Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 93 – Nerds VS Butlers!

January 23, 2010

Our main focus for today: yep, you guessed it! Trading cards!

Sherry wants to know about the card that is sought after by Yliaster. The only machine in town that can analyze something like that would be the one in Security headquarters. She and her butler infiltrate the building and runs into Yusei and Bruno. Yusei and Mizoguchi Duel while a set of weird things start happening during Bruno and Sherry’s confrontation. Freaky things and not kinky things.

Expect weirdness, embarrassing Security and tons of questions in your mind after watching.

Last episode summary:

The end of the Kiryu mini-arc. Yusei and Kiryu employs team tactics against Lotten’s One-Turn Kill strategy. As the Duel reaches its climax, Barbara threatens to hurt Nicko and West if they continue. Suddenly, the minions of the town take arms and defect from Lotten. Crow and Jack arrive and thus re-uniting Team Satisfaction. Ushio and Security arrest and free the people from the mines. Lotten blows up the town as a distraction but is chased down by Kiryu. Kiryu finishes Lotten off with his Infernity Death Gunman. In the end, Yusei, Crow and Jack return, with Kiryu staying in the town to take care of Nicko and West, and to lead the rebuilding of the town… Satisfaction Town.

Key Card of the Week:

Determined Daredevil: LV 7 Synchro, 2400 ATK / 2100 DEF (Mizoguchi's)

Episode 93:

The episode starts with a narration from Sherry. About a certain card that changed her life forever. Her parents were killed and she almost got herself killed too just because of a trading card.

Now she’s a freaking vigilante. We see her take out suited bad guys and scare them off into submission.

She asks them what kind of card is the one they’re after, but the man admits innocence. He was never given information about that card nor the employer. They were just simply ordered to take the card back. Sherry gets enough and throws the guy off the balcony… such strength in a woman…

"I don't know! I'm a businessman! Check Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia or something, ya dumb blonde!"

Well, if you thought that was gonna be it… think again. This is Yu-Gi-Oh! after all. Mizoguchi catches the falling guy. You know, that lolicon guy with Sherry… I mean, butler.

Sherry says they really need to analyze that card themselves if they’re not getting any information from the bad guys. But the only computer that can analyze such things is the one inside Security headquarters…

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

By the way, the opening song has some of the movie’s clips. Same with the ending song later.

Somewhere in the Security headquarters, Yusei and Bruno meet up with Ushio and Mikage to have a small tea party.

"So this is what they do all day in Umineko? No wonder they're getting a second season..."

Bruno is sad to admit that he has not recovered his memory yet. Mikage is also disappointed to report that even with Bruno’s fingerprints and picture, they could not get any idea about him in the database. Ushio entrusts Yusei to take care of Bruno a while longer and Yusei is more than happy to keep his new yaoi partner.

More like "NO LIFE"...

In the meantime, Team Rocket Mizoguchi and Sherry infiltrate the building.

Then, inside the Security headquarters…

"Yeah, yeah... I'm about to win the Security Tekken tournament..."

Everyone was busy doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Suddenly, Ushio receives a call. The caller reports that bombs have been planted inside the building. Ushio asks if it’s just a prank until a new person cuts the transmission and declares that it is not a prank. He detonates one of the bombs as a confirmation, destroying a part of the building.

The power goes off and Ushio tells everyone to evacuate. Yusei and Bruno were still in the building, stuck at the elevator.

Outside, the Director named Daly is being bombarded by questions and interviews. Ushio feels sorry for him as the Directors (Yliaster) doesn’t seem to be around all the time and even Vice Director Jeager has gone missing. The shutters suddenly close around the building.

Speaking of Yliaster, they’re watching from their weird pedestal thrones. Lucciano says that it’s kinda annoying, after all, they’re the Directors there. Placido notes that Jeager has escaped but Jose tells them not to get involved. They don’t need Jeager.

Inside, Yusei and Bruno get out of the elevator and notices Sherry and Mizoguchi running. Yusei decides to follow them.

The access seems to have been enabled by Sherry, but as they proceed, Yusei and Bruno stop them. Sherry asks Yusei if he finally decided to join her team but he tells her that it’s not the time for that. Bruno tells them there’s a bomb that’s about to explode. Sherry tells them it was just for show. That was the only bomb inside.

Sherry starts to leave and both men try to stop her. However, Mizoguchi gets in Yusei’s way. Bruno manages to get past through though.

"Send my regards to the one who mops the floor!"

Mizoguchi connects his Duel Disk to the door that closed down. Yusei can only pass and stop Sherry if he manages to bring Mizoguchi’s LP down to 0.

Featured Duel of the Week:

Will Mizoguchi be able to fend off the attacker or will Yusei punch a hole through his iron will?

Turn 1 - Mizoguchi: 4000 LP
- Summons Mononofu of the Evil Spirit Mountain.
- Activates its effect that allows a Special Summon of a Level 3 or lower monster from his hand, which is Mononofu of the Abandoned Chames.
- Tunes LV 3 Mononofu of the Abandoned Chames with LV 4 Mononofu of the Evil Spirit Mountain to Synchro Summon his Determined Daredevil.
- Sets 2 cards.

Mononofu of the Evil Spirit Mountain: LV 4, 1200 ATK

Mononofu of the Abandoned Chames: LV 3 Tuner, 0 ATK

The Key Card of the Week making its appearance.

Turn 2 - Yusei: 4000 LP
- Discards Quillbolt Hedgehog to Special Summon his Quickdraw Synchron from his hand.
- Uses Quillbolt Hedgehog's effect to Special Summon itself to the field from the Graveyard.
- Tunes LV 5 Quickdraw Synchron with LV 2 Quillbolt Hedgehog to Synchro Summon his Nitro Warrior.
- Nitro Warrior attacks Determined Daredevil. Mizoguchi takes 400 points of damage (Mizoguchi: 3600 LP).
- Determined Daredevil's effect activates: When attacked by a monster with higher ATK, it is not destroyed by battle. The monster that battles it is destroyed instead. Nitro Warrior is destroyed.
- Mizoguchi activates a Continuous Trap Card, Resolve of the Lord and Retainer. When a monster is destroyed through another monster's effect during battle, the controller of the destroyed monster takes damage equal to the destroyed monster's ATK. Every turn, he has to pay 1000 LP as maintenance cost. Yusei takes 2800 damage (Yusei: 1200 LP).

By activating that kind of card, Mizoguchi can only last about 4 turns. Mizoguchi tells him about his Bushido Deck’s philosophy, which is to deal damage, you have to take damage. Or something like that. Yusei is a bit intimidated by the man’s resolve.

THE END...? No!

Oh, and… we seem to have dropped the eyecatch in the middle of the episode. Now just the 5D’s logo appearing in the lower side of the screen.

"Hmm... I wonder if I can raise one eyebrow while keeping the other one low..."

Part B:

"Geez... I can't believe we even had to hire Firefly from Batman just to open this shutter..."

And so, as time ticks, Ushio gets a weird feeling as it was already a while since the first bomb exploded. Mikage comes up to him and tells him that someone is trying to access the main computer. That means someone is inside, messing with them. The bomb threat was a lie.

Inside, Sherry reaches the main computer. But as she prepares to put the card on the analyzing machine, Bruno pops out to stop her. She does stop and tries kicking Bruno but Bruno runs away like a little girl.

Back at the Duel…

Continuing Yusei's turn:
- Summons Tricler in Defense Position.
- Sets 1 card.

Turn 3 - Mizoguchi: 3600 LP
- Resolve of the Lord and Retainer activates, dealing 1000 LP damage to Mizoguchi (2600 LP).
- Determined Daredevil attacks and destroys Tricler.
- Tricler's effect Special Summons Bicler from Yusei's Deck in Defense Position.
- Activates a new Trap Card called Retrieved Blade. After one of his monsters destroyed an opponent's monster through battle, he destroys one monster on the field that has a lower level than the destroyed monster. Both players receive damage equal to the ATK of the monster destroyed by this effect. Yusei's LP drops to 1000 while Mizoguchi's LP drops to 2400.
- Sets a card.

Yusei admires Mizoguchi’s strategy. It has no openings in surely destroying monsters. Suddenly, a screen pops up nearby informing them that the bomb squad has entered the building.

Bruno is still running for his life against Sherry. He sure has nice reflexes. Sherry receives a call from Mizoguchi, telling her about the bomb squad and advises her to plan an escape now. She cannot do it as she has not analyzed anything yet thanks to Bruno’s interference.

Mizoguchi understands and keeps up the Duel. Yusei tells him that even if Mizoguchi wins, he will still be caught by Security. Mizoguchi doesn’t mind as long as his lady is able to analyze the card she holds. Yusei inquires about the said card and Mizoguchi is prepared to do a little storytelling.

At the same time, Bruno warns Sherry that if she doesn’t run, Security will catch her. Sherry tells him that Mizoguchi is prepared to do anything to stop Security from advancing. She will not let that resolve be ignored by running away. She tells Bruno of her card. The card that killed her parents and now the key for her revenge and Yliaster’s motive.

She will not let anyone stand in her way and she activates a sort of stun gun from her Duel Disk, aiming it at Bruno, who suddenly evades skillfully with his eyes shining.

A pervert's secret power?!

She tries attacking again but is soundly beaten by Bruno. As Bruno prepares to finish her off, he spots the card sticking out of Sherry’s outfit. He takes the card and his eyes turn to normal. He lets go of Sherry and goes to the computer to analyze the card. Sherry asks why and Bruno tells her that the computer will be too complicated for her, and everyone has the right to discover their true selves.

Back at the Duel, Yusei tells Mizoguchi that if he truly cares about Sherry, he would stop her from doing such reckless things. Mizoguchi tells him to understand her feelings. Yusei has no other choice but to beat some sense into another person again.

Turn 4 - Yusei: 1000 LP
- Summons Debris Dragon.
- Uses Debris Dragon's effect and Special Summons his Tricler from the Graveyard.
- Special Summons Turbo Booster.
- Tunes LV 4 Debris Dragon with LV 3 Tricler and LV 1 Turbo Booster to Synchro Summon his ace monster, Stardust Dragon.

Yusei's ace monster appears! Stapledust Dragon!

Yusei explains his strategy to Mizoguchi. If Stardust Dragon attacks Determined Daredevil, it will try to destroy Stardust. But Stardust’s effect negates that kind of effect and destroys the other card instead. Through this, Mizoguchi’s LP will drop to 0 thanks to his own Continuous Trap Card.

Mizoguchi tells him to try. If he uses his facedown Trap Card, Yusei will also lose all of his LP.

Continuing Yusei's turn:
- Stardust Dragon attacks Determined Daredevil (Mizoguchi: 2300 LP).
- Chains Pause of the Certain Kill, a Trap Card.
- Determined Daredevil's effect activates to destroy Stardust Dragon.
- Stardust Dragon's effect gets chained and attempts to destroy Determined Daredevil instead. Pause of the Certain Kill disallows tributing and thus, Stardust Dragon's effect fails.
- Yusei chains his Trap Card, Space Jump. When a monster is to be destroyed, he removes that monster from play and deals damage to the opponent equal to Stardust Dragon's ATK. Mizoguchi's LP drop to 0.
- Yusei takes the win.

"Unlike other idiots who overreact when they lose, I will simply close my eyes and cry deep inside..."

As Mizoguchi’s LP drops to 0, the door behind him opens. He lets Yusei pass through, but Yusei tells him he also has to go inside as he is the only one who can stop Sherry.

Inside, analysis was completed. The card is revealed to be… normal. Sherry and Bruno couldn’t believe it. Suddenly, the card starts glowing and the sky above the Security building becomes distorted by purple clouds and lightning.

*insert Oda Nobunaga on top of building here*

Yusei appears inside the room and the bright light eats up Bruno, Sherry and Yusei. When they regain consciousness, they were inside an empty white room.

OHMAGAWD they got absorbed by the Truth's Gate!!

As they look around, Yusei spots a peculiar object nearby.

"Whatever that is... that's definitely not Alphonse Elric's body..."

When they all stared at it, everyone loses their consciousness.

Back the headquarters, it was revealed that the main computer was destroyed.

Everyone regains consciousness… this time, they were at the beach.

"Can you leave us two alone? Eh? You too?"

Mizoguchi was now also there, carrying Sherry. Yusei asks Mizoguchi if he’s the one who saved them but Mizoguchi tells him that when he came to, they were all there. Mizoguchi thanks Yusei and then goes off with an unconscious Sherry… it’ll be a nice night for Mizoguchi, eh?

Yusei wonders what they saw inside the computer. Bruno mentions that it must have let them escape. Now what kinda diabolical plan does Yliaster have in store?

Closing song: -OZONE- by vistlip


So apparently… Bruno is actually the reincarnation of Bruce Lee?

At first, I thought it was just gonna be one of those feature episodes with a featured Duelist with nothing much of a push on the main conflict. But well… I guess the fillers took that job and now we have something to think about again. The whole computer thing… Sherry’s card… that weird sky… Bruno’s real identity and of course, that weird object inside the computer. I can’t say if I’m impressed by how all these things went inside one episode, but it’s kinda freaky and took me by surprise. It’s not making any sense to me at this point.

But one thing’s for sure, Bruno’s been there before. He knows the main computer… he even somehow feels that the entity inside the computer let them out. And then the fact that they all ended up in the beach…side. That’s where Bruno was found according to Ushio and Mikage.

But that’s enough speculating. There’s something funny about a large building, which is home to the people who ensure safety in the city… and now some Team Rocket guys get in, plant a bomb and actually wiretap them? Now that’s an embarrassing Security right there. Their machine even gets busted. Crooks, you have a go signal now.

Even their Directors don’t even care about what’s happening. Then again, most of the Security’s dark secrets were already exposed after the Dark Signer arc and have lost their mystical purpose… for now, I guess. Yliaster doesn’t wanna get involved.

Also, Sherry somehow reminds me of grown-up Ania Fortuna. That scene with Mizoguchi and Sherry quickly removing their disguise was kinda funny and rushed…

Next episode:

Wow. How about that? A completely unrelated story is next. Featuring Crow… how nice. Something about 3 years ago, revenge and card games. How will this add up to our current conflict? I have no idea… I doubt we’ll even see Blackfeather Dragon next…

This is the Bunny Chief, next Director of Security Management Bureau, over and out!



  1. hooh… quite interesting for one episode. I’m glad the duel didn’t last long unlike in the fillers.
    I hope this whole Yliaster thing is over soon… or at least those 3 annoying freaks. Seriously, that “zing~” noise inside their secret room is just annoying!

    Such funny captions this week… Chief had a good roll with ygo again :D

  2. bruno is a robot?
    Yliaster is skynet?
    it really is the most antagonistic in the history of yu gi oh.

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