Dance in the Vampire Bund 03 – Teen Wolf

January 22, 2010

Spamming the Mina love around

So… Episode 3 of Dance in the Vampire Bund. Enjoy~

Last Time:

Amnesia guy Akira Kaburagi met a blond loli bishoujo named Mina Tepes whose also a well-known vampire due to her public appearance on Aesthrea and got some hidden intention which isn’t explained yet. She explained some bits of what vampires are and they got attacked by a vampire spider. Akira remembered some bits of his memories and went off killing the vampire spider in his werewolf form.

Akira woke up in a bed, together with Mina. Mina asked Akira about his personality and he answered them all. So… overall, Akira’s full name is Akira Kaburagi Regendorf and he is a werewolf from the earth clan.

After the discussion, the three maids appeared and helped the two on changing for school.

Since Mina Tepes had become well-known in the public. Everybody were shock (even people inside and outside the school premises) that Mina will be attending highschool. And to make it more hotter, she officially declare that Akira is her loyal servant.

Mina left the room and asked Akira to come to the chairman’s office later. Akira replied okay

The crowd of angry mobs students started questioning about their relationship between Mina and him. Due to pressure, Akira runs away.

And the student council started to move as well.

Akira is back at his favorite hideout, remembering the bits of memories he have. He then recieved an email of a picture of Akira and Mina on bed (sleeping! Don’t get some weird thoughts!) is sent. Yuki appeared and greeted him. Akira hides his phone and greeted him as well.

Student Council Meeting.

Akira told Yuki that he can now remember some of his memories and the reason he was with Mina. Akira left afterwards.

The student council arrived at the chairman’s office and asked for the reason a vampire is  in their school. Sadly, for their surprise, Mina Tepes is the chairman.

The debate started to grow hotter and its leaning on Mina’s side. Akira arrived. Mina then told the president for a challenge.

The battle started. The president of student council, Nanami Shinonome, declare a fight with Mina Tepes. She told everyone to capture the evil servant of the vampire princess (A.K.A. Akira) and they will extra budget to the class that will capture him.

At the same time, Mina is walking towards her battlefield.

And for Akira, he suddenly remembered that he forgot his cellphone in his favorite hideout. While returning, he got spotted by a girl.

And the chase is on

Mina checkmates those people who doesn’t want to accept the bund. She told everyone that if they don’t accept it, they will withdraw the funding from them.

Akira is cornered by the student council. However, a vampire girl threw a candy on a window, shattering it. While the student council got interrupted, Akira used his super jumping power to escape.

Upon escaping. He met the girl who helped him escaped. She seem to have a relation with Akira and gave her number to his cell phone.

At night. Mina and Akira were back at the mansion. They talked about what happened to them earlier and about Akira’s memories.

And… sometime during that night. The president got raped by shadows… I don’t want to explain it actually… giving me nightmares…



Well… I didn’t think this episode will be like that. Yeah, it has some comedic sense but they are indeed moving. Indeed, this anime should get high ratings. And it’s shaft!

Other than that, the ending is quite interesting (and freaky). There’s still a lot of hidden things about Nanami and she has the highest chance of being the big bad boss later on. Or perhaps an arc boss.

And there’s also Meirin.

So… err… I’ll just put some picture quotes later on. Since I’m kinda tired now. Again, this is thelazyprince. Thank you for reading


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