Aomi, Konori's roommate.

By that, Kuroko meant heading to where Konori lives. They all went there only to find Aomi inside. Aomi tells them that Konori is currently out. In depression, Ruiko suddenly blurts out Kurozuma’s name. As they all leave (and plan to return later instead), Aomi stops them and asks them to come inside.

Inside, they all have a drink. Aomi suddenly mentions that she can’t believe that Kurozuma’s still alive. Surprised, Misaka and Ruiko suddenly stand up and start asking questions. Aomi stops them and asks them their side first.

Timeskip! They told Aomi what they know so far. Aomi fills in the blank. Misaka asks how Konori met Kurozuma and Aomi explains that Konori was formerly a member of Big Spider.

Of course, everyone is shocked to hear this.

"What do you mean we're a spin-off?!"

Kuroko is puzzled and finally speaks up. She asks why would a Level 3 like Konori join up with some Level 0 thugs. Aomi explains that Konori has hit a small depression in an ability wall, where one’s level does not improve for a long time. Ruiko seems to relate. Aomi starts to tell them a story…

Once upon a time… when anime were still black and white and only red was the available color due to production cuts…

Konori Mii ~Sailor fuku (loli) version~

Seifuku Konori (as we will call her past self) witnesses Big Spider beating up some guys. Though this time, it seems they’re in the right side of justice. They were protecting a little boy from some thugs.

"Don't hesitate on calling Kurozu-Man!"

Seifuku Konori was quite intrigued and joined Skillout. It seems back then, they were just a group of friends who meet and then fool around. At first, Aomi was worried about Konori, as Konori is hiding her powers to fit in. But Konori says that it was the only place where she felt home.

"Red jackets make me feel at home!"

"Red jackets ON a motorcycle makes me feel at home!"

Aomi compares the feeling of being left out and frustrated as measles in the Academy City. Misaka suddenly speaks up… you can only get measles once.

At the same rooftop where Kurozuma’s special place is, Konori was there.

Enjoy yet another Konori pic.

She notices the scribble mark from the last episode… and it really is a love umbrella.

"Mii" (left) and "Kuro" (right)

Flashback. Seifuku Konori was busy scribbling on the rails when suddenly, Kurozuma himself appears. It seems he found out that she’s a Level 2 esper. She pleads not to be taken differently. She wants to stay by her own choice. Kurozuma lets her off as it was her own decision.

Misaka doesn’t seem to get it. She complains about it as they all walk in the street. Konori was a Big Spider before, but now she’s with Judgment. The past is the past. She admires the present Konori so she should be working on the present instead.

Ruiko suddenly speaks up, saying that she shouldn’t think of that lightly. She begins explaining that the past is what makes a person in the present. If the past is something special to them… well, she stopped as soon as she felt everyone’s stares. It seems none has the courage to contradict Misaka-sama.

At the secret evil lair, the thugs are busy contemplating. They’re starting to doubt the authenticity of the Kurozuma they’re currently working for. After all, he seemed really scared and the guy even called him Hebitani. Mr. Hebitani arrives and does what he does best: pointing a gun at people.

"I get paid for sitting around and pointing guns at people!"

Hebitani tells them that if they have time to be dilly-dallying, they should find that “imposter” as there is no room for two Kurozuma in Academy City. The thugs, being scared, run off to find the “other” Kurozuma.

Hebitani relaxes in his private seat and suddenly receives a call. It seems the person on the other line is inquiring about Capacity Down. He responds that he is using it. He has no time to hunt espers for now as things are messy. This means someone in a higher place is pulling the strings on Hebitani.

At the Judgment branch office, Misaka seems quite silent. Uiharu then receives an e-mail from Antiskill, saying that they will launch a raid on Skillout’s headquarters Strange the next day. Konori seems to have received the info from her room and leaves. Aomi reminds her of her Judgment armband but Konori just smiles and goes off.

"You forgot your extremely awesome armband of amazement."

Konori returns to Kurozuma’s special place. Now Misaka is also there, having figured out where she went…

Part B:

Misaka confronts Konori about telling Skillout about the raid tomorrow. Konori then starts telling her a different story… about why that place wasn’t her home.

It seems Hebitani has been captured by someone… probably a rival gang. Seifuku Konori pleads for Kurozuma not to go as it is clearly a trap. Kurozuma says he has to rescue Hebitani. He then mentions that this wasn’t the place where Seifuku Konori should be carving her name. Seifuku Konori notices the love umbrella was crossed out, as she turns around again, Kurozuma disappeared.

Later, they find the building of the meeting place completely destroyed. Kurozuma was nowhere and Hebitani survived. Antiskill arrived at that moment.

Yep. That's Hebitani beside the floating red jacket.

Misaka still doesn’t get it. It’s the past. Konori is now part of Judgment. Kurozuma then appears behind them.

Kurozuma reveals that after that, he woke up in a hospital. He was sent to some institute and was only released half a year ago. He realized it would be better not to meet with Konori. Konori then grabs his arm and tells him not to jump in the fray by himself again. Kurozuma reasons that he created Big Spider, thus he must be the on to destroy it, not Antiskill.

Konori starts to break down and tell him that he always goes in alone, always minding others. But Kurozuma tells her that she’s also exactly like that. He starts to leave. He mentions that she has also made other people worry. Kurozuma reminds her to take care of the home she has now.

Konori stops him and says she will also come with him. Kurozuma asks her to stop. They’re no longer the same as they were in the past. Konori says it doesn’t matter. Her feelings haven’t changed since then.

Later that night, Misaka wonders in bed and asks Kuroko if it really is possible to have feelings that don’t change over time. Kuroko simply tells her that it’s exactly the way to love someone.

New character?! No, that's just Kuroko~

Feeling that are accumulated make way for their present selves to become stronger. And by moving forward, they keep accumulating those feelings. Misaka finally realizes it and asks Kuroko for a favor…

The next day, Antiskill prepares for their invasion.

At an alley in Strange, Konori passes by and suddenly, Misaka and Kuroko pop out. Misaka pins the Judgment armband on Konori’s red jacket and notes how cool she looks now.

"Red AND green... great... feels like Christmas."

At the hideout, the lookout gets punched through the door by Kurozuma. Kurozuma walks inside and threatens everyone that he’s pretty strong.

Meanwhile, Antiskill arrives at the Strange area and begins moving in.

Kurozuma quickly defeated a lot of thugs inside the building except for Hebitani. Hebitani doesn’t seem all that terrified as he still has some remaining guys left. He orders them to shoot him. Suddenly, Konori appears and notes how Hebitani has fallen to such a low degree, hiding behind people and using weapons. Hebitani recognizes her and tells her to shut it as he doesn’t wanna hear that kinda thing from a traitor.

The thugs prepare to shoot but Kuroko quickly teleports her pins on the guns, rendering them useless. Hebitani is still persistent and prepares to use Capacity Down until…

More like Capacity Dead...

Yep… Misaka Railgun’d it to hell. Hebitani still doesn’t wanna lose and orders everyone to attack again, but of course, nobody wants to mess with THE Railgun. Kuroko and Misaka prepare for battle but Konori tells them to leave this one to the senpai couple.

Kurozuma makes quick work of the guys. One suddenly placed his hand inside his jacket and Konori quickly activates her clairvoyance power and sees the gun and a stun gun. She quickly takes the gun away and hits the guy with his own stun gun. Kurozuma compliments Konori’s power and skill. She blushes and they continue butting heads with the bad guys.

Finally, it all comes down to just Hebitani…

Apparently, Hebitani isn’t just a sore loser, but also an Al Qaeda suicide bomber.

It's proof: Big Spider did 9/11

Kuroko is quite surprised that this man is using dynamites and inquires about which time period he belongs to. Hebitani threatens to light himself up and blast everyone if they don’t back away. Kurozuma asks Hebitani what happened to him after those years. It’s been fun before. But why did it have to end like this?

Owned... again.

Kurozuma had punched Hebitani right in the gut, removing the strap of “dynamites” around his body. Hebitani drops down and tells him that he couldn’t help it… it’s the only place they can call home… and only “Kurozuma” is able to keep the Big Spider together…

In an ultimate act of cowardice, he pulls off a knife and prepares to stab Kurozuma…

Owned again... this guy may hold the record for most ownage in one episode.

Although he did graze Kurozuma’s cheek, he was punched really hard right in the face with all of Kurozuma’s strength. Kurozuma calls Hebitani an idiot… as home is a place where one can act as themselves… and not somebody they’re not.

Later… yep! Antiskill is late once again! They arrest the other members of Big Spider.

Why, oh why do police always arrive at the scene late?

Konori and Kurozuma watch on… oh, and let’s not forget Kuroko and Misaka. Kurozuma holds out his hands. As part of Judgment, Konori has to arrest him for charges of assault… and she puts handcuffs around his wrists.

Closing song: Real Force by ELISA

As the ED plays, Kurozuma notes how the Konori’s jacket may be tight around the chest. Konori explains that it’s because she always gets some everyday: that is, Musashino Milk! Kuroko checks on herself and notes that in the end, it went to the chest size talk. Misaka adds that it was again in a surprisingly unperverted way…

Those words could also mean "Kuro-ko" and "Mii-saka".

After the ED, we see Kuroko and Misaka hanging out on Kurozuma’s special place. Misaka notes how the wind does feel great there while Kuroko enjoys emulating her senpai in Judgment by trying out the Musashino Milk treatment.

Kuroko then notices the love umbrella scribbled on the rails. She finds it extremely old-fashioned and reads the names “Mii” and “Kuro” and mistakes them for cat names. Misaka tells her it’s just proof that love blooms even in places like that.


Hebitani is the lowest form of all scumbags… but he’s also been owned quite the number of times!

So yeah. I had a feeling this was gonna be short. After all, we didn’t really see Kurozuma in the new OP scene. Speaking of the new OP, there’s still Kiyama Harumi… maybe she’s the Accelerator of this spin-off? Who knows. That new evil person-esque person in the OP resembles a lot like Margery Daw from Shakugan no Shana.

This episode is kinda cool. The whole ‘killing what I created’ thing always hits the spot for me. We also see Konori’s past and how she got her improved chest size… oh, I mean, why she’s so reactive last time and her… stuff. Well, the whole emo thing going on with her was annoying. Thank god we don’t have to put up with her emoness anymore in the next episodes.

And yes. There’s still the mystery caller who seems to be directing this small farce. I bet it’s the evil-looking person in the OP. Evil-looking people always do evil anyway.

Again, not much stuff in this episode but a backstory for Konori… and some small involvements between the main characters who didn’t really do anything much other than watch and do some encouraging or prying onto someone else’s personal life which results to everything except the color red to fade away. But yeah, there’s a small mystery hidden in it.

The exchange between Ruiko and Misaka in the middle of the episode was kinda interesting, especially when they present their views from a different perspective. Too bad Ruiko stopped after realizing she was antagonizing Misaka’s view…

Next episode:

Not much to say… but maybe ahoy filler? We see Yomikawa and that meganekko Antiskill person. Misaka and Ruiko with boxing gloves and then Komoe in a bath. The title may be an indication that it’s not some heavy drama and action episode. Oh yes, there’s also a new face…

This is the Bunny Chief, when it comes to blogs it’s definitely Whatever Animeblog, over and out!


One comment

  1. gah… such a high macho level in this episode. Mr Big Spider easily reaches level 4. (level 5 would be Godwin 8D)
    I’m glad this Konori arc is over… I just don’t like the other girls in this series, only Komoe and big eye brows are cute. More main cast please!!
    oh and …
    waaa~ ponytail-less Kuroko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3o<3

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